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11 Feng Shui Living Room Colors Choices Based On Directions

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When decorating our house, we always look at the decoration, the placement of the furniture. But little importance is given to the colors of the walls beyond merely aesthetic. In this guide, we are going to reveal how we can Feng Shui Living Room colors with mesmerizing 2022 choices.

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And is that Feng Shui also takes importance in the choice of colors or how our room is painted. Thanks to this vital energy science, you can try to attract positive energy to all the rooms in our home.

Living Room Colors
Feng Shui Living Room Colors 2022

Living room paint or colors ideas, beyond their aesthetic appearance, influence our mood. Here we leave you a series of tips to paint the walls of your house following the rules of Feng Shui.

What Are the Best Feng Shui Living Room Colors?

Just like any other room in the house like Feng Shui Bedroom, Kitchen, living room is also an integral part of our house. Colors are essential for Feng Shui especially when it comes to a Living room.

Each tone, its meaning, and its recommended place, not to be mistaken. Hence, the following colors according to Feng Shui are considered to be the best colors to paint the wall of your living room.

  • White. The purity, the sum of all the colors, the “colorless” color. It helps create an active and positive Living room.
  • Black. Far from what you might think, black is a positive color for the Orientals. What they do is that it should be used as part of the living room decoration in some details and nothing else. Otherwise a too masculine atmosphere will be generated.
  • Red. It is a passion, fire, pure energy. However, it cannot be abused. This color generates violence. Just for details like a wall.
  • Green. Balance, tranquility and harmony. It is a color that neither attracts nor repels energy.
  • Yellow. Pure energy. The color that most attracts. The most positive. It generates warmth.
  • Earth colors. Indicated for living rooms and bedrooms. They help rest. It is also a good color for places where people with mental health problems live.

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Living Room Colors For North Sector

The north sector has the energy of fame, of social recognition. It is revealing to us how we show ourselves to others and how they perceive us. It is activated by the energy of fire.

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So here we must place red objects, candles, a stove, some salt lamps.

But the energy of the wooden element is represented by the presence of a healthy plant.

GREEN– The Feng Shui green living room colors and is also favorable, vertical shapes. In this sector we affirm our self-esteem positively, we remember how important it is to respect and love ourselves.

BLUEWater is the element of the north sector. It is the quarry sector, located north of your living room. The element corresponding to this sector is water and therefore the colors to adopt for this sector of the living room. They will be blue and black, unless you already have a bathroom in this area, no need to add more.

Use these living room colors ideas by keys, without too much excess

  • Performances on the subject of water will activate your career.
  • Metal element will suit perfectly as well as white with wavy and round shapes.
  • Make mood boards in the living room and also incorporate plants and wood elements to soothe these spaces.

Southwest and Northeast Living Room Colors Idea

In the Southwest, everything is allowed! The southwest-facing rooms benefit from a beautiful generous light throughout the day. You can almost dare!

But to reinforce this impression of luminosity. It is better to play with light colors. You have the choice between the beautiful palette for Living Room Colors of very pale aquatic blues and neutrals with a touch of red, pink white orange shortbread.

In the first case, you will tilt the cursor to the contemporary side, in the second you opt for a more classic and warm atmosphere.

  • Put gray, gold, silver in the West to harmonize relationships with your children, or in the North-West to activate financial or other supports (mirrors, lamps, modern consoles with photos.)
  • Orange or pink in the Southwest will harmonize your internal family or couple relationships or those with your friends (sofas, armchairs, cushions.)
  • The Northeast exposure is considered the most difficult. Indeed, the light in the northeast is rather weak and cold. A real challenge therefore! But the advantage is that the light is stable throughout the day so the rendering will be uniform whatever the hour.
  • The first reflex is often to look for a light color to bring back the light. Why not, but avoid the gray or bluish tones that would appear even harder under the northern light.
  • Prefers sand colors with a touch of yellow. The other option is not to fight against the lack of light but to take advantage of chiaroscuro to create a theatrical atmosphere. Opt for a deep purple, dark chocolate brown or almost black cherry red.
  • In Northeast, there should be freshness. The living room oriented to the East benefit from a beautiful morning light, rather cool, which turns downright cold at the end of the day.
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Go in the direction of the light by opting for shades that carry in them blue or green living room colors. A white colored with a touch of aqua blue can work very well.

Living Room Colors
Living Room Colors

So that the room also reveals itself at the end of the day. It is possible to create a contrast with a darker shade. A way to highlight the brightness of the lightest color when evening comes.

Living Room Colors for West and Northwest

In Feng Shui, hues color creates the atmosphere of course, but it is also associated with a direction that is to say a part of the house.

Thus, if your room is located to the northwest, a peaceful atmosphere will be more easily obtained with the cream color. For a room to the west, pink is preferable, to the northwest, the off-white is also a great combination.

Natural light has a direct impact on our daily morale, health, and behavior. In the living room, it is better to choose the right hue colors to avoid lower morale and keep fishing.

Choosing the right hue is not always easy. It all depends on the exposure of the room, the placement of the windows, and the size of the space.

  • To start in the best conditions, we recommend that you analyze the orientation of your living room. It will have a strong impact on the diffusion of the final light. East, west, north, south, all your choices must be reflected based on these indications.
  • The hue colors vary according to the seasons and the time of day. North facing rooms will be cooler and softer, unlike much warmer and warmer south rooms. In the west, the atmosphere will rather be cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon unlike the rooms in the east.
  • The second point that plays on the light is the space of the room. Do not hesitate to paint your walls in anthracite gray to enhance the privacy of a room that lacks space. Mix it with duck yellow or sky blue furniture. The mirror will also enlarge a narrow space.

Feng Shui Living Room Colors Idea for Southeast and East Sectors

Your living room deserves Feng Shui colors all by itself!

It is still the most important room: the one where you spend your evenings, the one where you chat with your children.

The one where you receive your friends or your family, the one where you chat with your spouse, the one that most closely resembles you.

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You had to find the right yin-yang balance between carpet, round shape of the sofa, cushions and curtains and plants with pointed leaves, contemporary tables with straight lines, and lighting.

Also, you have respected the Feng Shui activators of the sector where the room is located: wood/brown and green colors to the east or south-east and purple and burgundy to the south, blue and black to the east sectors.

You can follow the following tips to start the proper painting of each sector of your living room in accordance with Feng Shui.

  • Place the Lo Shu to sectorised your stay and locate where the 9 sectors of your life are in this frame of 9 identical boxes depending on the orientation.
  • Choose, for good Feng Shui, a neutral color for the walls and the floor: for example, for the walls, a light yellow being the color of communication or a light purple if your living room is rather for you a place reflection.
  • The dark color is not to be avoided it can be used to modify the proportions of your room: dark ceiling for a room too high, a dark Feng Shui living room wall will accentuate an impression of corridor or will make your room squarer.

You can then, depending on the sectorization of the room, energize the sector that you want to privilege, these sectors corresponding to the facets of your life that you want to change:

Feng Shui colors for southeast living room- Put green, brown, wood in the Southeast to boost your finances or in the East to boost your Projects (this is the place of green plants)

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Q: Which curtain material is best for the living room?

Cotton is the best material for the curtains rather than silk, Linen and Velvet.

Q: Best Feng Shui Curtain Color For The Living Room?

Use colors like cream, pink, coral and pastel colors for the living room. Avoid dark colors like black, brown and blood red.

Q: Feng Shui Sofa Color For Luck And Prosperity?

For sofa we can go for colors like blue, black, white, green and red.


Undoubtedly, reactivating the living room involves changing some places, removing others and incorporating new ones along with colors.

Try these trading colors for your living room and give your sitting area a make over this year.