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15 Secrets: How To Increase Your Cash Flow Using Feng Shui

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It is common practice to employ Feng Shui to bring harmony and balance to numerous elements of one’s life, including one’s financial situation.

Although it is crucial to keep in mind that Feng Shui by itself will not suddenly enhance your cash flow, it may be utilized in conjunction with good financial practices to create an atmosphere that is favorable and supportive of financial expansion.

We will find below 15 recommendations from Feng Shui on How To Increase Your Cash Flow that might potentially assist in improving your current financial situation:

Feng shui money flow tips

What is a healthy cash flow?

A prosperous flow of income is an essential component of a successful and sustainable financial condition, whether it be for a business or an individual’s finances.

It refers to the constant movement of cash into and out of your accounts, which reflects your capacity to pay financial obligations, cover operational expenditures, and produce surplus money for reinvestment or savings.

In other words, it measures your liquidity. Generally speaking, a healthy cash flow will exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Consistency: The cash flow of a healthy business is steady and constant throughout time, with regular inflows of income and outflows for costs. Consistency is a key component of healthy cash flow. Because of this regularity, there is financial predictability and stability.
  • The term “positive cash flow” refers to the situation in which an organization’s cash inflow is greater than its cash outflow at any given point in time. This surplus provides prospects for expansion, can be put towards the reduction of debt, or can be saved.
  • Sufficient Liquidity: You have enough liquid assets (such as cash, and short-term investments) to meet unforeseen bills or crises without causing a disruption to your business or personal finances, which is the definition of sufficient liquidity.
  • Cash Flow Management: That Works You effectively manage your cash flow by negotiating favorable payment terms with your vendors, collecting your receivables in a timely manner, and cutting back on spending that isn’t absolutely essential.
  • Debt Servicing: If you have a solid cash flow, you will be able to easily service your debt commitments, including payments of interest and principal, without experiencing any hardship.
  • It leaves flexibility for investments in development, new enterprises, or capital upgrades, which ensures that your business or personal finances will continue to expand in the future.
  • Fund for Emergencies When it comes to one’s personal finances, having a good cash flow paves the way for the establishment and upkeep of an emergency fund, which serves as a kind of financial protection in the event of unanticipated financial losses.
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Feng shui and Cash flow connection?

According to Feng Shui, the surrounding environment has a tremendous impact on the events and circumstances of your life, including the state of your finances.

It is thought that supporting and enhancing your financial well-being and contributing to a healthy cash flow may be accomplished by creating an environment that is harmonious and balanced in accordance with the principles of Feng Shui.

Neglecting these principles or allowing bad energy imbalances to exist in one’s environment might, on the other hand, be linked to unfavorable monetary results.

If you want to attain a condition of financial plenty and balance, integrating Feng Shui with realistic money management will help you get there.

15 Ways To Increase Your Cash Flow

1. Eliminate Clutter:

Eliminate the clutter from both your house and your place of work. Clutter has the potential to obstruct the flow of energy and slow down the advancement of financial goals.

2. Repair Leaks:

Check your home for any plumbing problems or leaks that need to be fixed. The loss of money is symbolized by water escaping through cracks and crevices.

3. Improve the wealth Area:

According to Feng Shui, the area of your home that is located in the southeast corner signifies riches and success (wealth corner).

Elevate the appearance of this space by decorating it with objects that represent riches, such as a wealth vase, a money tree, or a wealth bowl.

4. Activate Abundance By adding fruits

By placing a bowl of fresh fruit in the middle of your dinner table, such as oranges or apples, you may symbolize abundance and bring it into your life.

5. Utilise Colours:

Wearing or decorating your home with wealthy-enhancing colors like purple, crimson, and gold will increase your financial well-being.

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6. Position Mirrors:

Position mirrors in such a way that they reflect your wallet or cash register in a strategic location. Many people feel that doing so will literally quadruple their riches.

7. Add Crystals:

It is believed that some crystals, such as citrine and pyrite, might attract prosperity. Put them on your workstation or in the wealthy section of your house, whatever you like.

8. Fish Tanks:

It is thought that a fish tank that is kept in good condition and contains goldfish or other colorful fish will attract prosperity. Position it in the corner of your home that faces southeast.

9. Activate the Work Area:

The area to the north of your house is symbolic of your work and the prospects available to you. You may boost both your income and your career chances by improving this area.

10. Maintain Order in Your Bills:

Maintain order in your bills by filing them away in an orderly fashion and avoiding letting them stack up. Since bills are a representation of money that is owed, it is vital to manage them in a responsible manner.

11. Use Feng Shui Coins:

To bring riches and prosperity into your home, hang some Feng Shui coins that have been strung with a crimson ribbon at your front entrance.

12. Use Envelopes in Red:

Putting red envelopes with money in them and hiding them beneath your mattress or carrying them in your wallet is a metaphor for a steady stream of financial resources.

13. Make Improvements to Your Front Door:

Check that your front door is in good shape and that it opens and closes easily. It is said that the front door is the “mouth of chi,” and that an entry that is kept in good condition might attract beneficial energy.

14. Water Features:

The flow of plenty may be represented by anything as simple as a tabletop waterfall or a tiny indoor water fountain. Position it in the corner of your home that faces southeast.

15. Positive Affirmations and Intentions:

Make sure to use positive affirmations and intentions when it comes to riches and money. A strong driver of motivation is the conviction that you will achieve monetary success.

What can cause poor cash flow?

Energy imbalances or obstructions in your home or workplace might cause bad cash flow. Poor financial flow may be caused by Feng Shui:

Stagnation and Clutter: Clutter blocks energy and stagnates your area. Energy stagnation can parallel money. Clearing clutter is a key Feng Shui practice.

Negative Energy Flow: Sharp corners and long corridors can impede chi flow in Feng Shui. Financial issues may result from these upheavals.

Imbalance of Elements: Your space’s portrayal of the five elements—wood, fire, earth, metal, and water—can affect your finances. Earth’s excess can cause financial stagnation.

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Negative Symbolism: Poverty-related symbols might affect your subconscious and cause bad cash flow. Change such symbols to positive ones.

The facing orientation of your house or business might affect the energy flow in Feng Shui. Repairing a bad-looking orientation may enhance financial chances.

How To Increase Your Cash Flow FAQs

Q: How can Feng Shui boost my financial flow?

Feng Shui promotes positive energy, removes impediments, and improves wealth-related regions. By attracting success and plenty, it supports your finances.

Q: Can I utilize Feng Shui to boost my money or only businesses?

Feng Shui applies to personal and commercial budgets. The ideas are adaptable to diverse financial objectives and settings.

Q: Do I need a Feng Shui professional for financial flow?

A Feng Shui specialist can provide you with personalized advice, but you can also start with fundamental concepts and make improvements. Feng Shui experiments and observations can be useful.

Q: Does Feng Shui attract new clients and finances?

An attractive and good energy atmosphere from Feng Shui changes may attract new prospects and clients. Enhance your entryway to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Q: Are there Feng Shui rules for organizing invoices and financial documents?

Feng Shui advises organizing and storing financial records. Pay bills timely to prevent financial issues.

Q: What are some frequent Feng Shui financial flow remedies?

Place money plants, and prosperity bowls, use auspicious colors like red, gold, and purple, reduce clutter, and arrange furniture for energy flow as common treatments.

Q: Where should I put wealth-boosting symbols at home or work?

Feng Shui associates wealth and success with the southeast corner of your house or business. To activate it, insert wealth-enhancing symbols like vases or bowls here.

Q: Can Feng Shui boost my career and financial flow?

Feng Shui may improve your professional location, usually towards the north. Improve your professional possibilities to boost your earnings and cash flow.


Keep in mind that Feng Shui is a comprehensive practice that entails bringing harmony and balance into the area you call home.

These suggestions are aimed at supplementing appropriate financial practices such as creating a budget, saving money, and investing in the future.

Although Feng Shui may help create a favorable atmosphere, the decisions and actions you make with regard to your finances are what will ultimately define your income flow.