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Top 21 Feng Shui Bathroom Cures For All Architectural Flaws

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A bathroom is said to be the canniest part of the home for obtaining positive chi.

As there is a large amount of running water and drains in there, a bathroom can be a great source to flush away evil.

Feng Shui Bathroom
Feng Shui Bathroom

And ominous energy, and to attract good chi towards your home. Surprisingly, the truth is that many of us face a lot of troubles.

While applying feng shui to the bathroom, we don’t have the proper knowledge about it.

As a result, we prefer to get a feng shui specialist to get a feng shui bathroom design. But if we can gain proper knowledge about bathroom feng shui by reading only one article, how will it be?

Here are the most efficient rules that will help you know about the best feng shui art for the bathroom.

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What does the bathroom represent in Feng Shui?

A bathroom is merely not a room where the lavatory resides. If appropriately arranged and harnessed, a feng shui bathroom can be a great source of

  • purification
  • vigor
  • tranquility
  • freshness

A bathroom is one of the three spaces in a home that can maximize the potential of feng shui by forming powerful positive chi.

So, it is essential to have an appropriate idea about feng shui art for the bathroom.

Top 21 Golden Rules For Good Feng Shui Bathroom For Wealth and Aundance

If you are interested in bathroom feng shui, here are some rules that will help you know the feng shui art for the bathroom.

You will also know about the best color for bathroom feng shui, the feng shui bathroom design, and the bathroom plants for feng shui.

The top 21 rules of bathroom feng shui are:

1: Avoid The Bathroom Door Facing The Front Door

The bathroom door should not be facing the front door. It will exert all the positive energy that comes through the front door.

Quick Cure:

  • Put a rug or long runner in front of the bathroom door. Building a wall between the bathroom and the front door slows down the flow of energy and creates a safe space.
  • Keep the Bathroom Door Closed: To stop the energy from going straight to the front door, always close the bathroom door. This also keeps any bad energy from spreading to other parts of the house.
  • Use Feng Shui Symbols: To get rid of bad energy, put Feng Shui symbols or artwork on the bathroom door or the wall facing the front door. Mirrors, crystals, or pictures of animals that guard, like dragons or turtles, are all good choices.
  • Add Plants: Put fresh flowers or small plants in pots near the front door to bring bright, happy energy into the room. This helps to balance out any bad energy that might be coming from the bathroom.
  • Improve the front door: Pay close attention to how the front door is designed and decorated to make it look nice and feel warm. Bright lighting, a place that is clean and free of clutter, and nice decorations can help boost energy and lessen the bad effects of the bathroom door being close by.

2: Always Keep The Door Shut

The bathroom door should always be shut, even if no one is using this space. Otherwise, it will remove essential energy and produce negative energy.

3 Don’t Put The Bed Facing The Bathroom Door

Putting the bed against the bathroom door will harm your health. It can affect your sleeping quality, cause a gastric problem, cause breast cancer, etc.

Quick Cures:

  • Use a Room Divider: To create a visual barrier between the bathroom door and the bed, place a folding screen or floral room divider between them. It helps in dividing the energy between the restroom and the bedroom.
  • Hang a Curtain: To visually block the bathroom door when not in use, install a curtain or drapes over it. This creates a layer of privacy and divides the energy of the bathroom and bedroom.
  • Keep the Bathroom Door Closed: Make sure that, while not in use, the bathroom door is always kept closed. By doing this, bad energy is kept from coming directly to the bed.
  • Enhance the Bed Area: To add stability and support, place a solid headboard behind the bed. Additionally, you might incorporate comforting and peaceful colors.
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4: Keep The Toilet Lid Closed

Make sure that you keep the toilet closed at all times because it creates a lot of negative chi which can hamper your surroundings. It also drains the chi energy.

5: Put A Mirror On The Bathroom Door

A mirror above the toilet (feng shui) helps to reflect all the negative energy coming towards your home.

6: Keep The Bathroom Clean And Fresh

This is the most vital step to focus on. The more you keep your bathroom area neat and clean the more you have the chance of creating a healthy and lucky environment.

7: Use Metal Elements

In the case of the bathroom in the southwest area, use metal elements such as metallic wind chimes, colored rugs, etc.

8: Use Crystal Balls

If the bathroom is located in the south, then hang crystal balls in the window. The crystal balls will help to remove bad fire energy.

9: Use Lush Green Houseplants

If your bathroom is located on the northern side, you must try some lush green houseplants in the bathroom. It helps to attract good luck and positive chi.

10: Put Glitter Lamps In The Bathroom

If your bathroom is in the east or southeast area, try some glitter lamps and turn them on for 2-3 hours regularly.

11: Do Not Place Your Bathroom Under A Stairway

Toilet under stairs in feng shui? It is prohibited in the feng shui rule to place the bathroom under the stairs. It is considered to hamper personal relationships.

Quick Cure:

  1. A little plant or a bowl of fresh flowers placed next to the toilet will provide life and balance out any stagnant energy.
  2. When not in use, keep the toilet lid tight to stop energy from leaking out of the bottom.
  3. Increase the area’s brightness to light up the mood and make it feel less insecure and more welcoming.
  4. To promote movement and good energy flow throughout the room, hang a windchime close to the stairs.
  5. For smooth energy circulation and to avoid stagnation, keep the space tidy and clear of clutter.

12: Use Lucky Bamboo

The lucky bamboo is said to be the money plant in the bathroom plants feng shui. It is the most powerful activator in the east and southeast sector.

The lucky bamboo neutralizes the negative chi made by the wastewater of the bathroom.

13: Use light-tone Colors

Dark-toned colors such as red, black, brown, etc. attract negative energy. These colors should be avoided as bathroom interior colors.

The best color for bathroom feng shui is light tone color. Light, pleasant, water-inspired colors are good choices for bathroom feng shui.

14: Use Candles

Candles are frequently used in bathroom feng shui, especially when the bathroom is in the southwest area of the Bagua map. It will impact your bad energy if you keep it under control.

15: Avoid a Golden Bath or Toilet

Keeping a golden bath or toilet in the bathroom is as same as flushing down money or wealth. We should not energize the restroom for money. Therefore, wood energy is needed to be suppressed in the southwest bathroom.

16: Avoid Sharp Edges And Square Shapes

Using round and oval shapes in the bathroom is the best idea for bathroom feng shui. Square design and enormous pieces represent negative chi. Therefore, sharp edges and square shapes should be avoided.

17: Use A Round-shaped Mirror Inside The Bathroom

Mirrors harmonize the environment by absorbing positive and negative energy. Round and oval-shaped mirrors are ideal, according to feng shui decor.

A point to be noted is that a cracked or scratched mirror should not be used in a bathroom because it brings bad luck and creates an imbalance in the environment.

18: Reduce Chemicals And Artificial Products

Use natural products and materials as much as possible. Reduce the amount of chemical and artificial products in your bathroom. It will help you create a healthy and pure environment.

19: Allow Proper Lighting And Air Ventilation

Keep the window open. Proper lighting and ventilation help to increase positive energy inside the bathroom.

20: Balance The Elements

You have to make a perfect balance of water and metal elements, as bathrooms have prominent water energy. When your bathroom is located in the west or northwest area.

You should strengthen the metal energy and weaken the water energy. On the other hand, if your bathroom is situated in the southwest, you should emphasize the water element.

21: Use The Right Bathroom Rug

Bathroom rugs are used to enhance the design of the bathroom. There are plenty of choices for rugs. You have to select the best one for your bathroom. For example, choose a rectangular-shaped rug for a bathroom located in the north.

How Feng Shui Toilet Seat Direction Should Be?

It is vital to place the toilet seat in the right place to achieve harmony in your life. According to feng shui bathroom design,

  • The toilet seat must not face the door of the toilet.
  • Also, the toilet seat should not face the bed.
  • The toilet seat should not be close to the gas stove in the kitchen.
  • In Feng Shui, the toilet seat should not face to the south.
  • The toilet should be covered every time.

Feng Shui Cure for Bathroom in Wealth Area?

If you discover that your bathroom is in the wealth or money area according to the Bagua bathroom map, you must have to pay more attention to your bathroom.

You have to take good care of your bathroom so that it brings only good energy and drains away all the bad energy. You have to keep your bathroom neat and clean all the time.

Additionally, you can adopt some extra elements to make a balanced feng shui power. The additional steps can be:

  • Focus on wood element
  • Use lucky bamboo
  • Use a bowl of crystal
  • Emphasize on metal element

Therefore, if you apply the feng shui bathroom design appropriately, it can bring you happiness as well as money.

Best Feng Shui Colors for Bathroom Walls

Dark colors like black, gray, and brown should be avoided as interior colors because these colors attract negative attention to the home.

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The best color for bathroom feng shui is a light color. Frequently used feng shui colors for the bathroom are. Below are my top picks for feng shui bathroom color schemes.

Pleasant pastel and water-inspired room colors, light blue, green, pink, peach, creamy white, yellow, silver, bright wood, etc. Feng shui bathroom colors for this year attract good luck.

Feng Shui Bathroom Wall Art

The feng shui bathroom design suggests making the bathroom wall as attractive as possible.

Best Feng Shui Colors for Bathroom Walls
Best Feng Shui Colors for Bathroom Walls

Decorating the bathroom wall with proper rules is a part of bathroom feng shui. A feng shui art can be anything like an authentic Chinese painting, tapestry, or a portrayal of the feng shui symbol.

It depends on a person’s priority and taste. Try to use wall art that touches your emotional level. One of the trendiest designs of wall art is animal reliefs or sculptures. Some auspicious animal symbols are-

Another symbol of wealth and good fortune is koi fish. A silk folding designed for the wall is an excellent choice for bathroom feng shui.

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It represents a high choice and feng shui legitimacy.

Feng Shui Bathroom South Facing Direction

The position of your bathroom can affect your health, career, and relationship greatly.

It is essential to determine the bathroom position and then harness it according to feng shui bathroom decor.

If your bathroom is situated in the south, it can affect your reputation, increase gossip.

A bathroom in the southwest affects the relationship, woman of the house, and marriage prospects.

So, it should be taken into account properly. The decoration of a bathroom in the southwest should be-

  • By using plants, flowers
  • By painting white, green, or brown
  • By using the elements of water/blue

These will help to increase positive energy and bring good luck to your life.

Best Feng Shui Bathroom Plants

The green color alleviates purification, balance as well as lifelines. Plants create a feeling of calmness and freshness.

Best Feng Shui Bathroom Plants
Best Feng Shui Bathroom Plants

Using plants is a feng shui art for the bathroom. They absorb the negative chi and exude a positive vibe in the environment.

Thus, using plants in the bathroom is an excellent way of making good vibes and attracting positive chi.

Plants that are used frequently in feng shui bathroom design are-

  • Lucky bamboo
  • Philodendron
  • Golden pothos
  • Ficus tree
  • English Ivy
  • Peace lily
  • Palm tree
  • Fern
  • Orchid
  • Jade plant
  • Snake plant
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These are self-purifying plants that can filter the air of harmful chemicals and provide a cleaner environment. Find below important articles on plants.

Golden Feng Shui Bathroom Door Rules

A bathroom door facing the main door is an example of bad feng shui. In this case, most of the active energy that enters through the front door will exhaust through the bathroom.

In this situation, you have to take some necessary steps to retain your good vibes and harmony in the environment. Some essential steps are-

  • Always keep the bathroom door closed
  • Keep the bathroom neat and clean
  • Put a bowl of crystal in the main entry
  • Hang a mirror on the bathroom door
  • Paint the door with a suitable color

Feng Shui Toilet locations in the Middle of the House cure

  • A bathroom can be the most challenging area if it is located in the center or the money area of your home.
  • You must follow the feng shui rules to neutralize the negative energy if you have Middle Eastern bathrooms in your house.
  • You can put a water feature for good feng shui. The use of fresh flowers and candles in the area increases the positive chi.
  • Use as many plants as you can. Plants are the best source for releasing good energy. There are a lot of plants that can be used for this purpose.

Feng Shui Cure For Bathroom In Northwest Direction

According to Bagua, if your bathroom is in the northwest area, you will have to emphasize metal elements and weaken the water elements.

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You can also use earth elements as earth elements help to weaken the water energy. You should choose earth and metal feng shui in this bathroom. You can make a balance by several methods such as

  • Use light yellow and sandy colors for the earth
  • Use white and gray colors for metal
  • Limit the colors of blue and black tone
  • Limit the use of the mirror
  • Add touches of green

Feng Shui Cure for Bathroom In Career Area?

The position of your bathroom can affect your health, career, and relationship greatly.

So, it should be taken into account properly. The decoration of a bathroom in the southwest should be

  • By using plants, flowers
  • By painting white, green, or brown
  • By using the elements of water/blue

These will help to increase the positive energy and bring good luck to your life. Find the detailed guide on How to feng shui career for wealth and growth

Feng Shui Bathroom And Bedroom

As per the feng shui guideline, it’s bad practice to have a bed confronting the washroom entryway—or any entryway besides. This can be shockingly difficult to maintain a strategic distance from in certain rooms.

Where a washroom entryway, wardrobe entryway, and leave entryway may restrict your choices for situating the bed for ideal feng shui.

Feng Shui Bathroom In The Creativity Area

Generally, the creativity Area represents the Metal element area. But bathrooms have Water Feng Shui element energy.

So if you have a Bathroom In The Creativity Area it may weaken the Metal element.

As a cure to this, you can add an Earth element to strengthen the Metal element and control the Water element.

Is the Bathroom Above the Feng Shui Kitchen Good?

The kitchen plays an important role in feng shui. The kitchen represents the fire element and it’s the main energy source of the house.

So It’s a big no-no to have a bathroom above the kitchen or main door. It’ll drain all the wealth and abundance from the house. So try not to design your home in this pattern.

15 Feng Shui Bathroom Basic Principles to follow

Below are some basic principles to follow.

1 Space:

The restroom must be extensive enough to permit every individual who uses it open to a moving room. The entryway should be anything but difficult to move and without obstacles.

2 Capacity:

Storage is an absolute necessity in the restroom. Your strategy for capacity may comprise racking, a wardrobe, a medication bureau, a vanity, or any mix thereof. Capacity might be on display, ornamental, or even covered up contingent upon your necessities and the general plan of the restroom.

3 Goods:

What sorts of decorations will you have in your washroom? Think about creating space for seating and unwinding. Make a pleasant spot by the window for a couple of pruned plants.

4 Security:

Privacy is a major thought for the restroom. The washroom should be strategically placed, however not all that advantageous that visitors feel awkward utilizing it.

5 Characteristic Lighting:

Windows, bay windows, or sun oriented cylinders are magnificent augmentations to the restroom. Regular lighting assists, including showering to getting ready for work.

6 Area:

We addressed this a little when we referenced protection, yet the area should be close to different rooms or territories with existing pipes. The whole occupation turns out to be so a lot simpler and more affordable when you can integrate it with existing pipes.

How can I correct the Feng Shui of the kitchen and bathroom contracts together?

The kitchen and bathroom sharing the same wall is a big no-no in feng shui. These things can cause immediate health issues for family members.

The kitchen should never be arranged in the North East or North, as this antagonistically influences one’s profession. The kitchen and restroom entryways ought not to be opposite to one another.

Why Should We Keep Salt In The Bathroom?

Salt Water cures are being used from the edges while practicing feng shui. Salt is a very powerful substance that absorbs any kind of negativity in the house.

In particular to the bathroom, when you have any kind of architectural defect in the bathroom, keeping salt along with water can take away the architectural flaws and bad energies.

Just to remember, place the salt in a corner where no one can touch it. Ans replace it with new one from time to time. never ever use the old salt, just throw it away.

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FAQs On Basics Of Feng Shui Bathroom

Q1: Can a kitchen be next to a bathroom?

The kitchen and bathroom sharing a single wall have a huge impact on owners’ health in feng shui. To minimize the effect place a nine pyramid wall art on the wall.

Q2: Feng shui cure for bathroom in fame area?

If your bathroom is situated in the fame area, as a cure you must lid out the toilet seat when not used. Also, check if there is some leakage of water. repair that immediately to prevent fame and name loss.

Q3: Feng Shui Cure For Bathroom In Love and Marriage Area?

If you have a Bathroom In the Love And Marriage Area, do not panic. Just a quick fix, add earth elements(like Salt Lamps and Candle Holders) and make the bathroom more organized and clean.

Q4: Feng Shui Cure For the Bathroom above the front door?

The bathroom above the front door is a bad feng shui architecture. To minimize the effect add crystals, lucky Feng Shui animals (like Pi Xiu, a dragon) and plants to the front door.

Q5: Feng Shui remedy for Bathroom in Southeast area?

Placing a little mirror or crystal outside the bathroom door is a simple Feng Shui cure for a bathroom in your Southeast-facing home.

This symbolically “closes off” the bad effects connected to the restroom in that area and can help in blocking any negative energy.


Your Feng Shui Bathroom can be a great place for healing, relaxing, and enjoying as well as it can bring you good luck. You have to put enough time and effort into turning it into one of the best places in your home. 

Try all the above Feng Shui bathroom cures and fixes if you have any kind of architectural defect, in order to prevent money and health loss IMMEDIATELY.