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13 Feng Shui Salt Water Cure For Common Issues & Fixes

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Feng shui salt water cure is one of the most effective Feng Shui cures that you can use throughout the year in your home or office.

And it has been an extraordinarily well-guarded secret for thousands of years in the Feng Shui community before the secret was made available to the public more than 30 years ago. 

The saltwater cure is very popular these days, as it has been replicated by many sellers. Although you need to be careful that you actually get the correct formula.

And data on the correct way of using this cure or because using the cure in the wrong way can cause problems for you and your loved ones.

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Feng Shui Salt Water Cure
Feng Shui Salt Water Cure

How Salt And Water Are Used For Healing? 

  • The major role of the salt and water cure is to dilute the negative energy brought by the negative stars.
  • To get these results, the salt water cure is typically done in conjunction with other feng shui metal element cures to subdue the effect of these stars.
  • Because the energies of these negative stars are greatly diminished or even damaged by the influence of the metal element.
  • This is resulting from the weaker feng shui element that the star 2,3 and 5 belong to, which is weaker compared to the metal elements.
  • Star 3 belongs to the wood element and star 2 and 5 belongs to the earth element and these two elements are weaker than the metal element

How Salt Water Cure Works?

Salt in feng shui can be used to cure many ailments and diseases. Here are some diseases and ailments you can use to cure.

The application for this saltwater cure follows the same process. Just like you can gargle it or drink the salt water to heal your sour throat and many other benefits like-

  • To cure canker sores.
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Stuffy or Runny nose
  • Eczema
  • Heartburn
  • Bug bites and stings
  • Sore throat
  • Tired feet 
  • Bad breath
  • Stop heat cramps
  • Constipation and so many more.

In the same way, the saltwater cure heals our energy that needs some repair. Remember here Feng shui is not advising to drink the salt water that is used as a cure to remove negativity. Instead, you can read what to do below.

How Is Salt Used In Feng shui To Eliminate Negativity?

By first cleaning out the bad ones, you can reinforce the positive vibes in your room. There are hundreds of escaping routes out of stagnant, negative energy. One sure way is to use the Feng shui salt’s cure. 

A common feng shui practice in traditional feng shui is the feng shui salt water cure.

The feng shui water salt practice is a cure that is being used to offset the difficult seasonal energies of the two sectors of Fire and Five Wood.

It is recommended that you consult with a flying star feng shui specialist to find these seasonal stars at home or office every year.

Some of the ways to apply the cure are enumerated below.

  • Since the dawn of time and throughout history, cultures have applied the use of salt cure to get a blessing and attract abundance.
  • Simply put a sea salt water glass anywhere you felt a low flow of energy in your home after observing it for 24hours. 
  • Use of pink salt lamps, after all, who doesn’t like a cute, warm, pink coral glow in the house.
  • When you light the lamp, the saltwater gets heated. The heated saltwater cleanse your house of negative energies by releasing negative ions which will make your home full of positivity.
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Does Salt Water Cure Everything?

One favorite quote about salt is “Saltwater is the cure for everything: Swear, tears, and the sea”.

I remember, as a child when going to see the ocean with my family, my grandpa would always tell us to take off our band-aids when we are about to enter the ocean water. That the salt water would help heal the cut.

It has been proved that saltwater helps with cuts and other wounds, but does it heal or cure every ailment?

Well, the answer to the question “does salt water cures everything” is NO. It is well recognized that saline.

  1. The purest form of saltwater, can heal several cuts and helps to remove foreign objects from open wounds. Saltwater helps in healing through a process called osmosis
  2. The compounds in salt which are sodium and chloride force cell water to move out on coming in contact with them.
  3. If the cell water is contaminated with bacterial or other infections, they will be forced out too and the body will be healed through that process.
  4. Some ailments require more than this process to be cured therefore it is not advisable to depend only on saltwater to heal you since it will only help to some extent.
  5. Although ocean water contains saline, its pureness can not be compared to the ones found in hospitals and sold in stores as they are pure than the one found in the ocean.
  6. The impurity found inside the ocean saltwater could potentially make wounds worsen. The ocean water does not only contain salt.
  7. There are other bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus present in the ocean water which can enter your body through open wounds. 

All Salt Water Cure Feng Shui 2022

Feng Shui Salt Water Cure
Feng Shui Salt Water Cure

The Feng shut salt water cure practice is a closely guarded secret until it was revealed about 20 years ago. The secret is now copied by virtually everybody and mostly used in the incorrect way.

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That is what prompted or drive me to write this page to explain and clarify the negative or harmful effect the wrong use of the practice can cause you and your loved ones. 

The practice for the salt cures changes annually based on the flying stars and you have to use the cure following the conditions the year brings. Are you prepared for 2022?

  • For thirty years, I have always used saltwater cures and if set up correctly, you can get outstanding results and also an effective remedy to battle illness and ill lucks.
  • We’re using them for stars #5 and #2 and you’d put them in the southeast and north this year 2022. But if you’ve made your own natal map, you can also use them on your fixed flying star.
  • If not, it might be worth asking feng shui specialists to help you correctly calculate the flying stars among several other Feng Shui formulas for you.
  • In the year 2022, #5 will be found in the southeast and #2 will be found in the north positions. With the feng shui in the wrong positions, a lot of problems can arise from there. 

Also, read the below article.

Where to place salt water cure in 2022?

Feng Shui Salt Water Cure Lamps
Feng Shui Salt Water Cure Lamps

I have discovered that Salt Water Cures work very efficiently, after seriously researching Feng Shui for a couple of years.

Salt Water Remedies will get to work immediately to combat disease, ill luck, and loss of money brought about by the # 5 and # 2 Flying.

Stars were found in the southeast and north respectively in 2022.

  • 2022 termed the year of “Yin Metal OX ”, the star falls on the southeast and north.
  • Therefore you must place your saltwater cure in those two directions and not anywhere else.
  • To discover this location you can ask for assistance from a Feng shui specialist or you use the star calculating software that is available.

Feng Shui Salt water cure in bedroom

Not all rooms in the home need to be secured from the flying stars #2 and #5, but some are important for the stability, income, and energy of the family.

You should be vigilant to put the salt water cure only during the time the 2# and 5# stars are found in the rooms. The salt cure is not needed in all rooms.

The main rooms in your house like the bedroom which experiences frequent usage are the ones mostly affected negatively by these 2 # and 5# stars.

The saltwater purifies and drives all the bad energy away. You can place the salt water cure in your bedroom. So keeping salt in bedroom helps in maintaining good relationships.

Feng Shui Salt water cure with pennies

It is advisable you use 6 Chinese Coins in a pint-sized glass when setting up your Salt Water Cure.

We have had many people or customers who attempt to use regular currency coins; we have never received any good results or feedback from them. The four characters of the Chinese l-Ching used should always be facing up.

For a feng shui cure salt remedy, you should use 6 Chinese I-Ching coins since Trigram for Chien is six and this is a mental factor that will weaken the #5 and #2 Flying Stars’ negative energy.

Feng Shui Salt Water Cure In Bathroom

If the #2 and #5 flying stars are found in the laundry room, bathroom, or a hardly used room, like a guest room, basic feng shui guidelines specify that a saltwater treatment is not really required.

Wastewater is disposed of in the bathroom and laundry room, so the negative effect of any flying star is almost the same as the usually inauspicious energy present in these two rooms.

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The Guest room rare been used has no effect on the home and its occupant. But you might consider making a Feng Shui saltwater cleansing cure if you have a visitor staying in the room.

How to dispose of salt water cure?

Proper care should be taken when you want to dispose of your used salt water cure, never attempt to clean and reuse any part of the materials you used to prepare your saltwater treatment. 

Make sure you remove every bit of it from your home and surroundings when the flying star has passed on. 

The proper or efficient way to dispose of the salt cure is by sealing the whole cure materials in a plastic bag and tossing it inside the trash bin in front of your home.

When the waste disposal team comes, they will remove it and carry it away with other trash away from your home. 

The main goal of the disposal is to get the negative energy already trapped in the cure away from your home.

So do not try to bury the cure inside your environment as this will anchor the bad energy in your land. Any bit of the used cure still found in your home signifies the presence of bad or negative energy. 

Make Your Own Feng Shui Salt Water Cure

The feng shui salt cure is something you can set up on your own without requiring the help of a specialist. Just ensure you follow the right steps and guide.

Things you need

  • 2 glass jars.
  • Sea salt.
  • Water. 
  • Plates, mats, or tray.
  • Chinese coins (12).
  • A flying star Calculator or software.

Steps for creating feng shui salt water cure – DIY

Feng shui is a sacred practice that must be done in the right way following the guides outlined by the Feng shui specialists 

The following are the steps to follow when creating your or setting up your feng shui salt water cure.

Firstly before anything, put a mat on the location where you want to set up your saltwater cure, that’s the place where the 5# and 2# the star is located. 

  • Get a glass jar and fill it up with sea salt or rock salt to about three-quarters full.
  • Place the six I-Ching coins on top of the salt inside the glass jar to form a circle. Make sure you select and use the finest coins possible for your saltwater cure.
  • And make sure it is from a good Chinese clan. Ensure the Yang side of the coin is facing up. That is the side that has the four Chinese characters.
  • Fill the glass container to the brim with tap water. It is advisable to place a mat under the jar to prevent the furniture or flooring from getting wet.
  • During the process of pouring the water into the jar, the coins would sink.
  • Over a period of time, you will start seeing the formation of salt water crystals. This signifies that the negative energy is been absorbed.
  • Ensure to always top up the water frequently.
  • Leave the glass container you are using for the cure open and uncovered.
  • The cure should be placed in an open space, not inside a cupboard 

Ensure you do not touch or move the jar. It contains a lot of negative energy which might be released out if the jar is disturbed. 


The feng shui salt water cure if applied or utilized in the right way can be very useful by helping you drive away bad energy and curing you of certain ailments.

At the same time saltwater remedy to remove bad vibes can be very harmful if done in the wrong way, so make sure you follow the right step.