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How To Feng Shui Attic: 12 Decorating Ideas + Cures

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An attic is a portion of space in a house or building normally sited just beneath its roof. It is usually designed primarily as a room for storage.

The truth is that you may have employed Feng Shui to resolve the placement of your furniture and others in your regularly exploited rooms.

But you might not be aware of the fact that you can apply the belief of bringing positive energy across your entire house, including your attic.

As a space that is conventionally utilized for storage and mostly neglected, an attic is an exceptional place for applying Feng Shui principles. With considerable impact on lives and objects, applying this ancient tradition in your attic can enhance the performance of your attic and makes certain that you maximally benefit from this space.

That is why we provide information on how to Feng Shui Attic in this blog.

Is It Good To Live In Attic? In Feng Shui

There is nothing bad about living in an attic. Although it is meant for storage purposes, it can be converted into a cozy space and serve as an attic bedroom, attic office, study room, or library.

What Is The Main Purpose Of An Attic?

An attic is primarily designed to be a storage facility for storing old items such as electronics, decorations, documents, and so on.

However, it can be converted to serve more than just as a storage room.

Feng Shui Design Principle For Attic

Feng Shui Attic design And Decor Tips

Usually, there is a basic design pattern for an excellent attic space.

The attic design principle can literarily turn an ordinary store space into a comfortable and calm room, where you will enjoy a private and undisturbed life. 

Feng Shui Attic Design

Never lose out on a fantastic opportunity to invent something unique out of your attic. Follow the tips below to design your attic.

  1. If you have an attic that is big enough to serve as a bedroom, make it a master bedroom. It will transform the room from just being a storage space to a resting place that is nearer to heaven.
  2. If you have an attic that cannot be adjusted to become a bedroom because of the height of the ceiling, convert it to become a meditation room. Also, this loft is symbolically close to heaven making it very suitable to perform meditation and relate with your inner being. 
  3. Another attic design you can consider is turning your attic into an office space. The good thing here is that it is a secluded place. This space is perfectly suitable for performing creative activities due to the presence of sloped ceilings. The vibes of this space will make it a cool place to perform your tasks.    
  4. Turning your attic into a reading room or a library will also be a great idea because it is favorable for reflecting and digging inward, just like you want it for meditation purposes.

Feng Shui Attic Decorating Ideas

When you decorate your attic, you can benefit maximally from it.

Decorating your attic will bring out the aesthetic of the space and make it appealing.

It is an efficient space where you can perform your job, sleep or unwind. While there are many attics decorating ideas, you can try these Feng Shui attic decorating ideas.

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1. Maximize Every Nook And Cranny

  • Don’t neglect each corner of your attic.
  • You can decorate each corner with materials like pillows, light fixtures, furniture, and beanbag chairs to make a comfortable and distinctive corner of your house.
  • This kind of transformation barely consumes your space, hence reserving the rest of the attic for use.

2. Use Of Smaller Furniture

  • While decorating your attic and creating a cozy space, don’t forget the lofts are occasionally tight.
  • It does not have much space because of the lower, sloping ceilings; therefore, select smaller furniture that the space will accommodate properly.

3. Select A Roof Window

  • In decorating your lofts and attics, you can go for a roof window.
  • Roof windows are an incredible addition to your attic decoration, and they look astounding.
  • Roof windows can attract natural light and can transform your attic to become more appealing and unique.
  • Using roof windows will also make your attic space useful and functional at any time of the day.

4. Paint The Attic White

  • One of the decorating ideas for your attic is painting the walls white.
  • Using white will add liveliness, freshness, and style to your attic space as well as also brighten the environment.
  • It is easy to make any style out of white color and can complement nearly all the decor and furnishings. You can also use tones of white or other bright colors.

5. Use Blinds

  • Blinds are great as part of your decoration because they prevent excess natural light that will penetrate inside, especially during the time of the day when the light may be intense.
  • Curtains are not the best to use when decorating an attic because of the slanted windows. In addition, blinds are effective when it comes to heat loss.

6. Try Different New Designs

  • Decorating your attic provides a huge opportunity to try out many designs to create a distinctive look.
  • Just create something unique to satisfy your demands by experimenting with different new designs.

7. Feng Shui Attic Colors

The best colors for the attic are neutral colors such as white, brown, and beige.

Neutral colors like white especially will make the attic look roomy, fresh, and light. You can utilize different hues of white, beige, and grey, and make sure the colors complement each other.

How To Feng Attic Storage Ideas

An attic can serve as a good storage space. And since many things can be stored in the attic, it is important to know how to stack your used things properly to prevent clutter and enjoy more space.

If you want to know how to store things in your attic, these valuable storage ideas will be helpful.

1. Label Storage Bins

  • Labeled storage bins can be used to store your used items.
  • This type of bin will help you to locate any item you are looking for easily. It will erase time wasting in searching for items you need.
  • Label storage bins work effectively by using color codes for the labels which can help you find what you are looking for faster.

2. Metal Shelves

  • Another storage material you can adopt in your attic is metal shelves.
  • They are remarkably strong and provide good spaces to keep your large storage bins.
  • By making use of metal shelves to store your items, you will maximize the vertical area in your attic rather than stacking your items on the ground.

3. Set Up A Drawer System

  • The drawer system is good for keeping items that you need to access quickly.
  • This type of storage is good for keeping kids’ toys, important documents, and others.
  • You instantly draw out the drawer to take hold of the item needed without going through the stress of bringing out all the bins from a shelf to access it.

4. Transparent Storage Bins

  • You can store your items in a transparent storage bin, and when it is time to use them, you will have the opportunity to see where they are kept.
  • This bin helps you to see clearly whatever is stored inside. Transparent storage bins will allow you to discover the item easily without delving through each bin.
  • These transparent storage bins come with durable lids, with the capacity to protect your items from any damage.

5. Store Papers In A Filing Cabinet

  • This type of storage is suitable for keeping paperwork and important documents, such as tax records, birth certificates, medical insurance, and others, in the attic.
  • Using filing cabinets will help you to arrange your documents properly so that when you need them, you can easily locate any type of document without stress.

6. Group Like Items Together

  • You can store items that look alike together to help you find them easily.
  • For example, you can store holiday decorations in different storage bins and then keep these storage bins together in a separate place in the attic.
  • When it is time to use them, you can instantly lay your hands on them. 
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Feng Shui Attic Layout For Good Energy

Feng Shui Attic Layout For Good Energy

There is a great chance of remodeling your attic and transforming it into a hub of good energy. Here is an attic layout for good energy.

1. Build A Private Home Office

Do you desire to have a secluded space to work from home? One of the attic layouts for good energy is transforming your attic space and creating a remarkable home office from it.

Then choose light colors and decorations to have a comfy and operational workplace. Then furnish the space with a desk, chair, and different shelves and drawers.

2. Opt For An Attic Bedroom

An attic layout for good energy is also possible by creating a bedroom from your attic that is private, relaxing, and adoring.

Complete it with furniture that is simple and avoid placing things in the corners to make the bedroom appear more spacious.

3. Keep Fit With An Attic Home Gym

You can also transform your attic and create an open, airy private gym and a yoga studio.

One thing that makes this a good arrangement is that the area is calm getting away from the rest of the house. You can observe a routine of comforting yoga there. 

4. Create A Family Lounge

There are diverse opportunities for an attic home’s design.

You can create a private family lounge out of the attic and all you do is just bring a comfortable couch and a huge bookshelf inside.

The setting of the attic already makes the space look cozy and airy. Then decorate with indoor plants.

Feng Shui Attic Lighting

Lightning is a very crucial element when it comes to feng shui.

Your attic lighting is very important, as it will define the degree of energy and comfort you will enjoy. Begin your attic lighting by going for bigger windows or skylights.

These features will attract natural light, make the room brighter, and create a satisfying and adoring atmosphere.

Another attic lighting method is to include beautiful light fixtures such as bulbs and lamps to make the room brighten the room.

What Kind Of Lighting Do I Need For the Attic?

Opt for bigger windows, and skylights to make your attic receive more natural light. You can also use modern lighting fixtures to make the space stylish and improve the flow of positive energy.

Feng Shui Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation plays an important role in the suitability of attic space.

The design of an attic makes the roof face the sun directly, which makes the place gather significant heat during the warm season, but the attic ventilation will help you draw fresh air into the attic and allow the loss of air from the area.

The attic ventilation also disallows the gathering of moisture during the cold season, hence you will have a dry space.

Feng Shui Attic Bedroom

Feng Shui Attic Bedroom

You can transform your attic into a bedroom and have the opportunity to turn the space into a calm space for relaxing. You can create a cozy feng shui bedroom using these tips:

  • Get Creative: Be free to exploit different designs that will elevate your attic bedroom by using a distinctive combination of colors, artwork, and decors.
  • Install Skylights: You can take advantage of natural light to turn your attic bedroom into an attractive space. There are many options like installing a dormer window as well as inserting roof lights you can use for increasing the penetration of natural light. These features will help you to create a brighter space.
  • Set Up A Luxury Environment: When choosing your attic bedroom design, you can add some level of luxury to your bedroom such as the use of elegant linen curtains, warm quilts, and others.
  • Make Use Of Little and Lower Furniture: Since the attic ceilings are mostly lower in height, you can select little and lower beds and other furniture to add a creative touch.
  • Lastly, focus on interior design. Make everything simple and avoid overfilling the space with different bedroom ideas. 

Feng Shui Attic Office

An attic is a versatile place that can serve as a home office, rather than a place for keeping items.

An attic in reality makes a suitable space to handle your office work because of the seclusion. 

The space will also enhance focus. Are you considering turning your attic space into an office? Check these few tips to achieve it:

  1. Add Painted Furnishings: Bring in painted furnishings that will enhance your productivity and creativity. These furnishings can accommodate your books, resources, artworks, and small storage boxes, and become a point of attraction for reigniting your passion to achieve excellence.
  2. Use Colors And Keep Things Minimal: The attic office can become a productive space by using neutral colors and minimal furniture. You can also enhance the space by introducing materials that inject texture such as natural fiber rugs, a wood desk, and rattan decors. 
  3. Add Statement Lighting: Adding lighting fixtures can rejuvenate the energy in your home office.  For example, you can use the copper dome shades to create a balance in your home office from looking too showy, while still releasing a touch of traditional glam that will make the office look radiant.
  4. Use wood ceilings to create innate and rustic feelings which can enhance your productivity.
  5. Keep chairs and sofas in the office space to make it versatile.
  6. Use painted wood floors for the flooring to initiate a unique style that looks vintage. This is a good option when it is time to replace your original flooring. Painted wood floor is also cost-effective.
  7. Modify your attic office with plywood. You can use this cost-effective material to create a huge custom desk that comes with sufficient storage and a high bookcase. 
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What Should You Not Put In The Attic?

There are some things that you cannot store in the attic mainly because of the temperature. An attic is exposed to temperature changes which can affect items kept. Here are a few things you should not put in the attic:

  1. Paint: Don’t store paints in the attic. For example, oil paint is extremely flammable and latex paints can deteriorate under severe temperatures, which will make them not usable again. 
  2. Cleaning Products & Toxins: Don’t store any toxic products in your attic. Toxic and cleaning products are possibly inflammable too. Storing any toxic product outside the house is better, especially if you have a separate storage shed.
  3. Old Photographs & Books: Old photos, books, and valuable documents like birth certificates, and others should not be stored in your attic. The space is subjected to humidity changes and the heat may damage the documents. If it is vital to keep your valuable documents there, place them inside clear storage bins or protective boxes and keep them on a shelf.
  4. Electrical Items: The severe humidity will have an impact on the electronics and make them unusable. Keep your old electronics like TV, computers, and laptop, in a cool place, or better still consider recycling, denoting, or selling them.
  5. Consumables: Store your foods and drinks in the pantry to prevent them from spoiling due to humidity. Always keep foods, drinks, and other perishable items inside containers with tight lids.
  6. Decors: Severe humidity that is present in an attic will easily damage your decors, especially those produced from wood or natural materials. Nevertheless, artificial decors can be stored in the attic. Also, don’t keep your delicate fabrics there.

How To Feng Shui Attic FAQs

Q: Is It OK To Put Pictures In The Attic?

You cannot put pictures including artwork in the attic because of the extreme heat and moisture present.

The humidity of the attic environment will surely affect those pictures.

Q: Where Should You Not Step In The Attic?

Don’t step on the drywall or plaster. It can result in damage to the roof below.

Q: Is the Attic Better Than the Basement?

The completed attic space is better than the basement. It increases the resale value of the house and is also more functional and accessible than a basement.

Q: Feng Shui Attic Conversion Cost

Based on the report from the body of Realtors, the average attic conversion costs between $4,600 to $16000.

By going per square foot, it is $30 – $60, while most exclusive attic conversion costs as high as $200 per square foot. 

Q: Where Should An Attic Fan Be Placed?

Place your attic fan in a position that will promote the free flow of air inside the attic room.

Q: Where Should A Bed Be Placed In An Attic Room?

Place the bed at the center of an attic room, which is far from the slanting loft walls.

Q: How Do I Decorate My Attic Walls?

The best way to decorate your attic walls is to keep the walls simple.

Paint the walls using neutral colors such as white, grey, and beige. White color will enhance the aesthetic and brightness of the attic space.

In Conclusion

With these tips provided above, you can make the most of your attic and enjoy a nice time while staying in your secluded space.