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15 Hottest Front Door Colors Meaning In Feng Shui

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Front Door Colors Meaning and paintings are significant in Feng Shui because it is the main entry through which your house will absorb its energy nourishment or Chi.

Have you ever wondered what the Turquoise Front Door Meaning is? Yes, every color has some meaning and impact, especially when used for our front door. The turquoise front door symbolizes trust and calmness and is a blend of green and blue colors. According to Feng Shui, Turquoise colors are good choices to bring emotional balance, dreams, hopes, and beliefs that nothing is impossible.

Turquoise Front Door Meaning
Blue Color Meaning In Feng Shui

Now let’s talk in detail about how good color choices for your front door can bring luck and prosperity to your home. We are going to understand things.

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Front door importance in feng shui for property

A strong front door will attract energy, and the front door’s design is the basis of guiding the energy into your home.

When your house has good energy, people living in the house will experience elevated well-being. When positive energy circulates and flows into your home, it will bring along ease and abundance.

Some people use their secondary doors daily. However, your main front door will be the mouth of qi. If you are not using your front door, you are blocking opportunities and energy.

According to Feng Shui, it is vital to activate your front door. Walking through and opening it at least once a day or a week to activate it. There are many front door color schemes recommended in Feng Shui.

Feng Shui dictates that aqua blue or navy front color is suitable for door-facing north doors, green or blue colors for east-facing, orange or red color for south-facing, and white or grey color ideal for west-facing front doors.

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How do front door colors impact you?

Front door colors have a remarkable impact on the look of your house. It brightens your entrance and gives the first impression to the guests who come in.

Because the color you choose will reflect a lot about you. You can enhance the entrance to your home with some easy ways.

how to pick a front door color: Master entrance door ideas

The front door is the first impression of your house, so you need to ensure that it looks the best and gives a more inviting appearance adding a contemporary flair to your home.

Front door entrance ideas and tips

  • A black Dutch front door with the top half of glass panels will welcome natural light into your house whether the door is open or closed
  • Eye-catching modern metal house number planters that are lush and succulent will give your front door a unique display.
  • The bold and bright color of the front door contrasting with your house doorway color will revamp the front entrance.
  • Colorful front doorstep tiles and stylish outdoor lighting will add an attractive decorative feature to your entry.
  • The stoned walkway will add character and texture to your front yard.
  • Weather-resistant furniture will create a cozy spot to relax outdoors.  

What color to paint your front door

The front door is the first sight that lets people know what your personality and lifestyle are. You can choose door paintings for your house in any color you love. 

  • You can go with neutral feng shui paint colors like grey, black, brown, or navy blues and deep reds If you like classic colors. 
  • Bright red stands out the most for the front doors. Try bright front door colors like yellow, orange, and lime green, or dark versions like forest green or burgundy.  
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You can also choose the paint color according to its direction to welcome good luck to your house.

How to choose the front door color?

The right color of the front door curb appeal and your home will look welcoming. You can make your home door look distinctive and attractive by choosing the right front door color.

Here are some tips when you need to decide:

  • Choose the front door color according to your home’s style. Traditional homes can have rich, deep-colored frond doors while contemporary ones can go for bold-colored front doors. 
  • Choosing the right color influenced by the surroundings and exterior features will give your home an excellent style.
  • Use eye-catching deep and light colors rather than medium-shaded. Light-colored front doors look best with dark-colored exteriors.
  • Good contrasts like navy blue with black and grey or blue; or burgundy with green or grey can look welcoming and happy. 

Top [15] Front Door Colors Meaning In Feng Shui

The color of the front door reflects the person’s personality and lifestyle. Choosing the right color will help to make an impressive statement.

Below mentioned entry doorway ideas will guide you on what the choice of color says about your home and you. Let’s find all 15 front door color meanings and front door color ideas.

1 Turquoise front door meaning

The blue front door’s meaning is linked to trust and calmness. It is a cheerful and fresh color for a North-facing door with excellent Feng Shui energy. Choose the Fire Feng Shui element or the design in a diamond shape to activate power to your door. 

Light turquoise front door meaning

Peace, calm, and welcome are commonly associated with light turquoise front doors. It may soothe guests and bring peace to the house.

Dark turquoise front door meaning

However, a dark turquoise front door may be relaxing but more elegant. It may convey a more refined or aggressive style while protecting serenity and quiet.

Turquoise color symbolize harmony, communication, and emotional well-being, bringing individuality and appeal to a home’s entryway.

2 Red front door Feng Shui meaning

Red entrance doors are one of the most common colors used for front doors facing south. The red front door meanswelcome” in American tradition.

If the front door is facing southwest or south direction, homes with red doors will bring good luck to you. The bright red color reflects your vibrant and exciting personality.

While dark red front doors say that you are inviting and warm. Burgundy or Benjamin Moore red door is the best red for the front door. 

Red color gives a classic look when used for entryway colors for grey houses with black shutters.

3 Purple front door meaning

Purple front door meaning is associated with spirituality, reflecting that you are a risk-taker or open-minded. It also gives vibes of prosperity, and wealth, and provides a feel like royalty.

It is not a commonly used color for front doors but is a suitable color for front doors facing east.

4 Teal door meaning

It is a blend of green and blue colors, combining both color’s renewal and calming properties. Teal is a rejuvenating and revitalizing color, representing the clarity of thoughts and open communication.

Teal is a symbolic infinity of the sky and the sea for Tibetan monks; and faith and truth for the Egyptians. The teal front door is perfect if you want a traditional front door for your house.

It helps in boosting emotional healing and symbolizes creativity. Teal and other blue doors are ideal for a tan house.

5 Black front door meaning

Use black paint for your front door only if it is facing east, southeast, or north. It is a traditional and formal color. Black front doors for homes symbolize control, order, and consistency, and reflect your authoritative and sophisticated personality.

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Black color represents strength, authority, and power, and gives your home an enduring look. You can choose a black color instead of a grey house green door combination.

6 Spiritual meaning of a yellow door

Spiritually, the yellow color is full of intellectual energy and creativity. It symbolizes self-confidence, abundance, fulfillment, and courage, and throughout the ages, it stood for intellect and wisdom.

It also represents sunlight, clarity, and happiness.

7 Yellow front door meaning

The yellow front door symbolizes extraversion and optimism, reflecting the cheerful and sunny décor inside your house.

It is an uncommon color used for front doors and is associated with happiness, energy, and joy. It reflects your humorous, confident, wise, and curious personality. 

8 White front door

White front doors for homes give a serene, clean, and organized look to your entrance and abode. It is a color of purity. According to Feng Shui’s principles.

The white color front door does not attract energy but represents neutrality. It looks elegant with any architect or exterior colors. The white-colored door goes well with houses painted red.

What color door for a tan house?

White color doors give a classic look to a tan house. It provides a cool way to your home. White front entry doors with glass or without glass are perfect for houses facing north, west, and northwest.

9 Green front door meaning

Green front door paint colors traditionally indicate wealth and prosperity. The green front door is best for doors facing east and southwest. 

Green doors on houses or green entry doors give vibes of safety, health, and exciting life. It is the color of nature and embodies healing and freshness.

You can also use the lime green front door for white houses. The green exterior door represents growth in some cultures.

10 Wood front door meaning

Houses with wood front doors indicate that the house’s people are down to earth, kind, and generous, and visitors feel welcomed when they enter your home.  

11 Brown front door meaning

The brown color front door reflects the stable, warm, and reliable personality of the house owners. The brown color on the front door can bring positive energy to the home when the door is facing southeast.

12 Orange front door meaning

An orange front door means a feeling of fun and freshness. It gives a vibe of an exciting and vibrant lifestyle. This color is a blend of happiness in yellow and excitement in red, offering a bold statement to draw the visitor’s attention and give them a feeling of invitation.

13 Glass front door meaning

See-through or colored glass doors strengthened by design elements and fully supported create good Feng Shui, but a full glass door without support or strong walls is not the right Feng Shui door. 

14 Pink front door meaning

The pink color is associated with romantic feelings. Pink front doors reflect that you are generous and thoughtful. It has a Fire Feng shui element which symbolizes lightheartedness and youthfulness.

15 Blue front door paint colors

You feel joyful when you look at the blue exterior door. Front door blue paint colors are the perfect Feng Shui choice for doors facing Southeast, east, and north. Blue door colors are vibrant and calming while dark blue front door paint symbolizes abundance and prosperity. 

What color front door goes with a gray house?

Burgundy front door meaning the color looks outstanding for the front external door paint colors for a grey house. Besides, the grey house red door contrast will give a classic look.

A glossy black door color for the blue-grey house looks fantastic. Navy blue front door colors for a blue-grey house are also the right choice.

Tips to Choose the Front Door Color

  • For traditional front doors, use the red-orange front door. 
  • Red door yellow door is related to fire and nourishes the earth.
  • The coffee bean-stained front door color for a blue house is worth considering.   The dark grey front door makes a good connection with houses painted yellow.
  • Often you look for a combination of classic-looking white house green shutters that color door will reflect your personality.

What Color front door sells houses fast?

The choice of color for the front door can uplift the selling price of your home. The color of the front doors has a significant impact on the sale price.

A survey conducted by reviewing old houses’ photographs discovered houses whose front doors are painted with smoky or rich jet black and grey colors sold for more than $6,271.

Hence, color plays a significant role in attracting buyers. Give your front door the right color before planning to sell it. Try some of the right doors for your house from the exclusive collection of Amish exterior doors.

What should I hang on my front door for good luck?

There are various decorative elements to hang on the front door to the house that bring happiness, prosperity, and good luck to your home and life. Here are some of them.

  • Dutch Hex Sign
  • Horseshoe
  • Old golden coins and bells
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Some facts about selecting the color for interiors and exteriors

Some people choose the colors and have hopes the front door will bring positive energy to their house. Here are some facts about the colors used for various purposes.  

  • Paint colors for windows and doors are thought to determine good luck
  • Turquoise colors are best for interior designs with green-blue houses. 
  • Navy blue front doors, black or grey are suitable for exterior door colors for the white house.
  • Red and green painting front door is best to combine with white houses.
  • A curb painted blue means that the parking is only for the disabled.
  • Porchlight color meanings are different according to the occasion, such as red porch light representing Halloween or Valentine’s Day.

Lucky front door colors based on directions in feng shui?

Find below lucky door colors based on facing directions. These colors are also based on 5 feng shui elements.

Lucky Feng Shui DirectionsIdeal Front Door Colors
Front door color facing SOUTH OR SOUTHWESTRED, PINK
Feng Shui door color facing EASTORANGE or RED
Feng shui front door facing NORTHWHITE and GRAY
Front door color facing NORTHWESTWHITE, GRAY, YELLOW
Feng Shui Front door color facing WESTBLUE, WHITE, CREAM
Feng shui inside front door colorThe front door’s interior color should be the same as the outside door.
lucky door color for this year’s chart

Front Door Colors Meaning FAQS

Q1: Should the front door be the same color as the shutters?

Should they match the front doorShould they match the trim?

Your shutters should coordinate well with these other items, but they absolutely don’t have to be the same colors as each other.

One option is to use the same color, but a lighter or darker shade of the paint, adding variety without the risk of crashing.

Q2: What color front door looks best with a White House?

Navy blue often looks good with light blue or gray and black is a good choice for a brick home.

Burgundy is a good choice with a gray, green or tan house and nearly any deep-tone color complements a white house. Even dark shades can be happy, welcoming colors.

Q3: What is the most popular front door color?

According to Houzz, the most popular front door colors are currently black, white, gray, wood, blue, red, and yellow.

Q4: What is the best front door?

steel door is your best bet if security and durability are top priorities. Steel units are stronger than wood or fiberglass doors, and they won’t crack or warp.

Any dents or dings on these doors can be pulled and put in with an auto-body repair kit.

Timber doors not only look great, but they’re also solid and sturdy and one of the best front doors for security.

When we say timber, we mean a heavy, solid hardwood door of at least 44mm thickness

Q5: What should I look for when buying a front door?

When we talk about buying the front doors, the first and the most important feature you can look at is the safety features and the material.

As this is the only purpose we have to buy doors. Other factors like look and feel can be compromised.

Q6: What type of door is the most energy efficient?

The Glass doors are really energy-efficient, especially sliding glass doors.

Q7: Why are front doors so expensive?

Yes, correct Front Doors are really expensive. It is because of various reasons, like the material of the door, Security installation, and Accessories.

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Each color of the front door signifies a specific meaning. As we have seen Turquoise Front Door Meaning and its effect.

It is not only the entry to your house, but it is a statement of who is residing inside. It expresses the person’s style and taste and is a mirror of your personality.

Choosing the right color will make your home look stand out and an opportunity to welcome positive energy to your home and life.