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8 Feng Shui Bedroom Plants For Health, Wealth & Luck

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When kept in the bedroom, some plants and flowers allow the atmosphere to become so much more pleasant. These 8 Feng Shui Bedroom Plants can make your bedroom a very happy, lucky and harmonious place to sleep.

Not just that, but they also allow health and fortune to come your way. Read here to read more about which plants are best for the bedroom!

Feng Shui is all about positive energy in the house. One of the foremost ways to attract health, wealth, and luck is by surrounding yourself with great energy.

Feng Shui Bedroom Plants
Feng Shui Bedroom Plants

Feng Shui experts often talk about houseplants and how they allow fortune to come your way.

  • Your bedroom is a particularly important place here. It is the place where you want to relax. It is where you want to unwind and feel the most at home.
  • Bedroom plants can make your room more aesthetically pleasing and allow you to surround yourself with positive energy.
  • Not just that, but bedroom plants help clean the air around, boosting productivity manifold.
  • According to a Feng Shui expert, plants represent the wood element, which is associated with health, wealth, and money.

So if you want luck coming your way, then placing houseplants inside the house can help with that.

Some plants known to be great for the bedroom are the money tree, snake plant, Hedgehog Aloe, and Philodendron (sweetheart plant). Some of these have very specific care requirements, while the others are fairly low-maintenance.

Continue reading to learn more about the top Feng Shui bedroom plants for health, wealth, and luck! 

The Best Plants for the Bedroom

Indoor plants are very different from the ones that you place outside. They need to be the right size to fit into your room.

Here are a few bedroom feng shui friendly plants that can help you get an abundance of luck, health, and wealth.

1. Money Tree

Money Tree Maintenance and care
Plants for the Bedroom- Money Tree

Money trees are great bedroom plants. According to Feng Shui experts, these plants help attract wealth.

  • The ideal placement for these is anywhere in your bedroom except near the headboard or the footboard of your bed.
  • Ideally, you can place these in the southwest section of the bedroom.
  • When deciding where to place these, make sure that you select a spot near the window. Ample sunlight allows money trees to get several hours of bright light in a day, which is imperative for good growth.
  • Not only do these attract wealth, but they also help you sleep better by lowering your anxiety levels.
  • What more would you want than for a plant to look amazing and have so many benefits for you?
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2. Snake Plant 

Snake Plant For Bedroom
Snake Plant For Bedroom

This is one of the top Feng Shui bedroom plants for health, wealth & luck. Snake plants make your bedroom look so much more appealing.

Not just that, but these are also great air filters, regulating healthy airflow, ideal for your bedroom.

Apart from that, these also help remove toxic pollutants from the environment and boost mental health.

  • The best part about these plants is that they can be neglected for weeks but still look as fresh as ever.
  • They also take up very little space, allowing you to use your area as productively as possible.
  • Some bright light with a slight shade is ideal for the growth of this plant.
  • Watering every two weeks also works great for these plants.
  • They are very sturdy and can go up to many days without being given much importance.

So if you want a plant that takes minimal effort from your end, this one is the best!

3. Hedgehog Aloe

In appearance, this plant is very similar to the Snake plant. However, it has pointed leaves that instantly make your place much more vibrant than it is.

Not just that, but these are great air purifiers too that help you breathe in the fresh air as needed.

  • The ideal placement for this plant inside the bedroom is anywhere near a window since these are known to thrive in sunny spots.
  • You don’t need to deadhead these, even if you feel like the edges are getting rougher. The plant takes care of all of that itself.
  • In the summer season, ensure that the soil is damp enough. But in the other seasons, watering once a week works best for the plant.
  • You don’t need fertilizing either to see the plant grow healthy.

Just leave it naturally, and you will see how fast luck comes your way. 

4. Philodendron

This plant is a great one for your bedroom. It allows positive energy to spread throughout the room.

  • The heart-shaped leaves of this plant make it a visual treat.
  • They help purify the air, absorbing formaldehyde from the air as needed.
  • This plant needs moderate sunlight and hence should ideally be placed near the windows.
  • The best part is that it is easily manageable. You don’t have to make a lot of effort to maintain these. All the requirements for care are basic. You can water occasionally or as you feel the need to.
  • However, be extra careful about keeping it out of children’s reach since it can be toxic when eaten.
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5. Rubber Plant

The forest green leaves of the rubber plant have a very overpowering effect. If you are one to like the feeling of being very close to nature, this is one of the top Feng Shui bedroom plants for health, wealth & luck.

Rubber Plant
Rubber Plant
  • The large leaves of this plant draw in contaminants from the air, purifying the air for you as needed.
  • With moderate to low light, these plants can thrive.
  • Between watering sessions, make sure to have an ample gap so that they can dry up.
  • When deciding where to place them, make sure to keep them away from the windows. Direct sunlight can burn the leaves down.

6. Ficus

Ficus tall plant adds to the aesthetical appeal of your bedroom manifold. If you have a smaller bedroom, it can allow your room to look much more spacious than it is due to its appearance.

  • The best part about these plants is that they allow you to breathe in the fresh air.
  • You can place these at any spot you like, but just make sure that there is room for some light to seep through.
  • This allows for this plant to thrive well in any environment. 

7. Pothos Plants

These are great bedroom plants, proven to be lucky for homeowners. They attract positive energy and keep the environment as clean as possible.

Feng Shui Money Plant
  • Any conditions are suitable for these plants to grow.
  • However, overwatering can be a problem since it causes the roots to rot and become extremely damaged over time.
  • Its air-purifying qualities trump all else.
  • When you feel like the stems are becoming too long, you can prune them.
  • This is surely your best pick for someone who isn’t very big on maintaining and caring for plants.
  • You can place these anywhere in your room where you deem fit.

8. Calathea Plants

Calathea is one of the most popular bedroom plants known for its aesthetic appeal. It also has oxygenating and humidifying properties, allowing you to sleep and focus much better in your room.

  • These are ideal for creating that calm atmosphere inside, which makes your bedroom feel extremely comfortable.
  • You need to find an ideal spot in your bedroom for these to grow well. The spot needs to have space for sunlight and shade at the same time. This helps keep the patterns of the plant very vibrant.
  • You need to water this plant in the morning so that the water evaporates through the day, allowing for it to dry well.
  • This plant can grow and thrive if taken care of well. They have very specific watering requirements.
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Unlike most others, this plant needs more care. If you have time on hand for maintenance, you should keep this plant in your bedroom. You will be surprised at how fast these work and how they help you with luck, health and wealth.

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Feng Shui Bedroom Plants FAQS

Q: What plant is lucky for the bedroom?

There are a lot many plants known to be good for the bedroom.

One such plant is the lavender plant, which leaves a very pleasant smell in your room and has a lot of other properties.

For example, the lavender plant allows you to have inner peace as well, which is great for good luck too.

Other great plants for the bedroom include the money plant, the snake plant, and pothos.

Q: Which plant is lucky for wealth?

The Money Tree is the best plant for wealth.

Feng Shui experts believe that this plant allows fortune to come your way like you never imagined.

You can place it anywhere in your home where there is ample sunlight. In no time, you will see how this plant works magic!

Q: Is money plant good for bedroom?

Yes, it surely is. It is known to allow you to have fortune coming your way in no time.

Not just that, but it also takes away all the negative energy from the place. The atmosphere that it creates is surely unmatched.

Q: What plant symbolizes good health?

The Aloe plant is known to be one that can really help you with luck and health. These are great indoor plants and are also very easy to grow.

Mostly, a lot of people place these near their home entrances.