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8 Feng Shui Lucky Wallet Colors For Money: Dos + Don’ts

Feng shui has a strong connection to wealth, luck, and making more money.

As an ancient art, feng shui outlines how you can develop a great relationship with the earth and your surroundings to attract positive energy that will enhance your health, relationships, and even money, wealth, and prosperity.

With good feng shui, everything around you can do well. In feng shui, one of the ways to attract wealth is through your wallet.

If you have tried different ways to attract more wealth into your life, and no result, it is time to look at your wallet and especially the color. You can feng shui your wallet color and attract wealth luck.

Do you want to know more about how to feng shui your wallet color to attract more wealth? This article is for you.

We will provide useful information on Lucky Wallet Colors For Money, and what to keep inside the wallet for money in feng shui.

Feng Shui And Wallet Significance

One of the important aspects of attracting wealth in feng shui is the management of your wallet. This involves the color, shape, handling of your wallet, the place you keep it, and many others.

Feng Shui shows the ways anyone can use to manage their wallets to make sure the wallets constantly have more money and attract abundance.

In essence, Feng Shui provides strategies people can use to improve the flow of money into their wallets.

Therefore, a feng shui wallet plays a significant role in wealth attraction. In feng shui, different ways can be used to build a positive environment to draw wealth to your wallet such as:

  • Choosing the correct color and shape,
  • Make sure your wallet is properly stored,
  • Ensuring your wallet is kept uncluttered with spaces to place your notes flat.

Does Wallet Color Matter In Feng Shui?

According to Feng Shui, the color of your wallet matters when it comes to attracting money and abundance.

The color of your wallet plays a significant role because it is believed that certain colors determine how the Universe reacts to your wishes, so it is time to start by selecting the appropriate wallet color. 

Feng Shui Lucky Wallet Colors For Money + Their Meaning

In feng shui, there are different elements with each element has its color.

The wallet color represents five feng shui elements and they come with their meanings. In the table below, we provide feng shui colors and their meaning for wealth.

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Feng Shui Wallet ColorElement       Meaning
Black  WaterBlack represents the water element and it symbolizes wealth, abundance, and prosperity. If you want to experience success, promotion, and progress in your career or excel in your business, black is the color for you.
Blue  WaterBlue represents water and its capacity to drain away. It can lead to the draining of money away just like water. Using it might it difficult to amass wealth, so avoid this color.
Red  FireRed symbolizes fire. Fire is strong and fierce; therefore it is not suitable for wallet color. It will burn up your wealth luck. Red color can set your money on fire. So avoid it
Brown  EarthEarth element provides stability and balance. Brown color helps to control overspending and wastage and also helps you to save more.
Pink  FireThis is a color that is known to enhance love and relationship luck. So it is great for ladies who are looking for an ideal partner. This color is not recommended for attracting abundance. It is regarded as a lighter form of red, hence indicating fire.
Green   WoodGreen symbolizes growth, progress, and existence. Feng Shui recognizes placing green plants in the house to improve the flow of positive energy in your room. A green wallet will be effective to enhance income generation. It is one of the ideal colors for business owners to conceive new ideas and opportunities.
Yellow  MetalIt is advisable to go for a normal light yellow color wallet because it is great for attracting wealth. It is a good choice to pick when limiting your spending. You can go for mustard yellow or pastel yellow as your wallet color. Mustard yellow will help you to save money, and if you desire to enhance your wealth luck, select pastel yellow instead.    
  • PurpleFire, The concept of a purple wallet is similar to a pink color wallet, so it’s advisable to avoid using one.

Which Color Wallet Is Lucky For Women?

The best lucky wallet color for women is black. Black will enhance your prosperity in business as well as boost your wealth. According to Feng Shui, pink is not a suitable color for a wallet.

Which Color Wallet Is Lucky For Man?

Black and green colors are recommended for men. Black is considered a lucky color capable of bringing wealth, while green color helps you attract huge opportunities and is also considered a money generator. 

List Of Lucky Color Of Wallet For 2023

Lucky Wallet Colors For Money and Things To Keep

Based on the Chinese horoscope report, the year 2023 is the Year of the Water Rabbit and will end on February 24, 2024.

The Year of the Rabbit is regarded as tremendously positive and rewarding. It is a year that brings peace, transparency, and optimism and gives more attention to happiness instead of challenges.

The Year of the Rabbit is accompanied by success, fame, and power. The Year will bring about growth and progress. So the lucky color of the wallet for 2023 is dark green wallet color.

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How Do I Make My Wallet Lucky?

A wallet represents money and also where you keep your money, so you can improve it to draw more wealth by going for extra luck. How do you make your wallet lucky?

  1. Place three Feng Shui coins on a red ribbon and put it close to your money inside the wallet.
  2. Ensure to de-clutter your wallet, because it is believed that de-cluttering encourages a lack of wealth luck. Get rid of old bills, and paper and make it clean.
  3. Avoid placing credit cards inside your wallet because they symbolize debt or borrowed money. It means that you will lose more money than you earn.
  4. You can keep enough notes in your wallet, rather than placing more credit cards to draw more wealth.  

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What Stones Should I Keep In My Wallet To Attract Money?

Apart from the things mentioned above, you can keep the following gemstones in your wallet to attract wealth luck and enjoy a wealth increase.

These gemstones are potent and draw positive energy into your wallet. 

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What To Keep In Wallet To Attract Money: 7 Items

Do you want to attract money to your wallet? Keep these things:

1. Silver Coins

Keeping silver coins in the wallet can enhance luck in many ways.

Firstly, silver represents money. Together with gold, it has been used for transactions for thousands of years. It has served many people, cultures, and civilizations, and still exists today.

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Secondly, silver is classified as a metal. Thus, it is a symbol of the metal element in Feng Shui, and this is connected with clarity, precision, purity, and creativity. It also symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and the drive to save.

Looking at its symbolism to attract more money and also represent metal elements, silver is one of the things to keep in your wallet to attract good luck.

2. Brass And Silver Objects

These objects serve the same purpose as the silver coin and also fall under the same category as the Feng Shui metal element.

This indicates that they command wealth, and prosperity, and can help with the ability to save. In addition, they are representations of clarity, precision, purity, and creativity.

The benefit of holding brass and silver objects over coins is that brass and silver objects are smaller in size and can easily be kept in your wallet without taking much of the space in your wallet or even changing your wallet shape.

3. Banknotes

The effect of banknotes on your wallet is similar to that of silver coins. It is like placing a silver coin in your wallet.

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Placing banknotes in your wallet will bring more money. Be cautious to place neat or new banknotes and avoid the banknotes crumbling up. Ensure to neatly spread it out.

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4. Stones

Stone is an important symbol of the Feng Shui earth element. Earth element provides stability, strength, and groundedness.

The stone will help to draw energies that nurture, stabilize, and balance.

You can go for black or green stones because these kinds of stones have more effectiveness.

Just place a small piece of stone into the corner of your wallet.

5. Good Account Balance Debit Cards

It is believed placing debit cards loaded with good balances from your bank is an effective way of drawing the spirit of saving.

With relevance to the law of attraction, debit cards symbolize or offer the energy that attracts more wealth to you.

Good balance-funded debit cards are an antidote to strike out the effect of credit cards you might be keeping in your wallet.

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6. Sea Salt

In Feng Shui, salt has the potency to attract money, especially sea salt. Just take a small portion of sea salt, swathe it in nylon paper, and place it inside your wallet.

Salt is capable of absorbing negative energy that may be present in the wallet. 

For more effectiveness and a great possibility of attracting money using sea salt, consider placing it in your wallet at the commencement of the new moon.  

7. Grains Of Rice

Today, a large portion of the human population prefers rice as the staple food. Rice is a symbol of comfort, good existence, and wealth.

According to feng shui, rice can limit the urge of spending money excessively.

To get the advantage of this ritual, it is advisable to place 21 grains of rice in your wallet to attract money. Ensure to change the grains of rice from time to time to attract new energy. 

When Should I Start Using A New Wallet?

Start using a new wallet as soon as your wallet is old or torn.

According to feng shui, consider replacing your wallet with a new one to pave way for attracting fresh energy, and bringing about more wealth.

The concept behind this is that wallets must be new and attractive wallets to enhance their capacity to attract more wealth. An old battered wallet is an indication of an exhausted life.      

New Wallet Ritual In Feng Shui

There is a ritual to perform for a new wallet to attract more money. Below are the tips for a new wallet ritual:

  • The first to take is to de-clutter your wallet and keep it neat always. According to feng shui, de-cluttering helps positive energy circulate.
  • Apart from this, keeping your wallet neat and clean will provide more space in your wallet for more money. Ensure to remove any unnecessary items from your wallet to attract financial luck.
  • Then choose any of the items listed under “what to keep in the wallet to attract money” above in your wallet.
  • Keep your wallet in a dignified place and also appreciate your wallet. Treasure it as it can attract the wealth you need.
  • Ensure your wallet is not flung around, such as on the floor, on a dining table, or just placed somewhere without proper revere.  

Wallet Color According To Date Of Birth

According to feng shui, there is specific wallet color based on your date of birth. Check the table below:

Date Of BirthWallet Color
AriesGreen, Brown, and Golden
TaurusDark Chocolate Tones and Light Green
GeminiGray, Yellow, and Purple
CancerWhite Shades, Platinum, and Silver,
LionsGold, Black, and touch of Red
VirginsGreen, White, and Purple tone
LibraBeige, Azure, and Emerald
ScorpionsGold and Red
CapricornGray, Black, and Green
AquariusAzure and Blue
PiscesSilver, Grey, and Snow White

Wallet Color Astrology

The view of astrologers is different from feng shui. So, what are the wallet colors based on astrology?

  • Black: Astrologers mentioned that this color enhances wealth luck, and absorbs negative energy.
  • Brown: Astrologers stated that this shade is crucial to a regular flow of money.
  • Green: Astrologers say that this is the money color.
  • Gray: It will attract money.
  • White: It will draw wealth and prosperity
  • Dark blue or shades of blue. Pure blue is not advisable.
  • Yellow or red for Scorpios only.

Salt In Wallet Feng Shui

According to feng shui, sea salt can ward off evil spirits away from your house and environment.

Salt in your wallet can also attract wealth and suck up the bad energy that may be present in your wallet.

Just place a small portion of sea salt, use nylon paper to wrap it, and place it inside the wallet.

For more efficiency and a great possibility of attracting money using sea salt, consider putting it in the wallet at the commencement of the new moon. 

In Conclusion

You can change your fortune and attract enough wealth by aligning with the above tips. Most of them don’t cost anything to apply. Just keep your heart there, and watch how you enforce changes in your finances.