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How To Feng Shui A House Where Someone Has Died?

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Death is very mystical, and many beliefs surround it. Death brings ceaseless sorrow to the living, but it is good to know how to handle this incident according to feng shui.

The death of a person in a house can change the energy around them. That is why, when there is a death in a house, it brings about negative or stagnant energy. It is necessary to know how to get rid of this negative energy and revive the energy in the house.

In many cultures, houses where there is a death go through feng shui cleaning to restore positive energy and bring back good luck.

In this blog, we provide instructions on how to Feng Shui a house where someone has died. These steps will make the home auspicious and accommodating for everyone again.

Feng shui rules to apply after someone is died in the house
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Is It Bad Luck To Buy A House Someone Died In?

There are different circumstances under which death may occur. When someone dies in a disturbing situation, the energy may still linger and bring about troubles for the occupants.

Likewise, when someone dies as a result of illness, there are remains of negative energy from the chi (life-force) energy.

Therefore, buying a new house where someone died is bad luck because of the stagnant or negative energy left behind by the dead that needs to be cleared off.    

According to feng shui, negative energy may cause bad luck, which is why it is vital to cleanse the house and remove the energy.

How Do You Know If Someone Died in a House Before You Buy It?

It can become a daunting task to know if someone died in a house before you buy it. According to reports, there are a few ways to find out.

Some of the ways to know if someone died in a house before you buy it include:

1. Your Real Estate Agent

One of the easiest ways to know if someone died in a house before you buy it is to inquire with your realtor.

Asking a realtor about past events that occurred in the house you intend to buy may prove helpful.

Although they are not legally obligated to disclose if a house has experienced a death before, many of them will be truthful about this issue.

Furthermore, many states in the United States mandate that agents be honest and open if such a question arises. 

2. Confirm From the public record

You can also find out if someone died in a house before you buy it by going through public records related to the house.

The law governing many areas mandated that there should be public records that focus on deaths or severe crimes witnessed on the spot. Ask the jurisdiction for information on the house.  

3. Make inquiries From The Neighbors

It is also possible to know if someone died in the house you want to buy by making inquiries from the neighbors. By asking your neighbors, you will know if there is a death.

Most times, the neighbors will help let you know about the house’s history.

However, don’t rely on this method. Some circumstances may make neighbors inaccessible and unwilling to let you know the truth.

4. Ask The Previous Owners

You can also ask the previous owners of the house to find out the truth about knowing if someone died in the house.

This might be the reason they want to sell off the house. Most of the owners will be truthful and reveal the history of the house to you.

Feng Shui: A House Where Someone Has Died

Feng shui always emphasizes decluttering a home or cleaning. It’s even more necessary to cleanse a house where someone died can bring back positive energy and change the feeling in the house.

Feng shui rules to apply after someone is died in the house

In many cultures, it is believed that when a person dies of illness, there are still traces of negative energy from that person, which is regarded as stagnant and often results in bad fortune.

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No matter the type of death, a cleansing process is required too subsequently. Here are a few ways to cleanse a house where someone died in feng shui.

1. Remove All Personal Photos

You can start cleansing the house by removing all photos of the deceased from the house if any are available.

In Chinese tradition, they perform a blackened eyes ceremony where the photos of the deceased are painted black.

This is symbolic as it allows the person to transition into the next world and prevents members of the family or friends from beckoning to their spirit.

After this ceremony has been done, you can remove the personal photos of such individuals.

2. How to Feng Shui in a Bedroom Where Someone Has Died

Then perform the cleaning of the bedroom thoroughly. The next step is to wash everything inside the room.

Clean the bedding, drapes, blinds, curtains, surfaces, floors, and walls, and make sure everything is cleaned properly.  

3. Open All The Windows

During cleaning of the bedroom, open all the windows you have there. This will get rid of the negative or stagnant energy in the room and allow the rejuvenating energy to enter.

4. Introduce Fresh Paint

Paint is powerful to bring a change to the vibes of the room. By changing the paint, you are wiping out the old memory, and bringing in a new look. Use feng shui paints that uplift spirit and bring liveliness.

5. Remove All Personal Clothing

It is common to donate the clothing of the deceased if it is in good condition.

Many people consider burning the deceased’s clothing due to the negative energy that sticks to it. You can decide what to do with the clothing of the dead.

6. Sweep

Sweeping is appropriate for cleaning the house where the death occurred. Using a broom to sweep the room will help the room to be free of stagnant energy.

7. Remove Personal Belongings

Get rid of the feng shui deceased belongings that are less valuable. Many things can be disposed, of, and those things you think will honor the deceased can be side aside.

There is nothing wrong with keeping those things that are valuable such as mementos and keepsakes. Going by this, you can decide what is comfortable for you.

8. The Bed?

When performing a cleansing for a house where a person died, the bed is crucial to look into.

The bed retains the energy of anyone who takes a nap, which makes it unhealthy for anyone to purchase a used bed, especially a bed from an unidentified person.

Taking sleep in the bed of a deceased will mostly incite fear, strange feelings, and unpleasant thoughts.

Nevertheless, if you find it difficult and impossible to replace the bed and mattress, in terms of the financial aspect, carry out a proper cleansing that will help to stabilize the energy absorbed by the bed and the bedroom.

How To Perform A Cleansing Ceremony

After cleaning and reorganizing the room, it is advisable to perform a cleansing ceremony. A person who is not emotionally connected to the person who died is in the best position to do this ceremony.  

Feng Shui Death Cleansing ceremony

The purpose of performing a cleansing ceremony is to clear out stagnant energy and give room for the rejuvenation of the energy inside.

It is easy to perform a cleansing ceremony. You can get this done using the following steps:

1. Use Salt

Salt is an effective cleansing material that can be utilized to rub the walls and floors. Some other ways you can use salt for cleansing include:

  • By sprinkling the salt in each of the corners of the room or placing it at the corners.
  • The salt can be sprinkled on the mattress too.

Leave the salt there for some time to soak up the negative energy. Once the ceremony is completed, you clean up the space by sweeping away the salt. Empty the remains in the waste bin outside the house.

2. Sprinkle Rice

This is known as noshing ghosts. Begin at the main entrance and sprinkle rice, ushering the ghost or spirit out of your home.

Normally, the rice is distributed, reaching the outer perimeter of the house, thus anchoring the ghost beyond the house, where it will then reside.

3. Burn Incense

Select incense that you know is soothing, comforting, and uplifting. There is a wide range of scents with unique properties that release their fragrance into your environment. You can burn this incense and spread it in the room.

Check a few of the scents and herbs that can bring changes to the aura of your environment.

  • Sage: This is an incense that fends off the spirit
  • Lavender: Helps to overcome challenges and obstacles. It also helps to protect and oust negative energies.
  • Sandalwood: It is effective for uplifting, rejuvenating, healing, and protection.
  • Eucalyptus: It carries a powerful healing ability that makes it an effective deep grief reliever.
  • Mint: It helps to usher in prosperity, abundance, and good luck.
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4. Playing Of Sound

The chiming of bells can help attract positive energy. Consider playing sound, especially wind chimes.

5. Introduce Light

In feng shui, light has great cleansing properties. Get your drapes opened and allow the rays of sunlight to penetrate inside.

Also, you can put prisms or decorate the windows with faceted orbs to allow rainbows of light to penetrate your room and improve the energy.

What Happens When Someone Dies In Your House

There are necessary procedures to follow when someone dies in your house. First, get in touch with the funeral home to effectively treat and handle the dead.

Then inform the relevant authority of the death. If you wish, an autopsy can be carried out by a doctor to know the cause of the death. 

Buying A House Where Someone Killed Themselves

Buying a house or moving into a new house where someone killed themselves may make you skeptical.

This is suicidal death and proper law proceedings must be followed before embarking on buying such a house.

Before buying or moving into a new house, it would be in your best interest to inquire about the house, and the issue surrounding its sale. 

If you eventually buy such a house, you must perform a cleansing ritual. It is a belief that staying in a place where someone killed themselves can bring different ill luck.

The spirit of such a person will hang around the house, and this calls for house cleansing. The cleansing will help to get rid of the negative energy.

Moving Into A Place Where Someone Died

Moving into a place where someone died also entails performing purification procedures.

You can follow the cleansing ritual we discussed above. The cleansing process will help you dispel the energy of the dead from the room.

The cleansing ceremony will also help members, friends, and partners of the deceased to certainly proceed in life and carry the pleasant reminiscences of your loved one delightfully.

Living In A House After Someone Dies

Here are a few things you are expected to do while living in a house after someone dies:

Until the necessary steps are taken according to the law, don’t meddle with the will, property, and finances of the deceased. Obtain a medical certificate stating the cause of the death. Then proceed by registering the death and arranging the funeral. 

If you want to register the deceased, the following will be needed:

  • The medical certificate includes what caused the death.
  • Complete name including maiden name.
  • Date and place of birth.
  • The house address where the incident took place with proof such as a utility bill.
  • Job
  • Birth certificate
  • Driving license
  • Passport
  • And other relevant documents that show proof of the deceased’s identity.

After registering, you can go ahead with the funeral. Some people engage funeral experts.

Sleeping In A Room Where Someone Died

The first step to take before sleeping in a room where someone has died is to engage in the room’s cleansing ritual.

In feng shui, it is believed that the deceased left negative energy that needs to be cleared off. It is also advisable to replace the deathbed if possible.

The residue of the negative energy of the deceased is stored in the bed. Then clean the room thoroughly.

Is It OK to Sleep In A Bed Someone Died In?

It is not good to sleep in a bed someone died in. Apart from the remains of the negative energy of the deceased, sleeping on such a bed can cause unpleasant feelings. It is also medically inappropriate.

What To Do With a Mattress Someone Died On?

The best thing to do with a mattress someone died on is to dispose of the mattress. If you want to do this, you can contact cleaning companies that handle it.

This is because of the hazardous effects of the mattress.

The mattress would have been soiled with fluids from the body of the deceased, especially if death was a result of illness.

Thorough cleaning is required before the mattress can be used again. This is to dispose of the infected materials hidden in the deeper layers of the bed, which are unnoticeable.

What not to do when someone dies at home?

There are a few major no-nos to keep in mind in the event of a home death:

  • Don’t freak out or hurry! Take it easy. It’s difficult to keep your cool under such intense emotional pressure, yet doing so is essential.
  • Avoid Relocating the Body Yourself Only a trained professional, such as a coroner or funeral director, is legally permitted to relocate a body.
  • Do not hesitate to notify the police, fire department, or emergency medical services if necessary. Call the hospice nurse if the patient is receiving hospice care. In any other case, dial 911 or your area’s regular police number.
  • You should not start giving away or selling the deceased person’s possessions until you are the executor of the estate.
  • You should inform the deceased’s employer or organizations in which they were active, as well as their relatives and close friends.
  • Safeguarding the decedent’s private data is essential in today’s climate of rampant identity theft.

What is the feng shui about death?

The ancient Chinese art of spatial arrangement known as Feng Shui treats the subject of death in a way that is reverent, tranquil, and harmonious. Death is seen as a transition rather than an end to life’s cycle.

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Some fundamental principles of Feng Shui that pertain to dying are as follows:

  • The use of Feng Shui concepts in planning a funeral can help ensure a solemn and dignified service for the deceased. The intention is to bring peace to the living and ease the soul’s passage into the afterlife.
  • Traditional Feng Shui places great importance on the position and orientation of graves. If the grave is located in a favorable location with favorable alignment, it is believed that the dead will bless the living.
  • After a death in the home, Feng Shui recommends a thorough cleaning to remove negative energy and make way for the arrival of a new, good life force. This cleansing is typically accomplished with the use of salt, specific herbs, and incense.
  • According to Feng Shui, a memorial place should be a calm, quiet, and well-lit area of your home. This area needs to be treated with reverence so as not to impede the free flow of good vibes.
  • Photos and other mementos of the deceased can be arranged by Feng Shui principles to create a peaceful memorial.

Keep in mind that the goal of Feng Shui is to create an environment where positive energy can flow freely. These ideas are useful while thinking about death, consoling the bereaved, and remembering the departed.

Feng Shui: A House Where Someone Has Died FAQ

Q: Can We Change Houses After Death?

Changing house after death may come with its challenges. Perform a cleansing ritual, and the house will be fit for residence again.

In case you are emotionally attached to the house with your deceased, vacating the house will be the best option to erase the memory of the past and move on in life.

All these boil down to the owner of the house.

Q: Why Are Houses Cheaper If Someone Died?

It is based on the circumstances surrounding the death in such an apartment may cause people to turn down the house, which can make the realtor find it difficult to get buyers.

Therefore the realtor may reduce the price to attract more buyers.

Q: Is It Better To Sell Property Before Or After Death?

It is based on an agreement between the members of the family. It can be hard to sell your parent’s property as it erases the memories attached to the house and the life they lived.

Based on the findings, it is preferable to sell the property before death. Sales of the house can help you settle the medical bills of your parents.

Q: What Happens To Property When Someone Dies?

If it is a rented property, the owner takes over, and if it belongs to the deceased, the family can take appropriate steps to take control of the property.

Q: How do you find out if someone died in a house you want to buy?

Inquire with the seller or real estate agent; they may know the property’s past and are legally obligated to share it if asked.

Investigate Online: In the United States, websites like charge a fee to reveal details regarding fatalities that have occurred in individual homes.

Death certificates may be available to the public in some jurisdictions. You might also find useful information in the archives of local newspapers.

Keep in mind that disclosure laws aren’t uniform across the country; in certain places, for example, sellers aren’t obligated to reveal that death occurred there.

Q: Keeping clothes of a dead person in feng shui?

In Feng Shui, keeping the clothes of a dead person is usually not a good idea because they are thought to carry the energy of the dead person and can make the living space less peaceful.

These kinds of things can bring up strong feelings and memories, which could block the flow of good chi.

To properly let go of the deceased person’s belongings, they should be donated, thrown away, or stored in a designated, well-organized space that doesn’t get in the way of the energy flow in the living areas.

Q: Thunder and lightning after someone dies is a myth in feng shui?

There is no direct link in Feng Shui between thunder and lightning and someone dying.

Feng Shui is mainly about setting up your space in a way that encourages harmony and positive energy flow.

Traditional Feng Shui doesn’t include superstitious ideas or myths about thunder and lightning happening after someone dies.

When doing Feng Shui, it’s important to keep things in balance and focus on creating a harmonious living space, good energy, and the right way to arrange things.

In Conclusion

Death is inevitable but how you handle the demise of your loved one matter. Following feng shui, methods can help you take charge of yourself, renew yourself after death, and move forward in life.