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How To Office Feng Shui For Success Quick Tips

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Feng Shui For Office

Many companies and businesses have their workspace, in what we know as “the office”. Today in this article we are going to understand how we can implement Good Office Feng Shui For Great career success with complete feng shui tips for office along with the below points.

How To Identify good feng shui for the office?

If your employees are happy, they will perform better, they will be more effective. Their sales or results will be more satisfactory, they win and you win.

  1. They can be offices facing the public or offices where work is done in different Feng Shui office layout areas. Even clients can be online or received by appointment and in certain spaces.
  2. You generate success, goals achieved, ultimately “Feng Shui = Benefits“. When Feng Shui is part of your life and you apply it to your work, the transformations are truly spectacular.
  3. When we review the feng shui office space we have and know the various Feng Shui for office layout areas of the office feng shui Bagua map that make up your office.
  4. If you feel energetic, happy, amazing at work, that means you are surrounded by “positive chi“. And thus your office Feng Shui is correct.

We can fit the different sections exactly in the most favourable area.

How The Office Cubicles Design Be In Feng Shui

The feng shui cubicle setup layout is essential for any activity we carry out, especially if it is about sitting in front of the computer.

The design of the Feng Shui office cubicle design must be a convenient and conducive one, not in four corners.

But round and low, whereby, employees will be able to see and smile at each other. This will bring about happiness and improve a positive feng shui chi in the office.

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Best Feng Shui Office Desk Directions For Growth

If you’ve been exploring feng shui for a while, you already know how important it is to have your office desk positioned for optimal energy flow.

Each space has its own power points, so why not take advantage of its powerful vibrations? This becomes especially important if you have to spend many hours in the office.

The best place to set the table in the office is the right corner diagonally to the door.  Do not place the desk on the opposite side of the door as it is not a favourable position.

Here are several Feng Shui office layout areas of your desk that are good to strengthen and pay attention to.

  • Upper left the area – Area of ​​wealth and money
  • Top right – Love and marriage area
  • Left middle – Health and Family area
  • Right middle – Creativity area
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The 2 important factors for the best positioning of feng shui for the office desk for good feng shui are the following:

  • In front of one of your lucky feng shui directions.
  • In the dominant position/PowerPoint of your office space.

Sometimes you can be so lucky and easily implement both factors! And sometimes none of them is possible in your specific office.

But you can still make subtle adjustments to improve the energy around your desk.

The second aspect of good positioning of your desk in feng shui is within the specific design of your room or office.

In feng shui, there is a popular concept of the so-called command position that refers to the best placement of an item, usually a desk or bed.

This is the position that allows the most protective energy. As well as the powerful one that will strengthen your own personal energy, thus improving your health and well-being.

As a general rule, here are the 3 feng shui guidelines to follow when deciding on the best positioning for your feng shui for the office desk.

  • Have a view of the door (the so-called command position)
  • Have a solid wall behind you (for protection and stability)
  • Enjoy open spaces and a good view from your work area (good Chi)

Feng Shui Tips For The Office Success

We spend an average of nine hours a day at work. It is as if the office is our second feng shui for the home office.

That is why we must, as far as possible, create an office or space with a pleasant atmosphere that encourages concentration.

Feng Shui For Office success
How to feng shui Office tips

In this sense, Feng Shui is the perfect ally to design a place that fosters our good feng shui for work rhythm, improves our productivity, and thus achieves job success.

  • Feng Shui is an ancient art whose objective is to harmonize energy through colors, furniture, orientation and arrangement in the office decoration.
  • It is based on the principle of Ying and Yang (opposites). I Ching and Wu Xing or the principle of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water).
  • That is why it is key to pay attention both to the orientation of the office both at the location level in the feng shui office building and to the elements or colors of the decoration itself.
  • The most important thing is that the office is functional. If you work for a company and your space is designed ‘by default’ you always have the option to ‘customize’ your way.
  • Following the advice of Feng Shui in decoration. If, on the other hand, you are lucky enough to be able to design your feng shui workspace from scratch. Take note of the following tricks that will help you better define your workplace.

Below are my top recommendations for feng shui office art and feng shui paintings for office for positivity and success.

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How To Feng Shui Office Cubicles

Balance your office cubicle with Feng Shui, Much is said about the benefits that the practice of Feng Shui has for households by attracting peace, money and love.

Feng Shui For Office cubical
Office Feng Shui

According to this ancient Chinese art, the position of objects positively influences the flow of energy in a space, so it is necessary to arrange your environment in such a way that it influences you effectively.

But, have you ever wondered what it would be like to apply this technique to the place where you spend most of your time, your best office cubicle?

  • Your workplace is where your professional life unfolds and where important financial decisions are made.
  • So Feng Shui in the office can help you to flow positive energy. Take note of these practical tips:
  • Clutter in your workplace is the main enemy of positive energy. Organize your papers by priority and throw away the ones you no longer use.
  • This will not only work for Feng Shui, but it will also help you focus on your tasks and work more comfortably. If you have cables left, try to order them, because they represent confusion.
  • Find that your feng shui for the office desk office desk arrangement faces a window and has a view of the street; that will allow you to open your horizons energetically.
  • If you’re in a cubicle or can’t change your address desk, paste a photo of open space or landscape that you like.

How To Feng Shui Office Back To Window ?

To avoid the feeling of vulnerability that you have with your back to the door.

You can place an object that reflects it – like a well-polished copper vase – and see what is coming your way.

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If you have your back to the window or feng shui office layout with a window then put curtains (more than anything else because you won’t be able to see the computer!) And get yourself a chair with a high and wide backrest.

If you must look at the wall, decorate it with everything that inspires you, and encourages your creativity.

Photographs that you adore, fun, vibrant art that fills you with energy and good humour. The idea is to change the wall that blocks the flow of energy for one that inspires you.

Best Office Feng Shui Colors For Sucess

Ideal colors have to achieve a Ying Yang balance; in other words, do not generate apathy or nervousness.

Feng Shui considers that Feng Shui Office colors enhance or inhibit certain behaviours. Broadly speaking, it describes light colors as carriers of calm and tranquillity.

Feng Shui Office colors
Office Feng Shui

While dark colors generate the opposite and diminish performance and creativity. Besides, Each color is related to one of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, or water).

Orange and red are fiery colors

They are associated with vitality and passion, they are also very creative but they are not very suitable for a job because they are too aggressive and make concentration difficult.

White and gray are metal colors

White is a very bright color, it symbolizes purity, confidence and tranquillity. Generates orderly, clean and visually attractive environments.

It helps objectivity, concentration, and intellectual work. It has very good qualities; only the lack of warmth fails. If we decide on this shade in the office, it is important that we combine it with other soft colors.

Gray is a very good option for the office, especially when combined with blues.

Yellow evokes feelings of joy and sympathy, but certain shades of yellow can produce anxiety.

Green is a wood color and speaks of growth

It is very relaxing in spaces with good natural light as it reminds of nature and growth and in light tones it prevents eyestrain.

Water green or lavender

They are Ying tones that help mental concentration. Some details in vibrant colors that provide the Yang energy necessary to keep us lucid and dynamic can be incorporated into paintings and objects.

Green generates new and ingenious ideas, which is why they are interesting for those who work conquering new markets or are changing the labour path.

The blue tones favour introspection and contact with your own emotions, being beneficial for those who work alone.

Purple produces a feeling of healing and calm

If we choose pastel shades it can be a very suitable color for walls and ceilings.

Natural and earthy

Colors convey a sense of containment and stability and help to master future fears and worries.

Finally, the color and color palette of the office will influence well-being and efficiency at work.

Depending on your work, you can choose the tones of your office to stimulate your creativity.

Increase your connection with others, improve your communications, or analyze strategies and business, among others.

Is Office Desk Facing Wall Good feng shui?

The Office desk is an element to keep in mind because we are going to study, work, put our finances in order, disconnect while enjoying some hobbies, etc.

And whether it is well located in the space or the placement of the various elements distributed in it, they will have a great influence on all these activities.

moving into new office feng shui Rules?

Find below quick feng shui things which you can consider while moving into a new office.

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1 Make a floor plan

As soon as you get to know the new office, plan for a floor, what to keep where.

2 Use bagua map for your office

Bagua map can help you set new things, Like where the computers are places, how to add a fame area wall and so on.

3 Office energy clensing ritual

Cleansing is a very crucial process in order to detox life. Once you get into the new office burn incenses and smudge the sage. This process will clean any negative vibe from the office.

4 Activating The Entrance Of The New office

Entrance is the most important thing for any office. So try to brighten the entryway and make sure it’s welcoming.

5 Preparing New Office For Moving

Once you move into new office premise, try to prepare things which you need in advance, like furniture, internet, gadgets, and other important types of equipment. These are essential for every office so you need them as soon as you shift completely.

6 Taking Care Of Clutters

Nobody likes clutter around us. Decluttering is a very vital process in order to remove negativity from the space. remove unnecessary stuff which is left behind from the previous occupants to clear our their energies.

7 Feng Shui Plants Addition

In every office, the first thing which you notice is the plants. They definitely a great addition to an office decore as well as provides freshness. Find here all feng shui friendly plants list.

8 Addition Feng Shui Friendly Colors

Based on your office theam, try to integrate feng shui colors to add all the elements at once.

Tops Office Feng Shui Plants For Success

When looking for specific feng shui office plants to bring the vital energy of creativity to your desk, first look at typical feng shui energy cures.

Office Feng shui plants
Feng shui plants for cubicles

Here is the complete info on Top Feng Shui Plants For Office & Business

Good air cleaning plants are a must for any workspace! You can choose a beautiful vibrant plant with an impressive pot, for example, to maximise its effect on your desktop.

Crystals are also a very popular feng shui cure, and there are many crystals that are suitable for your office.

Multiple images can be targeted to specific targets, and can also be specific items with which you have a special connection.

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Common questions on Top office feng shui rules for prosperity

Q: What do you put on your desk for good luck?

You can keep various items on your desk for a good feng shui office like below.
Lucky Plant, Mirrors, Crystals Or Stones. desktop zen garden, mini water fountain,
Lamps, Wood elephant etc.

Q: Which direction should my desk face?

Feng shui experts suggest facing your office desk in either north, east or north-east direction. The logic behind this is the sun rises in the east direction so facing this direction brings prosperity and financial growth.


We should always know that bringing the art of feng shui to our workplace and offices will timely improve the positive effects of energies.

And chase out away bad influence, hence to promote the well-being of our offices, it is important to feng shui the whole building. Office Feng Shui has many benefits for career, growth, and overall growth.

Let us know if you are facing any issues related to the feng shui Office and two-person office layout and want to know more.


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