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How to Feng Shui Garage: Don’t Let Your Garage Drain Your Energy

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Are you looking How to Feng Shui Garage area in your house? Here are all the dos and Don’ts for you to keep in mind to get it right. Read on to learn more!

There are millions of people in the world who have been using Feng Shui in their homes and workplaces to bring out more positive energy.

Feng Shui is a well-known Chinese method that is said to bring positive energy into your home and life.

However, Feng Shui is not just limited to the interior of your house. There are several other spaces that people usually forget about, for instance, your garage. Did you also miss out on Feng Shui-ing the garage of your house?

To Feng Shui, your garage, you can start by de-cluttering and organizing your garage.

You can also avoid using your garage as the main entrance and keep the position of the Bagua map in mind at all times when designating a place for the garage.

This will help you bring in more positive Qi energy and let the negative one out. Keep reading to learn more about how to Feng Shui garage area in more detail.

How To Feng Shui Garage: 7 Things To Remember

According to the ancient techniques, the main goal or purpose of Feng Shui is to ensure that there is harmony in the environment inside and around the house.

This happens when there is a regular flow of positive Qi energy that comes into the house. If you Feng Shui garage areas, you will also create an outlet for the negative energies.

How to Feng Shui Garage
How to Feng Shui Garage

This implies that when you Feng Shui garage, you can optimize the inflow and outflow of the Qi energy to enhance:

You can easily Feng Shui garage area of your house by being mindful of the placements and color scheme of the objects present. Here’s how you can do that:

1. Designating an Order & Purpose for Everything

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you Feng Shui garage is that there has to be a definite order for everything.

  • It might be difficult at first to create an organizational system for your garage, but it can work wonders to enhance the inflow of positive Qi.
  • You can always consult with a renovation specialist or professional Feng Shui practitioners. They will help you with designating a certain order and purpose top everything that you keep in your garage.
  • From tools to bicycles, to sports equipment, everything should be in their reserved spots and they should all be of use to you.
  • Try not to keep anything that you have not used in years in your garage as it might create clutter.
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2. Get Rid of the Clutter at Once

Many people complain that they are unable to perform well or think clearly whenever there is clutter around them. Do you know why this happens? In Feng Shui, clutters represents stagnant or stale energy.

  • Whenever you think to implement Feng Shui, garage de-cluttering has to be your first step.
  • Get rid of all this clutter and mess that drains all the positive Qi energy from your house.
  • If you do not have space enough to organize, install some wall-mounted shelves and use them.
  • If there are things lying around your garage that you know you do not need, donate them or recycle them.
  • A garage sale might be a great idea to eliminate all the unnecessary clutter or mess around your garage. 
  • Non-functional items in your garage might become a home to all the negative Qi energy that drives out of your house.

3. Never Use Garage Door as a Primary Entrance

Many people are tempted to use garage doors in order to get inside the house. It is understandable too as they park their cars in the garage and then enter the house from there only.

However, you need to stop doing that!

  • Your front door is placed in a position to suit positive Qi energy for a reason.
  • Not using the front door and leaving it non-functional is one of the worst things you can do to the Bagua position of your garage.
  • If you are willing to Feng Shui garage area around your house, you have to start using it as a secondary entrance to the house.
  • Occasionally or in times of an emergency is fine but altogether you should try to avoid using your garage as a primary entrance to your house.
  • You need to also make sure that your garage is properly maintained and oiled as squeaky doors can let you feel annoyed and irritable. Since you hear all these squeaks as soon as you enter, they have an even great effect on the mood.
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4. Garage Placement Should Be As Per the Bagua

Bagua positions are important for any space in the house. They are also extremely important to the Feng Shui garage.

  • According to the Bagua map, the appropriate art and symbolisms are very important when you look to implement Feng Shui in your garage.
  • Just because it is the garage area does not mean there should be no art. You can always hand a picture or two in your garage to make it look more inviting.
  • You can also make use of some bright lights or lamps here and there to create a welcoming space for the Yang energy to come in. This makes you feel safe and welcomed in the home.
  • Adding some carpets and rugs on the inside and outside the garage is an excellent way to make anyone who drives in and yourself feel comfortable.

You can make use of the following things in order to incorporate each element in your garage:

5. For the Wood Element:

  • Objects that are blue, black, or green in color
  • Things that have stripes or column patterns
  • Wall hangings, art, or paintings with scenes of nature

Incorporating the wood element in your garage will help you increase positive Qi energy for knowledge and self-cultivation.

6. For the Metal Element:

  • Wall hangings or art that depicts spiritual guides
  • You can even use pictures of your own if you travel to mountains or other places
  • Objects that are black, grey, or white in color

Adding a touch of the metal element when your Feng Shui garage will help you strengthen the energy in the travel area. Moreover, practitioners believe that it also helps you meet good and helpful people in your daily life.

 7. For the Water Element:

  • Objects made of mirror or glass
  • Items that are very dark in color
  • Fountains, aquariums, or anything that involves water
  • Wall hangings or art that depicts water scenes

When it comes to trying to Feng Shui garage area around your house, involving the water element strengthens your career. It is also said to invite positive Qi energy for wealth and luck.

What is the Right Location for a Garage in Feng Shui?

When you Feng Shui garage of your house, make sure that you figure out which is the perfect location for a garage.

  • Some of the residential areas are pre-adapted to the Feng Shui systems.
  • In such areas, the garage is further away from the living room so that the cars are parked in designated spaces that are away from where you live.
  • One of the best places for the garage is further away from the lines of the main entrance of your house.
  • The ideal location, in general, is also one that is not directly connected or located near the living spaces of the house.
  • According to Feng Shui practitioners, if your garage is located at the front of your house, it will take in all the positive energy that tries to flow in.
  • In houses where garages lie in the front, there is a lack of positive Qi energy and a lot of disharmony amongst the residents.
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In a Nutshell

Most people overlook the garage of their house when they adapt their house to Feng Shui.

These tips might come in handy for you when you start to Feng Shui garage area and make it inviting for the positive Qi energy.

You need to keep the Bagua map in mind for it is extremely necessary to see where the elements should go. We hope this blog helped you with the basics of how you can implement Feng Shui techniques in your garage.


Q: What would be the ideal location for the garage in Feng Shui?

If you are looking to implement a Feng Shui system in your garage, you need to keep in mind that the ideal location is anywhere away from the living spaces.

Ideally, you should be careful that your garage should never be located in front of the main entrance.

In this case, the garage takes in all the positive Qi energy that is headed for your home.

Q: How to organize your garage to promote Feng Shui?

If you think you have a lot of mess around your garage area, it might be the time for you to de-clutter.

One of the key things to do when you adapt your garage to Feng Shui is to make sure there is no mess, as it represents stagnant energy.

Install some shelves on the wall that you can use to store the functional items. For the items that are not in use, you can discard them to avoid clutter.

Q: Best Feng Shui garage door color.

Light colors are the best colors for the garage area door like white, grey, brown and silver. To know more about the color part check here.