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How To Feng Shui Kids Room- 13 Brilliant + Affordable Ways

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Feng Shui is a combination of art and science based on neuroscience principles for decorating your house following proper directions and colors. This is basically done to properly utilize the flow of positive energy all-around your house.

Feng Shui Kids Room
Amazing Ways To Feng Shui Kids Room

Different rooms have different arrangements of items depending upon the purpose they serve. Also, your kid’s room is the most crucial part of your house.

Therefore, properly using Feng Shui techniques to make your child more protective and efficient is necessary. In this article, we will talk about various methods of How To Feng Shui Kids Room as per Feng Shui rules.

Importance Of The Children’s Bedroom And Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient art that talks about improving the environmental conditions by following the simple rules of directions and elements.

It promotes general harmony and well-being of a person by implicating minor changes in the environment.

So, if you are wondering, is Feng Shui beneficial for your kid’s room? Yes, applying Feng Shui in our child’s room can make their life much more comfortable, harmonious, and happy.

Let’s talk about the importance of Feng Shui in the children’s bedroom.

Initially, it may seem very complicated to read about a kid’s room Feng Shui. But you follow the instructions properly, it is actually easy to implement.

Feng Shui Kids Room
Feng Shui Kids Room
  • You need to realize the fact that the bedroom serves multiple purposes and that is why it is one of the most important places in the house. Also, Feng Shui also talks about its importance in most of its readings.
  • The place of rest or the sleeping area must be kept separate from for this sole purpose only. In any condition don’t associate it with work or something else.
  • If you got more than one bedroom for your child then it is better because this way you can isolate their resting place. Visuals also play a very important role in providing a soothing environment.
  • If you have your resting place and playroom in the same place then you can consider a double-height bedroom. As it will allow the play area and the rest area to be on different levels and their energies won’t interfere with each other.
  • An excellent way to handle this is by having high ceilings and using bunk beds accessible by stairs.
  • In your child’s bedroom, you must avoid placing items or activating elements that are opposite to that of resting. However, if they are an absolute necessity then use them as less as possible.
  • Using a fixed bed or a headboard along with a carpet that delimits an area is an excellent option. Also, it is recommended not to put drawers or shelves near the bed.

How To Feng Shui Kids Room- 11 Ways

Here are 11 general things to be considered while arranging your kid’s room according to Feng Shui.

1. Toy Boxes

Small children love their toys more than anything and usually, they keep them in a box. But keeping that box in your child’s room can create clutter.

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Most of the time children toss these toys anywhere in the room as they don’t necessarily keep them in the box. This creates a disorganized closet and clutter.

To prevent this problem you can consider the following options.

  1. Using different sized boxes, bags, or containers to organize toys, and don’t forget to use a lid.
  2. Always keep the toy box away from your toddler’s bed. As it invites yang energy which is not beneficial for their growth.
  3. It is highly advised to keep the toy box in a different room such as a playroom or some other area of the house.

2. Display Shelves

Open shelf displays are to be avoided at all costs. They are said to cause what’s called in Feng Shui as “poison arrows”. Always used bookcases or shelves with closed doors.

Glass doors are also advised to avoid the conflict of energy. If you however choose to have open-door shelves then consider these tips to make the environment safer.

  1. Use shelves with rounded corners.
  2. Place books along with the edges of the shelf.
  3. Use a cloth item to cover its edges.

3. Wall Art, Posters, and Murals

Kids often fantasize about various things. Hence, they like to put their posters, dramatic art, or murals. This is a great idea as it encourages your child to express their creativity and it creates positive energy too.

However, there are certain objects which need to be avoided. It includes:

  1. Avoid using vicious images of animal brutality or predators in an attacking pose.
  2. Images of disaster, explosion, or war create restlessness as it invites negative energy.
  3. Images of powerful waves or turbulent oceans have a very negative Feng Shui impact.

4. Window Treatments

Window treatments are very necessary for creating the right type of energy. Toddlers and infants mostly sleep during the day. Also, they require an adequate amount of light conditions for optimum sleep.

  1. Curtains or draperies must blot all the light to create a soothing and relaxing environment for a sound sleep.
  2. Use blinds to redirect light in any direction you need to.
  3. Choose those textures and fabrics which aren’t too bold as they don’t oppress the chi energy.

5. Choose the Right Feng Shui Bedding

Using proper bedding is as important as using the right furniture, colors, and decorations for the quality of sleep of your child. Always prefer using soft bedding as it supports the back arch.

Also, use fabrics for covers according to the season. Overfilled patterns and dark colors create yang energy and it can disturb your child’s sleep.

6. Stuffed Animals and Plush Toys

As mentioned before, children love their toys more than anything. Therefore, they tend to keep them as close as possible.

Because of this, they usually end up throwing them all around their room. It creates clutter and can attract yang energy.

7. Lighting Solutions

The right type and right amount of light are very important for your child’s bedroom. Using an overhead light just above the bed can send too much yang energy.

It can interfere with their sleeping patterns. You should always use layered lights.

  1. If you are using an overhand light then use it in a dim setting.
  2. For nightstands, you can use a three-way table lamp.
  3. For a subtle lightning option, you can use recessed ceiling lights.
  4. Use an up and down pattern on the side of the bed.

8. Separate Study Areas

Feng Shui advises keeping the area of studying away from the bedroom. As your workplace shouldn’t interfere with your resting place. But most parents place their child’s study table in the bedroom itself.

If you also need to place it there then you can try these tips to reduce the yang energy around the room.

  1. Use a folding screen or some kind of barrier to create a space to shield your bed from the study table.
  2. Using a crystal pyramid Feng Shui item in the kid’s room between bed and study table helps to disperse the chi energy.
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9. Electronic Devices

In these times, it is almost inevitable to survive without electronic devices. During this pandemic, the use of smartphones and PCs has increased ever since.

But Feng Shui suggests that you should limit the use of these electronic devices to the study area, living room, or playroom.

They must not be carried into the bedroom. TV and other devices usually disturb the chi energy of the Feng Shui children’s bedroom layout and interfere with your child’s sleep.

10. Bed’s Position

The bed placement in Feng Shui is the most crucial element in a bedroom. Always put your child’s bed in the opposite direction from the door and diagonally against the far wall.

11. Music

Most of the children listen to some kind of music while growing up. Make sure before going to sleep, they listen to soft and relaxing music (If they do). Hardcore music is not advised before going to bed.

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How To Feng Shui Teenage Bedroom

While growing up teenage can be a confusing time for your child because during this time various changes take place in their body. They develop their character and start forming their unique identity among their peers.

An unsettling set of emotional changes are experienced by a child during this period. Feng Shui bedroom methods suggest various methods and techniques help your child during this period.

With a properly set bedroom arrangement, you can reduce the discomfort and provide a kind of emotional stability to your child.

Here are some common rules that you can follow:

  1. Avoid using dark and blue colors. These colors are associated with water elements and they attract energized energy which can be unsettling during this time.
  2. Since red is related to the fire element. Hence, it is said to avoid using it.
  3. Use white color for a gentle and soothing tone.
  4. Choose wooden furniture as it provides firmness and support.
  5. Avoid using metal furniture as it attracts water elements which elevate the yang energy level.

How To Feng Shui For Children’s Health

To promote your child’s health keep the room clean and tidy. Also, follow all the Feng Shui principles to prevent the flow of negative energy around the house, which can affect your child’s health.

Feng Shui Kids Room
Feng Shui Kids Room

Can We Have Two Beds In One Room In Feng Shui

It is not advised to use two beds in a single room because a bed is normally placed at a commanding position.

Therefore, having two beds in a single room can interfere with that position. However, if you have 2 children then you can consider using a double bed.

Bunk beds are also used by many people but according to Feng Shui, they are not the ideal choice. It is because a bunk bed forces the child to sleep too close to the ceiling.

And can compress his/her energy. But if using the bunk bed is a necessity then consider these:

  • Bunk beds are fun but they should only be used when you are short on space or your children like them too much.
  • More importantly, if they enjoy sleeping in it and they are getting a comfortable sleep then there is no problem using the bunk bed.

How The Feng Shui Bedroom Layout Should Be For Kids Room

Feng Shui Kids Room
Feng Shui child’s bedroom layout
  • The most important thing in the bedroom is the bed. Hence, it should be placed in an ideal spot called the “commanding position”. It is the best position as it promotes a night of restful sleep.
  • The commanding position is one where your child can see the door. You don’t want to put the bed right in front of the door but rather at a diagonal position with the headrest against the far wall.
  • It is done so your child can see who’s coming through the door and who’s leaving. They should not be surprised by someone.

How To Feng Shui Toddler Sleeping Area

Toddlers are full-on energy and they are most active during the night. Hence, they need a calming and soothing bedroom environment for sleeping purposes.

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And kid’s room Feng Shui tips can help you a lot with this. Making their bedroom inviting is equally important.

  • In terms of color combination, you can use light brown and lush green. Since they match with nature and it can help in preparing for slumber.
  • Soft whites or spacious light blue, taupe are another color combination excellent for a toddler’s bedroom.
  • Select the bed and other furniture according to your child’s height.

Colors And Decorations In A Children’s Bedroom And Feng Shui

  • Feng Shui Colors provide visual aids in a child’s room, so they must be chosen carefully. They also bring the right amount of balance between yin and yang energy.
  • Colors should neither be too bright nor too dull. They must be chosen according to your child’s mental state and nature.
  • Avoid using neon-bright colors for walls and overfilled wallpapers are also not advised, as they can overstimulate your child’s mental activity.
  • Kids room Feng Shui shapes are advised according to their Bagua number. For decoration, purposes use minimalistic arts or paintings along with some sculptures of their spirit animal.
  • Which you can determine by using the Bagua number. You can also place a fishbowl in a kid’s room as a Feng Shui decoration.

How To Arrange Play Area In Feng Shui Kids Bedroom

  • The playing area is not recommended to be in the same place as that of the bedroom. But in case you have a toddler or no space is left for the play area.
  • Also, avoid placing toys near the bed and cluttering of toys as it invites yang energy.
  • Feng Shui living room furniture layout with kid’s toys is another excellent way to store toys away from their bedroom.



Q: Where should I put my kid’s bed in the bedroom?

In terms of better sleep and focus put kid’s bed in South-west directions.

Q: Where do you put furniture in a kid’s bedroom?

Furniture placement must be near the window in order to get good sunlight, as it’s important for better focus and motivation.

Also, make sure to place it as far from the doorways, so that the chi energy doesn’t get blocked.

Q: Where should a mirror be placed in a kid’s bedroom?

The best place for a mirror in the kid’s room is on the plane wall, behind the doorways. Just avoid placing a mirror in front of the kid’s bed, just to hinder good sleep.

Q: Which direction should children study?

The East and the West are two directions also called focus directions, the best for study, new achievements, goal set up.

You can also place children’s awards, certificates, and rewards in these directions.


Feng Shui For Kids Room? So far as we discovered that your child’s bedroom is an important part of your house. Therefore, many things need to be considered while arranging or decorating it.

From the placement of the bed to use the right colors for walls everything matters. So make sure to follow the things we have mentioned for maximum utilization of the bedroom as per Feng Shui rules.