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Lucky Horseshoe For Good Luck [Placement, Directions, Uses]

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Feng shui deals with the circulation of qi, or energy, in a household to create a conducive environment for the people who live there. Occasionally, this entails putting auspicious symbols in the home to attract good fortune.

Lucky Horseshoes are not a typical feng shui symbol, although they are a good luck emblem in other cultures. And, yes, it is entirely feasible to boost the energy of your home by combining objects from many cultures with feng shui.

This is especially true if the sign is familiar to you and has horseshoe meaning in feng shui for you. In this article, you will be shown the various feng shui applications of the lucky horseshoe.

What Is The Horseshoe Spiritual Meaning?

The horseshoe is thought to protect against the evil eye and provide good fortune.

Aside from the basic horseshoe that could be hung in a home or office, horseshoe charms are widely seen in jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, and necklace pendants, all of which feature the horseshoe symbol.

The horseshoe sign embodies luck, security, religion, and even mysticism, and many individuals are convinced it will bring them good luck in their lives and at any particular event or occasion, as well as a ward against evil, disaster, or bad luck.

Why Is A Horseshoe Lucky?

Feng Shui Lucky Horseshoe
Feng Shui Lucky Horseshoe Placement Tips

Originally they were made with iron and used as it is. Horseshoes are used to protect and support horses’ feet, just like our shoes do.

Even though its exact origin is unknown, it is supposed that the horseshoe became a symbol of good luck when the seventh-century Chaldeans thought that its moon shape represented numerous moon goddesses, thus safeguarding against the evil eye’s affliction.

What Does Horseshoe Mean In Feng Shui?

According to Feng Shui, the horseshoe is a sign of luck and safety. People think that it can keep away bad energy and bring good things to the place where it is put.

In traditional Chinese medicine, horseshoes are hung above doorways with the open end pointing upward to attract and hold good energy and push away bad ones.

People believe that this practice will bring wealth, happiness, and general health to the people who live or work in the building.

Best Material for a Lucky Horseshoe?

  • In Feng Shui, iron is considered to be the best material for a good horseshoe.
  • People have thought for hundreds of years that iron horseshoes are especially good at protecting against bad energies and bringing good luck.
  • However, horseshoes made of other metals, like brass or copper, can also be used as long as the person or society believes them to be lucky.
  • Rather than the material used, what’s important is what the horseshoe means and how it was made.

How To Energize Horseshoe Lucky Charm?

There’s some debate regarding which way is the luckiest to hang a horseshoe above a door.

  • Some believe that the open end of the shoe should point up so as to gather good fortune in its curve.
  • Others think that the open end of the front door should point down, allowing good fortune to fall onto those who pass under it. 
  • It’s commonly hung on the outside of a house near the front entrance, although some individuals prefer hanging it inside.
  • Because there are so many alternatives,  do what seems right to you; simply using and placing the horseshoe will trigger the luck.

The Horseshoe Lucky Charms Comes In Which Color?

Lucky’s horseshoe, which grants the ability to accelerate things quickly, is usually purple or red in color. But if you really want to use the same and used horseshoe, then it may come in iron, brown, silver, gold, and black.

How To Hang Lucky Horseshoe For Good Luck

There exist various beliefs on how to hang a horseshoe for good luck, the open end of the horseshoe can be hung facing up or down.

  1. See the horseshoe as a bowl, if the open end faces upward, the horseshoe will collect good fortune and hold it for the occupants of the house.
  2. The lucky horseshoe upside down goes in two ways, first one, the luck pours from the horseshoe and gets wasted Or the good fortune will flow down out of the horseshoe onto all visitors and family members that pass under it.
  3. Attach your horseshoe with old-fashioned, rectangular-shaped nails from a hardware shop, or get horseshoe nails from a local shoemaker or stable.
  4. At a craft show, you might find unique lucky nails or hand-forged replicas at a historic town or re-enactment event. 

How To Place A Horseshoe Above The Door?

Below are the main steps to follow if you are confused about how to place a horseshoe on the main door. 

Feng Shui Lucky Horseshoe Door Placement
How to place horseshoe on the main door
  1. Pick a good spot for the horseshoe to be hung, preferably a spot above an entrance door. As long as the horseshoe is secure, there is no compulsory way in which it should be hung.
  2. Place the horseshoe in your desired place, open-end up or down, based on personal taste, while standing on a sturdy ladder.
  3. Request the assistance of a buddy to verify that the full horseshoe is visible from a nearby ground level. If it isn’t, move it up a notch.
  4. Make sure both sides of the horseshoe are the same height using a ruler or tape measure. As needed, make adjustments.
  5. With a pencil, draw the perfect spot on the wall. For nail placement, make dots within each hole on the shoe. Also, make a note of where the shoe’s ends rest.
  6. Remove the horseshoe and use a 1/16-inch drill bit to make small pilot holes for the nails.
  7. Replace the horseshoe in its proper placement and secure it with a nail. For a rustic, classic aesthetic, use square-cut iron nails.
  8. Horseshoes are also associated with a good luck superstition involving iron. If you’re going to use iron nails, check that they’ll fit through the horseshoe’s holes before you buy them.

Where To Place Horseshoe For Prosperity & Luck

The front door is the principal point of entry for qi, or energy, in feng shui. Also, it can be hung on a wall in a living room as interior decor. Below we will discover many ways how to use a lucky horseshoe at the front door.

  1. A well-designed and well-maintained front door can help to attract positive qi and opportunities for the people who live there.
  2. A front door color is also important in feng shui and means different for each person. Try to use attractive feng shui-friendly colors.
  3. It’s critical to lay a solid foundation for your home’s doorway by making it clean, appealing, clutter-free, and fully functional.
  4. Clean your front door on a regular basis, and address any concerns that occur, such as squeaky hinges or weak doorknobs.
  5. It will also benefit the household if the entrance door opens up completely, therefore any items blocking this should be removed.
  6. You can start incorporating the horseshoe things and other components that are special to you once you’ve taken care of the more basic aspects of your front door.
  7. Talismans are widely used in feng shui to bring about transformation for the homeowner.
  8. The horseshoe can be a beneficial and meaningful feng shui adjustment in your home if it connects with you as a symbol, or if it is significant in your culture or where you now live.

Should We Use Good Luck Horseshoe Up Or Down?

There’s some debate regarding which way is the luckiest to hang a used horseshoe above a door, “Horseshoe Up Or Down“.

Lucky horseshoe Up Or Down
Lucky Horseshoe Up Or Down
  • There are also some who believe that the Horseshoe’s open end should face up so it can collect good fortunes.
  • Others think that the open end of the Horseshoe should face down, allowing good fortune to fall onto those who enter the house.
  • It’s commonly hung on the outside of a house near the front entrance, although some individuals like to hang it in the foyer.
  • Because there are so many possibilities, follow your gut instinct and do what seems right to you.

What Are The Basic Lucky Horseshoe Superstitions?

Have you ever encountered a person who has an iron horseshoe hung over their entrance door? The origins of horseshoe superstition can be traced all the way back to 959 A.D. in ancient times.

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Based on where you search, the legend of Saint Dunstan and the devil horseshoe is told in a variety of ways. The essence of the myth is that St. Dunstan (a blacksmith as of that time) was being approached by the devil himself in the 10th century.

A horseshoe was requested by the hoofed devil.  Dunstan made use of iron nails to clamp a red hot horseshoe snugly on one of his hoofs, this made the devil howl in agony. Dunstan was begged by the devil to take off his scorching shoe.

Dunstan consented on the condition that the devil honors the horseshoe and should never enter any building with one hung above the doorway.

The blacksmith horseshoe superstition

  • Horseshoes are also associated with good fortune because blacksmithing was once seen to be a lucky profession. Iron was also thought to be mystical since it could endure the fire.
  • You may also observe that the majority of horseshoes (and possibly even horseshoe jewelry) have seven nails. The number seven has long been thought to be auspicious.
  • The ritual continued, and people contributed to the horseshoe mythology. The dread of witches was widespread in the Middle Ages.
  • Witches were thought to be terrified of horses and their iron shoes. People believed that witches would never pass through a threshold with a horseshoe hung over it, and they even tied horseshoes to witches’ coffins to prevent them from emerging.
  • People all across the world still have horseshoes hung over their doorways, both inside and outside. A horseshoe hung in the shape of a “U” facing upwards is said to fend off evil and bring good fortune into your home.
  • Hanging horseshoes upside down, on the other hand, will make good fortune flow into your home. Whether you believe in the mythology or not, a lucky horseshoe hung above a door makes for intriguing home decor.

What Is Horseshoe Lucky Charm Jewelry?

Pendants are the most common sort of horseshoe chains, but you can also get horseshoe earrings, trinkets, and rings.

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Horseshoe pendants are available in a variety of designs and can be manufactured entirely of metal. You can go for a pendant with gemstones and diamonds if you want something more elaborate.

Lucky Horseshoe Bracelets

  • Horseshoes are also a fashionable and lucky bracelet accessory. They also make wonderful unisex rings and are available in a variety of price ranges. 
  • You may wear the shoe either way with a horseshoe ring, either facing up or down. Wearing lucky horseshoe bracelets and rings is widely seen among gamblers and card players, and they are frequently seen touching the ring whenever they are in need of a boost of luck.
  • Earring in the shape of the horseshoe is another option in which you can wear this lovely design. Choose from a pair of basic studs.

How To Wear A Lucky Horseshoe Necklace

In many regions of the world, a horseshoe necklace is a reduced decorative variation of the real thing that was hung above or close to a doorway.

  1. When asked, the majority of people who use horseshoe jewelry would answer that the item carries a personal significance for them, and it does keep the evil eye at bay.
  2. Owing to a similar concept, the horseshoe necklace must never be worn facing down; otherwise, the necklace will lose all of its good fortunes.
  3. A person wearing a horseshoe necklace, on the other hand, was paying honor to the moon, the symbol of fruitful crops and fertility in Greek history.
  4. The entire strength of the ‘amulet‘ resides in the U form, which was once thought to catch beneficial energies but is now merely decorative.
  5. A horseshoe necklace is virtually iconic; it looks great, is delicate, and can be worn for both formal and casual occasions.

Which Way Do You Wear A Horseshoe Ring?

  • The proper style to wear a gold horseshoe ring is determined by the wearer’s beliefs. In several civilizations, the horseshoe’s U shape is regarded as a sign of good luck or a good omen.
  • Some think the open end should face upward to collect luck, while others say it should face down so it can shower good luck and fortune on the wearer.
  • Choose the hand you’d want your ring to be worn on. Because they are not wearing a wedding ring, unmarried people may choose to wear it on their left hand.
  • Yet many people believe that the right hand is luckier than the left. Decide on how you’ll hold your hands when you need luck.

Which Element Does Horseshoes Belong To In Feng Shui?

Metal is among the five elements that feng shui practitioners deal with, and good luck horseshoes are made from metal. Metal is associated with connection, happiness, beauty, and perfection in feng shui. 

Because white denotes metal, this could include painting your door white or putting plants with white blooms.

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Introducing the metal element can help you boost these aspects in your life, thus an iron horseshoe could be beneficial if you’re working on increasing your social connection, your insight, or your association with prosperity and riches.

Top Benefits Of Horseshoes In Feng Shui

1. Luck and Happiness

Hanging a horseshoe on your front door is said to attract all positive energies into your home. If you hang this good luck charm with the endpoint facing upwards at your front door.

It will bring positive energy into your home. One of the most significant benefits of the horseshoe is that it keeps the devil at bay while bringing luck and money closer.

2. The End of Your Money Problems

If you’re having money problems, you can use a horseshoe to assist you in getting rid of them. Another reason for the significance of horseshoes can be found in the field of finance.

It’s recommended that you wrap it in a black cloth and store it in a grain container. With the help of this method, you can claim the financial good fortune.

3. Ensures the safety of your family and relationships

  • Feng shui may help you relax and safeguard your loved ones by removing anxieties from your mind.
  • You can use a horseshoe to ward off negative intents that could harm your family and relationships.
  • In addition, the horseshoe is thought to bring spiritual energy into your home. Installing a horseshoe above your front gate can help you become more spiritual.

4. Fulfills Dreams

  • A horseshoe not only brings prosperity and wealth into your home, but it also brings your wishlists to life.
  • This horseshoe item is thought to bring good fortune to your dreams and wishes. Before leaving for a special occasion, many individuals make a wish on this object.
  • This act is thought to aid in the fulfillment of dreams and the transmission of prosperity.
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FAQs On usage and placement of the lucky horseshoe in feng shui

Q: How Do You Hang A Horseshoe Sideways?

They say that hanging the horseshoe sideways might be considered a symbol of Christ because it resembles a “C.” You can hang it sideways anywhere you wish.

Q: Can We Use Lucky Horseshoe Gifts?

There are many horseshoe gift ideas out there. Choose any of them and give them to your loved ones on special events, like a horseshoe housewarming gift.

Q: Is It Bad Luck To Hang Horseshoes Upside Down?

Rather than that, if you hang the horseshoe upside down, it will cause good fortune to flow on everybody who walks under the horseshoe.

Q: Can I Paint A Horseshoe?

The answer is yes; you have the option of painting your horseshoe in order to decorate it; but it is recommended that you select a color that is compatible with the metal component.

Q: Can I Throw Away A Horseshoe? Is it bad luck?

To answer your question, yes, you are free to do whatever you want.

Q: How Do You Decorate a horseshoe?

The addition of beads and stones to your horseshoe might result in the creation of a charming decoration for your horseshoe.

You may also like to discover below feng shui tips below.


In Feng Shui the lucky horseshoe is considered to be very auspicious and spiritual, there are various methods or ways in which you can incorporate the horseshoe into your life.

Some of the ways have been shown, just ensure you follow the rules to activate the good and positive energy that arises from the usage of the horseshoe.