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How To Feng Shui Fame And Reputation: 15 Tips To Energize [Fame Bagua Area]

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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese method to improve your lifestyle physically, mentally and emotionally based on magnetic directions, locations of your house and energy.

Yes, feng shui gives you the directions to transform your life emotionally, physically, financially, career, and a lot more. The five elements namely, water, wood, fire, soil, and metal have a relationship between them which provides a model for understanding the universe and the interaction of different types of energy. Feng Shui helps you find the thing you love and do it the best way you know.

This doesn’t mean that everything will be all perfect or you’re not going to have problems but it offers the insights, the tools, and the strategies that can completely change the quality of your thinking. And it will change your life for Feng Shui Fame And Reputation

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Feng Shui fame and reputation quadrant meaning?

The main element of ‘Fame & Name’ quadrant is fire. The fame and reputation quadrant is known to enhance your fame and increase reputation among people. There are certain ways to adopt this and improve the section of your house such that it enhances the Chi energy.

  • As we already talked about the south section being responsible for your fame and name, it’s wise to include items that enhance your Feng Shui.
  • Having fire place with logs of woods can be great idea! Architect that room such that most of your deep talks and decision of life with your partner or family are taken there.
  • You can do that by adopting the red color, even if you can’t install a fireplace then decorate that wall with red bricks architecture and place candles there.
  • Add some elements that enhance the feeling of brilliance and makes you compos mentis of present.

how feng shui for name and fame works?

Feng shui works for the name and reputation by quadrants at home or office. Your home is divided into 8 areas known as ‘Bagua’.

Feng Shui Fame And Reputation
Feng Shui Fame And Reputation

Out of which, one quadrant is directly linked to your name and fame. It is located to the south corner of your house which can be generally your bedroom, living room or kitchen.

But having dark colors like black or blue (bathroom, metals or marbles) in the south area can bring negativity to your life, poor social standing, gossips, always battling to get the credit you deserved.

The fame corner is probably the best area to place your rewards, achievements.

  • Main Element: Fire
  • Main Color: Red
  • Top Shapes: Pointed or Triangular
  • Other Items: Green, Wood, Columns
  • Avoid Items: Black, Water, Free-Flowing

Feng shui for fame and name attributes

Feng Shui associates the northwest corner as the patriarch or male energy which is the most important section of your family and house.

This direction associated with the breadwinner and earned money and achievements of the family. To improve the overall name and well-being of the family, one should work more on the northwest corner of the house.

This creates good yang energy and one could enhance the feng shui by focusing on relevant sections of the house. People spending time in this room will realize their responsibility towards their family and feel more confident.

They may come across helpful mentors and respect people more by their experience, therefore, becoming more responsible and patron themselves.

feng shui element, Main color, Best Shapes, Complementary Items, Items to avoid, best plants

ElementMain colorBest shapesComplementary itemsBest plants
WoodGreen and Mid-tealColumn and cylindersWooden architectureLucky bamboo
FireRed, orange, purple  Triangular shapesFireplace/ CandlesJade plant
MetalWhite & Pale-greyCircle/ SpheresWind chimes/ Bells. lightningMoney Tree
EarthBrowns, tans and ochreSquare/ RectanglePlantsLucky bamboo
WaterBlue/ dark blueFormlessFish aquariums/ MirrorHedgehog aloe  

Feng Shui can help improving your love life and offers various tips to nurture and strengthen your relationship. The southwest corner usually depicts your love sector.

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Make sure to decorate it with bright colors and a positive aura, do not adopt house architecture having a bathroom in the southwest as it has dark colors.

Certain tips to improve the southwest corner of your house can help you and your partner to have a good and healthy relationship in the long run.

  • Always keep your bedsheets clean, fluffy and light-colored like creamy, pink, light magenta, white, etc.
  • Choose the art and wall paintings carefully. Do not hang paintings that depict sorrow, death, or dark places. Simple love paintings like two people kissing, a family or a cute baby will vibe love and togetherness!
  • Declutter your bedroom. Keep it tidy and not stuffed with a lot of electronics or huge stuffed toys.
  • Don’t have your laptop or working table in your bedroom as it diverts your attention from your partner and creates a sense of not giving enough time and attention.
  • Improve Yin energy. Install mild room fresheners, dim light or multi-colored light. It’s important to create an environment that instills peace and helps your partner relax.

Items to avoid for Feng Shui fame and reputation quadrant

  1. Lot many water element and water features
  2. Colors that depicts water (blues and blacks)
  3. Too many wavy lines or free-form shapes

Identifying Feng Shui fame and reputation area

You can identify and enhance your Feng Shui fame and reputation area in your house with these simple steps:

  • In classical Feng Shui, the south sector of your house is the quadrant for your name and reputation.
  • Install red architecture which includes, a fireplace, candles, wood, and triangular or rectangular items, and make it bright and light, don’t dim your room. Listen to your gut and feel the aura, if you don’t find it radiating positive energy consider improving once again!
  • Peacock symbolism in feng shui has great significance in order to attract abundance and luck. Use peacock feathers and place them in a vase in your name and reputation room.
  • If you find the art of the Chinese phoenix, buy it right away and place it in your room! These are excellent activators to stimulate positive energy.

Imbue your wall of fame! 

  • Your wall of fame displays all your rewards, recognition certificates, and achievements. Wallpapers can effortlessly make your room look designed, can fill up the cracks and hide the flaws.
  • Choose the right wallpaper considering the theme and furnishing.
  • Add your frames of achievements in a proper manner and symmetrically. Keep in mind the furniture and accordingly place the awards.

15 tips For energizing fame and reputation in feng shui

Below are tested and working tips in order to improve your Fame And Reputation In Feng Shui.

How To Feng Shui Fame And Reputation
Feng Shui Fame And Reputation

1 Consider House quadrant:

The north quadrant of feng shui supports career and money. The south direction for fame and reputation. Meet helpful people in your life by enhancing your northwest direction because being socially connected is very important not only in feng shui.

2 Position you’re bed and desk:

Position your working desk and bed properly. First of all, do not keep them close. Your working desk should not be in the bedroom and when you enter the bedroom you should keep the load of work outside the room.

Keeping your working desk in may distract you, it personally happens with me. It doesn’t take much time to shift from working on desk to working on bed and then, napping on bed ( my lone laptop..)

3 Feng shui dragon:

Feng shui dragon showpieces and items carry good fortune and increase the chance of being noticed by important people.

4 Chinese jade Buddha:

The Chinese Jade Buddha is for keeping peace and harmony in the family. A carrier of luck and fortune!

5 The Color Of Red:

Red is the most auspicious and lucky color in feng shui. It symbolizes the element fire. Having red showpieces, furniture in the fame and reputation area can energize your reputation.

Similarly, carrying items like wallet is great for your career and money. Though some experts believe that keeping red and bright colored wallet may evoke a person to spend more.

6 South Sector energy:

The south feng shui bagua area corresponds to your fame and reputation. You need to lighten up this area because light comes from fire. To have a good relationship with light you should only use those colors like Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple and Pink colors in that area. Colors like black, blue or gray should be minimized.

7 Water Element Fountains:

Fountains are the most powerful symbol of wealth and power in feng shui. They increase the amount of fresh chi so it will be better if you have them in your home and office.

8 Manifest Good Dreams:

Write down your dreams about a certain place where you want recognition, maybe a company where you want to work, getting accepted by a music band, or getting into NASA.

9 Place your crystals near your achievements:

Place your crystal near that paper frame so that every time you’re near to that crystal it reminds you of your dream.

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10 Decorate Your Wall Of Fame:

Place your crystals near your wall of fame which lies in your feng shui fame and area. We discussed the wall of fame above.

11 Train your mind:

Force your mind and soul into thinking that you are capable of doing it and people would love to accept you. Therefore, you’re definitely going to work harder and smarter for it!

12 Adding Shapes

Adopt triangular and conical shaped items in your fame and reputation area (house or office) which is in the south.

13 Watch out Directions

Face your personal fame and success direction (Sheng Chi) while working or studying especially. 

14 Do not clutter unnecessary garbage

Unnecessary items on your working desk, closets, or in attic can cause the energy to stuck and divert your positive radiations to these causes.

Having an unorganized fame and reputation room won’t do great even if you’ve installed all the red items and wood. Broken items, or torn clothes are a sign of carelessness and should not be cluttered at home.

15 Value Others

  • Some questions to ask yourself for increasing reputation.
  • Are you giving your 100% to your work? Be honest to yourself.
  • Do you stay on your virtues and rules? People respect more when they see the strong discipline in your words.
  • Are you kind and helpful to people? Do they prefer your colleague rather than you?
  • Do you come off as belated in interviews? If you’re late, then the chances of getting higher reputation drops exponentially!
  • Is your partner comfortable opening up to you? It’s important that your loved ones come and open up to you regardless of getting scolded or judged.

Best feng shui fame and reputation crystals

The purpose of crystals in Feng Shui is to bring positive energy at home and treat various issues like self-esteem, healing a broken heart, feeling of protection in the house, etc. These crystals have been used over the centuries not only in Feng Shui but also in other religions, cultures as well.

A crystal works by matching the frequency of the body. When a body emitting lower frequency is placed near such a crystal emitting higher frequency it encourages the body to emit higher frequency!

Best Fame & Reputation Crystals:

  • Overcoming fear: Red Jasper, Goldstone, Garnet
  • Good luck: Moldavite, Sunstone
  • Energy & motivation: red calcite, red tiger’s eye, Sunstone.

Fame Bagua numbers for name and Reputation

Each quadrant in a bagua is assigned a number. The bagua is the Feng shui energy map of a house or office depicting how each quadrant can be energized to improve your lifestyle. For example, the south quadrant is known to enhance your name and reputation.

Bagua NumberMeaningBagua AreaElement
1Startup/ careerKanWater
2Relationship/ MarriageKunFertile planting field/ Earth
3FamilyZhenStrong wood
4Stability/ Fortune blessingsXunFlexible wood
5Physical/ Mental healthTai QiEarth core
6TravelQianHard Metal
7Contemplation/ ProductivityDuiGold/ Soft metal
8Success/ KnowledgeGenStrong & ancient mountains
9Fame & ReputationLiFire

Activate feng shui fame and reputation bathroom area

What if your Feng Shui fame and reputation area lies in the bathroom?!

First of all, you don’t need to panic. Fame and reputation area needs to be enhanced with red color, fire and achievements. Getting all of it in a bathroom isn’t possible. Bathroom has water, which can destroy fire (Water –> Fire) and has dark colors like blue and gray.

But you really don’t need to worry or shift yourself to another house! Come on, you’re going to adopt Feng Shui to improve yourself; you need to take things positively. That’s the point of Feng Shui, right?

In other words, modify your bathroom such that it vibes out positivity and enhances your fame and reputation.

  • Install candles which depict fire. An element for fame and reputation.
  • Decorate with crystals such as red calcite, red tiger’s eye. You can place them separately on a self or take a crystal column which holds 2-3 crystals together.
  • Bring in red! Instill subtle red objects like red towels, red showpiece and what not!
  • Brighten up your bathroom with candles and triangular pointed or star objects.

Feng shui awards placement tips

Enhance your fame and reputation quadrant with awards and achievements. Your past achievements can be a great motivation for you. Think about what you really intend to be, how would you like to be addressed when someone talks about you.

  • Use wooden furniture to support the fame and reputation quadrant for fire.
  • As discussed before, the color of fame is red. Make sure to include red in the form of showpieces, red wooden architecture, frames, etc.
  • Keep your target in front of you; either written or pictures. Like if you want a specific company to hire you keep it’s logo, their employee of the year pictures and details.

Feng Shui lucky items for Fame enhancement

Fame doesn’t necessarily means having a lot of people following you, or being a celebrity. Your fame is defined by your achievements, your social position and priority among your community.

This fame is achieved by money, being a good and helpful person, humor, and your career. It is also concerned with lesser-known cultivation of a good reputation through steady presence and support.

Lucky charm objects

Enhancing your fame and reputation with certain items and requirements at home is a great idea. Just make sure you’re doing it simple and the right way.

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Explore the lucky charm items and their definitions such as lucky money cat, Chinese dragons, Bamboos, etc.

Coins of ten Emperors

These Chinese coins symbolize wealth and power. It flashes back to Qing Dynasty, where these coins were used for transactions and the economy during this period was prominent.

Zodiac animals

The 12 animals of Chinese zodiac animals represent the types of personalities we may encounter in our life. It teaches that each personality is unique and we should maintain harmonious relationships as much as we can.


Bamboos are considered to be very lucky and auspicious in eastern countries like China, Japan and Korea. Keeping Bamboo plants at home brings luck, wealth and fortune.

Fire red ball

The red fire ball is ideal for repressing interpersonal issues like arguments, self-esteem, cold relations, etc. It enhances concentration, higher memory and creativity to handle with different life situations. It also provides algorithmic thinking and common sense.

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What are the feng shui plants to keep in fame area

How plants bring energy into the home?

Plants are living objects, they change, they grow, they need care and love. Plants bring the green color into the home which is a sign of peace and harmony.

Not only feng Shui principle says but religious books, cultures believe in bringing plants to home. Additionally, plants have air-purifying capabilities and keep the house oxygenated.

This prevents the person from depriving of fresh air. Find below Best feng shui plants for fame and reputation:

1) Money Tree

The Money Tree Creates positive energy and known as the ‘Good Luck’ tree. People since ages have been adopting Money tree into their home for good fortune and to avoid bad energy.

2) Jade plant

Jade plant is known to enhance your luck due to its rounded and smooth leaves. This plant is the feng shui fame plant. They are best suited for money, reputation, health and the fame area of your house.

3) Phoenix

The red Phoenix is one of the four celestial elements of feng shui representing the direction of South.  The Phoenix is a sign of good luck and energizes your fame and reputation quadrant.

Note: Do not keep dead or dying plants. Take care of your plants and keep them healthy because their energy is directly imbibed into you. So, make sure to keep them happy and energized!

What are the things to avoid for better fame and name?

Numerology has a great place in feng shui. Eastern countries like Japan, China, Korea avoid using ‘4’ as its pronunciation is similar to ‘death’. Bagua or (ka pua) numbers help people to know about various directions and advantages.

  • Avoid water in the fame and reputation quadrant of feng shui as water attacks fire.
  • Avoid bad directions. Your bagua number will tell your auspicious and inauspicious directions and how they affect your life.
  • Ho Hai: Northwest Direction bringing bad luck.
  • Wu Gui: Southwest direction of 5 ghosts.
  • Liu Sha: West direction of Six killings.
  • Jueh Ming: Northeast direction for total loss.

FAQs on Feng Shui Fame And Reputation

Q1: South Bagua area in Feng Shui?

The South fame Bagua Area In Feng Shui Is Responsible For Your Fame And Reputation.

Enhancing This Area Of House With Wooden Furniture, Red Items, Fireplace Can Activate Your Feng Shui To Increase The Chi Energy For Fame.

Tips For activate wealth corner in Feng Shui?

Install Lucky Items Such As Coin Of Ten Emperors, Money Plant. Keep Your Wallet Black Or Blue Colored As It Attracts Money.

Keep Your Working Desk Free Of Unnecessary Items. Keep Plants And Wooden Furniture, Make Sure The Plants Are Healthy.

Best color for feng shui fame and name?

Red. The Symbol For Fame And Reputation Is Red. Adopt Wooden Furniture, Fireplace, Candles, And Red Items In Your Fame Area (South Of Your House) To Enhance Your Name And Reputation Energy.

Is feng shui northwest corner important for fame?

Yes. The Northwest Corner Symbolizes Helpful People And Travelling.

Being Helpful To Someone Increases Your Respect In Their Eyes And They Would Always Be Grateful For What You Did For Them. Go And Meet New People, Try Out Things And Help Others!

The wrap up

Humans are closely related to living things, animals, birds, and magnetic directions, and energy. The 5 elements of feng shui, water, fire, wood, earth, and metal are what humans have grown upon.

Feng shui pronounced as ‘Funkshway’ transforms our living to create better relationships with people around us, have good money, fame, and reputation.

Feng shui prioritizes mental health and inner happiness the most because if we are happy and contemplated no bad energy can stop us from being successful in our lives.

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