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21 Feng Shui For Fighting Couples Cure: To Bring Back Love

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One of the common issues that occur in relationships is fighting. Fighting is inevitable. Are you looking for Feng Shui For Fighting Couples?

In this blog, we provided useful Feng Shui tips that fighting couples can apply and restore peace and harmony to their relationship.

Restore your peace, bond, love, friendship, and joy back following the tips provided in this blog. 

Several reasons lead to fights among couples.

  • Most times, some arguments arise among couples concerning things but in essence, many arguments are most prevalent than others.
  • That is why frequent arguments can have a bad effect on relationships and can gradually disintegrate and break the relationship.
  • The result of the conflict in a relationship is always severe. Fight affects the life of such individuals, causing loneliness, disharmony, and bad luck.
  • Sometimes, fighting exposes relationships to assault, and the effect can be devastating. However, there is a solution to fights among couples.

Are you tired of fighting as a couple? Resolving conflict in a relationship is possible, and the good news is that no matter the degree, every conflict can be resolved by applying Feng Shui principles.

Feng Shui principles are effective for couples looking for ways to resolve their fight. You can have a happy and harmonious relationship. Feng Shui tips can be applied to build a healthy relationship and even sustain it.

Feng Shui for fighting couples will help you to create a friendly environment that enhances your harmonious living.

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Is It Good For Couples To Fight?

Generally, fighting among couples is not a good experience.

When you have persistent fights and arguments in a relationship, the result is that it blocks positive energy from flourishing and flowing between the couples.

Hence it is not proper for couples to fight.

Top 5 Reasons Why Couples Fight

Fight among couples is caused by some reasons ranging from sex to money and children. Here are the top 5 reasons couples fight in a relationship.

How To Feng Shui For Fighting Couples

1. Sex:

This is perhaps the most common source of a fight between couples.

Most times, couples disagree about how regular to have sex with one party perceiving their satisfactions are not utterly met and the other individual thinking hassled or beleaguered.

The arguments that arise among couples mostly center on who is the first to start, issues about foreplay, sexual position, and others.

2. Money:

Money is one of the reasons couples fight.

Money is important in a relationship, and the most common arguments about money among couples that often lead to fights include what should we spend money on.

The amount to save, the purpose of saving, what is wanted against what is needed, who is to pay for bills, and how it should be paid, or budget inclusion.

Besides, fights among couples tend to escalate when couples are becoming broke; couples are running into debt, or who is to blame for the debts.       

3. Children:

The issue of children is contributing to the fight among couples.

Because couples seem to be obsessive about children, they often argue about the number of children to have, their names, when to have the children, and so on.

In some cases, couples can argue about pregnancy issues.

Even when the children arrive, who is to wake up in the night to pamper them, and look after them might become an argument.

Several issues relating to parenting, feeding of the children, the school to attend, and the level of guidance to give and the supervision.  

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4. Not Spend Time Together:

Another reason for fights among couples is not spending time together. Couples may complain of not getting enough attention or time from one another, especially when their works are time-consuming.

5. Communication Gap:

If there is a lack of communication in the home, a fight is inevitable. When there is a communication gap between couples, it can lead to a fight.

8 Feng Shui For Fighting Couples Cures

Here are Feng Shui tips for fighting couples. Applying these tips can boost peace, joy, and love and help you create a friendly environment.

1. Hang A Crystal In Your Home

If a fight often occurs among couples, they can hang a crystal in their homes. According to Feng Shui, crystals have spiritual energy that can heal.

Hanging a crystal close to the door of your home will dispel the negative feelings, bad energy, strain, and unfriendly atmosphere in your home.

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2. Avoid Using Too Many Of Fire Element Symbols

In Feng Shui, the fire element is symbolized by red color, fire items, and triangular objects.

The fire element is known to be violent, energetic, and powerful.

  • Avoid using too much red in your home, and some items that represent fire elements such as candles, and fireplaces. Using too many fire elements can cause anger, conflict, and arguments.

If you want to weaken the effect of these items, introduce water and earth elements according to Feng Shui. Water elements and earth elements can cure fire elements.

  • The water element is represented by blue and black colors, while the earth is represented by brown, orange, and tan colors.

You can go for objects that represent these elements too such as ceramic, earthy pot, or vase, etc for earth elements and any water feature for the water element.

3. Introduce A Touch Of Yellow Around

Yellow represents communication. If you fight often in your relationship, adding a touch of yellow to your home will be helpful.

This color enhances communication. Apart from painting your room with yellow color, there are decors made with a yellow color that can be used to decorate the home.

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4. Allow Equal Treatment In The Bedroom

When there is unequal treatment, especially when using the bedroom, it results in a fight among couples.

The bedroom is a space intended to promote romance, and cordial relationships and aids sound sleep. That is why couples need to treat each other equally.

Starting from the bed, it must be shared equally, and beautify your bedroom with two similar night stands, or two pairs of lamps to show equality.   

5. Sit Next To Each Other Eating And Hanging Out Together

In Feng Shui, the position of your sitting means a lot. Your sitting position can go a long way in determining how your communication goes.

  • It defines how you get along with each other. That is why when you are at the dining table, make sure to sit next to one another.
  • When the sitting pattern is wrong, it makes an argument spring up. Now when you are seated directly across from your partner, what happens is that you often disagree with each other.

If you hang out often, make sure to sit next to one another. This creates intimacy and better communication.

6. Keep Reminders Of Things Causing Fight Between You

Fights among couples can be caused by things relating to money, sex, and others. Keep away the remains of those things that cause fights between you.

7. When Two Doors Are Banging Each Other

According to Feng Shui, two doors banging on each other are inauspicious (even two-door alignment). Two doors hitting each other when opened at the same time are said to be in disagreement.

They can cause arguments at home.

To fix this issue, if it is possible, re-hang the doors to prevent hitting each other. Another simple solution is hanging a crystal between the two doors.

8. Remove Any Image That Depicts Fight, Wrestling, And Competition

Images and paintings can influence your thoughts.

Therefore, hanging horrific images, images that depict people in a competition like sport, and wrestling stars can change your thinking pattern and affect your health and mind.

Homes that have wall art and images that portray happiness, romance, and harmony tend to experience peace more than homes that have images and art that depict violence, fights, war, or competition.

Images that portray negativity will attract negative energy into your home.

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How Can I Improve My Luck In A Relationship?

Feng Shui can be used to improve your luck. If you want to improve your luck in a relationship, follow these tips:

1. Bring lucky charms into your home:

You can attract good luck by bringing Feng Shui lucky charms into your house.

These lucky charms function by harmonizing and balancing the energy needed to improve your luck.

Some of the lucky charms include the popular laughing Buddha, lucky pig, lucky bamboo, three Chinese coins, & a money frog for improving your money luck, and so many more.

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2. De-clutter your home:

Cluttering can block the flow of positive energy into your home (learn the benefits of decluttering). Positive energy helps to improve luck.

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Therefore, remove every unused, damaged, or abandoned item from your main entrance, and rooms.

3. Make your front door inviting and beautiful:

The front door of your home is important. It can determine the type of luck you enjoy. That is why it is important to make your front door looks inviting, beautiful, and energetic.

4. Install wind chimes:

Wind chimes are objects that can improve your luck.

It is regarded as a Feng Shui symbol for bringing luck and blessing and improving your relationship luck.

Wind chimes produce a melodious sound which makes them bring positive energy into your home.

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5. Regular Home Cleaning:

Be committed to cleaning your home.

Regular cleaning helps to remove stagnant energy through the specks of dust that have gathered and allow a flow of good energy which can improve your luck in a relationship.

6. Stay positive:

Have a positive mindset towards your relationship, and it will help to improve your relationship luck.

Who Should Make The First Move After A Fight?

A relationship works when both partners are ready to accept the blame and move on.

Anyone can make the first move to mend a broken relationship after a fight.

Making the first move after a fight is based on maturity, eagerness to see things work out, and the understanding of a such person.

Top Feng Shui Tips For Anger Control

The devastating effect of anger is that it leads to fights among couples.

Anger can be controlled in relationships by using some Feng Shui tips. These tips will help you to control your anger and boost your peace.

1. Balance Feng Shui Elements:

Feng Shui Has five elements. When there is too much presence of wood elements in your home, you have to balance it with the earth element.

The wood element is represented by wood furniture, firewood, etc.

Excessive wood element flares up your anger, and such can be controlled by bringing in a wood element such as ceramic, earthy pots, earthen vase, etc to balance your home.    

2. Balance Your Space With Feng Shui Color:

Feng Shui Colors has a huge impact of our mood. Bringing in earth element colors can help in create balance for a disagreeing home.

Earth element colors such as orange, brown, yellow, and beiges can help bring stability to your space.

3. Minimize The Use Of Red & Green Colors:

Utilizing bright red and green colors can cause disagreement. Therefore, avoid using these colors because of their harmful effect.                                                            

4. Stop Watching Anything That Depicts Violence:

Some objects are an object of violence that can change your thought pattern and make your nature violent.

Minimize the effect of violence on your thoughts by refraining from watching violent clips on television programs, listening to violent music, and playing violent games.

Curtain the level of your exposure to these harmful things which can help to clear these.

5. Sleep:

People become crabby when robbed of good sleep, and this can lead to anger.

Therefore, schedule a time you will go to bed to enjoy quality sleep. Sleep replenishes your energy and makes you feel relaxed. 

12 Reasons Why Couples Quarrel In The Bedroom: Feng Shui Tips

There are many reasons why couples quarrel in the bedroom. A bedroom is a place of romance and renewing of love, but when there is tension, it becomes inhabitable.

Here are six reasons why couples quarrel in the bedroom according to Feng Shui.

  1. When the bed can easily be seen from the door, it makes an argument arise easily. A bedroom should be a secret space that nobody can access anyhow.
  2. But once the bed can be seen easily the moment you enter the door exposes the place, and make couples feel insecure and uncomfortable.
  3. Over time, such a situation affects the sleep of couples because of a lack of good sleep which can lead to the detriment of their relationship. Arguments always spring up easily. 
  4. When the sharp area faces the bed, couples quarrel a lot. Some items that make the bedroom have sharp areas are the furniture cabinets.
  5. Prevent these areas to face the bed. Frequent fights occur because of sharp corners in the bedroom. Sharp corners deprive you of good sleep too, which can affect your well-being.
  6. Sex: There are issues surrounding that can cause conflict in the bedroom. Often this leads to an argument among the couples in the bedroom.
  7. Most times, couples disagree about how regularly to have sex with one party perceiving their satisfactions are not utterly met and the other individual thinking beleaguered.
  8. The arguments that arise among couples mostly center on who is the first to initiate, issues about foreplay, sexual position, and others.
  9. Placing TV to face the bed: Most times when the TV is placed to face the bed for easy viewing, it is bad Feng Shui. TV is one of the radiant objects and bringing it very close to the bed can deprive you of good sleep, drain energy and affect your psyche.
  10. When the bedroom faces the southwest or northwest direction. When the couple’s bedroom faces the southwest or northwest corner, it causes conflict in the family. Try to change the bedroom corner.
  11. Placing the bed beside the window: The window is the opening in which the energy enters and leaves your space.
  12. When you placed the bed head toward the window, it makes you feel insecure and causes psychological stress which affects your health. Consider repositioning your bed to be far from the window. 
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Find below useful Feng shui Bedroom Resources.

How Do You Fix A Relationship After A Huge Fight?

If you want, how to fix a relationship after a huge fight, check these tips below.

  1. Give Each Other A Breathing Space: One of the effective ways to fix a relationship after a huge fight is to give each other breathing space. By giving yourself a little breathing space, you will enjoy the calmness and helps in analyzing your situation properly. When you give yourself time, couples will be emotionally stabilized and can control things. If you want to resolve your conflict, take time to discuss the way out.
  2. Give Expression To Your Feelings: Sometimes, to fix a relationship after a huge fight, it is important to give each other some time to ponder on the fight and the situation that surrounds it. It is necessary to voice out how you feel about your partner and what should be fixed that will allow peace to reign.
  3. Establish Effective Communication: Effective communication is necessary to fix a relationship after a huge fight. In addition, when communicating, ensure to use more of “I” in your statement. This shows you take responsibility and do not shift any blame on your partner. This step alone can repair a broken relationship.
  4. Be A Good Listener: If you want to fix a relationship after a huge fight, be a person that listens keenly. Don’t be in a hurry to reply. Being a good listener will help you to appreciate and know your partner. Shut down everything that causes distraction like phones, television, and other devices that can disturb your conversation. Be conversant with the mode of your communication.
  5. Go For A Break If Possible: After a huge fight between you and your partner, and it seems there is no way out, you can decide to go for a break after reaching an agreement with your partner. When both of you are ready to make things work, come together again. Ensure you return at a time both of you decided.
  6. Tender An Apology And Connect Back: If you want a lasting solution to your fighting, couples need to sheath their sword, swallow their egos, and apologize to each other. An apology can go a long way in repairing a damaged relationship and making things right. Let your partner know the reason behind your action.

Feng Shui For Fighting Couples FAQS

Q: Can Bad Feng Shui Make You Sick?

Bad Feng Shui can hurt your health and cause sickness. And this happens when negative energy flows into your space.

Bad Feng Shui can attract such powerful negative energy that can cause sickness and failure.

Q: What Happens If You Have Bad Feng Shui

Bad feng shui allows negative energy to flow which results in bad luck in your house.

When you have bad Feng Shui, such a person will experience loss, fighting, sickness, and bad luck.

Q: How Do You Deal With A Couple Fighting?

Couples can deal with every disagreement through dialogue, and understanding each other.

Couples should learn to tolerate each other and apologize when they offend their partner.

Q: Does Space Help A Broken Relationship?

Giving each other some space will help to heal a broken relationship.

Q: Some Common Things That Married Couples Fight About

Some of the things that married couples fight about most include:

-Inability to spend adequate time together.

Q: Does Fighting Make Couples Stronger?

Fighting arises as a result of disagreements and always negatively impacts those in the relationship.

In most cases, a fight disintegrates the existing peace in the home and when couples are not ready to turn a new leaf, it can lead to a fight.

If couples apologize to each other after fighting, correct their mistakes, and put the interest of each other first can strengthen the intimacy between them.

In Conclusion

Relationships can flourish through love, understanding, humility, patience, endurance, and communication.

Fights can be prevented among couples when they settle every disagreement.

If couples are not willing to commit themselves to their relationships, sacrifice, and poor communication, things begin to go bad.

Couples need to behave maturely and be selfless toward the well-being of their relationship.