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15 Feng Shui Fish Tank Placement, Direction Tips For Wealth

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In Feng Shui, retaining fish within the living room can increase Happiness and Wealth, and due to this, many people prefer to preserve the aquarium in their homes.

There are many suggestions about placing Feng Shui Fish in different rooms in the house to bring happiness. But only if the placement is correct as per the Bagua corner in the house.

Feng Shui Fish
Feng Shui Fish

What Feng Shui Fish Symbolises

Feng Shui Fish represent water elements, (One of the five elements) in Feng Shui represents good luck, prosperity, and wealth if placed in the correct directions.

Multiples of three fish can give you the most luck and represent “yang” energy. The best combination to have is two goldfish (speaking to the best of luck and energy) and one dark fish (speaking to safety).

Yet, even one fish will enact the chi in your space. One proviso: never place the fish in your room or in your kitchen. Also, read: Why Arowana Is Lucky and How To Care Arowana

12 Feng Shui Aquarium Placement Tips For Luck + Wealth

The activation and growth of this chi energy are affected by the movement of water and fish in your aquarium.

So if you design your aquarium according to the basics mentioned in Feng Shui, it will clean up the negative energy and bring lots of positive energy, which in turn can help increase the level of wealth and abundance in your home.

When setting up an aquarium at your home, keep in mind the following tips to get the greatest benefit of Feng Shui:

  1. When you move into a new house, you should set up an aquarium at the main gate of the house. This is the most important tip. Have you noticed that Chinese Aquariums In Restaurants are located at major aquariums? It is going to bring in a lot of money.
  2. According to Feng Shui, the best fish to keep in your aquarium is Arkana. It is also called a dragonfish. However, it is a very expensive variety due to its specific importance. If this fish is not available, you can go for other options.
  3. Then you should keep goldfish in the aquarium. There are specific numbers that are recommended for you. When you can place one fish in it, the most desirable number is 9. If you keep nine fish in the aquarium, they will bring the greatest wealth. However, of these nine, there must be at least one goldfish in black. Blackmoor goldfish are considered the most preferred for this purpose.
  4. Always avoid redfish in your aquarium. The red color represents the fire element and it cannot move with water in the aquarium.
  5. Never keep 2 or 5 or 7 fish in the aquarium. They are considered to be the ones bringing bad omens or negative energy.
  6. You should keep the same number of metal coins in the aquarium, as metal element is compatible with water. So if you are keeping nine fish, then you should put the coins in mine. They are about to increase your wealth.
  7. For an energy boost, you should add an aerator that will create bubbles in your aquarium. This will increase chi energy.
  8. As far as the shape of the aquarium, you should go for a circular shape fish tank. If for any reason, you cannot get such a shape or if it is inconvenient to have such a shape in your house, then you can go for a rectangular shape. You should always avoid a square shape, as it collides with the water element.
  9. The best place to house your aquarium is in the southeast. If you are unable to set up your aquarium in this area, you can go north or east.
  10. Avoid setting up your aquarium in your bedroom or kitchen. Both of these places are sources of unwanted energy, according to Feng Shui principles.
  11. Your wish can be fulfilled only when you keep your aquarium clean and beautiful. You should keep a close watch on the dirt and uneaten food particles deposited on the floor of the aquarium. You should also find out if there are any floating particles in the aquarium water.
  12. If you find them, increase the level of filtration or change the water. If you take care of your aquarium by keeping it clean and tidy, it will increase positive energy, and you should be able to get real help towards achieving your goals.
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Here are my top picks for you on Feng Shui Fish Tanks and Aquariums.

Feng Shui Fish Tank Placement For Career

The direction of the aquarium in the house is very important. If you are seeking an opportunity for your career to thrive or you need energy in your job.

This is the most obvious question now: “Where should I put my fish tank fish in Feng Shui? or where should a fish tank be placed according to Feng Shui?” Place the aquarium in the northern part of your living room or bedroom.

If you are seeking healthy energy for yourself or your family, then put the tank in the east corner of the living room.

For wealth, it is best to put the aquarium in the southeast area of your living room.

Kitchens and bedrooms are the worst places to put goldfish aquariums, as they can create the wrong kind of Feng Shui for your home.

Here are my top recommendations, If you are looking for Feng Shui Fish Symbols for wealth and prosperity.

How To Keep Freshwater Goldfish For Aquarium Feng Shui

Aquariums have a proper place in Feng Shui because goldfish are thought to represent luck. When practicing the art of Feng Shui using fish, you will need to have a total of nine goldfish.

How many goldfish should I keep for good luck?

The number is very specific. Nine is also thought to tie in with luck. One of the goldfish should be black. Black in Feng Shui will offer protection and strength. It is also used in the element of water.

Does Fish absorb negative energy?

Fish moving about in the water is said to multiply the energy in the place where you live. Goldfish also will take in the negative energy and it is then absorbed out of the home.

One of the reasons you never want to place an aquarium in a new baby’s room is the bright colors of the goldfish will give off active energy (they will magnify the energy) that disturbs the calm nights of rest that parents seek.

What aquarium shape is the best in Feng Shui?

The goldfish aquarium should never be a square one. Instead, you can use one that is rectangular. Goldfish in an aquarium can represent every element of Feng Shui. The plants in the tank represent the wood, the rocks and gravel are part of the Earth portion of it and the material in the aquarium construction is metal.

Feng Shui Fish

Lucky Feng Shui Fish Tank Elements List

With cautious placement, it may possibly draw the eye of every person who enters your front allowance. Below are some points that can be taken care, of to enhance fish tanks, fishbowls, and aquariums.

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Catchbasin and cupboards

When it comes to aquariums, your angle tanks require common hygiene and cleanness. other than this it’s important to choose strong catchbasin stands and cupboards as they are redeveloped to deal with the load of an aquarium. A gallon angle catchbasin for instance weighs approximately kilos.

Stands and Cupboards

When you select a cabinet or stand, don’t spend anything too bold because it might alter attention from the aquarium.

Prefer stands or cabinets that match your surrounding furniture or decide on one with neutral colorations, so it blends into the history and nonetheless highlights the aquarium.

Lighting Fixtures

There’s no better solution to emphasize your angle catchbasin than via its lighting. These beaming lights called VVHOs, assist in making your aquarium stand out in your front room.

This category of lighting fixtures provides a greater distinct glow than common aquarium lights. Other than these lights you can use the fabricated bulbs above to increase the lighting effect.


Aquascaping – a form of creating decorative scenes for your fish tank, also can add a Zen feeling to your front door allowance. To aquascape your aquarium, set up a connection between flowers, angles, and other decorative pieces to blend all the elements.

As an example, if you have a piece of antique furniture, compliment the aquarium in the same shape or your room coloring patterns.

Angle Tank Feng Shui

Placement is one of the key features of fish tank feng shui. In Chinese, feng shui translates to,wind-water, with water representing wealth. Feng shui practitioners recommend putting an angle catchbasin near your front door aperture.

Other entrance allowance adjustment alternatives consist of the southeast for economic benefit, for career increase, and the east for household lifestyles.

Fish catch basin Feng Shui also includes a particular angle and the amount of angle interior. The lucky fish for a home in an aquarium combination includes eight goldfish and one blackfish for wealth. However, do not let your tank get soiled, as this impacts the tank’s Feng Shui negatively. keep your catchbasin clear.

Feng Shui Fish Amulets and Aquariums

Feng Shui fish also have a strong reproductive function, so they symbolize fertility. These aquatic creatures float happily in the water and thus symbolize happiness and harmony in a couple.

The most popular species in Feng Shui are carp (koi), goldfish, betta, and Arowana. Amulets are available as sculptures, paintings, scrolls, and pendants. Goldfish can often be seen in ponds and aquariums, as they bring good energy, and that is why it’s called good luck money fish.

Goldfish represents double happiness because the Chinese word “goldfish” includes two hieroglyphs – “gold” and “happiness”.

Feng Shui Goldfish is a symbol of success in financial matters and is well suited to the field of money. Carp fish is a symbol of good luck and military pride. Legend states that Carp is known for his skill when he swam against the tide to reach the Dragon Gate and become a dragon.

Thus, it became a Lucky symbol of perseverance and tenacity. One of the popular paintings today is the painting “Carp passing through the Dragon’s Gate.” The hieroglyph “carp” sounds like the word “trade” in the Chinese language, so it will help achieve success in business.

A carp featured in the pair will bring love. Arowana is a rare fish that brings financial well-being; It is considered a particularly strong symbol of wealth. It should be pink, silver or gold. As a symbol of prosperity, you can hang a statue of a golden shelter in the corner of wealth.

Feng Shui Fish Tank Facing Front Door

Aquariums and fish tanks offer a chance to comprise an herbal, residing point in your home and beautify your space. They provide a way of harmony and steadiness while supplying relaxing aquatic scenes that may accompany your front door room.

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What lucky number of fish in aquariums recommended in Feng Shui

Then you should keep goldfish in the aquarium. There are specific numbers that are recommended for you. When you can place one fish in it, the most desirable number is 9 (nine).

If you keep nine fish in the aquarium, they will bring the greatest wealth. However, of these nine, there must be at least one goldfish in black. Blackmoor goldfish are considered the best fish for the bowl.

What number is unlucky for Feng Shui fish aquarium

An above number of fishes in aquariums according to Feng Shui has been described. Here are some unlucky numbers that everyone should avoid.

Never keep two, five, or seven fish in the aquarium. They are considered to be the number bringing bad omens or negative energy.

Lucky Feng Shui Fish Statue Placement Tips

The Feng Shui fish statue is viewed as an image of well-being, harmony, abundance, and wealth. Arowana fish statue is believed to avoid negative energies.

You should keep a fish statue of a brilliant Arowana fish with a coin in its mouth in the northeast or East direction to maximize all its benefits.

What is the maximum life of fish in the aquarium?

In spite of the fact that the life of fish shifts from species to species, aquarium fish should live somewhere in the range of three to seven years or more.

Specifically, goldfish can live for a very long time or more. Fish can, in reality, live more, more advantageous lives and at times even develop bigger in an aquarium than they do in nature.

What Feng Shui fish flowerhorn represent

The presence of the Flowerhorn has been related to bringing joy, the best of luck, cash, and abundance to the family. The dark scales on the body of the fish are characteristics of riches and flourishing.

What’s more, you should put the fish in the southeast corner of the space to channel its energy.

What are the most colorful fish names for fish aquarium

Below are a few Colorful fish species names such as Mandarin fish and Discus. They are famous for their multicolored appearance and are used in many home aquariums.

There are types of Feng Shui fish as well. Find here Feng Shui fish images and a lucky aquarium fish list to maximize the abundance and wealth.

  • Neon Tetra.
  • Guppies.
  • Discus
  • Oscar.
  • Mollies.
  • Zebra Danios.
  • Platies.
  • Cherry Barb.
  • Pearl Gourami.
  • Mandarinfish

how to make an aquarium at home

Below is the step-by-step guide for making an aquarium at home.


Q: Is it good luck if fish lay eggs in an aquarium? 

Congratulations, if your aquarium fish lay eggs. This is a sign of good luck, positivity, and new hopes. It also indicates that your home has a good vibe and happiness.

Q: Is there any good luck if fishes in your home aquarium reproduce?

Yup, it is for sure an indication that your home has a happy and vibrant atmosphere. Animals can sense such energy fast. So if fishes are doubling in size and count then for sure luck is on your way.


There are distinct strategies for adorning with Feng Shui Fish tanks that can be found to aid you in obtaining personalized consequences. No matter if you desire your aquarium to subtlety blend into the heritage or serve as the room decor.