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31 Feng Shui Friendly Plants For Good Luck, Wealth & Positivity

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In this article, we will talk about all the Feng Shui Friendly Plants For Wealth & Good Luck. Plants are living beings that have an energy field through which they communicate with humans, but they also absorb and release energy.

According to Feng Shui, the plants are recommended to harmonize homes, bring prosperity, and benefit from a host of positive attributes.

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List of 20 Feng Shui Friendly Plants For Positivity

Below are 20 Feng Shui Plants names and their attributes to mankind for Good luck as well as positivity.

Feng Shui Friendly Plants
Feng Shui Friendly Plants For Good Luck


its aroma increases sexual energy among lovers. Mixed with pieces of coal and burned as incense, it favors the marriage union. Stored in a bag, it facilitates good business. There are the best Feng Shui-friendly plants


Ideal for the good flow of Chi or energy. Harmonizes energy fields and thanks the company of other plants.

Jade Tree (Crassula ovata)

Because of the Jade Feng Shui Tree’s round shape and fleshy leaves, it symbolizes concertizing things, it is also related to prosperity.

Lucky Bamboo

Whether feng shui bamboo or bamboo as a bush and tree, it is a plant that has been used since ancient times in China and symbolizes strength, longevity, and prosperity.

It also has an identification with the five elements that are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, so it can be given different locations.


They are very small and placing them near the computer and out of the immediate circulation helps eliminate electrostatic charge from the computer.


They are good drivers of Chi or energy, it symbolizes long life because it blooms in autumn and is related to being able to keep the job.

Ficus Benjamina

It has many energetic qualities, among them, it reduces electrostatic electricity and purifies toxic environments.

Lotus Flower

Helps purify and reconnect with spirituality. Also to maintain good relationships in general.


Increases self-esteem, helps overcome moments of grief and gives protection (especially Adiantum tenerum).


It radiates joy and optimism, helps overcome fears and increases people’s self-esteem.


It is ideal to put them near the entrances of the houses, they are excellent protectors.


Lucky Laurel plant feng shui strengthens the energy of space and balances emotions. Close to the door of the house, provided it is not very large.

Portulacaria Afra

It is related to joy and a symbol of good luck.

Plectranthus Australis or Dollar Plant

This is related to wealth and prosperity.

Poinsettia or poinsettia

Active and lively.


They have the ability to increase sensitivity and are related to love and compassion according to their color and fragrance.


It’s good for romance, it also helps improve memory.

Violet of Persia or Cyclamen

It purifies the environment, with its green and round leaves it relaxes, its flowers illuminate the spirit and transmit tranquility, and security and help us to dilute anger.

Office plants and air pollution

Arturo, Azalea, mother-in-law plant, ivy, ficus benjamina, lily of peace (Spathiphyllum) and Chlorophyte or ribbons, Palm Camedor, Gomero.

Protective plants

Rue together with rhodium, bay leaf good luck plant, rosemary, mint, and sage.

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Feng Shui Lucky Plants For Good Luck

According to Feng Shui, what plants should I have at home to attract good luck? If you like this Asian philosophy and are thinking of reorganizing your home by following their advice, you may ask yourself this question, then knowing what plants you can have.

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At home, it is one of the points to consider for a good Feng Shui at home. The plants recommended by this philosophy are those that clean the air, help the flow of Chi, attract positive energy, good luck, health, and more important aspects.

Lotus flower, one of the lucky friendly plants of Feng Shui

One of the beneficial plants according to Feng Shui, which helps to attract good fortune, is the lotus flower. In this oriental philosophy, the lotus flower symbolizes perfection in all its splendor.

In fact, in traditional Chinese medicine, all parts of this plant have great health properties. Therefore, having it at home brings good luck, both in terms of health and the path to improvement, achieving a healthy and harmonious home.


Feng shui peony flowers to attract love of the flowering plants that attract good luck and positive energy is the peony. Peonies are plants used in Feng Shui especially to attract romance and love.

Especially pink ones, so it is used as a gift when someone wishes them luck in this area or is even used to cure related problems since this type of energy flows better in the presence of this plant.

The peony, like another of the plants on this list, can be placed next to a statuette or figure of a lucky elephant to, in this way, increase the attraction of this positive energy.

In this other article, we tell you all about how to place the lucky elephant according to Feng Shui and, as a recommendation, next to it place the lucky plant that you prefer.

Cherry blossom attracts good luck

The Cherry or cherry trees, as well as other trees such as dogwood, apple, or peach blossom trees, are trees that attract good luck, especially when they are in bloom.

Cherry blossoms have always been used in Feng Shui to attract good fortune and positive energy at the beginning.

So it is common for someone to start a home or business or offer it as a gift to someone in such a situation.

Of course, to have it at home it is better to place it outside and planted in the ground directly, but it is also possible to have this tree in a large pot inside the house and prune it often.


To attract good luck to your home and have a balanced and easy life the best flowers according to Feng Shui are chrysanthemums. The reason is that this philosophy considers that these flowers have the type of yang energy, which attracts good fortune to the home and the people who inhabit it individually.

It is such a force that is given to chrysanthemum plants that it is considered as effective to have the plant at home than a drawing, painting, or image of it. In addition, these plants have a wide variety of colors, among which Feng Shui uses mainly white, pink, and red.


In this Asian philosophy, Feng Shui, the daffodil plant is given the ability to make talents and abilities flourish, so it brings good luck for studies, work, relationships and other aspects of life-related With this kind of capabilities.

That is why it is usually placed in homes where help in career, studies, work, or business is deemed necessary. The most used are white narcissus flowers, but yellow ones are also common.

Orchid, one of the best plants for good luck

It is not only one of the best plants to attract good luck according to Feng Shui, but according to this philosophy of life, the orchid is one of the best indoor plants that give positive energy.

Regardless of the type of orchid that is, because they all bring positivity and luck to the home, in addition, according to Feng Shui orchids are a symbol of fertility, abundance, spiritual growth, purity, and perfection.

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31 Feng Shui Plants For Positive Energy

Plants harmonize, purify and attract positive energy according to feng shui, the following are the most effective feng shui plants to generate positive chi and energy in your home, office, business and everywhere you find yourself.

  1. Garlic: prevents contagious diseases, promotes good sleep and enhances sexual energy
  2. Basil: in addition to increasing sexual energy, it helps in business Amaranth: helps with marital problems and prevents diseases
  3. Celery: helps with concentration and memory, and avoids insomnia Artemis: drives away negative people
  4. Azalea: increases the flow and harmonization of chi
  5. Azucena: serves as an offering for the saints, attracts beings of light, frightens evil spirits and bad tongues
  6. Bamboo: symbolizes longevity, prosperity and strength
  7. Cinnamon: it is related to spirituality, power, desire, love and protection
  8. Thistle: gives energy and strength in critical moments
  9. Onion: drive away negative people
  10. Cherry: attracts love and stimulates passion
  11. Chrysanthemums: they help conserve work and are good conductors of chi energy
  12. Estragon: infallible amulet to attract love, romance and passion
  13. Ficus Benjamina: serves to purify toxic environments. Reduce electrostatic electricity
  14. Lotus Flower: purify, connect with the spiritual, helping in relationships with others
  15. Sunflower: represents desire, fertility and wisdom Ginseng: it has aphrodisiac power and is used to enhance brain capacity
  16. Ferns (Adiantum Tenerum): grants protection
  17. Hibiscus: attracts new loves
  18. Ivy: it is related to self-esteem, positivism and optimism Fennel: serves to purify the environment and combat depression
  19. Jasmine: is responsible for attracting positive energies to strengthen romance and relationship
  20. Laurel: balances emotions, strengthens energies, helps in protection, and also serves for memory
  21. Mandrake: used in spells and exorcisms, it is associated with fertility and intimate relationships
  22. Apple tree: considered as a symbol of immortality Mint: helps fight bad vibes and improves household energy
  23. Mistletoe: protects against disease, insecurity, and natural catastrophes. Single women will find love if they approach him
  24. Passionflower: attracts good energy, love, peace and stability
  25. Parsley: stimulates desire and fertility
  26. Poinsettia or poinsettia: animates and activates
  27. Romero: attracts happiness and sincere love
  28. Roses: increase sensitivity, love, and compassion (You can see our roses here)
  29. Rue: is protective like Laurel, counteracts bad luck
  30. Aloe Vera (Aloe Vera): is protective, attracts good vibes and absorbs bad energies
  31. Violeta de Persia or Cyclamen: apart from giving luck, it serves to purify and give tranquility to the environment and illuminate the spirit.

Feng Shui Friendly Plant For Money & Wealth

The feng shui plants have endless benefits, they are able to heal us both physically and emotionally and, without a doubt, a place full of them inspires peace and tranquility. Not to mention that they are a great decorative element, don’t you think?

According to feng shui, there are plants that are also capable of attracting positive vibes and richness to your home. Which are? Here we present them, surely you already knew them, but now you will know what their super powers are.

Jade tree (Crassula ovata)

It is a pot plant and does not require much maintenance, although it needs to have enough space for it to grow and flourish. An ancient Chinese belief ensures that.

When this plant is placed on the right side of the entrance of a house and in the northern part, it grants wealth to its inhabitants. Not only that, but the jade tree also has oils that are believed to improve physical and mental well-being.

The jade plant, also known as the Chinese millionaire, is one of the most used tree species in Feng Shui, to attract material wealth, money, good fortune, love, and abundance.

Originally from South Africa, the jade plant grows between one and four meters high (depending on its variety and type of care), and can be placed both indoors and outdoors, if it enjoys proper weather.

The scientific name of the jade plant is crassula ovata, and it is characterized by thick branches and fleshy leaves with a rounded shape. One of its many advantages is that it requires little maintenance.

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In Feng Shui, it is believed that the jade plant not only attracts wealth but relieves tensions in the home, helping to restore harmony and foster a climate of peace and understanding.

The teachers of Feng Shui recommend comparing a small specimen of the jade plant and not an adult one, since the idea is to attend to the development of the tree so that it grows in our hands just like prosperity.

Likewise, it is preferable to place the plant in a container or material made with natural materials (mud, clay), and not synthetic elements (plastic) that can affect the energy.

A specimen of the jade plant can be purchased in nurseries or agrological stores. It is also possible to procure a cut of the tree, during the time of pruning, and use it for its reproduction.

Once you have the plant, it must be activated according to the rules of Feng Shui, and thus benefit from its power. For this, it is necessary to bury a coin (of local course) in the land where the specimen will be planted.

Where to place the jade plant?

The most common recommendation of Feng Shui teachers is to place the jade plant at the entrance of the home to promote harmony and the entry of money, or in the study or work area, if progress is to be enhanced. This is also called the Feng Shui Tree of Life, because of its auspiciousness.

Another option is to analyze the plan of the house or workspace using the Bagua Map to locate the area of ​​wealth and locate the tree specimen in that area, as an activator.

It is important to note that once you have the plant with you, you must give it the necessary care since it is a living being that will also be connected to the flow of prosperity towards your home.

Money Plant (Plectranthus verticillatus)

According to feng shui, it brings monetary gain and prosperity to its owner. It is believed that the five leaves of the branch of the money plant symbolize the five elements: earth, water, fire, wood, and metal.

Money plant placement For Home and office

Money plants (Pothos) can be grown indoors and outdoors as they can grow in water as well as in soil. In Feng Shui, both Money Plants must be placed indoors in the southeast direction.

You can keep it in the living room or hall. The Southeast direction is said to be the owner of Lord Ganesha in Feng Shui and the planet represented is Venus.

Bamboo Of Luck (Dracaena sanderiana)

Each bamboo plant has a precise number of stems, and each stem has a specific meaning. For example, 7 means good health, 6 means good luck, and three represents happiness, wealth, and longevity.

10 means achievements and 5 denotes wealth. Now, if you are lucky enough to own a bamboo with 21 stems, you will be blessed with great health and wealth.


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical system of Taoist origin based on the conscious and harmonious occupation of space to make it have a positive influence on the people who occupy it.

It is based on the idea of ​​the existence of a vital breath called “chi”, whose flow is modified according to the shape or arrangement of space, cardinal points, and temporal changes. Feng shui-friendly plants are the best way to correct blocking energy.

Originally it was a form of knowledge that studied the changes that occur in nature. However, other different schools have evolved from this initial line that put the emphasis on the study of housing spaces and work spaces (bathrooms, rooms, offices, etc.), and the elements we find in them.