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11 Ways To Use Feng Shui Dragon Turtle As Money Magnet

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What Is Turtle Dragon?

Feng Shui Dragon Turtle, Wish Turtle, or Dragon Tortoise” symbol is a prevalent traditional and classical figure in Feng Shui culture. Feng Shui practitioners vastly use it throughout the world.

Feng Shui Dragon Turtle
Feng Shui Dragon Turtle

Thus, it can be easily found in any Feng Shui shop. The statue can vary from cheap metal finished variants to unusual and beautiful jade statues.

  • This dragon image is always associated with ancient Chinese culture, and it holds a significant value in Feng Shui with its specific meaning and uses.
  • The Feng Shui dragon turtle is the combination of the two most potent and influential creatures in Chinese mythology. While it has the body of a turtle, its head is that of a dragon.
  • Since its creation is derived from Chinese mythology, it represents a positive sculpture in Feng Shui.
  • The Bixi Dragon is a famous figure from ancient Chinese mythology. He was the dragon, who is said to be one of the nine sons of the king of dragons.
  • Stone sculptures of the Bixi Dragon are used mainly to commemorate essential and significant events. It is also used as a decorative statue at the archways and bases of a bridge to bring protection and good luck.

Dragon Turtle Symbol In Feng Shui

Dragon Turtle is one of the most commonly used Feng Shui applications, also called (long gui) for the cure and as an enhancer in the home or office.

It is an ancient Feng Shui dragon turtle symbol that is a combination of two celestial animals i.e., a dragon and a turtle, out of four (Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger, and Turtle). It signifies novelty, longevity, and wisdom.

Feng Shui Dragon Turtle
Feng Shui Dragon Turtle

What are the dragon turtle benefits?

The Chinese dragon symbolizes fertility, courage, determination, power, longevity, support, and success. Due to its popularity, it has been showcased in several modern-age movies, animated series, and games too.

If you need a career boost, then keep this on your office desk where it’s visible to your eye level. The same goes for businesses and new opportunities.

What Are The Different Types Of Dragon Turtles?

There have been numerous illustrations of dragon-headed turtles throughout history. But here is a list of some of the most popular types of dragon turtle statues.

#1. Dragon Sitting On A Bed Of Gold Ingots:

It is one of the most famous dragon turtle designs used throughout the world.

In this illustration, the creature is depicted as sitting on a bed of golden ingots or as a dragon holding a coin. It represents ever-increasing income and luck.

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#2.Turtle Statue With Some Baby Turtles On Their Shell:

It is pretty similar to the above illustration. This type of dragon is illustrated with one or two baby turtles on its back. It is believed to have “turtle good luck.”

Which provides obedient and humble children who lead the family to greatness and help build a prosperous life. It is excellent to activate descendant luck.

#3. Turtle Having Wen Chang Pagoda On Its Back:

In this illustration, the turtle is depicted as carrying Wen Chang Pagoda on its back.

Wen Chang Turtle Pagoda is an ancient architectural structure from Guangxi, China. The term “Web Chang Pagoda” consists of two words, “Chang” and “Wen,” meaning prosperity and knowledge, respectively.

This iconic figurine is believed to bring positive vibes and turtle money. They are usually placed in a bedroom, living room, dining area, or near the entrance.

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What Is The Meaning Of The Dragon Turtle Tattoo?

Tattoos are prevalent throughout the world. People often use tattoos to symbolize various things that have a strong influence on their lives. Japan has a very long tradition of tattoos, which usually have special and deep meanings.

In ancient times, Japanese tattoos were used as a way of conveying social status. Special spiritual symbols were used as a good charm for protection and also to symbolize devotion.

Turtle Dragon Tattoo, One of the most popular tattoos in Japanese culture from edges.

  • According to Western culture, dragons symbolize ferocity, strength, and wealth owing to their enormous size and strength.
  • Though they may hold intense destructive powers, they are considered guardians of truth, peace, and harmony.
  • On the other hand, turtles symbolize longevity, protection, and stability; they are often seen as ancient creatures that represent time.
  • So, a Turtle tattoo is an expression of a combination of both these creatures and their energies. Now there are several variants of this tattoo as well, with their own significance.
  • The red turtle is one of them. It depicts bravery, as the red color symbolizes courage and ferocity.

Specific Use Of Dragon Turtle In Feng Shui

The Turtle Dragon statue or image holds an extraordinary place in the Feng Shui tradition for several purposes, which may vary from person to person.

Several purposes of the dragon statue are listed below.

#1: It attracts wealth

  • Placing the turtle dragon in the money area of your house or the lucky direction of your home is believed to attract wealth.
  • Typically, a golden-colored Dragon surrounded by gold ingots or a turtle with money is used.
  • If the statue has some turtles on its back, then it further adds to the overall effect.

#2 Advancement of career

Using the tortoise dragon in your professional life can do great wonders.

  • To achieve success and promotion, job and business-wise, always prefer the sculpture in which there is a Ru Yi on the back of the Dragon.
  • It is advisable to place a turtle in the Northwest area of your office or place it in your lucky direction.
  • Make sure you choose a statue carved from crystal or with good-quality bronze.
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#3. It neutralizes the energy of negative stars

The fiery and courageous power of the dragon and the wisdom and watchful nature of the turtle neutralize the energies of negative stars.

  • It protects a person from the adverse effects of these annual stars, mainly from number 2 and 5 stars.
  • Often the turtle has a specific design on its shell, like a square Chinese symbol or some engravings for well wishes, protection, and wealth.
  • The best direction and material for your dragon-headed tortoise statue depends upon your Bagua area. Also, take care of the five Feng Shui elements and their corresponding directions to make the best choice.

Are The Turtles Considered To Be Good Luck?

Black Tortoise is one of the four Feng Shui animals. Chinese turtle god is said to represent good luck.

Tortoise is considered to be a heavenly creature that represents longevity and wisdom. If placed in the right directions and places, it proves beneficial in channeling positive energy throughout the house.

Hence, there is no doubt that turtles represent good luck. However the direction in which they are placed is crucial; therefore, it must be considered carefully.

Which Way Should A Turtle Face For Good Luck?

The tortoise is a spiritual creature in Chinese culture that symbolizes longevity and peace.

Therefore, placing it in the right position improves the flow of positive energy. And fill lives with good luck, misplacement can block the proper flow of energy.

Therefore, it is necessary to follow Feng Shui rules while placing a turtle in your home or office.

The ideal place to place the tortoise is the back of your house. However, it can be placed in various directions. Here are common rules that are followed for placing a tortoise:

  1. Placing a tortoise at the entrance of your house provides safety and protection from negative energies.
  2. Putting the tortoise near a fish tank or waterfall magnifies this statue’s power by synchronizing with its energy and further multiplying it.
  3. Putting it in the health direction will protect you against various diseases and illnesses.
  4. Your health direction can be determined by calculating your Kua number and then using the Feng Shui direction chart.
  5. Putting the tortoise above your head in your bed will help you eliminate all anxieties and stress. It also helps a person to deal with insomnia. If your child is afraid of sleeping alone or has nightmares, then place it near their bed.
  6. Putting it in your lucky office direction proves beneficial for your career and business.
  7. Placing it in the northwest direction of your house will increase your Patriarch’s luck.
  8. To help get a dedicated attitude you can place the tortoise statue in the east direction

NOTE: It is highly advised not to put it in a kitchen or bathroom.

Where Do You Place Turtle At Your Home?

  1. To enhance good luck, good health, and longevity for your entire family, put the Turtle Dragon on your house’s east side.
  2. Those who follow Flying Star philosophy and consider it while building the home can place the dragon head turtle in the southern and eastern direction of your house.
  3. It helps in neutralizing the adverse effects of stars and protects you against serious illness and accidents.
  4. Putting the tortoise dragon statue on the south-eastern side of your workplace or office is hugely beneficial for your career and brings prosperity, good luck, and wealth. That is why they are sometimes also known as turtles for good luck.
  5. If the statue is placed in the north-east direction of the house, it is known to increase the focus and attention towards studies. It can help your child academically.
  6. Putting it in the northwest direction of your house can positively influence the Patriarch of the household and improve their overall focus in accomplishing their goal.

Feng Shui dragon turtle facing direction

1. Dragon dragon-headed tortoise must be facing the front door as it invites peace and serenity in your house. It also brings protection so it can be placed in front of a window that requires extra protection.

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2. In a sitting place, the Dragon should not be placed where it is faced directly towards you. It is rather suggested that you put it in any other general direction.

3. It is always recommended that you keep the turtle outside your bedroom in more active areas and that requires extra protection.

What you should not do with Turtle?

  • Dragon turtle holds an exceptional place in the Feng Shui tradition, and Feng Shui emphasizes the importance of directions.
  • Therefore, Feng Shui turtle means placing it in a direction that inhibits negative energy and aids the movement of positive energy into your house, workplace, and life.
  • Hence, one must be careful in placing a turtle dragon as they impose a powerful influence on a person’s life.
  • Follow the Feng Shui rules to utilize their positive effects correctly. Also, under no circumstances, they must not be handled carelessly.

What Are Dragon Turtle Cures?

#1 Dealing with Financial situations

Turtle sculpture can be used as a wealth cure. The influence of Dragons and Turtle can bring significant changes in the adverse financial conditions of your house.

When placed in the money area of the home, it is believed to attract wealth. A Dragon with golden ingots in its mouth or a dragon with a coin is especially useful in this case.

#2 Dealing with a stagnant career

The flow of energy around your workplace is vital as it’s the place that requires complete focus. Also, you can only succeed if you are completely dedicated to your profession.

Choose the north or northwest direction to get the best results. Consider placing a dragon-headed tortoise on your work desk for the best results.

#3. Fault in Your Stars

Feng Shui follows the star-driven system as it traces the position of stars on your birth and the first letter of your name.

These stars have a powerful influence on a person’s life. However, due to the intense nature of dragons and turtles, it can neutralize their ill effects and protect against them.

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FAQ- Dragon Turtle Feng Shui Guide

Q: how to wear a dragon turtle bracelet?

You can wear a jade dragon turtle bracelet in your working hand no matter it’s right or left hand. Try not to allow others to touch this also keep this clean.

Q: dragon turtle tattoo meaning?

A dragon turtle tattoo is very famous among youngsters as it depicts power, strength, longevity, and success.

Q: How To use the Feng Shui turtle for wealth?

You can keep a dragon turtle figurine at your wealth corner, desk, office. Also can wear dragon turtle jewelry like bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

Q: Laughing buddha on dragon tortoise direction?

The best places for Laughing buddha on dragon tortoises are east, south-east, or north-east directions.


The Feng Shui Dragon Turtle Symbol is a significant and powerful relic of Feng Shui. So, if you genuinely believe in the practices of Feng Shui and take their guidance in your life.

Then the powerful and aggressive nature of the dragon along with the wisdom and longevity of the turtle can work wonders for you.

The only thing you need to consider is their placement and their building material as such things are crucial in Feng Shui, and they can change the entire effects of this symbol.