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Complete Analysis Of Flying Star Feng Shui Chart [2024]

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The flying stars or the Xuan Kong represent the Feng shui formula, which can be utilized for enhancing and optimizing good luck for a better future and trial times in your life.

Flying Star Feng Shui chart 2021
Flying Star Feng Shui Chart 2024

The flying stars method or formula is the basic directions, which are segmented into nine sectors of commercial or residential space.

With the assistance of flying stars, you can discover the good or bad luck sectors and improve your luck efficiently by activating the flying stars. We will talk about the below topics.

What Is Flying Star Feng Shui?

A direction and integration of Yin Yang’s principles, known as Xuan Kong Fei Xing, or Xuan Kong Flying Star feng shui, is the flying star feng shui.

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Flying star meaning

The interaction between the twenty-four mountains, five elements, Loshu numbers, and the eight trigrams for analyzing the negative and positive auras of a building creates an astrological chart using space, time, and objects.

It also includes analyzing the psychological and mental states, success, wealth, inhabitantshealth, and relationship with external parties.

Flying star feng shui is not limited to buildings for the Yang Zhai or living in which the rules related to directions apply equally to all the built structures and the buildings and gravesites for Yin Zhai or spirits.

The Nine Stars in Flying Star Feng Shui

Flying Star Feng Shui, also known as Xuan Kong Fei Xing, is a sophisticated and dynamic branch of Feng Shui that takes into account the movement of stars and energies in time and space.

It involves the analysis of nine different stars, each with its unique properties and influences, as they move through the nine sectors of the Bagua (Feng Shui energy map) on an annual basis.

1 White Star (Water Element): This star represents opportunity, wisdom, and advancement. It is associated with career and academic success.

2 Black Star (Earth Element): The 2 Black Star is related to illness, obstacles, and challenges. It’s essential to remedy and control this star’s negative aspects.

3 Jade Star (Wood Element): This star brings vitality and growth. It’s associated with creativity, academic achievements, and career advancement.

4 Green Star (Wood Element): The 4 Green Star represents romance, academic pursuits, and creative endeavors. It can also bring opportunities for fame and recognition.

5 Yellow Star (Earth Element): Often considered the most challenging star, the 5 Yellow brings misfortune, accidents, and obstacles. Proper remedies and precautions are crucial to mitigate its negative effects.

6 White Star (Metal Element): This star represents authority, power, and leadership. It’s associated with career success, mentorship, and helpful people.

7 Red Star (Metal Element): The 7 Red Star is related to theft, betrayal, and violence. Proper Feng Shui cures are needed to counter its negative influences.

8 White Star (Earth Element): This auspicious star brings wealth, abundance, and prosperity. It is highly sought after and represents success in various aspects of life.

9 Purple Star (Fire Element): The 9 Purple Star signifies future growth, enlightenment, and spirituality. It can bring positive transformations and personal development.

Where To Put Your Buddha Statue Flying Star Feng Shui?

Buddhists have a secure location for a Buddha statue. It is required for a prayer altar, which is completed only after including the statue of Buddha.

Flying Star Feng Shui Chart 2021
Feng Shui Buddha Status Placement

You can place Buddha statues in your home or garden place. It is not compulsory to be Buddhist to have a Buddha statue. Everyone can place it in their exterior or interior decor of home and garden.

Many types of Buddha statues with different poses and styles are used in feng shui to help the chi energy move all over your garden and home space.

There are symbolism and meaning in each Buddha statue and its rules and relationship to the space where you want to place it.

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What Is Flying Star Placement In Feng Shui?

Flying star feng shui 2024 shows that the Tai Sui (Grand Duke) is in the north. The Three Killings and the South Po are in the South. In 2024, the South is not much favorable due to its governance by the illness star.

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It also indicates issues in investing in real estate, and health issues specifically in pregnant and older women. You can place the Buddha statue in the north to activate the space.

The Annual Flying Star Chart

In Flying Star Feng Shui, the annual Flying Star chart is a critical tool for understanding the energy influences in a particular year.

This chart is calculated based on the interactions of the nine stars with the Bagua sectors of your home or workplace. Each sector receives the influence of a specific star, and the chart outlines the potential effects of these energies on various aspects of life.

Flying Star Feng Shui for 2024 (General Guidelines)

While I cannot provide the specific Flying Star Feng Shui chart for 2024, I can offer some general guidelines on how to approach Flying Star Feng Shui for any given year.

Keep in mind that the actual recommendations may vary based on the unique characteristics of the year and the specific Flying Star chart for 2024, which should be obtained from a qualified Feng Shui expert.

1. Identify the Annual Stars

The first step is to identify the annual stars that occupy each Bagua sector of your home or workplace for 2024. This information will provide insights into the specific energies and influences that will be at play during the year.

2. Enhance Auspicious Stars

For sectors with auspicious stars (e.g., the 8 White Star for wealth and prosperity), focus on enhancing and activating these positive energies. You can do this through appropriate Feng Shui remedies, color choices, and decor arrangements.

3. Remedies for Inauspicious Stars

For sectors with challenging stars (e.g., the 5 Yellow Star for misfortune), it’s crucial to apply Feng Shui remedies to neutralize or mitigate the negative effects. Common remedies may include adding specific colors, elements, or symbolic cures.

4. Adjustments Based on Flying Star Chart

Consult a qualified Feng Shui practitioner or a reliable source to obtain the specific Flying Star chart for 2024. This chart will provide precise recommendations for each sector of your home or workplace, taking into account the unique energy patterns of the year.

5. Personalized Feng Shui Consultation

For a comprehensive and tailored approach to Flying Star Feng Shui in 2024, consider consulting with a professional Feng Shui expert. They can conduct a detailed analysis of your space, taking into account both the annual influences and your personal energy (BaZi) to provide personalized recommendations.

What is flying star placement in feng shui

The disciple of feng shui, flying stars, deals with analyzing stars and their influence on your home or office buildings.

  • Good stars bring wealth, fame, and good luck. In contrast, a bad star brings misfortunes, bad luck, illness, or ill health.
  • With time, flying stars keep changing their placements, which reverse auspicious positions to inauspicious and the inauspicious to auspicious.
  • However, analyzing the flying stars and incorporating remedial measures can help enhance good stars and prevent harm due to bad stars.
  • As instanced by the flying star feng shui 2016, the monkey year, the illness star 2 dominated the annual feng shui chart of 2016.
  • Due to the flying star 5 or the yellow star placed in the Northeast, illness flying star 2 in the center.
  • Hostile or the quarrelsome flying star 3 in the Northwest, and the robbery flying star 7 in the North sector in 2016.
  • According to these positions, feng shui products can energize and activate the areas and the stars.

How To Use Flying Star Feng Shui Calculator?

  • A Flying Star Feng Shui calculator is a valuable tool that helps Feng Shui practitioners and enthusiasts determine the Flying Star chart for a specific year and space.
  • These calculators consider the annual stars’ positions and their interactions with the Bagua sectors.
  • To access accurate Flying Star Feng Shui calculations for 2024, you can consult a reputable Feng Shui expert or utilize online Flying Star calculators provided by trusted sources.
  • The Flying Star technique shows the auspicious or inauspicious energy flow “chi of your home or any building.
  • A number marks each star from one to nine. The feng shui calculator can be used by placing the chart on the big tai chi or an entire building on each floor’s facing direction.
  • Now select the date and year of construction with the directions. The facing and sitting star chart, grounded on the building or house’s front door, will be generated by using a flying star calculator.

Flying Star Combination Meaning

  • The nine energy stars, each having their characteristics and meaning, keep moving in a sequence every day.
  • For general practice, keeping up with the movements can be monotonous. Besides, these are not strong like the annual stars.
  • As instanced by the mountain star and water star interaction and combination can have distinct denotations, implications, and interpretations.
  • The assessment can be done in general, whether a combination of the stars is favorable or not.
  • It thus helps feng shui practitioners help with planning the cure and enhancing the specific stars.

What Is Flying Star Feng Shui Period 9 Meaning?

The period is usually depicted as a circle in order in traditional feng shui. It is used for constructing the Nine Palaces Chart.

Flying Star Feng Shui Chart 2021

flying star Feng Shui period 9 meaning

Flying Star Feng Shui operates within specific periods, and Period 9 spans from 2024 to 2043.

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Period 9 represents a new cycle of energies, and it’s important to adjust your Feng Shui practices and cures to align with the characteristics of this period.

Feng Shui changes over time, and Period 9 introduces new energy dynamics that may differ from previous periods.

A qualified Feng Shui expert can provide insights into the unique qualities of Period 9 and how to optimize your space accordingly.

  • The flying star Feng Shui period 9 is Period 9, or the Age of Fire which will begin on February 4, 2024, a capital change for all the global structures.
  • A period of accomplishments, technology, and intellectual leaps, with brighter prosperity.
  • An Age for Women, the flying star Feng Shui period 9, will be revealing all that you want to know to prepare for this incredible time.
  • Flying stars is the powerful method of Feng Shui that determines the transformation of time of Chi.
  • This transformation of energy flow is conveyed as the numbers in the flying stars chart.

Flying star feng shui for period 8 meaning

  • In contrast, the Flying star feng shui for period 8 means that the house or building is built in period 8.
  • We are now going to end the period of 8. Flying star feng shui for period 8 started on February 4, 2004, and will end on February 3, 2024.
  • Each period ends after 20 years. Therefore, during this transformation or a changing period.
  • You need to consider certain adjustments or place feng shui cures in certain areas of your home or office.
  • Due to the significant implications in the transformation period, you need to usher in new energy and safeguard your good luck.

How To Read Flying Star Chart?

To read a flying star chart, you need to know the following numbers representing the stars in a chart:

  • The middle number – Base Star: These are also referred to as the Period Plate. It helps in flying the base star, once you know the number of Base Stars. Before determining the Sitting and Facing Stars, you need to complete and fly the Base Star chart initially.
  • Right Number – Facing or the Water Star: Facing stars, that govern the career and wealth, are Yang naturally. Hence, you can activate them by water and movement.
  • Left Number – Sitting or the Mountain Star: Sitting Stars, Yin in nature governs relationships and health factors. You can activate them by hills, mountains, or in a state of inactivity.

Flying Star Feng Shui Cures for 2024

For the year 2024, it’s essential to be prepared with appropriate cures and remedies based on the specific Flying Star chart. While I cannot provide the exact cures without access to the 2024 chart, here are some common Flying Star Feng Shui cures that may be relevant:

1. Metal Wind Chimes: Metal wind chimes are often used to suppress the negative effects of inauspicious stars, such as the 5 Yellow Star. Hanging metal wind chimes in afflicted sectors can help disperse negative energy.

2. Crystals and Mirrors: Crystals and mirrors can be strategically placed to enhance positive energy in auspicious sectors. They reflect and amplify good Qi, bringing more positive influences into your space.

3. Water Features: Water features like fountains or aquariums can activate favorable stars associated with wealth and prosperity, such as the 8 White Star. Proper placement of water elements can attract abundance and financial opportunities.

4. Red Decor: Red is considered an auspicious color in Feng Shui. Decorating with red accents, such as red candles or red furnishings, can activate positive energy and stimulate good fortune.

5. Salt Water Cure: A salt water cure is a traditional Feng Shui remedy used to neutralize negative energy. It typically involves placing a glass with salt water and specific coins in afflicted areas to absorb and dispel bad Qi.

Please consult a qualified Feng Shui practitioner or access reliable sources for specific Flying Star Feng Shui cures tailored to the 2024 chart and your unique space.

What Is Feng Shui Compass?

  • Feng Shui compass is typically a Chinese magnetic compass, also known as the geomantic or the Luopan compass.
  • The Feng Shui practitioners utilize it for determining the accurate direction of an area, structure, item, or place.
  • In other points, it is a direction finder. The compass has various formulas and information related to its functions—the needle on the compass points toward the South Pole.   

What Are Flying Star Combination Cures?

In the general practice of Feng Shui, the combination of a flying star can be monthly, yearly, or monthly Tai-Sui/Monthly Facing Tai-Sui.

And monthly three killings. You can benefit once you know the location of your monthly star. The combination of yearly and monthly flying stars consists of 1, 4, 6, and 8 flying star numbers.

Which are considered the prosperous flying star numbers of the specific month or year. In contrast, the flying star numbers 2, 3, 5, 7 are described as inauspicious.

The star 9 acts as a catalyst for each number or star. You can place or display the Feng Shui cures in the weak or inauspicious areas of a building or a house.

After knowing each star’s elements, the sector or the star can be activated by the cures. The elements based on the stars include the following:

  • Flying Star 1: Water
  • Flying Star 2: Earth
  • Flying Star 3: Wood
  • Flying Star 4: Wood
  • Flying Star 5: Earth
  • Flying Star 6: Metal
  • Flying Star 7: Metal
  • Flying Star 8: Earth
  • Flying Star 9: Fire

You can cure flying star combinations once you know your monthly or yearly numbers.

For instance, if your number is 52 for your building’s southwest sector in a certain month.

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You need to apply the definition of each number, i.e., 5 and 2. You need to take necessary action or take cautions during the specific period.

How Do I Activate Flying Stars?

The year 2024 is witnessing some positive and negative sectors. The victory star has positioned in the southeast.

The multiplicative star 9 in the west, and the prosperity luck star in the Northwest sector.

In contrast, the unfavorable stars such as the illness star 2 have positioned in the South, violence star 7 in the center, and the bad luck star 5 in the east sector.

2024 & The Influence Of Flying Stars:

The negative sectors can be activated in 2024 by incorporating the following remedies:

Flying Star 2:-

  • It is the illness star. To decrease the negative effects of Flying star feng shui 2024.
  • The remedy for flying star 2 is by placing Buddha groove medicine statue metal stupa happy laughing Buddha with Wu Lou money bag.
  • or Brass Wu Lou with Eight immortals 5.5 in South to activate this and space.     

Flying Star 5:-

  • It is the Bad Luck Or The Yellow Star. For counter-attacking the influence of bad luck star.
  • The remedy for flying star 5 is by placing golden stupa, Fuk Luk Sau statues, and golden happy Buddha.
  • Or the five-element pagoda to activate the east sector and the star.

Flying Star 8:-

The Prosperity Star: Happy Buddha on a money frog, money tree, or golden elephant can be placed in the Northwest for benefiting the positive energy of flying star 8 and activating the space and the star.

Flying Star 4:-

The Academic & The Romance Star: Flying star 4 can be activated by placing mandarin ducks, Chinese dragon and phoenix statue, wood horse, or double carp fish crossing the dragon gate southwest space.

Flying Star 6:-

It s the celestial star. To activate flying star 6 and the southeast space, you can place a wind chime with six or eight metal tubes, a monkey riding horse, an elephant statue, or Ru Yi.

Flying Star 7:-

It is the robbery star. To activate flying star 7, you can place a happy Buddha holding an ingot, blue dragon, or blue rhino and elephant amulet in the center area.

Flying Star 9:-

It is the multiplicative star, which can be activated by placing a lock coin, five-element pagoda, or money tree in the west area.

Flying Star 3:-

It is the quarrelsome star, which can be activated by placing a three-legged bird, waltz & F crystal apple, and happy Buddha garden statue in the Northside sector.

Flying Star 1:-

It is the le or the favorable star which can be activated by displaying a golden happy Buddha, golden elephant, red dragon, or dragon turtle on Ru Yi in the Northside area.

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How to Read a Flying Star Feng Shui Chart

Reading a Flying Star Feng Shui chart requires an understanding of the Bagua, the annual star positions, and their interactions. Here’s a simplified guide on how to read a Flying Star Feng Shui chart:

1. Identify the Nine Sectors: The Bagua divides your space into nine sectors, each representing different aspects of life, such as wealth, health, and relationships.

2. Locate the Annual Stars: Determine the positions of the annual stars within each sector. The stars are typically represented by numbers from 1 to 9, with each number corresponding to a specific star.

3. Assess the Stars’ Characteristics: Understand the qualities and influences associated with each star. For example, the 8 White Star is favorable for wealth and prosperity, while the 5 Yellow Star can bring misfortune and obstacles.

4. Analyze Interactions: Examine how the annual stars interact with each other and the Bagua sectors. Positive or negative interactions can indicate the overall energy quality of a sector.

5. Apply Remedies: Based on the Flying Star chart’s analysis, apply appropriate remedies and cures to enhance positive energies and mitigate negative influences in each sector.

It’s important to note that accurately interpreting a Flying Star Feng Shui chart requires a deep understanding of Feng Shui principles and calculations. Consulting with a professional Feng Shui practitioner is recommended for a precise assessment and personalized recommendations.

FAQs: Flying Star Feng Shui

Q1: How often do the Flying Stars change?

The Flying Stars change on an annual basis, following the Chinese lunar calendar. Each year, the stars move to new positions within the Bagua sectors, creating different energy patterns and influences.

Q2: Can I use Flying Star Feng Shui for both my home and workplace?

Yes, Flying Star Feng Shui can be applied to both residential and commercial spaces. Understanding the annual influences can help improve the energy and harmony in any environment.

Q3: Are Flying Star Feng Shui remedies permanent?

Flying Star Feng Shui remedies are typically applied for the duration of the year, as the energy influences change annually. It’s essential to update and adjust remedies each year based on the new Flying Star chart


With feng shui, you can efficiently eliminate flying stars’ negative energy by activating negative flying stars.

Each Feng Shui flying star can be activated by displaying Feng Shui cures in the negative areas of your home, office, garden, or building.

Placing the cures in an accurate direction will enhance the affected area.

Hence, create a welcoming space that will be full of positive energy to flourish your health, relationships, finances, and home.