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What Are The Best Feng Shui Home Plants? To Energise Your Space

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Plants and Feng Shui are great allies, they help us harmonize the environments, generate cleaner spaces, provide moisture to the spaces and also many of them eliminate toxic agents and allow us to purify the air, thus helping us reduce levels of stress. If you are looking for a Feng Shui Home plants are a must.

In addition to helping us attract good energy and protect ourselves, they improve the air, balance the environment by reducing stress, some even eliminate benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene and help us in the control of electromagnetic waves.

  • Reduce stress
  • Improve energy
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve concentration
  • They generate happiness
  • Feng Shui Benefits of Plants
  • They help improve and purify the air
  • The balance and harmonize the environment

Important, the excess of plants in some areas can also be harmful and generate imbalances, like everything in feng shui the amount and where to place them must be balanced to generate the necessary harmony.

Feng Shui Plants For Home

The plants in poor condition or sick generate bad energy, so you must recycle them, if you do not “have a hand” for the plants, try the ones I recommend, many of them are super hard and hold very nice even in the corners.

Where To Place Snake Plant In Feng Shui ?

There are a lot of benefits to having this plant in Office or Home. We must grow this plant in the upward direction for growing ch’i.

Feng Shui Snake Plant

Since this is a part of the WOOD element, the suitable directions are the Southern, Eastern, and Southeastern corners are the best feng shui place for your plants.

8 Best feng shui plants outdoor’s

There is a long list of Feng Shui Outdoor Plants According to Elements. Below are the top plants which are commonly used by many garden lovers.

  1. Bamboo.
  2. Peony.
  3. Maple Tree.
  4. Plum.
  5. Orchid
  6. Iris.
  7. Lily
  8. Chrysanthemum

What Is The Use Of Jade Plant In Feng Shui?

Jade plant is known as a Money Attracting plant in Feng Shui. If you know what is the best direction to place this plant, then it can do wonders. According to Feng Shui practices, the east locations are the best for family harmony, health. The southeast locations for wealth luck.

feng shui plants for living room

The living room is the entertainment place in everyone’s home, and also the place to entertain guests. So it takes some time and effort in all aspects of the living room.

In particular, many people now hope to use Feng Shui to achieve the purpose of seeking wealth and prosperity, and it happens that Feng Shui experts believe that plants have vitality.

And can play the role of Feng Shui. So what kind of plants should we keep in the living room? Eight Plants For Wealth, Fortune and Prosperity

The living room is a relatively spacious and well-ventilated place in the home, suitable for placing a variety of flowers and plants. However, if you have Feng Shui function, you need to carefully select it.

Which can be roughly divided into two major Feng Shui functional plants: Shengwang and Huasha. So what plants in the living room are good for Feng Shui.

Evergreen, money tree, palm bamboo, rich tree, money tree, Guanyin lotus, rubber tree, rich bamboo, these eight plants are fortune and prosperity.

Wan Wanqing

We can put Wannian at the entrance of the living room. One is to increase the vitality of the house, and the other is to block the weather and place the evergreen plants with leaf appreciation.

The evergreen is the most suitable. In addition, the porch is the first impression of entering the house.

Because its quality will directly affect the physical and mental feelings and fortune of the house and guests. Therefore, when we choose an evergreen, we try to choose large potted plants, and it looks very lush!

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Money Tree

It is an evergreen plant in Africa. It was introduced from abroad in 1997. Its leaves are thick and shiny, like a series of coins. You think about what kind of plants Feng Shui is good for in the living room.

We put a money tree like a bunch of coins in our living room with the best visual effects. Can you often see the coins?

Brown Bamboo

Brown bamboo is one of the Fengshui Plants with an excellent indoor foliage plant, which can be used in a bright living room for a long time.

Especially placing this large, small-leaf plant in the diagonal position of the entrance door of the living room will not only bring beautiful visual enjoyment to your family and guests but also have a great boost to your career wealth.

Fortune Tree

The placement of the best feng shui plants in the living room for wealth helps to promote careers and increase Money. Among them, ornamental plants with round leaves, such as fortune trees, are very suitable. If it is placed directly east or southeast of the living room, the effect of Zhu Yun will be more significant.

Feng Shui Home Plants Bamboo

Bamboo and luck, according to Feng Shui, is one of the most popular plants and cures for home and office. If you pay attention, you can see it placed in a good number of flower shops, offices, offices and houses, today.

However, feng shui bamboo has specific applications according to Feng Shui and today I want you to know what they are.

Although Feng Shui Plants bamboo is easy to care for and is also a very tolerant plant, bamboo still needs love and attention, as it likes to look good. Do not be afraid to touch the bamboo of luck and take good care of this simple and beautiful plant.

According to Feng Shui, feng shui bamboo plants are considered lucky due to its peaceful vitality and strong growth, so it is best to learn to take care of it very well, as you take care of your other plants.

So why is it considered that bamboo and luck according to Feng Shui go hand in hand? Bamboo itself is an amazing plant that provides very peaceful and wise energy in your home.

Teach the basis of wisdom: how to be flexible and hollow (open) inside, so that the spirit can flow freely and heal your being.

If you are lucky enough to have bamboo growing in your garden, you can appreciate it as if it were a relaxing, almost transcendental method, its sound, its movement.

A small bamboo plant is considered lucky in Feng Shui when it combines and / or represents all the elements of Feng Shui, since these 5 elements are considered the basis of a harmonic universe.

This is how the elements of Feng Shui are expressed in a cure for luck through bamboo:

  • WOOD: the bamboo plant expresses the wood element.
  • EARTH: the rocks where bamboo grows or is maintained represent the Earth element.
  • WATER: bamboo grows with the element Water obviously.
  • FIRE: in Feng Shui, the lucky bamboo, they usually have a red ribbon attached to them (red is the expression of the Fire element).
  • METAL: the glass jars or vases, where you place the bamboo, belong to the Metal element. If you place the plant in a ceramic pot, try hanging it, a metal coin (lucky Chinese coins), or a metal figure, such as the smiling Buddha, to confirm this element.

The number of stalks in bamboo also have a specific meaning, which is taken into account when placing the feng shui bamboo plant at home or office.

Here are the most popular numbers of feng shui bamboo stalks according to Feng Shui.

  • 2 stems for love and union
  • 3 stems for happiness
  • 5 stems for health
  • 8 stems for Feng Shui wealth and abundance
  • 9 stems for good fortune.

good feng shui plants for front of house?

You will know that plants are a source of energy, and knowing how to use them correctly, you can make your house protected against all evil. For that.

You should know which are the most powerful household protective plants that can be used in the front door to attract positive energy, and how to use them.

The power attributed to certain plants is not new. Already in ancient Rome, he ate rough as an amulet, for example. Throughout the history of mankind, plants have occupied an important place, and that is why today it continues to be so.

These are the 7 most powerful feng shui entrance door plants, which you shouldn’t miss.


As we said, rue has been used as a front door  plant since ancient times. Not only in Rome was it used as a medicinal plant and amulet against the evil eye. Also in Greece it was used by Hippocrates to relieve pain and fight epidemics.

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The rough male has large leaves, and should be placed to the left of the entrance door of the house. The female, meanwhile, goes to the right of the entrance door; It is distinguished by its small yellow flowers.

You can also place a twig tied with red ribbon in the frame of the entrance door to your home to keep bad energies away forever.


Cactus can also be used as a front door decorative plants. It is that, when the Cactus are kept inside the house, they are considered to delay the plans. Instead, they are ideal to have outside: patios, balconies, terraces.

In addition to being very strong plants, their thorns scare away intruders, while the plant absorbs bad energies.


Basil plant feng shui has a double function. On the one hand, being aromatic, it is an excellent ally of the entrance door, and it will improve your mood with its freshness in the house.

In addition, it has healing powers (the Chinese used it as a diuretic) and it is even believed that the witches drank an infusion of basil to fly.

However, this plant absorbs bad energy, especially if there are sick people in the house. In addition, carrying a branch in your pocket attracts fortune.


As a solar plant, rosemary should be placed in the front door and it is good protection for the house. In addition to attracting good energy, you can also keep the house away from thieves. To do this, you have to hang rosemary at the entrance door of the house.


The laurel is also a solar plant, and therefore, attracts happiness and money. Having a laurel plant in the house keeps its inhabitants away from diseases.

Together, laurel and rosemary are very powerful household protective plants. You can burn leaves of both silver in a censer to scare away household pests.

You can also put a sprig of each in a glass vase to keep the home clean of bad energy.


Ferns have traditionally been linked to economic fate. So much so that it is believed that carrying a twig always on top will help you find hidden treasures.

If you have a fern in your front door, your bad feelings will calm down, and they will become positive.

They are ideal to place in rooms, especially where you spend more time of the day, since they are the places where you most need to have a clean mind.


Calendula is also a plant uses the sun, so you have to pick up its flowers at noon. The tradition of this plant comes from the belief that when a young woman with bare feet steps on her petals, she will understand the language of the birds.

In addition, carrying it in your pocket before a legal conflict helps to solve it, and at the entrance door prevents the arrival of misfortune.

auspicious Plants In Bedroom Feng Shui

Use the plants. Feng Shui for your Bedroom

There are many people who decorate their homes under the provisions of Feng Shui. If you are one of those people who are looking for comfort and relaxation at home, this article will surely help you.

Using the plants inside Feng Shui will help us establish that calm environment we are looking for, a balance within the stress of our lives.

This philosophy is of great appreciation in the world of decoration. If you want to maintain harmony in your bedroom, take note. The plants inside the bedroom will evoke vital force, renew us of energies and we will aspire tranquility.

But it is important that we do not introduce too many plants since their effect could be the opposite. Therefore we will only place a couple of plants.

The correct choice, within the Feng Shui philosophy, for the color of the flowers will be the reddish or pink hues. These will enhance the passion within the couple and stimulate sensuality.

Smooth to harmonize, this is the key. If you have furniture with corners, we can always soften the shapes, locating some plants in a rounded way, this will propagate the Chi, that is, the positive energy we seek.

We will try to avoid metal pots if we can use ceramic or clay pots in light colors. We will look for the rounded shapes.

Bonsai, these beautiful trees are benefactors of this philosophy, so if we like them, we will place one in our bedroom, on the desk or on the nightstand.

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If the tree bears fruit, it will symbolize the conjugal union and fertility.

All plants and flowers of our selection, under the Feng shui philosophy, should be light and soft colors and tones and rounded leaves. This will generate serenity and tranquility. Feel better with Feng Shui!.

Feng Shui Home Plants For Bathroom

Learn which plants are suitable for the feng shui bathroom so that no corner of your home lacks life.

All corners of the house can have to have plants that fill the home with life, purify the air and why not, give some fruits.

However, there is an environment that is usually forgotten for plant lovers: the feng shui bathroom. But the reality is that it is an ideal place to have them.

Because it has different conditions than the rest of the house, for example, humidity; because it is an important energetic place that should not stop paying attention.

And because if the plant’s category is right, they can give us a feeling of relaxation and well-being when we take a shower.

Then you can find out what are the plants that you can have in the feng shui bathroom, both because Feng Shui recommends them for energy to circulate in the home in the best way, as for its ease to grow in environments with those characteristics.


The Feng Shui bathrooms are usually places with little natural light, because they do not have windows or have only a very small one. Therefore, plants that are there should not need too much sun to grow.

Bamboo is a plant that can grow without problems in these conditions, and in addition, Feng Shui recommends it to maintain adequate energy in the feng shui bathroom. For that, it must be placed in a place where it is reflected in the mirror.


According to Feng Shui, a lot of positive energy literally goes through the toilet. But this plant can help regulate the loss of energy caused by water drainage.

Its name, Philodendron, may seem strange, but it is a plant that requires very little care. It grows in humid environments so the feng shui bathroom is ideal.

Peace Lily

If you want to have flowers in the feng shui bathroom, the task gets a little more complicated, but you can grow a Peace Lily, a pretty white flower that can grow with little care. In addition, it is an excellent energy purifier.

Peace Lily
Peace Lily

Sansevieria trifasciata

This plant, also known as snake plant, is another that perfectly resists the humidity and low light conditions of a feng shui bathroom.

It also has air purifying properties, so it is also one of the recommended plants to have in the bedroom.


The potus is not a friend of darkness, but it resists interior lighting well, therefore in a feng shui bathroom with at least some natural light it will be fine. But the best thing about it is that you don’t even need a pot,.

Because you can place a container with water and let it take root, easily, as a hydroponic crop.

Ferns or Ivy

All plants that grow well in low light in general can be taken to the feng shui bathroom. Ferns, ivy and other vines are ideal if you have spacious furniture on which they can extend.

And provide a green tone that gives a feeling of cleanliness and vitality in an environment that sometimes may not have them.


Orchids are very exotic flowers and it is true that they require enough care. So it may not seem like a good idea to have them in the feng shui bathroom. However, they come from jungle environments, that is, humid, hot and relatively dark.

Feng Shui Orchids

So if you pay attention to them and find out about the species you are growing, they can grow in the feng shui bathroom and give a touch of style with their unusual beauty.

bad feng shui plants

So far we have discussed every thing good regarding plants in the house. But not all plants have good vibes, below are few plants varieties that we should avoid. As they creates negative and bad vibes.

Note- Anything which has pointy shapes like thrones are bad in feng shui home.

  • Cactus
  • Ficus Tree
  • Succulents
  • Oleander
  • Boston Fern


According to feng shui the space of the house in which we place one or another floor, in what way and combined with which other, is essential. Some Feng Shui Plants for Home combinations can produce opposite effects.

And there are even some varieties that are not recommended. Then, to know all this more accurately, we must immerse ourselves even more in the wonderful world of plants and feng shui.