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Chinese Love Symbols | Fall In Love By Feng Shui Lucky Charms

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A happy home means good relationships. And if by using these Chinese Love Symbols, you can improve your love life, what’s more, precious than this? These objects that bring good luck to the house can help maintain your relationships.

If you are looking for a spouse, what brings good luck in love and relationships also helps you attract true love. In Feng Shui, there are many Lucky Charms for love that are used to improve Love and relationships.

Place any of these in the southwest sector of your home or room to ensure that love continues to grow.

6 Must-Follow Golden Rules To Improve Love Life

Everything in your space has some kind of energy of its own. Often, it is not positive, and this energy impacts the things that happen in your life or the good and bad that you attract.

#1 Make Space Clutter-Free

Your space and surroundings must be clutter-free and you can place certain objects in certain places. By which you can enhance the flow of positive energy in your life.

From the experts of Feng Shui comes not only advice and wisdom on utilizing positive energy in your professional life, but also in your love life.

Chinese Love Symbols
Chinese Love Symbols

Start by clearing your bedroom and throwing out unnecessary things. Clutter creates confusion and chaos in life and makes it impossible for positive energy to flow freely.

Throw out all those little ornaments that you’ve had for decades and can hardly remember who they were from.

They are only blocking energy flow. Create open clear spaces to fill up with a fresh, positive vibe. (More tips on Feng Shui Living Room and Feng Shui Bedroom.)

Try to create a balance in your surroundings between the yang chi of the Male and the yin chi of the female. When all that is done, stand back and envision your future partner in your space with you.

#2- Friendly Colors To Enhance Love

Bring Feng Shui color into your bedroom room. This is the space you are going to spend plenty of romantic hours with your loved one. You need to fill it with the colors of romance and love.

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The recommended colors are to attract a gentle loving partner who is soft pink, coral, and salmon shades.

Or a more passionate lover with bold red, burgundy, and crimson shades if adventure is what you’re after.

#3- No Exercise Equipment

Avoid doing any kind of physical exercise in your bedroom and don’t keep any equipment for exercise. This is not the place for exerting energy and working out.

Feng shui charms for love tips
Good Luck charms For love

By keeping these in your bedroom you could constantly feel as if you are working harder and harder to maintain the relationship. Place all your exercise equipment in another part of your home and out of the bedroom.

#4- No Room For Loneliness

Remove anything in your room or immediate environment that signifies a lonely figure. It could be a painting figurine or solitary statue, no matter how beautiful they are, they are subconsciously blocking your way to love.

The power of the subconscious mind is extraordinary so remove those lonely figures immediately and replace them with Feng Shui items for love will make you much more receptive to finding your true love.

#5- Past Is A Past

Past relationships are exactly the past. They do not belong in your current life anymore and a relationship that did not work out need be no reminder to you at all.

Feng shui charms for love relationship
Lucky charms for love

Remove all old kinds of stuff like love letters, gifts, cards, and photographs of past relations, no matter how long ago or how well you’ve parted.

#6- Bed Positioning

If your bed is placed against a wall on one side, move it to the middle of the room. Any partner who will be sleeping in that cramped corner will soon feel suffocated and boxed in.

Feng shui charms for love Bedroom

If your life has no romance and love, or if you are keen to find a soulmate, try to sleep with your head pointing toward your Nien Yen direction.

According to the Feng Shui expert’s Kua formula, Nien Yen is the direction that brings good luck in a love relationship luck.

When all this is done in your space, energy must be flowing freely and unbridled from all that you have moved and changed and eventually will enhance your romantic chi.

Improve your Feng Shui knowledge. Read more about Feng Shui For Wealth, Feng Shui for the bedroom, and Feng Shui Living Room Tips, and start living in harmony with everything around you.

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What Are The Chinese Love Symbols

A happy home means good relationships with all your loved ones. This Chinese symbol for soulmate objects that bring good luck to the house can help maintain your relationships and love life.

These lucky charms for a love life can also heal your lost feelings and lost love.

You can keep any of these in the southwest sector of your home or room to ensure that love continues to grow. Let us find out the lucky charm to attract love and how to get good luck in love.

Feng shui charms for love
Good luck charms for love

#1. Mandarin duck

Place a couple of statues in your bedroom or photos of two ducks on the wall of your bedroom.

Below are my top picks for you on Chinese Love Symbol Duck.

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#2. A Pair of Swans

Like the Mandarin Ducks, a pair of swans is also very effective in enhancing partnerships and making them last.

Keeping the swan, if the wife has a very strong character may cause some insecurity problems for the husband.

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#3. Happy Couples

The Happy ‘Chinese’ Couple is a very good Feng Shui symbol that will definitely improve to ensure a happy marriage.

This image we can place in the Southwestern part of the home because this is the corner that represents love and/or romance. You can also place these either in the living room or the bedroom.

Feng shui charms for love couples
Lucky charms for love

#4. Candles

You can add candles sensuality to the environment which will freshen up the environment and the mood. Use red, pink, and multi-colored candles to add strength to the Fire element in your bedroom.

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#5. Red Lanterns

Suspend the red lanterns around your bed to bring good luck and marital longevity, especially if you are newly married.   

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Feng Shui Good Luck Flowers For Love

Get these two effective feng shui Good luck charms for love to be able to achieve and activate the energy into your life. Here are two major feng shui good luck charms for love.


Peony-This flower promises Good luck in finding true love. Use a photo, painting or ceramic peony in your bedroom to activate that energy.

Some other choices are with the power of the Five Feng Shui Arrows

  • White Lotus
  • Red Ashoka
  • White Jasmine
  • Mango Tree

Feng Shui Good Luck Crystals For Love

1. Rose Quartz

Use rose quartz or place it in your bedroom for love and passion. It will activate a faster true love for you.

Feng shui charms for love

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Q: Feng shui bracelet to attract love?

The feng shui bracelet is a charm for love. You can wear a black obsidian bracelet or a pixiu bracelet on your working hand to enhance your love life.

Q: Feng shui Tips to bring back lost love?

Feng shui can attract soulmates and bring your lost love back. Use these symbols and amulets below.

Mandarin duck, Double happiness symbols, Fragrant candles, and a Happy Couples statue.

Keep these things in the bedroom southwest cornet to enhance the love life.


If you want to sing this song life time “Love is in the air la la la“, then you can try these Chinese Love Symbols and lucky charms for love to see improved relationships.

These are very powerful feng shui symbols to attract love and win your loved one heart.