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Dragonfly Symbolism In Feng Shui: How To Use and Place It

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While there is a vast array of insects, the dragonfly is a special winged insect that has amazed people for years. Dragonfly Symbolism has unique attributes that have led to its recognition and praise in many ancient cultures and spiritual beliefs.

Dragonfly has been accepted in many cultures and traditions and it has seen itself surrounded by many beliefs and superstitions which made the insect have different meanings and perceptions. So, what makes the dragonfly exceptional, and relevant today?

It has found itself in many practices as a powerful spirit animal, and it is also symbolic in Feng Shui. It has different meanings and good things have been associated with it.

In terms of Feng Shui Dragonfly Symbolism and meaning is a fountain of transformational wisdom, and adaptability. It is used as a symbol of good luck, wealth, responsiveness, activeness, change, opportunity, and other mystical qualities. So, if you are looking for a symbol of change and transformation, look at the dragonfly.

In this blog, we will discuss the dragonfly symbolism in Feng Shui, and the placement tips that can help you benefit from its symbolism. We will cover the following topics to provide an in-depth explanation.

  • Dragonfly significance and meaning in feng shui
  • Top benefits of keeping dragonfly in feng shui?
  • When a dragonfly visits you
  • Top dragonfly in the house superstition
  • Seeing a dragonfly meaning in feng shui
  • Is it good luck to see a dragonfly?
  • Dragonfly in Chinese culture significance
  • Dragonfly symbolism in the bible
  • What all Dragonfly Color Symbolizes?

Dragonfly Significance And Meaning In Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, dragonfly means good luck, prosperity, wisdom, smartness, and abundance. The significance of dragonflies is numerous.

Dragonfly Significance

They can help to attract good things including happiness, luck, and love. They are symbolic in strengthening family ties.

In Feng Shui, some of the significance of dragonflies are:

  • It is a positive omen.
  • Dragonfly helps to protect.
  • Dragonfly can chase away bad luck.
  • Helpful in expelling pests like mosquitoes.
  • It has been associated with the wisdom and shrewdness.
  • Dragonfly is symbolic when it matters to change level and accomplish your plans. 
  • Dragonfly is linked with light, purity and versatility.
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When you consider these significant, you will discover the reasons why many people including ancient farmers choose to accept dragonflies as favorable insects.

Top Benefits Of Keeping Dragonfly In Feng Shui?

Keeping dragonflies offers great benefits and is a good omen. According to Feng Shui, good luck, prosperity, and happiness accompany a dragonfly. So you can do yourself real good keeping this fascinating insect.

Dragonfly Significance

Some of the top benefits of keeping dragonflies in Feng Shui are:

  1. The dragonfly is blessed with powerful eyesight and vision. Therefore, keeping it can be symbolic in enhancing your vision, and help you focus more on achieving your goals. 
  2. It can also allow your eyes to be opened wide, avoiding difficulty or barrier to reaching your goals.
  3. Keeping dragonfly in Feng Shui can show that it is time to wake up the sleeping giant in you and go all out despite difficulty. Dragonflies are known to be adaptable to any situation.
  4. Keeping the dragonfly in Feng Shui way can serve as a symbol of experiencing transformation. What is your wish or dream? You can build an inner transformational power that can help you to emerge the best.
  5. It is also a symbol of building the power to evolve from your present position to where you desire.
  6. Keeping it brings good luck, protection, happiness, peace and prosperity.

When A Dragonfly Visits You

When a dragon visits you or you have an encounter with it, expect something good to follow. According to Feng Shui, it is a positive omen when a dragonfly visits you.

Dragonfly’s visitation attracts good luck, protection, happiness, peace, and prosperity. So, watch out when you come across one, and ensure to make your wish.  

Top Dragonfly In The House Superstition

There are different superstitions attached to the dragonfly in the house, and the following are top dragonfly in the house superstitions

  • If a dragonfly comes in through the main door of your home, it shows that your profession will experience upturn soon.
  • If a dragonfly visits you when any member of your family is ill, it is an indication that such person would soon experience healing from the ailment.

Seeing A Dragonfly Meaning In Feng Shui

The meaning attached to seeing a dragon is that of a good one. According to Feng Shui, when you see a dragonfly, make a wish and you will see it come to pass.

Seeing a dragonfly shows all the good things that the dragonfly represents will literarily find expression in you. These include a new beginning, transformation, wisdom, love, peace, prosperity, happiness, and luck.

Meaning Of Seeing A Dragonfly

A dragonfly brings tidings of pleasant surprises. In the same vein, seeing a dragonfly is good luck. Just make sure to make a wish when you see one.  

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There is going to be a significant shift in your life, and profession. The following meanings are relevant to see a dragonfly. 

  • Be flexible.
  • Rise beyond limit.
  • Be transformational. Don’t be dogmatic.
  • Put in your energy and the best within you towards accomplishing your goal
  • Don’t fret about what is going on around you or in your environment. Switch on your adaptability prowess.

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing A Dragonfly

There is always a positive outcome when you see a dragon. A dragonfly shows new development, reformation, and change.

We listed below the spiritual meanings of a dragonfly:

  • Good luck
  • Shrewdness
  • Inner intuition
  • New beginning
  • Fresh prospects
  • Joy and happiness
  • Wealth and abundance
  • Display of emotional feelings
  • Love, unity, and agreement
  • Ability to adapt when necessary
  • Change of levels, and development
  • Revolution and  Easily expressing emotions

Dragonfly In Chinese Culture Significance

Many tribes and cultures have different perspectives concerning dragonflies. In Chinese culture, for example, dragonfly epitomizes changes, alteration, and possible transformation. It also depicts instability

Dragonfly Symbolism In The Bible

Dragonfly symbolism in the bible is rooted in its dramatic evolution which is likened to Christ resurrection from the dead to life. Therefore, the dragonfly is a symbol of joy, and resurrection from death in the bible.

Another symbolic meaning of a dragonfly in the bible is that you have the ability that can enable you to be the best, love others, and be tolerant and ready to forgive.

Black Dragonfly In The House Meaning

The dragonfly is made of different species, and the black dragonfly belongs to this class of insect.

In Feng Shui, insects are spirit messengers and when you see a black dragonfly in the house, it’s sending a message which you should not neglect. Seeing a black dragonfly is a sign of-

  • Expect changes to take place.
  • Look deep into your inner being to find out which potential needs more expression.
  • Since black is paramount, and without it, other colors would lose their relevance in terms of depth and tone. Seeing a black dragonfly in the house tells you how important you are.
  • Be yourself, believe in your right and stand for your desire.

Is Dragonfly Associated With Death

The dragonfly is so powerful that so many beliefs have been associated with it, including death.

For many years, the dragonfly’s association with death is seen in its connection with the spirit world. It is not only a messenger bearing the good news from the world of the spirit but also symbolizes the transition into the spirit world.

Dragonfly Meaning In Love

Dragonfly is defined as a symbol of love and is often used as an expression of emotional feelings. Its connection with love is found in the transformational stages experienced by the dragonfly, as love is the last stage of the life it passes.

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The meaning of dragonfly in love is illustrated in happiness, the strong bond between partners and family, and seeing positivity in others as you speak with grace and love. It helps us to learn how to love things around us, and within us, to be joyful despite challenges

Do Dragonflies Symbolize Death?

The dragonfly has a strong bond with death and thus is used to symbolize death.

In many cultures, dragonfly symbolism with death is got from the fact that the dragonfly serves as a medium or bridge with the spirit world.

It is believed that it can access the world of the spirit, thereby providing a communication link.

How Do You Use Dragonfly Symbol For Prosperity

The dragonfly is a symbol of prosperity and is believed to bring favor, good luck, wealth, and abundance.

The dragonfly symbol can be used as a decorative object in the office, or at home. It can also be used as a necklace, painting, or wallpaper.

Dragonfly Feng Shui Placement Tips

Placing the dragonfly rightly is important. According to Feng Shui, there are some positions that favor your dragonfly symbol. We will provide some placement tips in Feng Shui way.

If you follow the placement below, the dragonfly will bring about wisdom, luck, prosperity, and happiness. Follow the guidelines below to properly place your dragonfly.

Wealth and fortune Southeast
Health and vitality East
Education, and Knowledge Northeast
Fame and reputation South
Career and profession North
Family, Love, Marriage, and Relationship Southwest
Creativity, Skill, and Proficiency West
 Mentoring Opportunity Northwest
 The conception of Pregnancy, Child Bearing West

The Symbolism Of All Dragonfly Colors?

The dragonfly is made of different species and colors. We provide different colors in which the dragonfly are made and their symbolism.

ColorsSymbolismMeaning & Reminder
RedPower, good luck, wealth, and autumn in some culturesShows you need more security, energy, strength, and passion.
OrangeJoy, delightful, creative, and HealthinessIt means you need to nurture and devise ways that will foster love and unity among your family, romantic partner, and friends. It is also a reminder to get going in spite of difficulties.
YellowPositivity, intelligence, and respectIf you come across a dragonfly, it means you need to explore and utilize your gift of strength and power.
GreenLife, nature, replenishment, development, fruitfulness, lushness, and feelingsIt is an indication to This dragonfly reminds you to nurture, and care for your relationships. It is also a signal that your wealth is near.  
BlueTrustworthy, submissiveness, reliable, love, faith, wisdom, and faith.  It tells you to be truthful.  
PurpleRoyalty, dignity, honor, fortune, abundance, wealth, aspiration, and devotion.It is a reminder that you can still maximize and tap to the fullest the opportunities you have.
BrownNatural, earthy, soil-friendly, conservative, protection, and balanceIt is a sign you need to incorporate natural things such as plants, gardening, Be nature friendly.
Black      Color basis, mystical, elegant, and soberIt shows you need to make an adequate search about some issues that require a wise decision. discretion. Think deeper before taking a step.
    WhitePureness, virtue, clarity, brightness, and integrity It is a sign that someone you love and is now dead is sending a message to you.  It is an indication to forget about past pain, failure, and shortcomings. It is telling you to shift your focus and be happy.

FAQs on Dragonfly Symbolism

Q: Can I Buy Dragonfly For Myself?

Yes, you can. Since dragonflies represent wisdom, growth, joy, wealth, and good luck, which are the things needed in life. You can do yourself good by buying one for yourself.

Q: Can We Gift Dragonfly To Someone?

Yes, the dragonfly can be presented as a gift to your loved one’s considering the benefits in its symbolism.

The dragonfly represents change, development, prosperity, happiness, and wisdom.

It can be a perfect way to bless your loved ones with luck, maturity, and grace.


The dragonfly is one of those insects sent to serve as a medium of communication with the spirit world.

Make a wish when you encounter a dragonfly, and follow the placement to see the manifestation of the good things it brings.

You can also place the Dragonfly Symbolism in your office and home. It is a great symbol that can serve as a decorative object.