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11 Feng Shui Decoration For Front Door Tips By Experts

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In this blog, we are going to talk all about Feng shui Decoration For Front Door Ideas and tips.

It enables the energy to freely flow into and through the interiors of homes and also brings luck and prosperity.

Feng Shui Decoration For Front Door

Feng Shui Front Door Significance

A strong front door to welcome positive energy is essential in feng shui also considered a mouth of chi.

Good energy and opportunities can enter your home through the front door. It is also the first thing that everyone sees when they visit you, even before they go inside your marvelous living room

Feng Shui manages the most prosperous position for our homes to harness positive qi, considering the place, location, and orientation. 

Feng Shui’s origins are in Taoism, which is the way of nature, so the principles of Feng shui reflect nature.

Energy is known as qi or chi, and Taoists believe it inhabits everything.

Positive qi can bring good fortune and strength. On the other hand, negative qi can bring bad luck and weakness.

8 Feng Shui Decoration For Front Door Ideas

Let the Feng Shui principles and ideals inspire your space decor in a feng shui way to bring more balance to your life.

Below are a few awesome ways to make your front door more welcoming and appealing.

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1. Find a New Welcome Mat

Buying a new welcome mat can bring new opportunities to your home, and it’s a simple thing.

Pick one that gives you positive energy and choose its size according to the width of the door. Make sure you select a color that makes you happy because you will see it daily.

This tip can bring a fresh start to your front door and attract more positive energy to your home.

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2. Get Creative

If you have some space, you can get creative and add some furniture and accessories.

For example, it will be a nice place to be with your guests in the summer. It will bring you joy and a lot of positive energy.

A lovely exterior sofa to socialize with family or to read a book and relax. Decorating this space can give you many opportunities and enjoy an area that used to be empty.

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3. Color

The Feng Shui principles also influence the color selection of your front door.

Everyone will see your front door, and you should choose your door color with attention and care.

Colors can have different meanings; consider this and choose what you like the most. 

The most challenging part is going to be the selection of the color.

  • GREEN: With green, you can connect with nature. With black, you can give a strong impression.
  • BLUE and VOILLATE: Blue will provide a relaxed and peaceful vibe.
  • WHITE: The purity and cleanliness of white are always good options.
  • RED: Red will provide warmth and passion.
  • YELLOW: Yellow is the color of optimism and will light up your day.
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4. Bring Nature

An excellent way to bring the natural element is through plants. Choose beautiful feng shui front entrance plants and flowers to dress up your front.

It will look appealing to everyone who passes in the street, your guests, and you. Plants can also bring a lot of calm and happy vibes to your front door, influencing the rest of the house.

Select your favorite greens and start giving a natural style to your door. Two options that will bring you good luck are Jade Plant and Money Plant.

5. Keep it Clean

  • Try to keep your door clean and clutter-free because it is from there that positive energy will enter your home.
  • By keeping it immaculate, you ensure that this happens. We often forget this simple task because we tend to neglect this area. 
  • Ensure the door is not jammed, and check if it’s lubricated. It must function appropriately.
  • You can also check if the door painting is still good or if it needs some touches.

6. Remove Clutter

  • The main entrance is usually a place where all kinds of clutter appear, making it clutter-free. Coats, shoes, umbrellas, bags, we leave there, and we hope that someone will make them disappear.
  • Sadly it doesn’t go away alone, so we have to do it by ourselves. All this mess impedes the good energy to go to other parts of the home.
  • It’s not a good way to be received in the house every time you come home.
  • It’s stressful and not pleasant. Maybe some furniture can help you hide and organize all the things that are in that place.
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Now you know how to decorate your front door, check out other useful resources for Feng Shui Front Door.


Start arranging your home with the Feng shui principles by decorating your front door.

The front door is the portal of energy, don’t block out the energy and opportunities that can enter through the door.

It can also be a space for socialization and relaxation if you have room for some sofas and comfortable furniture.

We offered you some tips to feng shui your front door, and he hopes this area will have plenty of good energy. It will boost your well-being and give a blissful vibe to the inhabitants.