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Top 15 Easy Feng Shui Cures and Adjustment For Better Home

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The Feng Shui Remedies can be used to cure many ailments and can be applied in various ways. Here we are going for common Feng Shui Cures and Adjustment to solve common home and life issues.

Feng Shui Cures and Adjustmen
Feng Shui Cures and Adjustment

We will also cover the below things in detail as a part of Feng Shui Cures.

  • Feng Shui cures for this year
  • Feng Shui for healing illness
  • Feng Shui protection for home
  • Feng Shui cures for bedroom
  • Feng Shui cure for health problems
  • Feng Shui cures for wealth and prosperity

How Do Feng Shui Cures and Adjustments Work?

People who practice Feng shui apply Cures. Feng Shui cures are also called Modifications or Feng Shui Remedies.

The cures are utilized for shifting the energy of an area and its occupants. Many of these modifications entail adjusting the dimensions of natural space to diverge energy flow

When you activate a feng shui remedy in your personal space like your home, it will fix unique problems you face in different aspects of life. Aspects of life like; work, wealth, health, career, family life, and love.

11 Feng Shui Cure For Bedroom

Feng Shui practice has been around for centuries and is still useful today. In fact, with the busier modern way of living,feng shui fixes have never been more essential.

To ensure your bedroom is well balanced and equipped to activate positive energy and drive out the bad ones, make use of these Feng Shui bedroom tips:

  1. Use a king-size bed and mattress
  2. Ensure your bed is centrally placed and not in the direction of your door.
  3. Increase the flowing in of air by using adjustable blinds. 
  4. Use fewer electronic devices and screens in your bedroom 
  5. Use natural bed cloths and environment-friendly materials
  6. Use quiet and calming color tones. 
  7. Make use of candles and not too bright bulbs. 
  8. All drawers and doors should be closed when they are not in use. 
  9. Invest in a solid Bed Frame panel.
  10. Avoid using mirrors, especially within the line of vision of the bed. 
  11. Do not place a bookshelf in your bedroom and Make sure the books present in your room are the ones you are currently reading.

Feng Shui Cures and Adjustment For Prosperity And Wealth 

There exist a variety of ways in which you can apply feng shui to attract wealth, prosperity, and abundance.

One easy way is to furnish your home and office with feng shui money remedies that best suit and goes with your taste. 

Firstly identify the money direction or area of your feng shui, and ensure to care for it properly so that the energy found in your home or office feels warm and soothing.

But keep in mind that these cures will only amplify your efforts when thriving for money, not that the cure only would bring you wealth

You can apply the following feng shui cures to entice wealth and prosperity. Ensure to follow the feng shui practice to book when applying these cures.

  1. Use a feng shui wealth vase.
  2. Use of fish aquariums 
  3. The Chinese Coin.
  4. Lucky bamboo 
  5. Wealth ships
  6. Wealth fountains 
  7. Gem tree 
  8. Laughing Buddha
  9. Dragon turtle 
  10. Citrine crystals
  11. Gold stones 

Feng Shui Cures For Bad Directions 

There are 10 feng shui directions which are East, West, North, South, North-East, North-West, South-East, South-West, sky, and, earth. From these directions, there may arise varieties of bad luck.

Therefore ensure to check and defend your house or office from any sort of bad luck that might arise from there.

As each of them can carry a sick or negative chi energy that can lead to various sorts of negative luck, you must be properly informed about these primary 10 directions.

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If you take these directions with levity and you ignore these hazardous directions, it can result in death, critical injuries, and other awful developments.

So far you correctly apply the five element cycle, Feng shui remedies and practice will be helpful, and the great thing is that you can be as diverse as you want to use this excellent practice to boost your house and your lifestyle.

The idea is to disperse the negative intensity of bad luck that may be present in your home. Literally, the route from which bad luck comes will decide the feng shui solution that will reduce these mistakes most effectively.

12 Feng Shui Cure For The Kitchen 

In Feng shui, the kitchen is among the most essential spaces for health, happiness, and richness.

It is included among the trinity rooms that attract good energy in a house. Once you’ve understood the basics of feng shui, you can easily design your kitchen into a soothing room filled with positive energy. 

Below are listed some tips to decorate your feng shui kitchen to help you get positive energy and inspiration

  1. In a good feng shui practice, the south or southwest direction or the north or northeast areas are the best location or position of the kitchen in good feng shui and it must be at the back of the home.
  2. Clean and replace broken items. Feng shui puts more emphasis on cleanliness, a dirty kitchen filled with broken materials will harbor negative energy,.
  3. Therefore ensure to clean your kitchen and remove or repair any broken materials so there can be a free flow of positive energy. 
  4. Use pains That goes in line with the kitchen element. When painting your kitchen, stay clear of the blue color which is associated with the water element.
  5. And also do not use red and orange colors as this can cause imbalance, the best color to use is the earth element color which is yellow. 
  6. Do not place the sink and stove beside each other. The sink represents the water element while the stove represents the fire element and they do not mix well.
  7. You can place an earth element like a green rug between them to neutralize the bad energy that might arise from the wrong placements. 
  8. Make sure the stove is working and hang a mirror behind it. A broken stove symbolizes neglected resources and can attract negative energy, putting a mirror will put you in a commanding position.
  9. Make use of earth and wood elements decorations in the kitchen. By using items like wood spice racks, and cutting boards from wood elements.
  10. There will be stronger bonds between the family members, and using items like tiles from earth elements color will create warmth and prosperity.
  11. Empty all waste bins, keep knives out of sight, and do not hang anything overhead in the kitchen.
  12. Keep a bowl of fruit at the kitchen center and grow some herbs in the kitchen. Having these two cures in your kitchen will attract positive energy to keep your kitchen healthy and vibrant.

Top Feng Shui Tips for Career

Feng Shui Remedies
Feng Shui Remedies for Career

This method of feng shui used to produce harmony in the office is a traditional practice done by various people for a time long. Below are listed ten feng shui cure practical tips to help you solve a career redundancy and keep negative energy at bay.

  1. Position your electric materials in your left direction. 
  2. Plant flowers to enhance your positive health energy.
  3. Your crystal for decor should be on your right.
  4. Partition the space between your desk and the doorway,
  5. Your water features should be in the north direction 
  6. Use a red lamp but ensure it’s facing south.
  7. Ensure you tidy up your office desk after everyday work.
  8. Do not put or hang any mirrors in your office.
  9. Play music with calming melodies to drive away negative energy.
  10. Do not place your office desk in a direction that will be facing a shaft corner.

Feng Shui Cures For Missing Areas

Missing areas when present in the Bagua of your home can adversely affect the quality of your life because these missing areas are directly connected to the energy present in your home.

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Below are some missing Bagua and tips to solve them

Missing Bagua AreaSolution’s
Missing career area use a feng shui water cure
Spiritual areause a feng shui earth element to cure
Health and family area use feng shui wood and earth elements to cure 
Wealth area. use wood, water, and earth feng shui cure.
Fame area use wood and fire feng shui element cure.
Love and marriage area use fire and earth feng shui elements cure.
Feng Shui Remedies For Missing Areas

Ways In Which I Can improve my Feng shui luck? 

The best way to improve Feng shui luck is by unblocking the stagnating chi force. In a certain field of life, if you are having poor luck, check the sector that controls it and see if the chi force is stagnating. 

For someone who has had a streak of poor luck in his finances, analyze the southeast section of your space. The southeast sector is responsible for bringing luck to you. Be sure that no clutter prevents the chi energy flow in the sector.

You can focus on a single field to improve your luck, but to change your overall luck, it is advisable to declutter your whole house.

Feng shui Cures For Mirrors

One of the greatest feng shui cures is the use of mirrors and their strategic placement to attract abundance and prosperity.

There are many places inside your home in which you can place the mirrors to attract and take advantage of the positive energies.

  1. The mirror inside a room is either as a good energy amplifier or to cure the bad ones in affected areas. Below are highlighted places to and not to hang mirrors in the home.
  2. Mirrors are placed perpendicularly to the door. Mirror facing the front door directly is not advisable, rather hanging it perpendicularly to the door gives an intention of expanding someone’s opportunity in life.
  3. Hang a mirror on the dining room walls. Hanging a mirror on any wall of the dining room signifies the ability to keep hold of wealth.
  4. Mirrors should not be found in your kitchen. Hanging mirrors in the kitchen, especially facing the stove will harbor bad negative energy.
  5. Use mirrors in the Bedroom. Having a mirror in the bedroom should be carefully done as if placed in the wrong position can cause sleeplessness and can lead to fidelity.
  6. The right position for a mirror inside the bedroom is the north or east direction. Placing a mirror above the bed is a bad feng shui practice as you won’t feel safe with something heavy hanging over you.
  7. Mirrors in the living room are a good feng shui practice as they will help hold the power of prosperity and wealth, just ensure it is not placed in a position where it will reflect the door or windows.

How Quickly Does Feng Shui Start working? 

How easily and to what extent Feng Shui will begin to affect depends on you and your situation. There is a huge array of potential circumstances related to each individual’s marriages, wealth problems, health, and career aspirations. 

  • Feng Shui effects also depend on whether the problem you want to eliminate from your life is tenacious.
  • A tenacious problem would need a lasting solution, which will take time to fix. Feng shui might take a short time to work if the problem is transient. 
  • Based on the essence of the situation, applying Feng shui will show you an instant visible result, whilst some Feng Shui remedies will take 5-6 months.

How To Activate Feng Shui? 

You can activate Feng shui in your spaces by using objects, arrangements, and colors that help the elementary energy that regulates the sectors to enable the power areas.

  • It doesn’t matter which feng shui protocols you are following, activating Feng Shui energy follows the same process. 
  • There are techniques and ways in which you apply to activate Feng Shui power zones.
  • You can activate energy flow by using Feng Shui solutions. Another way to activate Feng shui energy is by using feng shui symbols.

Tips On How To Cleanse My Feng Shui Items

As feng shui is about attracting good energy and chasing away the negative ones.

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It is very essential to know how to keep your feng shui, clean, vibrant, and fully active to keep the energies in your home fresh too.

Here are the procedures to follow when you want to cleanse your feng shui cures

Firstly do the physical outside cleaning of the cure by removing dust and polishing it, e.t.c. then you can now proceed to cleanse it on the energy level and it can be done through the following ways

  • The water to be used in the cleansing should be charged, you can charge the water by leaving it under the moonlight overnight or placing it under the sun for at least 24 hours and at most 72 hours, then you can use the charged water to clear your feng shui cure energy.
  • You can also cleanse your feng shui cure with sage or incense of good quality, after cleaning, you should leave the cure on a candlelit altar and allow it to stay there for at least 9 hours.
  • You can also make use of saltwater as a cure. Salt has a purifying property that can help clear your feng shui cure energy. But ensure to use it when appropriate.

Feng Shui Items for Better Home

Feng Shui Remedies
Feng Shui Remedies (Lucky Items)

For centuries the Chinese people have made use of plant and animal images, symbols, and figurines to attract auspicious luck. Today the practice is now prolifically used everywhere.

Below are some of the feng shui items for home decor and their uses.

  1. Lucky bamboo attracts auspicious chi energy.
  2. Tortoises bring longevity, happiness, and prosperity.
  3. The evil eye stimulates good luck and positivity.
  4. A three-legged frog, guides and protects the family fortunes.
  5. Laughing Buddha stimulates an energetic and propitious feng shui energy.
  6. Chimes with Chinese coins cure the family of financial losses.
  7. Crystal lotus induces good luck when searching for companionship and relationships.
  8. Mandarin ducks (pair). It is the cure for lasting love and marriage.
  9. Dream catcher stimulates a positive turnaround in someone’s life 
  10. Feng Shui crystals produce amazing results when used for wealth and it is believed to bring eight different kinds of blessings.

Find below my top picks if you wish to buy Lucky Items For Home, Office, and Garden as Feng Shui remedies.

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Best Feng Cures For This Year

Below are listed the flying stars and their locations for the feng shui this year therefore ensure to follow the right procedures to counter the effects of the negative ones and procedures on how to activate the positive ones. 

  • #8 star for Prosperity is located in the west 
  • Victory Star #1 will be located in the south 
  • #4 star for Scholastic and Romance Is seen in the east 
  • Heavenly Star #6 will be located in the center 
  • Future Prosperity Star #9 is located in the Northeast 
  • #5 star for Misfortune and bad Lucky Star is in the southeast 
  • #2-star signifying illness is found in the North
  • #3 star signifying quarrelsome is found in the Southwest
  • The #7-star signifying Robbery and betrayal is found in the Northwest.


Feng shui practice has been in existence for centuries and is practiced widely to boost positivity in an individual’s life. The practice can also be used to cure virtually any ailment or affliction facing someone’s life when done properly.

Practice all the above Feng Shui remedies to common issues, and let us know if you get benefited.

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