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Elephant Symbol Meaning, Direction + Usages In Feng Shui

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Here we are going to understand the Elephant Symbol Meaning In Feng Shui in detail. One of the energy forces is the Elephant Symbol, which has a miraculous impact if placed and used in certain directions and places.

The concept of feng shui has been derived from an ancient poem that relates to human beings the concepts of the environment and the part that it can play in our everyday lives.

This is mostly done to harness the energy forces of the environment and to establish harmony between an individual and the individual’s environment.

What Are The Benefits Of An Elephant Symbol In Feng Shui?

Elephant Symbol Meaning in Feng Shui: representing the ideas of strength, protection, good luck, and infinite wisdom.

  • With the symbols they represent in the concept, they do not just do that. The concept of Feng Shui in your home is closely tied to your own intuition and your consciousness.
  • Native to Asia and Africa, the elephant is a highly respected and admired creature, often far greater than other creatures.
  • The mythical animals like the dragon and the phoenix are often compared to the might of the elephant.
  • Buddhism is now very famous in countries like the USA, UK, and Canada and has expanded to the Eastern part of Asia and other places, where elephant mythology has propagated.

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How Element Symbols Work in Feng Shui?

In Feng Shui, there are 5 different kinds of elements. These elements form the basis of the entire concept of Feng Shui and hence, the working of this concept is also important.

When the space of a person’s personal life is hampered, this is the kind of resonance that should be propagated and nurtured. The understanding of the relationships of these elements with each other and with the concerned person is the key to balance and stability.

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Each of these elements is also related to the energy that the person will feel and be exposed to throughout the day in his or her personal space and life.

When a particular type of energy gets associated with a person, they become weak or strong depending on what the energy is.

The understanding of these elements in feng shui is extremely important to make the space balanced and nurturing for the inhabitants of the space.

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How To Place A Feng Shui Elephant In Home?

What are elephants a symbol of? Elephants are revered in a lot of cultures around the world and this is reason enough to make an effort to place them in your personal space at home.

If you are wondering how you can place elephants in your house in accordance with feng shui, you are at the right place. Let’s explore the best feng shui elephant placement.


  • Elephant Feng Shui direction is very important in the bedroom. The elephant symbolism comes out well only if the elephant sign is placed in the right place at the right angle.
  • You can hang pictures of elephants with their trunks up in your house to make sure that your relationship with your spouse is as healthy as ever.
  • Elephant souvenir is also used by many people to achieve the similar goal of maintaining a healthy relationship with their partner.

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Living Room

  • You must be wondering: What do elephants symbolize? Elephants are fertility symbols and elephant carving and elephant figures can bring lots of prosperity to your house.
  • With a small elephant figurine in your living room, you can not only bring an aesthetic presence to your house but also make it flow with good energy.

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Children’s Room

  • If you want to place an elephant figurine inside the room of children, you must make sure that elephants are placed in the form of wallpapers and other toys.
  • This helps strengthen the knowledge of the children and improve the focus level of their minds when they are trying to study.
  • If it is possible for you, you can also keep the statue of the toy right on top of their study table. This reinforces the symbolism of elephants in feng shui culture.

Below is my best recommendation for the elephant lucky statues, and decor symbols.

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What Direction Do You Face An Elephant For Good Luck?

If you want to place the elephants in your house for good luck, you must always consider placing your elephant figurines or elephant wallpapers in the north and east corners of your house. This is imperative for your elephant symbols and paintings. However, here are some more tips:

  • If you want good luck, protection, and strength in the household, you must place your elephant in the feng shui front door of your house
  • If you want to love and faithfulness in the household, you must place your elephant in the master bedroom of your house.
  • If you want a good bond with your family members, you must place your elephant in the family hall or the living room of your house
  • If you want concentration, focus, and intelligence in the household, you must place your elephant in the children’s room of your house
  • However, the best place to place elephants in your house for career growth is on the north side of the house.

What Does Elephant Trunk Up And Down Meaning?

Elephants are an excellent figurine to have inside our house. Not only is it an attractive addition in terms of aesthetics, but it also brings in a lot of prosperity for the family or the individual.

However, when you bring an elephant figurine or wallpaper, you must make sure that the feng shui elephant trunk direction is appropriate. What is the meaning behind elephants and the position of their trunks?

The trunk position of the elephant plays a big role in the kind of house you’re trying to build. What does it mean when an elephant’s trunk is up?

According to the concept of feng shui, if you bring an elephant that has a raised trunk, it symbolizes good luck. However, if you bring an elephant that has its trunk down, it symbolizes focus and sensuality in the house.

Elephant Symbol Meaning In Feng Shui
Elephant Symbol Meaning In Feng Shui

The downward trunk represents the ability to solve challenges as and when they arise. It also symbolizes longevity and is the paragon of durability.

Front Door What Direction Do You Face An Elephant For Good Luck

Here are some of the tips that you should follow when you’re placing elephants in your house for good luck. It should mainly be done in front of the main door of your house.

  • Brass Chinese elephants should be brought as they are considered to be the best material for the figurines and good luck
  • They should face the north or the east side because these directions are considered to be the best for good luck in a house
  • It is also a good option to place the elephant near the front door of a home office.
  • The best option here is a white elephant sculpture. If you want to get something better, you can also get a white elephant table for your living room.
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Is Elephant Painting Lucky?

Yes, the hanging of an elephant painting inside your house is very lucky, according to the age-old concept of feng shui. However, not many people do this right.

You have to have a clear goal with the installation of this elephant painting; something that you wish to achieve. It is only then can you focus and direct your energy towards such a cause and it is only then can this cause be brought to fruition.

Now, here are some of the ways in which you might justify good luck and an elephant painting.

  • If you want your kids to study harder and get admitted to a better school or an institution? Place the painting inside the room of the children. It will nurture and foster their concentration.
  • If you want to promote everlasting stability in your house and want to make sure that your house remains peaceful, you must place the elephant on the north side of your home
  • It is also said that elephants are the guards and the protectors of the household. They prevent the chi energy from the house from leaving. Hence, placing an elephant painting near the front door of the house will bar the chi energy from leaving.

My best picks for you on elephant painting for your home and office.

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Can You Put Elephant In The Wealth Corner?

What does an elephant stand for? If you want to place an elephant in your home with hopes of generating higher wealth or the wealth corner, you must make sure that you place the elephant figurine or the elephant painting on the north or the east side of the house.

There are other places to place your elephant figurine in the house but to generate wealth and financial prosperity, it is suggested that the north and the east are the best places to put the elephants.

If you are working in a home office inside your house, you must also make sure that you place an elephant on the tabletop of your desk for increased concentration and focus.

This will help you do your job better and increase the prospects of you earning more wealth for yourself and your family.

Are Too Many Elephants Bad Luck In Your House?

Are elephants bad luck in the house? Elephants are the protector of the chi or the good energy of the house. These elephants, or brass elephants, should be placed in the front door of the house to make sure that the chi energy stays in.

While having a lot of elephants will improve the flow of positive energy, too many elephants will not do the same thing. Hence, you must ensure that the elephants are used judiciously. They become the facilitators of the energy and act as great bringers of good luck.

You must also keep in mind the aesthetics and the theme of the house before you decide to buy too many elephant figurines or paintings.

Elephant Symbolism Buddhism Significance

Elephant Symbol Meaning In Buddhism
Elephant Symbol Meaning In Buddhism

Let’s check out below What does the elephant symbolize in Buddhism?

  • When the Buddha was born, he was linked to the elephant in almost all aspects.
  • When his mother was pregnant with him, she had dreamt of a great big and pure white elephant statue while offering a white lotus from its trunk.
  • In Buddhism, the elephant is also seen as a paragon of strength, loyalty, wisdom, and patience.
  • The elephant is epitomized to represent the boundless powers of the Buddha and the enlightened spirit he possessed.
  • The strength and might of the elephant are also greatly revered in the Buddhist culture and religion.
  • And are often related to the “taming” of one’s mind through the process of constant and mindful meditation.
  • Other qualities are patience, tranquility, loyalty, responsibility, and perceptivity.
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How Elephants Are Used To Improve Fertility?

Elephants are symbols of fertility in many cultures around the world. In accordance with the feng shui concept, elephants are everlasting symbols of tranquillity and patience.

If a couple in a house is having fertility issues, the elephant placed in their room will have the power to bring a child into their life by way of the mother.

The presence of the elephant in the bedroom of the couple is also beneficial if they are hoping to have a male child. These elephants can be brought by either buying a black elephant statue or a small elephant figurine, according to your taste. Pictures of an elephant work just as well.

Feng Shui Rhino And Elephant Symbols

Enough has already been said about the elephant in the tradition of feng shui. However, there is also another animal whose figurine is just as important and significant as the elephant.

The Blue rhinoceros is also a popular feng shui symbol known to protect against accidents and thefts. The rhinoceroses and elephants have gained these abilities due to their might and aggression in real life.

Their protective and resilient nature in the face of nature and adversity gives them this belief of power in the feng shui tradition.

The fact that they are very threatening towards aggressive beasts also gives them the power to protect your home and personal space against the same kinds of negative energies and influences.

FAQS- Elephant Symbol Meaning

Q1: What Is the Meaning of an Elephant Tattoo?

A Meaning Of Elephant Tattoo symbolizes strength, loyalty, divinity, and brings luck.

Q2: What does the elephant mean spiritually?

The elephant is a representation of Strength & Power Spiritually. Also great sensitivity, power of wisdom, focus, reliability, and intelligence.

Q3: Which animal symbolizes family?

Definitely, Elephants have a great bond with the family. They are steadfast emotional and defensive.

Q4: Can the Elephant symbol Be gifted In Feng Shui?

Feng Shui Elephants are used as a symbol of good luck. Hence it can be a perfect gift that you can give on various occasions like, housewarming, and wedding gifts, birthdays.

Q5: According to Feng Shui can we put a broken elephant statue in the house after getting it repaired

It’s always advisable in Feng Shui, to throw away all the broken items whether it’s a Feng Shui item or any other stuff.

A broken elephant statue carries huge negativity and it’s best to keep them away from you. But if you can fix and repair it in an original way, that can be used again.

Q6: What does the elephant inside elephant carving mean?

The elephant inside the elephant carving represents the mother and baby relationship. It’s a strong symbol of creation and protection.

Q7: What do three elephants represent?

The Three elephants represent the strong bonding of a family and the unity symbol. Keep this statue or figurine in the living room for good vibes.

Q8: where to keep a wooden elephant statue at home?

The wooden elephant statues are related to the wood element feng shui. You can keep this near the Front door Good luck. Also in the bedroom, if you keep it, reflects love and faithfulness.

Q9: How to wear elephant ornaments for good luck?

Elephant charms and pieces of jewelry are a great way to get peace and luck together.

Q10: What Does It mean if you see the elephant in your dream?

It’s a good luck sign if you see it in your dreams. Elephants are the perfect symbol of intelligencewisdom, loyalty, and strength.

Q11: Should elephants face the door or window?

In Feng Shui, it is generally recommended that elephants should face towards the door rather than the window. This positioning is believed to invite good luck and positive energies into the home or office.


Hence, this is the importance of having elephants in your home. What does the Elephant symbol mean and represent?

According to the feng shui tradition, the presence of an elephant icon in the house of a family, couple, or individual is greatly positive and energetic.

Not only does the presence of elephant figurines and paintings add to the aesthetic of the house, but they also make sure that the flow of chi energy in the house never stops.

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