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15 Rules: How To Feng Shui Couch | Colors + Placement Tips

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Feng Shui is mostly connected with the art of placement, focusing on the furniture in a house, which affects the flow and sense of energy in the area.

A couch can play a crucial role in Feng Shui. That is why necessary precautions must be taken with the placement and color of a couch in your house.

Therefore, the use of a couch can also be guided by following Feng Shui principles to provide not only the necessary comfort but also a positive impact.

As one of the most essential pieces of furniture in the house for comfort and relaxation, locating the ideal placement can be stressful. Feng shui couch placement can greatly impact your home’s feng shui. It is very important to determine a commanding position for your couch in the house.

If you would like to know How To Feng Shui Couch, this blog is for you. In this blog, we provided 15 rules for placement and colors for the couch.

Finding the right placement and color suitable for your couch will turn your home into a good Feng Shui space.

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Importance Of Furniture Placement In Feng Shui?

The importance of furniture placement in Feng Shui cannot be underestimated.

To maximize positive energy and prevent negative energy in your home, it is necessary to consider furniture placement.

In Feng Shui, furniture placement can determine how energy flows in your home.

Another importance of furniture placement in Feng Shui is that it helps the person sitting on the couch to have a perfect, uninterrupted view and standpoint of anyone coming into the house through the front door.

How To Feng Shui Couch: Placement Rules

Couch placement can be done by following the Feng Shui rules listed below.

How To Feng Shui Couch

1. Position The Couch Against A Wall

The Feng Shui couch placement states that the couch should be positioned against a wall.

  • This is an ideal position that provides good Feng Shui. When a couch is positioned against a solid wall, it induces a sense of protection.
  • Ensure the couch in your living room is not placed in the center and should not be placed in front of the window. Prevent floating off the couch.
  • Any of these positions will disallow you from having a clear view of what is going on outside. 
  • Placing your couch against a wall also provides adequate support for the couch. It is recommended to leave a little gap between the couch and the wall to aid the free movement of air and energy.

2. Allow The Couch To Have A View Of The Door

In Feng Shui, there is a command position and this position is important to furniture placement in the house.

  • Placing your couch in a command position helps to provide feelings of protection and comfort. 
  • Command position is a necessary position to place your set of furniture including your bed. A command position helps you to see the front door directly.
  • It provides you the chance to see everything that may want to gain entrance into your house, including opportunities, and also recognize the hazards.

3. Ensure The Couch Is Not Placed In A Confrontational Position

There are confrontational positions in which the couch can be placed and it will affect the Feng Shui of the area. These are the two types:

  • Placing your couch directly in front of the door will bring bad luck and also expose you to attack. It gives you feelings of insecurity and being vulnerable to danger.
  • When placed two couches facing each other at a close range can make those sitting feel unease. This placement makes people sit to face each other.
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4. Move The Couch Away From the Ceiling Beams

Sitting or relaxing on a couch under a ceiling beam is as if you are under load and can make you feel insecure, and discomfort.

The ceiling beam brings bad luck, and that is why you need to move your couch away from under it.

In case, you cannot move the couch, it is advisable to paint the beam using the same color the ceiling is painted to give you a sense of safety and lessen the effect of seeing it.

What Step To Take If You Find It Difficult To Get The Ideal Couch Position?

In a situation where you find it difficult to get an ideal Feng Shui position to place your couch, bring in living flowers or plants in a vase and place them in front of the couch.

This serves as a protection or shield against the inflow of negative energy. 

Best Feng Shui Sofa Color Based On Directions

The Feng Shui sofa color can leave a good impression on your living room. You can opt for the Feng Shui elements colors to pick your sofa color.

These Feng Shui 5 elements, namely wood, fire, water, metal, and earth will create a balanced environment. Recommended Feng Shui sofa colors are:

Feng Shui Couch Colors Rules

1. East And Southeast Direction

If the sofa is facing the east direction, the Feng Shui element is wood, and the appropriate colors include: blue, or green. These colors are the symbol of growth, development, and a fresh beginning.

2. South Direction

Where the sofa faces the south direction (south corner), the element is fire.

The color that represents the fire element is red. Red can stir up passion, and joy.

Fire is a powerful element that symbolizes power, energy, strength, and authority. Excessive use of this color can intensify aggression, so use it moderately. Get a sofa with accents of red.

3. North Direction

If the sofa faces the north direction and the element is water.

The ideal color for water element color includes black and midnight blue. Use black as an accent color to avoid overpowering. Water symbolizes freshness and purity.

4. West And Northwest Directions

The color of a sofa that faces the west direction is white. This direction represents a metal element. White color symbolizes joy, brilliance, precision, and transparency.

5. Northeast And Southwest Directions

This direction symbolizes the earth element, and the common colors include beige, brownish tones, and earthy brown. This represents stability and support.

Should You Put A Sofa In Front Of A Window?

In Feng Shui, the couch in front of the window is inauspicious.

A sofa in front of a window exposes you to the negative energy entering through the window.

Sitting or resting on a sofa placed in front of a window will affect you negatively.

It may influence you to have a sense of perturbation. This placement also makes you experience discomfort and unrest. 

Feng Shui Couch Facing Door

According to Feng Shui, when a couch faces the door directly, the couch is not in a commanding position.

It is like the position of a sofa in front of a window. Couch-facing doors will bring about an unbalanced flow of energy that can have a bad effect on the people living in such a home.

How To Remedy The Situation With Front Door-Facing Sofa Directly

There is a remedy to the situation where you have the front door facing the sofa directly. Here are some remedies:

Feng Shui Couch Rules
  • Reposition Your Sofa To Another Place: The first remedy to the front door facing the sofa directly is to reposition the placement of your sofa. Move the sofa away from the front door to prevent bad Feng Shui.
  • Put a Living Plant Or Large Divider Screen Between The Front Door And Sofa To Obstruct the Flow Of Negative Energy: Another remedy to the front door facing the sofa directly is to put a beautiful plant between the front door and sofa to obstruct the flow of negative energy. Alternatively, a large divider screen that is opaque can serve as a solution if you have enough space.
  • Put 5 Emperor Coins At The Entrance Of Your Front Door: If you find it hard to relocate the sofa or your space is too limited to allow a large divider, a good solution is to put 5 emperor coins at the entrance of the front door to reduce the effect of the energy rushing inside.

Which Direction Should My Couch Face?

In Feng Shui, the most suitable direction a sofa should face is southeast.

The southeast direction is auspicious because this is the direction you have access to intense sunlight coming into your home.

Sunlight releases good energy that is effective in improving the vibes of your home.  

Feng Shui Couch In Bedroom

If your bedroom has enough space, you can have a couch in your bedroom. And where you have limited space, restrain from placing a couch inside the bedroom.

It will take up space which may prevent the flow of positive energy. The bedroom is a space for romance and passion, therefore putting a couch in the bedroom can enhance your comfort.

General rules for sofa in bedroom feng shui

The bedroom is revered in Feng Shui as a holy sanctuary for rest and renewal. Modern multi-functional spaces sometimes include seating areas, especially in bigger master suites, even though sofas are not often found in conventional bedrooms.

Following some basic Feng Shui principles will help keep the bedroom’s energy harmonious if you decide to put a sofa there.

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Setting Up the Couch:

The sofa shouldn’t be placed in a way that it blocks doorways or alters the room’s traffic pattern.

Separation from the bed:

The energies of rest and socializing or activity should not clash, therefore keep the sofa at least a few feet away from the bed.

Proportion and Size:

The sofa shouldn’t be too big for the space. Overstuffed bedrooms restrict the flow of chi (energy) and might make you feel uncomfortable.

Varieties of Colour:

Bedroom paint colors should be soothing and calming. Sofas for bedrooms look best in neutral colors or mellow hues like blue, green, or pastel. Don’t use colors that are excessively bold or exciting.


  • If you intend to use the sofa as a reading area, provide ample but not overbearing illumination.
  • Feng Shui suggests against placing devices, such as a TV, in the bedroom if you plan on using it for that purpose.
  • If you want to have a relaxing time here, try to limit the use of electronics as much as possible.

Organize Your Space

It’s easy for a sofa to become a dumping ground for discarded clothing and other stuff. Clutter is seen as a source of stale energy in Feng Shui. Avoid having clutter on your sofa and keep it clean.

One Sofa Towards the Exit:

Place the sofa so that its occupants may face the door to the bedroom instead of having to turn their backs on it. According to Feng Shui, having a clear view of the doorway may make people feel safer and more in charge.


Sofas upholstered in natural materials like cotton or linen are favored in Feng Shui because their harmonious energy is more conducive to the practice.

Where A Couch Should Be Placed In A Living Room?

A couch in a living room should combine practicality, comfort, aesthetics, design, and space organization. Here are some living room couch positioning tips:

Against a Solid Wall:

The usual sofa location is against a solid wall. This stabilizes and anchors the room.
Avoid Window Blocking:

If possible, avoid placing the sofa in front of a window, especially a main source of natural light. It blocks light and may harm the couch material from continuous sunshine.

Open Floor Plan:

In open-concept houses, the couch defines the living room. It can divide the living room from the dining room or kitchen.

Face the Main Feature:

Place the sofa towards a fireplace, TV, or important art. This makes the room stand out.

Conversation Areas:

If you have a big living room or extended seating, arrange the sofa and other seats to create a conversation space. No one should have to yell or strain their neck to talk.

Clean Walkways:

Make sure the sofa doesn’t impede the main paths. There should be a clear way through the room without hitting objects.

Coffee table proximity:

Make sure your coffee table is close enough to the sofa for usefulness but distant enough (18 inches) for people to stroll between them.

The Feng Shui Principles

Feng Shui recommends placing the sofa so guests can view the room’s entrance. It should be diagonally across from the door. This is the “command position.”


Leave space behind a floating couch in the middle of the room. This balances energy and provides a place for a console table, plants, or lights.

Harmony with Other Furniture:

Consider additional room furnishings. The couch should complement other pieces, not overshadow them. If you have a large sectional sofa, keep other furniture and design basic.

Which Wall Should The Sofa Be Placed on?

Place your sofa against a wall that is painted with Feng Shui living room colors like blue, green, yellow, brownish tones, beige, and accents of red to show confidence and power.

The wall should also be strong enough to accommodate the sofa.

Back Of Sofa Facing Entrance Feng Shui Good?

Sitting on a sofa with its back facing the entrance is a bad Feng Shui.

With this position, you will also be backing the entrance, which means you don’t have the opportunity to have a view of anyone or anything that is forthcoming.

Feng Shui Furniture Placement Rules

It is important to get the ideal placement for your furniture. You will benefit a lot from this. Use these tips for your furniture placement:

  • Place your furniture in a commanding position.
  • Avoid placing the piece of furniture with its back facing a window: This position disrupts energy flow in and out of your home and makes you turn your back on anything going on outside the window. It blocks your view from seeing the outside of the window.
  • Ensure you can have a proper view of the main door from any piece of furniture. It is a bad Feng Shui if you cannot see the main door. Position your piece of furniture to allow you to see the main door to be conscious of what is entering the house. It makes you be relaxed and secure.
  • Place your piece of furniture against a strong wall to provide support.
  • Give your furniture adequate spacing to prevent cluttering and allow the free flow of positive energy.

Is an L-shaped sofa good for Feng Shui?

The placement of furniture, particularly an L-shaped sofa, can affect energy flow and harmony in a space in Feng Shui. Rules and FAQs about L-shaped couches and Feng Shui:

1. Placement:

When placing an L-shaped sofa in your living room or family room, consider:

Command Position: Place the sofa so you can view the room’s main entrance without being in line with it. This “command position” is supposed to provide you with security and control over the space.

Balance: Don’t let the L-shaped sofa dominate the room or obstruct energy (chi). It’s crucial to balance sofa size and space.

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If the L-shaped sofa has harsh corners, soften them with cushions or decorations. Sharp edges produce “sha chi.” in negative energy.

2. L-shaped couch color and material:

Earth Tones: Feng Shui couches should be beige, brown, or green. These colors are said to ground and stabilize.

Natural Materials: Choose wood, cotton, or linen couches. These materials are related to the five Feng Shui elements and can balance room energy.

3. Seating:

  • Gather around the L-shaped sofa to foster discussion. Avoid positioning the sofa against a wall to avoid energy stagnation. Leave space behind it.
  • Clutter-free area surrounding and under the L-shaped sofa. Clutter disrupts energy flow and creates confusion.

4. Size:

Make sure the L-shaped sofa fits the room. A huge sofa may overpower a tiny area, whereas a small sofa may not fit in a large room.

Sofa under stairs feng shui impacts and cures?

Having a sofa beneath a staircase might cause Feng Shui issues, but with proper placement and remedies, you can create a harmonious setting.

Feng Shui remedies for a sofa beneath stairs:

The biggest worry with a sofa beneath stairs is energy flow disruption. Stairs generate fast-moving energy, which can cause tension or discomfort below. Counteract this with these remedies:

  • Place a wide area rug under the sofa to slow and distribute staircase chi. This provides steadiness and anchoring.
  • Add Lighting: Light the area to eliminate stairway shadows and gloomy energy. Bright, well-distributed lighting may revitalize.

Space Planning: Arrange the sofa and other items under the stairs:

Command Position: If feasible, place the sofa facing the room’s entrance. This “command position” might help you feel in control and safe.

Balance: Don’t let the sofa crowd the area. Allow enough room around the sofa for energy flow.

Use the Right Colours and Materials:

  • Choose Feng Shui-friendly couch colors and materials:
  • Earth Tones: Beige, brown, and green help ground the area.
  • Natural Materials: Choose a wood or cloth couch. Avoid sharp-angled or forceful couches, which can drain energy.

Use Decorative Elements:

  • Use Feng Shui treatments and decorations to boost energy:
  • Crystals: Arrange crystals or jewels around the sofa to balance energy.
  • Decorate with indoor plants for life and freshness. If the room is dim, choose low-light plants.
  • Mirrors: Add mirrors to the wall behind or behind the sofa to enlarge the room and reflect positive energy. Avoid mirrors that directly reflect the stairs, which might reflect bad energy.
  • Keep Clutter at Bay: Clutter disrupts energy flow, so keep the space under the sofa and surrounding area clean.

Feng Shui Consultation: If your space has unique issues, seek a Feng Shui professional. They may tailor recommendations to your home’s layout and energy.

Feng Shui aims to create a harmonious, balanced atmosphere that promotes well-being and good energy. These tips can help you maximize a sofa beneath stairs and create a cozy atmosphere.

In Conclusion

Your piece of furniture including a couch and sofa can be a good Feng Shui.

Apart from the comfort they provide, your home can enjoy the positive energy that can attract good luck, prosperity, and wealth.

With the tips provided above, you can find the ideal placement for your couch and sofa.

How To Feng Shui Couch FAQs

Q: Is a Floating Sofa Good for Feng Shui?

The floating sofa is not a good Feng Shui.

The word floating means positioning your furniture to be in the center of your living room while leaving a space between them.

The right placement for the sofa is to be placed against the solid wall.

This position gives the people sitting on the piece of furniture some level of protection. In essence, the wall provides great support for the sofa.  

Q: Should A Couch Always Face The TV?

Yes! A couch can face the television.

The reason for this is to provide enough comfort while watching your television.

To avoid the strain of eyes and twisting of the neck, it is safe to have your couch facing the television.

Also, you can have a good view of the television. You can relax at any time while sitting or lying on your couch to watch the television.

Q: Where Should I Put My Television And Couch?

Finding the right placement for your television and couch is easy.

If it is achievable, place your couch directly across the television.

In addition, you can put your couch in a position that allows you to sit at the center when you are in front of the television.

This position will provide the opportunity to have a total view of your television without stress or strain.  

Q: Can I have an L-shaped sofa in a tiny living room?

L-shaped sofas can fit in compact living rooms, but they shouldn’t overshadow the area. Choose a smaller L-shaped sofa and arrange it to maximize space while respecting Feng Shui.

Q: What if my L-shaped sofa is reflective?

In Feng Shui, properly placing mirrors boosts energy flow. However, if your sofa has a huge mirror, avoid reflecting debris or sharp corners. Instead, make it positive.

Q: May I have a crimson or bright L-shaped sofa?

Feng Shui recommends earthy colors, however, red can be used as an accent. Just consider the room’s color scheme and balance. Fire element red may be utilized in moderation to provide vitality and passion to an area.