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Best 18 Feng Shui Lucky Charms For Health And Wealth

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These amulets and Lucky Charms For Health And Wealth will help you then If you are looking for symbols that bring good luck to attract the energy of abundance and prosperity to you in this new year.

Place any of these good luck symbols to attract all the good luck sectors of the indicated feng shui of your home and office.

Top 11 Lucky Charms For Health And Wealth

1. The Dragon

The Feng Shui Dragon amulet (yang) brings you luck in your career to Strengthen your position within your company and gives you leadership qualities. Place in the northern sector.     

2. Red Envelope

Modern versions have a coin inside a sealed red envelope decorated with various symbols of blessings, good fortune, and prosperity. Take it in your bag or place it in the southeast sectors as good luck items to attract money.

3. Chinese Coins

Coins symbolize wealth. Therefore, use only coins minted during the reign of a good emperor. Feng Shui Coins are often linked with a mystical knot. For example symbols of good luck for money. Southeast place.

Lucky Charms For Health And Wealth
Feng Shui Lucky Charms For Health And Wealth

Three-legged toad: the three-legged toad is very conducive to attracting wealth. Many of these statues come with a Chinese coin in the mouth of the toad.

Make sure the side of the coin with the Chinese characters is facing up. Place the toad in the southeast sector, facing the room, and never facing an exterior door.

4. Phoenix

The cure, when used with a dragon to balance the energies of yin and yang, is Phoenix. The phoenix (yin) helps create a new life by rising from the ashes. It is great for the southern sector for its fame and recognition of luck.

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5. The Lucky Cat Brings Good Luck

The Japanese terminology name for the Lucky cat is Maneki Neko. Which translates as the Beckoning Cat. Entrepreneurs use the lucky cat, but you can also use it in your home, or even carry it with you.

There are numerous items available in the market with the lucky cat image from t-shirts to key chains.

6. Double Happiness Sign for Good Luck

This is a perfect symbol of, flow, and balance in the Chinese double happiness sign, which spreads the possibility of lasting harmonious energy in a love relationship.

7. Lucky Bamboo

This is one of the most popular feng shui symbols when we talk about lucky charms. We can use it both at home and in the office.

Therefore, brings all the desired good luck energy required according to the specific number of its stalks. You can follow the Complete Guide on Feng Shui Lucky Bamboo for more information. 

8. Money Plant & Money Tree

This plant has round leaves that resemble the shape of the coins. Place it in the east or southeast of your home.     

9. Golden or Koi Carp

Attract money like a magnet by using goldfish or koi. It is a great gift for someone who wants to receive abundance and wealth. Place it in the north or southeast of the house.    

10. Smiling Buddha

The happiness and spiritual wealth of the Buddha grant you material wealth. If placed in the western sector, Buddha’s good luck statues grant your children health and wealth.    

11. Crystals

Feng Shui Crystals placed in the northeast sector yield good results. Therefore success in educational matters. Similarly in all types of exams.

Select the good luck symbols specific to you, such as:

  • Birthstones: Use your birthstone on a piece of jewelry or on a key ring.
  • Chinese zodiac sign: There are many ways to use your Chinese zodiac sign (animal). A pendant, wall art, or a key chain will be a good option. In other words, it serves as a guardian animal to protect you.
  • Kua number: The Kua number is one of your most powerful luck symbols. You can use it or carry your Kua number with you, display it in your car, or place it on your office desk as a powerful symbol of good luck.     
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Find a few more symbols and Lucky Charms For Health And Wealth.

12. Windchimes

Windchimes create a calming and auspicious sound that makes our space positive and invites good vibes. Hang it on your balcony garden or in a room as decor items

13. Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers act as a filter of our thoughts, as they bypass bad dreams. And promote a healthy and positive aura to think and act toward health.

14. Wu Lou Symbols

The Wu Lou Symbols represent the balance between all the five elements like earth and heaven. Only a balanced person can have mental and physical peace.

15. Crystal Lotus Flower

The Crystal Lotus Flower is the perfect decor set for your home. It’s made of glass and stones which is a reflection of a positive aura.

We can place this in the living room or near a window to draw in certain energy and Qi in your home.

16. The Horseshoe

The Horseshoe is a shoe used by a horse itself, also you can buy an amulet that can be hung near the front door. or you can hang it on your wealth corner.

17. Elephant symbols

Elephants are the perfect symbol of wealth and prosperity. Only rich people can afford to keep them in the older centuries. There are different types of elephant statues you can place in your home.

18. Feng Shui Bracelets

Feng shui arm bands work similarly to precious stones. They assist you with adjusting the energy in your body to whatever it is you’re attempting to draw in.

Truth be told, assuming you set a solid aim and, pick a feng shui wristband to improve that goal, it will work far and away superior!

How to make lucky charms for money?

Things used:

  • Cinnamon sticks are thought to bring good luck and wealth.
  • For business people, cloves are a sign of luck and financial success.
  • Basil leaves are thought to bring in wealth and excess and keep bad luck away from money.
  • Mint leaves: They bring luck and money because they represent growth and stability in money.
  • Small coins add a physical element to the charm and stand for wealth and plenty.
  • A strong stone for bringing luck and wealth, especially when it comes to money, is the green aventurine crystal.
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How to Do It:

  • Gather all the items in a clean, quiet place to start.
  • Take a moment to settle yourself and think about how you want your money to flow and your success.
  • Put the items in a small jar or pouch and stack them up while you think about your hopes and dreams.
  • Say an affirmation or mantra about money and success as you add each item.
  • Once all the items are in the pouch or jar, make sure it is tightly closed.
  • Hold the charm in your hands and picture it glowing with life and sending out wealth and abundance.
  • Keep the charm somewhere you’ll see it often, like your bag, wallet, or a large spot in your home or office.
  • Visit the charm often to remind yourself of your goals and give it new, good energy.
  • Believe in the power of the charm and stay open to chances to make money and have abundance.

Remember that the ingredients aren’t the only thing that makes the charm work. Your belief and purpose are also very important. Maintain a good attitude and a clear mind, and you will see chances to make money appear in your life.

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