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How To Use Feng Shui Wallet Coins For Prosperity (11+ Tips)

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Your belief in the Feng Shui Wallet Coin is the most paramount, it doesn’t matter if your feng shui coin is original or a duplicate.

What matters most is that you should develop intuition in your feng shui coin, be it an original or fake. In this article, we will develop more understanding of Feng Shui Coins In Wallet.

Significance of coins in the wallet in feng shui?

As feng shui always tends to seek order and balance, it would not be appropriate to have the coins scattered in our wallets.

But it is more convenient to group them in strings through a red bow, a color always associated with good luck and prosperity in Chinese culture.

Your wallet can be a powerful Feng Shui tool for the elaboration of wealth, money, and prosperity in your life. Therefore, this means that your wallet is not just to keep your coins and credit cards.

Feng Shui Coins Wallet
Feng Shui Wallet Coins

Always knowing where your wallet is is because luxury and wealth are attracted to places where “they” feel safe. This treatment of your portfolio can have a positive impact on your financial situation.

You need a good wallet to place all bills, coins, and credit cards. In addition, it is good to buy a wallet, where tickets can fit in your pocket without folding them because money does not like to be wrinkled or folded.

What Are The Lucky Things To Keep In Feng Shui Wallet?

If you have this question “what to keep in the wallet to attract money“. There are many things that anyone can keep in his / her wallet and purse.

But the important thing is that the wallet must be clutter-free. Many people have this tenancy to keep unnecessary things like receipts, sweet wrappers, and old cards.

The more clutter-free your wallet is, it’s easier it to attract the money and wealth which you desire. Below are some feng shui crystals that you can have as a Feng Shui lucky charm for your wallet.

Can we keep salt in wallets as per Feng Shui?

Yes, we can keep a small amount of sea salt or rock salt in the wallet to attract money. Sea salt is good for sucking any negative vibes around you, and also has the capacity to attract WEALTH!

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What Is The Best Feng Shui Wallet color For Wealth

We can find the best Feng Shui wallet colors based on Feng Shui Five Elements. Below is the list, which you can follow to know your lucky color wallet. The same can be picked based on wallet color astrology.

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Five ElementsBest Purse ColorsLast Digit Of Birth Year
MetalWhite, silver0, 1
WaterBlue, purple, black1, 3
WoodBrown, green4, 5
FireAll shades of Red 6, 7
EarthYellow, orange, red, golden, beige8, 9
Five Element chart on – what color attracts money
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Best wallet color according to date of birth?

Find below lucky wallet colors that attract money based on your date of birth. The birth date number can be calculated by the sum of the overall year, Month, and date.

If your date of birth is – 01, 24,1986, then the final number would be 1+2+4+1+9+8+6=31, [3+1]=4, and the final birth number is 4.

Date Of BirthLucky Wallet Color
Number 1Red wallet feng shui
Number 2While Purse
Number 3Yellow wallet
Number 4Brown colored pouch
Number 5Green / Olive colored purse
Number 6Pink or any Light Color
Number 7Pink wallet
Number 8Multi-colored wallet
Number 9Blue wallet
what color is good luck for money

Original Feng Shui Coins and Wallet

Once you believe your feng shui coin will bring positive energies into your home, then you shouldn’t bother if it’s a duplicate or original. You can also increase your knowledge of Feng Shui Coins – Cures And Enhancers.

However, the feng shui original coin’s symbolic value on the social and religious levels is not negligible. According to ancient Chinese cosmological beliefs, the square earth and the circular sky were considered. Find out more about Feng Shui Chinese Coins– Guide

Feng Shui Coins
Feng Shui Wallet For Prosperity
  • So a cash coin, with its characteristic central perforation, perfectly symbolized the union of both concepts. At the same time, the two sides of the coin could represent the Taoist concept of the duality of yin and yang.
  • In which yin would be the reverse and yang the obverse of the coin. The theory of the five elements, on the other hand, can also be reflected in Chinese currency.
  • For Better Understanding, Feng Shui Read more about Feng Shui Lucky Charms Bracelets, Feng Shui Lucky Charms-Wealth, and Feng Shui Tips For Love, and start living in harmony with everything around you.
  • Traditionally, cash coins have been associated with wealth and good fortune, so incorporating them into our workplace (exposed or saved) can help us achieve professional success.
  • Those produced during the Qing dynasty are usually used between 1644 and 1911, an era considered to be one of the most prosperous in the history of China.
  • His characters, remember, refer to the title of the emperor, not his real name, titles that evoke concepts such as peace, prosperity, or protection.
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Feng shui wallet for metal element?

By frequently relating these element purses to the cardinal points (east-wood / south-fire / center-earth / west-metal / north-water). Therefore, cash coins, metallic objects that, according to feng shui, help us focus our attention, have a perfect place in a harmonic home.

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The four characters on the obverse and the hole can be used to summarize this concept perfectly.

It is not relevant that they are originals or replicas while they are metallic objects (plastic copies. For example, do not have the same effect) and should always be shown on the side of the yang, that is, the front with four characters.

Feng Shui Coins In Wallet- [9 Points] To Keep In Mind While Using

How To Feng Shui Your Wallet For Attracting Abundance? Money and wealth do not like carelessness, but they are attracted to people who treat them with respect, gratitude, and recognition.

Find below the top rules in order to feng shui wallet and for attracting abundance.

1 Respect Your Wallet

Wallet usually carries cash and with respect to honoring it, we should not place the wallet in dirty places.

That is why we should not simply throw at an old wallet. There are ways to dispose of old wallets.

how do dispose of old wallets?

Now your question might be what to do with old wallet feng shui?

Never ever throw an old wallet, instead, you can recycle your wallet and purse. There are many DIYs available that you can use to modify your wallet. Check how to dispose of old broken feng shui items.

2 Store your wallet correctly

You must treat your wallet with love so that it works for you like a magnet to attract money. Assign a special place in your home for your wallet and place it there when you return home.

3 Avoid using Second Hand Wallet

Never ever attempt to use a wallet that was used before because the previous owner’s energy has been in the wallet. It can interfere with your energy.

4 Keep your purse and wallet free of garbage

  • It is always good to keep your wallet in a clean and tidy state, so start clearing all unnecessary things out of your purse or wallet.
  • Whenever possible, keep your wallet full of money, as it is a symbol of abundance. Do not keep family photos in your wallet because that could distract and confuse money and keep them away.
  • Keep a small amount of money in your wallet, because if it’s empty you feel lonely and insecure. Keep it clean and tidy. If it is old, worn, or damaged, buy a new one.

5 Colour does matter in Wallet Feng Shui

Based on the five elements of Feng Shui color plays an important role in order to bring prosperity.

The normal light yellow color wallet is recommended which attracts money. But using this color will spend more money as well.

To resolve the above situation, we can consider mustard yellow or pastel yellow for the wallet/purse.

6 Do not place your wallet on the floor, especially on the bathroom floor

  1. Green represents growth and life. In the Feng Shui home, you will add green plants to help increase the flow of positive energy in this space, a green wallet will help increase income opportunities.
  2. It is especially suitable for entrepreneurs who want to attract business ideas and opportunities.
  3. Keep your wallet in a special place instead of throwing it on the kitchen table.
  4. Light yellow and beige is a very normal colors in wallets and can often attract money, but just as you will attract it, you will spend it. To solve the above situation, you could use the mustard yellow color.
  5. If you want to save money, choose mustard yellow and if you want to increase your luck, choose pastel yellow instead.

7 Activate wealth and luck

Put in your bag “a resident of the bag”. This is a type of money amulet that must “save and multiply” its wealth. In different cultures in this sense, there are different beliefs.

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The best “residents” purse that keeps the money will consider mint leaves, green tea leaves, jasper stones, and “tiger’s eye“.

8 Be organized and order your tickets

  1. You can know if a person has money or not by just looking at the way he puts his money in his wallet. Those who respect and appreciate money place all their neatly arranged bills and coins.
  2. Those who are bankrupt or have debts or lack money have their wallets disorganized and disorganized.
  3. Be sure to organize your tickets and place them in your wallet. As there is a huge influence on the energy relationship between you, your wallet, and your money.
  4. Try to get a wallet or purse with compartments to organize your things neatly.

9 Choose an auspicious way for your purse or wallet

  • The irregular shape of the wallet/purse should not be chosen. It is best to opt for a long and straight one so you don’t have to fold the bills.
  • This helps improve luck in attracting wealth. The use of these principles of Feng Shui will bring you good luck and an abundance of money.
  • Finally, it should be mentioned that there are good luck crystals for business. Citrine and Malachite are these lucky stones. Citrine is a powerful stone for prosperity.
  • And the money that is known as the “lucky stone of the merchant” of the. Place this stone in the cash drawer and feel the results.
  • Malachite protects your bad luck and undesirable business connections. In addition, you can keep these stones in your wallet in order to attract wealth and prosperity.

Common questions on feng shui Wallet

Q1: Best day to change your wallet in feng shui?

The best day when you must change your wallet is your date of birth. On this day start your daily prayer and change a new wallet or purse.

Keep this thing in your mind to discard the old wallet once all its items are shifted to your new wallet.

Q2: Keeping 21 grains of rice in your wallet?

Keeping 21 Grains Of Rice In Wallet is lucky in many cultures. Rice is usually offered to the god in many religions. which makes it even more powerful.

Q3: Is it good luck to put money in a wallet?

Keeping money in your wallet is just a way of attracting more money. This also ensures that the wallet will never be out of money.

Q4: How to dispose of an old wallet?

The best way is to burn or bury an old wallet, after removing all your kinds of stuff. If you can’t burn your old purse, then you can bury it. Throwing away your purse is not suggested in Feng shui.

Q5: When to change wallet?

Below are the things to consider when deciding to change your wallet.

1) When your wallet is too old, and its material is coming out.
2) When your purse is unable to hold the pieces of stuff and things are coming out.
3) The purse is unable to handle excess heat and water (in rainy seasons).
4) When it’s very old-fashioned.
5) Color of your purse is not appropriate for your in feng shui.
6) When you are getting signs like running out of money most of the time. Certainly, it’s time to replace.

Q6: Things to put in a wallet for a gift for good luck?

The things that you can put in your wallet as a gift are Silver coins, Brass objects, Stone, debit cards, 21 Grains of rice, Peepal leaf, Lotus roots, and crystals.

Q7: What color represents wealth?

Fiery red, purple, and violet are the colors that represent money in feng shui


The so-called Chinese coins become a fundamental ingredient, certainly basic in the traditional practice of Feng Shui. Keeping them in your wallet can double your prosperity.

By symbolizing wealth and prosperity. They usually appear to come with a red ribbon, which is a representation of fire energy.

At present we can easily find them in many specialized stores. But beware since depending on the number of Feng Shui Wallet coins that their use brings will be different.

And their use may or may not be suitable for Feng Shui. The Chinese currency is a useful tool in the practice of Feng Shui, representing prosperity in all its aspects: money, wealth, abundance, and power.

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