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[7 Rules] Feng Shui For Better Study And Concentration

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Feng Shui For Better Study And Concentration- Are you having trouble concentrating while studying? Is this impacting your grades despite you giving it your all?

Well, there may be negative energy surrounding your study space that may be leading to such unwanted results.

To break the barrier and create a space for success and better study, you can try out an ancient Chinese practice that is aimed at allowing positive energy to embrace you and your surroundings.

This practice is known as Feng Shui and has a high success ratio for whoever practices. After all, it has its origins in science.

Feng Shui For Better Study And Concentration
Feng Shui For Better Study And Concentration

Feng Shui goes over and beyond your daily meditation. It incorporates a lifestyle change that requires persistence and determination.

To find out how you can make your study sessions fruitful and experience a boost in your grades, read ahead.

The Feng Shui practices for better study provided here are foolproof and sure to leave you checking your academic goals off the list. 

Feng Shui: Chinese Geomancy

Feng Shui is not just your average practice of meditating and being open to change. It has its roots in a 3000-year-old practice of Chinese geomancy.

In this practice, the interplay of the types of energies present in the universe is taken in high regard. Every element in the universe emits a certain type of energy.

This can be either positive or negative. Feng Shui seeks to create a balance between these energies and allow for more positive energy to fit into the mix.

The person practicing Feng Shui, therefore, can create a balance and harmony between themselves and their surroundings.

The benefits that follow are far stretching. From a better outlook on life, improved mental and physical health, success in the professional and academic sphere, to even personal development, all are a given with Feng Shui in the equation.

Feng Shui For Better Study

To make your study sessions produce the desired results, here are a few Feng Shui practices you can engage in.

Feng Shui For Better Study And Concentration
Feng Shui For Better Study And Concentration

These are sure to change the way you view your studying sessions and make them effortless right away. Here is the step-by-step guide to getting started on Feng Shui for better study:

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1. Start with a Clean Slate

Decluttering– The first thing you want to do is clean out your study space. If it is a study room, remove all items–even the carpets and curtains. If it is just a small space in your room, then clear out the table and remove all books.

The next thing you want to do is pick up your cleaning supplies and get scrubbing. Sweep the floors, remove any stains on the wall, and even wipe down the doors.

By the end of it, not a speck of dust should remain. This is because dust and debris emit negative energy. They can get in the way of your efforts to allow positive energy to enter.

Once this is done, you can move on to the next steps of planning the layout of your study space.

2. Get The Right Feng Shui Tools for Better Study

In Feng Shui, the 5 elements of wood, fire, water, earth, and metal have a special place.

Their presence, or the presence of items that draw inspiration from them, plays an important role in boosting the interplay of positive and negative energies.

Thus, it is better to have a wooden desk in your possession. Wood does not only hold a lot of energy and power but is an important element of nature that draws in success and fortune.

Make sure the desk is in good condition. Any broken edges or frayed polish can render your efforts useless.

Thus, have the desk buffed and polished, or you can paint over it according to the Feng Shui colors of luck and success.

These colors are either green or white. They are not only a sight for sore eyes but help improve focus and attention.

3. Placement Of The Desk

The placement of the desk is the main factor here. The wrong placement can throw your Yin and Yang balance off.

The command position is the ideal placement position for a study desk. It requires you to place the study table or desk against a solid wall.

Avoid placing it where your back faces the main door or you face an open window.

The ideal place is for the window to be on your left. If none of these positions are available, you can make do by hanging wind chimes on your window, or keeping the room door closed if your back happens to face it. 

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4. Set Up The Study Space

With the basics out of the way, you can begin setting up your study space. Start by placing books and items on the desk that you are sure to use.

Replace your lighting fixtures if they are dull as well – the brighter the space is, the better the concentration levels are going to be.

You can even utilize natural lighting coming from the window – for this, avoid drawing the curtains if you happen to study during the day.

In addition, the presence of life is also a great way to boost your Feng Shui energy. Add plants in your study space or keep a small desk plant on the northwest corner.

Make sure the plants are Feng Shui plants such as the lucky bamboo, jade plant, money plant, or bright flowers such as geraniums. Plants having thick skin and thorns such as cacti are a big no!

The same goes for making your study space inviting and lively. Use bright colors in your study room to draw the right energy. 

A red pillow on your chair or a yellow carpet would further make your little study corner look and feel pleasant to be in.

5. Some Feng Shui Items and Figurines to Add

If you have the means to get a hold of Feng Shui symbols and items for good luck, success, and fortune, then you can place those in your study space as well.

One such item that offers knowledge and wisdom is the Feng Shui owl. It helps promote academic success and can be purchased online or from any Feng Shui store.

You can keep this figure in the northwest position of your study desk. A portrait or drawing of an owl is sure to work the same way as well.

6. Tips to Maximize Your Feng Shui Practice

There are a few ways to ensure your Feng Shui for better study bears fruitful results faster. It is by adding the following few tips in your practice.

  • Share knowledge – by sharing information and knowledge with others the cycle of fortune and knowledge begins to churn. This further helps in developing your skills
  • Help your friends if they are struggling with their assignments and grades. In Feng Shui, helping others is a great way to ward off negative energy
  • Be mindful of your actions and behavior. This helps unlock the doors to self-actualization. Thus, allowing you to use your strengths to your advantage
  • Practice meditation before sitting to study. This helps clear the mind and calm the nerves – resulting in better retention of information and keeping you from getting distracted
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7. Insight Into Factors That Can Hamper Your Studies

Apart from getting your ideal study space set up, there are a few key details you should keep in mind.

Being aware of these aspects can help you prevent any hurdles and disruptions in the flow of positive energy.

Therefore, this makes the time and effort spent on studying worth it. Here’s what you should avoid when trying out Feng Shui for better study: 

  • Keep your study space neat and clean. Avoid piling up your books and leaving a mess after studying. Clear up your books and notes and leave your study table organized.
  • Clean your study table frequently – the presence of dust and debris can create negative energy and disrupt your concentration levels
  • Remove any broken and damaged items in your study space. If your favorite vase falls and breaks, it’s best for you to discard it right away
  • Avoid keeping plants on your study table that have died. The same goes for cacti and succulents
  • Don’t study or work while facing the window. If your study table happens to be facing a window, you can cancel out the flow of negative energy by hanging a wind chime on your window

The Bottom Line

With a breakdown of the right Feng Shui tips and practices for better study in your knowledge, you can find your road to success becoming easier.

Sail through exam week and impress your parents with your grades in no time. But, remember to take it slow and stay patient.

Go into the practice with an open mind and allow for the positive energy to come to you.

The more you welcome it and create the ideal space for it to enter, the greater the impact it is going to have. So, without any further delay get started on clearing your study space and witness its benefits in due time.