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7 Feng Shui Flowers In Living Room: Placement + Significance

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Are you looking for Feng Shui flowers in living room? Click here to know all you need to know about feng shui flowers and their placement in the living room.

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of creating balance. It is the art of bringing positive energy into your environment and having a positive flow of energy in your life.

It is believed that the 5 elements of this universe are connected with our life, and we need to form a healthy connection with them and our environment to lead a content life. 

Even in the Chinese tradition of the new year celebration, people decorate their homes with auspicious flowers and fruits.

So, the question arises. Where do we spend most of our time? 

Most of your day is probably spent in your home, which makes it important to have a balanced environment incorporating all the elements of tai chi–earth, fire, water, metal, and wood.

The balance ensures that there is a constant flow of good energy in our homes.

Flowers play an important role here. Pick flowers that can have a strong influence on the different aspects of your life that you want to target. Follow the Bagua map for the placement of flowers. Fresh flowers bring luck and prosperity to your home.

Place flowers that symbolize harmony, health, well-being, and calmness in your life.

In particular, Feng shui flowers for the living room will bring calmness, peace, harmony, and joy to your life.  

The living room of a home is an important space. It is where all the gatherings are held. Whether you have guests over or just lounging with your family, this space is where a positive flow of chi (energy) is valued. 

The Role of Flowers In Feng Shui

Flowers represent the element of wood in feng shui. They are a symbol of the beginning of a new life and bring good luck and countless blessings to our homes. 

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It is essential to have fresh blooming flowers in your environment because they bring in a lot of positive energy. 

Feng Shui Flowers In Living Room
Feng Shui Flowers In Living Room

Focus this energy on your living room so that your relationships blossom like the beautiful flowers you have placed in your home.

However, it is not only luck and blessings that flowers bring with their energy. There are flowers that align with your career, love in your life, and even money

  • Bring flowers to your home to surround yourself with energy that will build vibes for positivity in your health, wealth, career, love, and life overall. 
  • Flowers carry the symbol of good luck and can be seen in abundance across China.
  • Chinese use flowers not only in homes but also on the streets to spread the joy and luck they bring. 
  • Spread the beauty and luck of flowers by gifting them to your friends. If your friend is looking for a partner in life, gift them a pair of peonies to bring them luck to find their special someone. 

Feng Shui Flowers In Living Room

Different flowers bring different types of energy. You can’t just place any flower and think this will bring calmness and harmony to the environment. You need to pick the right flower.

  • Bring freshness into your living room by inviting in a cleansed and refreshing boost of energy with fresh scented flowers. 
  • It is better to use real flowers because they connect with your life as a living organism. 
  • The energy that real flowers bring in is much stronger than artificial ones. 
  • The colors and position placement of the artificial flowers may have an effect.
  • The liveliness of real flowers will bring luck and prosperity to your environment, creating harmony, 
  • Flowers are seasonal, so opt for paintings or floral prints to incorporate feng shui flowers in the living room when the season doesn’t call for it.

Flower Placement in Feng Shui

Placement is very important in Feng Shui. In fact, it is the most important component. The flow of chi depends on how you place items and where you place them

Every place in a room has a strong point that influences some of the aspects of your life.

This is called a Bagua map in the world of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Flowers For Living Room
Feng Shui Flowers For Living Room

A room is divided into 9 parts, and from the point of the entryway, each section represents a different part or aspiration of your life. 

Here is how a room is divided:

Wealth & Prosperity
Element: Wood
Fame & Reputation Element: FireRelationship
Element: Earth
Element: Wood
Element: Earth
Children & Creativity
Element: Metal
Knowledge & Self Cultivation Element: EarthCareer
Element: Water
Travel & Helpful People
Element: Metal
  • Bagua map will help you decorate the living room and also aid you with arranging things in every room of the house. 
  • Interior placement is equally important in Feng Shui. Refer to the Bagua map to understand where things need to be placed to boost the vibes and spread positive energy across your home.
  • For the placement of flowers, think about what you want to focus on. 
  • The placement is not just according to the area. Colors are also representative of where they need to be placed. You can place an arrangement of marigolds in the center to boost health and bring positive chi to the center of the room. 
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Pick Flowers for Living Room

Now that you know where to put the flowers pick a flower and connect it with the Bagua map of your living room. 

Best Feng Shui Flowers In Living Room
Best Feng Shui Flowers In Living Room

Here are some other aspects to think about:

  1. Consider what you want to focus on. Every flower will bring prosperity to different areas of your life.
  2. Remember what the living room is for. It is for harmonizing relationships, bringing prosperity and calmness to your life, and adding a burst of positive energy to your social life. 
  3. Chrysanthemum is a beautiful flower you can put in your living room. It brings calmness to your otherwise chaotic life. 
  4. Bring in some lilies for some happy vibes. Lillies are a gorgeous flower and bring peace into your life. 
  5. Cultivate health and harmony in your life by placing some lotus in your living room. Its freshness brings a certain charm to the space and helps you strive for better well-being.
  6. Place a nice big centerpiece of bright yellow flowers like Marigolds to bring vital energy into the environment.
  7. The flowers you pick should be soft and rounded. Pointed flowers are not encouraged to be used in an area that symbolizes harmony and family values.

Tips for Feng Shui Flowers for Living Room

Every living being needs someone to take care of them to help them blossom. Flowers are the same. Especially in Feng shui, it is believed that every element you place in your environment should be well taken care of. 

  • Take care of the flowers you bring into your home.
  • Water them and help them grow.
  • Do not cram them in a pot.
  • Put fresh water daily for them to thrive in the environment and bring you good luck and blessings.
  • When they start to wilt, let them go gently with love and replace them with fresh flowers.
  • Do not place flowers that have thorns in them. However, you can trim the thorns if you would like to place the flower and make it a part of your environment.
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Seasonal Lucky Flower

Some flowers aren’t available all year round. They are seasonal and bring a lot of luck to you. 

  • Peonies are beautiful delicate flowers that represent love. They are available in summer, and their freshness can boost the energy in any room. 
  • Orchid is another flower that is considered lucky and carries beautiful hues of purple. Not only is it lucky, but orchids are also considered to bring harmony, which makes them a perfect flower for the living room.
  • Magnolias draw prosperity and are a lucky flower. You can place it in the living room and bloom with content because of the positive energy it brings to the environment. 
  • Flowers with yellow and orange shades represent the sun and bring happiness and luck to you if placed with Feng Shui n mind.

FAQs: Feng Shui Flowers In Living Room

Q: What are the lucky flowers in Feng Shui?

Peonies, orchids, and Magnolias are all considered lucky flowers in Feng shui. They can spruce up the room with freshness and bring good luck to the space.

Q: Where should feng shui plants be placed indoors?

Every item that is placed in a room should be placed according to the Bagua map.

Consider things you want, the aspirations in your life, and aspects you want to focus on, and place items in the places that represent them. 

Q: What is a good plant to have in the living room?

The center of every room represents health. It is best to place a nice healthy blooming plant in the center to make way for positive energy for your and your family’s health.

Q: What color should your living room be in Feng Shui?

A living room is a space where people gather with their friends and family. It should have an earthy and woody tone.

Hues of blues and greens in earthy tones work well for living rooms in Feng Shui.

Q: What are good indoor plants for Feng Shui?

The money tree is a very common indoor plant in Feng Shui. It represents wealth and prosperity and is placed in many homes to bring luck to the family’s wealth and health.