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15 Feng Shui T-Junction Home Remedies | Why Its Bad Home

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Feng Shui T-Junction Home Remedies- The T-junction home is subject to many criticisms and is seen by many people to be a center of negativity. In Feng Shui, a T-junction is seen as a location that receives much attention too.

Having a home at a T-junction is considered as bad in Feng Shui.

The term T-junction has been tagged with different popular names, such as tiger’s eyes, poison arrow, and sha energy, thereby portraying the effect of this point in Feng Shui.

So, what are the reasons homes found on a T-Junction received such a bad impression?

The effect of the T-junction centers on the energy rushing along the street swiftly, hitting hard the house because of no restriction, thereby turning the house into a place of restlessness and discomfort, thus making the occupants feel insecure and worried.

  • The house is also subject to receiving bad energy flowing through the house each time there is high traffic. The negative energy is collected and accumulated over a period.
  • Despite this ugly situation, there is still a solution. The current situation can be improved dramatically. There is hope in getting proven remedies.
  • Do you want to know more about T-junction home remedies? This blog has been put together to arm you with relevant knowledge on how to solve T-junction home difficulties and enjoy a level of positive energy within your abode.

The following topics are discussed to provide an adequate solution to the challenge of a home located at the T-junction.

  • T-junction house good or bad as per feng shui?
  • House on t-junction problems
  • 11 t-junction feng shui remedies
  • T-junction house facing north solutions
  • T-junction house facing south solutions
  • T-junction house facing east solutions
  • T-junction house facing west solutions
  • Should I buy a house at a t-junction?

T-Junction House Good Or Bad As Per Feng Shui?

According to Feng Shui, a home at a T-junction is bad because of the consequence and the impact of bad energy on the house. 

A T-junction house is not difficult to identify. A house standing at the peak of a T is a T-junction home.

Feng Shui T-Junction Home Remedies
Feng Shui T-Junction Home Remedies

You can also identify a T-junction home each time the light coming from the cars’ headlamps shines toward your home. When that happens, your home is located at T-junction.

In Feng Shui, it is recognized that the Qi moves quickly and collides with the house situated at the T-junction. The Qi is attributed to causing a problem in life.

As a result of this, T-junction homes are seen as bad Feng Shui. Likewise, the energy of the entire house is adversely affected by the Chi.

House On T-Junction Problems

The problems associated with the house on the T-junction are caused by the negative energy that has accumulated from the quick movement of the Qi and its collision with the house.

Some of the problems from the house on T-junction are:

  • Terrible Loss/Misfortune: Occupants of the house on T-junction may experience loss as a result of the bad Feng Shui. Some of the loss includes loss of opportunity, loss of work, loss of money, and loss of fitness and wellbeing. Sometimes, you may lose happiness too.
  • Indecisiveness: Since houses on T-junction are symbolic of being at the crossroad, this can reflect on the decision-making of the occupants. They find it difficult to make quality decisions and advancements that will help on time.
  • Coming across spiritual beings: Houses on T-junction are prone to receiving spirits walking along the road because they don’t have the sense of turning at the junction.
  • Hence, they have no choice but to end up coming into the house present at the T-junction. That is why Feng Shui suggested using the Feng Shui Bagua mirror as a solution to this problem.
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9 T-Junction Feng Shui Remedy

Homes located at the T-junction can still experience positive energy and reduce the effect of negative energy using the Feng Shui cure listed below.

Feng Shui T-Junction Home Remedies
Feng Shui T-Junction Home Remedies

1. Convex Bagua Mirror:

  • The use of a convex Bagua mirror is one of the effective ways to cure houses at the T-junction in Feng Shui way.
  • All you have to do is to get the convex Bagua mirror and hang it. The best place to put this mirror is right on the top of your front door which faces the street.
  • The purpose of this mirror is to reflect out the entire negative Chi ahead, so it doesn’t gain entrance into your home.
  • If you prefer to hide the mirror so that it will not be noticed or seen by everyone from the front of the house, then the mirror can be hung from inside of the home on the top of the front entrance.
  • No matter the option you choose, ensure the mirror faces towards the street to actualize its purpose of reflecting.

2. Change the Main Door:

  • Another way to cure the house at the T-junction is to take use another door for entry into the house. The main door can be locked permanently.
  • You can also relocate the main door to your home thereby reducing the level of bad Chi gaining entrance into your home from the T-intersection.
  • Curing your home from the inside is a good remedy to the T-junction problem.
  • How do you perform it? Place growing plants beside your window ledge to face the frontage of the house to subdue the bad energy coming from the T-Junction.

3. Grow Plants:

  • This is similar to curing the inside of your home. But instead, you place growing plants inside the pots within the premises of your home outside.
  • They make the environment green and help reduce bad energy.
  • Beautify the front of the home with a lush landscape containing scrubs, and hedges, which will stifle the impact of the severe Chi.

4. Use of Crystals:

  • Crystals are found to be good absorbers of negative energy.
  • Hang the crystal balls to the front doors, ceiling, or anywhere around the house outside to diminish the effect of the bad energy coming from the T-Junction.
  • Placing crystals around too can enhance positive chi and incapacitate the energy coming inside.

5. Paint Wall Yellow:

  • Yellow walls can serve as a cure for homes at the T-junction.
  • Because yellow color belongs to fire and earth elements, it can help in obstructing negative energy from entering the home.
  • As well as shield the house from cars colliding with the house, obstruct car headlights, assist in reducing sound pollution, and lessen the fear of continuous flow of traffic on the road.
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6. Use of Solid Door:

  • When you use a solid door that can withstand foreign impact the front door of your home signifies power, fortress, and resilience.
  • The door will inspire the occupants of the home portraying the house as sacred, keeping the house secure from bad energy.

7. Use of Metal Fence:

The use of metal elements for your fencing can serve as a Feng Shui cure for T-junction homes. The metal fence will serve as a guard.  

8. Use Of Windchimes

Place wind chimes at the front of the house which helps in redirect the Chi away from your front door.

9. Adding lights

Installing lights for proper illumination can serve as a cure for T-junction homes.

T-junction House Facing North Solutions

If your house is at a T-junction facing north, you can use the Feng Shui fixes that will help attract positive energy and restrain negative energy rushing into the property.

In Feng Shui, the north direction is associated with water and metal elements. In other words, the water element favors the north direction.

It will be imperative to add symbols of water elements as a way of fixing the T-junction house facing north.

If you want to fix the T-junction house facing north in Feng Shui way, introduce the symbols that represent water and metal elements listed below:

  • Use colors that represent water and metal elements on the wall. Also, you can use these colors for painting the front door of the house. Colors like black and dark charcoal gray are related to the water element, while White, gray, and metallic colors like copper and bronze represent metal elements.
  • Improve the T-junction house facing north by installing a water fountain at the front of your home which represents the water element. Water elements can add energy needed to avert bad energy rushing into the house.
  • You can place objects that represent metal elements at the front of your house. Objects like décor materials are produced from metal, metallic vases, and other attractive objects. Also, objects made in circular shapes depict metal elements.

T-junction House Facing South Solutions

To solve T-junction houses facing south, use Feng Shui remedies by introducing wood and fire elements that are favorable to the south direction.

You can get symbols and materials that represent these elements. The following are T-junction house facing south solutions:

  • Growing lush and beautiful green plants and putting them outside the house. The wood element is represented by plants and shrubs.  
  • Place red flowers in vases at the front door.
  • Change the ambiance around your T-junction house by placing a welcome mat made of red color at the entrance.
  • Fix the T-junction house facing south by hanging a wreath of your choice at the entrance.
  • The use of color that represents fire and wood elements for painting the front door can serve as a fix too.
  • Colors like red, orange, vibrant yellow, purple and pink depict the fire element while colors such as green, blue, and teal are connected to the wood element.
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T-junction House Facing East Solutions

By using the Feng Shui element that represents the east direction, the T-junction house facing east can be resolved.

T-junction house facing east can be activated with the wood element, which is the element that favors the east.

Using the wood element will help to bring out the positive chi and reduces the negative energy that is always attributed to the T-junction.

  • Start the fixing by introducing wood element colors. The front door can be decorated with any of these colors such as dark yellowish-green color (olive), green, basil, taupe, and beige.
  • The wood element color like green is superb when it comes to striking a balance between the Qi and Chi energy. Hence, the negative energy can be controlled.
  • Grace the front door of your T-junction house with potted plants, wreaths, and leisure objects made from wood represent wood elements. These objects improve the auspicious energy, thereby relinquishing the bad energy.

T-Junction House Facing West Solutions

T-junction house facing west can be solved using the Feng Shui element that represents the west direction.

One of the simple ways to solve the T-junction house facing west is by introducing the Feng Shui element for the west. And the element associated with the west is the metal element.

In Feng Shui, the metal element is symbolic and is a depiction of happiness and joyfulness. Hence, you can decorate the front door of your T-junction home with metallic objects that are attractive like wind chimes.

  • Put attractive ornaments within the entrance of the house to channel the Chi regularly to your main door. These objects attract positive energy into the home and dispel negative energy that might be rushing into the home.
  • You can place objects that represent metal elements at the entrance of your house. Objects like décor materials are produced from metal, metallic vases, and other attractive objects. Also, objects made in circular shapes depict metal elements.
  • Colors like white, gray, and metallic colors like copper and bronze represent a metal element, which can be represented at the entrance of your home.

Should I Buy A House At T-Junction?

According to Feng Shui, it is not advisable to buy a house at the T-junction because of the negative effect of the energy the house will be exposed to.

However, if the house has already been bought, the measures explained above can serve as a cure to the T-junction problems.

Follow the steps listed to control the flow of negative energy rushing down into the hose and permit positive energy to have a free moment.

In Conclusion

The house at T-junction can be corrected, and living there is not the end of life. There is no call for alarm for the occupants once they are conscious of their surroundings.

Avert every form of distraction, obstruct the flow of bad energy, and enhance the atmosphere within your premises by using the Feng Shui principles