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15 Bad Feng Shui House Features (You Must Fix ASAP!)

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In this blog, we are going to explore the Top 15 Bad Feng Shui House Features That Create Serious Conflicts in the House and that impact the overall well-being of the family members.

There are numerous feng shui architectural flaws in a house including a floor plan, pillars in the house, a washroom confronting the front way to a flight of stairs in the focal point of a home, and many more.

What Is Bad Feng Shui House Layout?

A bad Feng Shui house plan has things that get in the way of the space’s natural flow of energy (chi), which causes chaos and bad effects on the people who live there.

This could include cluttered entryways that block the flow of energy, rooms with odd shapes that throw off the balance of chi, baths in the middle of the house that drain vital energy, sharp corners that make “poison arrows,” and stairs that are in the wrong place and make the house unstable.

These layout flaws can cause energy to stay stagnant, health issues, and problems reaching goals. This shows how important it is to fix Feng Shui imbalances for your general health.

These 15 Bad Feng Shui House Features or flaws can be easily handled while building or purchasing a new house. The same also can be watched while someone is selling a house.

Few Bad feng shui examples?

These are some common cases of bad Feng Shui in home layouts:

  1. Cluttered Entryway: An entryway that is full of clutter stops energy from entering the house, which causes stagnation and missing out on chances.
  2. Dark and Gloomy Spaces: Rooms or areas that don’t get enough natural light can have a heavy vibe and slow down the flow of energy, which can affect your mood and health.
  3. Irregularly Shaped Rooms: Rooms with odd shapes or floor plans can block the flow of chi, leaving areas where energy is stuck and throwing off the balance of the space as a whole.
  4. Bagua Areas That Are Missing: If you don’t have certain rooms or areas on your Bagua map, like corners or extensions, it can throw off your job, relationships, or wealth.
  5. Sharp Corners and Angles: Furniture or building features with sharp corners or angles that stick out create “poison arrows,” which can send out bad energy and make people feel tense or stressed.
  6. Blocked Windows or Doors: Putting furniture or other things in front of windows or doors that block them stops the natural flow of energy and can make it hard for Chi to move around the house.
  7. Mirrors That Reflect Bad Energy: Mirrors that reflect clutter, sharp edges, or other bad things can make the bad energy in a room stronger, making it more harmful to the people who are there.
  8. Unbalanced Elements: If the elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) are not represented in the house in a balanced way, it can cause chaos and affect different parts of life that are connected to those elements.

If you put stairs in the wrong place, like right next to the front door or in line with important rooms, energy can flow too quickly through the space, which can make it unstable and cause problems for people who live there.

What are the consequences of bad feng shui?

1. The front entrance and the back entrance are perfectly lined

  • The entrance doorway and rear doorway should not be aligned directly in your home’s layout. Also, each front door color has a specific meaning and significance in feng shui.
  • Avoiding a straight connection between the front door into the small living room and then the rear doors is very essential in feng shui.
  • Once this happens, all of the excellent feng shui energy that enters via the main entrance quickly goes through and then out the rear door, never to be recirculated or nourished inside your home.
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2. Concealed Main Entrances Are Bad Feng Shui House Features

  • Your main entryway feng shui should, preferably, face the street because then energy and possibilities may readily flow from the street towards your entrance.
  • When you don’t possess such an option and your main entrance is concealed at the rear of your house, you may always use lights, flowers, charming flags, and wind chimes to draw attention to it from the roadway.
  • You aim to channel the energy toward your “concealed main entrance.”

3. Staircase Facing the Front Door

Staircase facing main door
Staircase facing the main door
  • A stairway squarely facing the front entrance, for example, might have an influence on a home’s energy.
  • A bad feng shui house arrangement is created when a stair is precisely opposing, in alignment with, and facing the main entrance.
  • Because it permits chi to flow rapidly and precisely into and out of the main door, which might imply decreased assets or funds.
  • A staircase, in a broad sense, signifies highs and lows, which may be rather inconvenient.

4. Bathroom Doorway Facing the Main Door

  • Having a bathroom right across from the front entrance guarantees that the bathroom will be the initial place you look whenever you enter your house.
  • When the bathroom is just the initial place you notice when you enter your house, it might contribute to sickness or frequent bathroom visits.
  • Although you would prefer not to put a bathroom here, when you are unable to repair and move the bathroom, an easy option is to hang a mirror on the exterior of the entrance.

5. Staircase in the Middle of A Home

 Staircase At The Middle of A Home
 Staircase in the Middle of A Home

Staircases in the middle of the house are considered Bad Feng Shui House Features. Assume that your home’s core is in the middle.

The continuous “up/downforce” generated via the stairs would deplete the core heart inevitably. This would eventually be reflected in the emotions of those who live or work inside such a building.

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6. Bathroom in the Middle of A Home

Since it is the core of Bagua as well as your life, the central area is extremely significant. A bathroom in the middle of the house can drain energy from the whole room, which is bad for health and well-being.

Hang a mirror on the exterior of the bathroom entrance to spiritually obliterate the bathroom of this part of your house.

7. Bedroom Located Above A Garage

  • Even though it is usually a storage space, a bedroom located above a garage is deemed unlucky.  Spaces like these are said to be barren and lacking qi energy.
  • Napping above this very location does not give any comfort or allow you to refresh your own energy.
  • To break the bad luck, the bedroom must be rooted. This entails including earthy materials like pottery.

8. Long, Narrow Hallway

Long, Narrow Hallway
Bad Feng Shui House Features- Long, Narrow Hallway
  • A long, thin corridor resembles a highway or a lengthy underpass in feng shui.
  • It picks up velocity and momentum that could pose a difficulty in the corridor especially for a feng shui corner house and also whatever will be at the extreme of it.
  • Look around your hallway to find the ideal spot to establish a significant central focus, that you may achieve with a piece of artwork or a vibrant wall tone.

9. Linkage of Doors or Windows along a Straight Line

Directly aligning doors and windows generates dashing energy, however possessing too many doors as well as windows lined in a sequence generates poor energy, something you don’t want in your house.

10. The Health Region is Overburdened and Cramped

Keeping your home sorted is an essential Feng Shui recommendation for excellent health.

It should be devoid of unnecessary mess. Clutter is a symbol of trapped energy. You may overcome bad luck by keeping your house tidy and getting rid of things you don’t utilize or need.

11. Kitchen Installed At Northeast Sector

Kitchen Installed At Northeast Sector
Bad Feng Shui House Features- Kitchen Installed At Northeast Sector
  • Kitchens must never be located in the Northeast area of the house, based on feng shui rules.
  • Flame at Heaven’s Gateway is the name given to such a layout. The eldest man or breadwinner’s capacity to make money is consumed by the flame at heaven’s gateway.
  • And he is informed that he could suffer from health as well as financial problems. 

12. Backward slope

  • A sloping courtyard is regarded as negative Feng Shui because it lacks sustaining energy for the house. It could lead to troubles such as unexpected loss, a change in luck, and health or money issues.
  • To elevate the “qi” through the sloping courtyard to your home and the roofing, grow a large tree around the same height as your rooftop or marginally higher.

13. Installation of mirrors in the wrong orientation

  • Mirrors really shouldn’t look north or east, as per feng shui. Good thoughts arriving via the north or east could be reflected away by this.
  • Mirrors in bedrooms must be prevented for a healthy life and deep relaxation. When there is a mirror inside the bedroom, this should not reflect the bedding, as per Feng Shui.

14. Beams that are pointing in the improper direction

Beams or pillars pointing the improper way, as said by feng shui professionals, represent a poisonous arrow, which should be averted.

You may alleviate the jinx by erecting a mirror in front of the beam or pillar which will reflect it in the proper direction.

15. Hidden Front Door

As we have seen the importance of the front door in feng shui, in many houses it’s totally hidden. When somebody enters the house, the front door must be visible.

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It’s not only confusing for the guests but from a feng shui point of view, such a thing may block the “qi“.

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16. Bad feng shui house location

Bad Feng Shui house location means that a home is near a source of negative energy, like a cemetery, a hospital, or a busy highway.

These places can block the flow of good chi and cause problems for the people who live there.

How to fix: To fix a bad location, you could use protection symbols like Bagua mirrors or plant trees or shrubs in a way that keeps bad energy away from the house.

17. Bad Feng shui bedroom?

Clutter under the bed mirrors facing the bed, or dangerous objects close by are all examples of bad Feng Shui bedroom features that can make it hard to sleep, make relationships tense, and stop you from relaxing and recharging.

How to fix: To improve bedroom Feng Shui, get rid of junk, put the bed diagonally across from the door, and avoid putting mirrors facing the bed to help people sleep well and get along with each other.

18. Bad Feng Shui front door?

Some things that make a front door bad for Feng Shui are doors that face a long hallway, stairs, or sharp objects.

These things can make energy flow too quickly or become stuck, which can cause missed opportunities, instability, or trouble bringing good things into the home.

How to fix: Make the front door better Feng Shui by making sure it’s well-lit, clear, and friendly. If Chi is moving too quickly, use wind chimes or plants to slow it down. If you are having trouble, use a Bagua mirror to block bad energy.

19. Bad Feng Shui mirrors?

Bad Feng Shui mirrors show clutter, bad views, or beds directly because they can make bad energy stronger, make it hard to sleep, or make you feel uneasy.

If you put mirrors in bad places, they can also break up the flow of energy and make the room less harmonious.

How to fix: Right mirror Feng Shui by putting mirrors in a way that makes space feel bigger instead of smaller, making sure they reflect nice views or natural light, and covering them at night to help you sleep well and keep your energy from getting out of balance.

Bad Feng Shui House Features Takeaway

Considering these 15 Bad Feng Shui House Features, You have learned and identified how these house features can impact one’s life and how to balance their negative energy by correcting and avoiding such elements.