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How To Learn Feng Shui: Best Free Courses and Certification

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Learning feng shui and its values is possible through various programs available online or by enrolling in its courses. Check how to learn feng shui, Free Courses, and Certifications.

Feng shui has become a popularly accepted philosophy across the globe. This ancient art has seen its principles applied to all aspects of human endeavors.

Feng shui is just an ancient science formulated based on ancient Chinese beliefs.

Ancient science takes into consideration ways to harmonize the five elementswood, fire, water, metal, and earth to strike a balance with your surroundings.

The purpose of feng shui is to attract positive vibes and good luck in life, or space and also boost emotional, physical, and mental health.

Based on the numerous benefits of feng shui, it is a good decision to learn feng shui.   

How To Learn Feng Shui

Why It Is Necessary To Study Feng Shui? Benefits

With the increasing spread from ancient China, Feng shui is much appreciated by many people around the world.

They depend on this philosophy to inject life into luck and rejuvenate well-being and other aspects of life. What are the benefits of studying feng shui?  

1. Health Benefits

Feng shui applies to good health. From ancient times, people use its principles to improve their well-being.

You can apply feng shui tips to eradicate unhealthiness from your body.

Some health problems such as body weakness, fatigue, blood pressure, and heart disease can be combated. Feng shui can also enhance fertility.

Caution: Following feng shui principles for health does not stop you from observing your healthy routine.  

Feng Shui Tips To Use For Better Health

  • Allow penetration of sunlight and air into your home.
  • Grow indoor and outdoor plants and flowers to release vigor and freshness.
  • Move the mirror facing your bed away. A mirror facing the bed is bad feng shui.  
  • Fix lights that will make your home brighter. 

2. Mental Health

One of the benefits of feng shui is the improvement of mental health. It has been proved by many people the effectiveness of feng shui in boosting mental health.

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If you desire a meaningful change in your mental well-being, you can apply feng shui principles.

These principles can also be incorporated to alleviate many mental health conditions and display sound ability.

Feng Shui Tips To Use For Boosting Mental Health

  • Grow natural plants.
  • Open up your home to fresh air and sunlight.
  • Keep your windows dust free.
  • Dispose of unused items and let your home be clutter-free.

3. Finance and Career

Many people attested to the fact that feng shui is an activator of wealth, prosperity, and abundance.

Feng shui has principles that can give you command over your finance and career.

Using these principles can improve your finances and bring about career breakthroughs.

You can follow these feng shui tips to give life to your financial and career life.

Feng Shui Tips To Utilize For Finance And Career Advancement

Block Bad Energy and Misfortunes

Feng shui has been used to prevent misfortune and minimize the occurrence of an accident.

Because feng shui encourages good luck and success in life, following feng shui tips can block negative energy from affecting you. 

Feng Shui Tips To Use For Disallowing Negativity And Attract Good Luck

  • Include red moderately.
  • Place an evil eye in your house.
  • Introduce feng shui indoor plants like peace lilies, snake plants, and spider plants.
  • Take away any broken object.
  • Allow the free flow of natural light into the home.

4. Love and Relationships

Feng shui can positively affect your love and relationships.

It provides answers to building healthy relationships for those looking for one and also can restore peace to unhealthy relationships.

Feng shui principles can be used to kindle affection and undying love between partners.

Feng Shui Tips To Use For Love And Healthy Relationships

  • Have a habit of de-cluttering and cleaning up your space. De-cluttering keeps your home auspicious and promotes the flow of positive energy.
  • Introduce red color to your home. In feng shui, red ignites affection and passion. It symbolizes love. However, you need to use it moderately to prevent negative effects like anger and irritation.
  • Get things in pairs. This act gives you a sense of companionship.  
  • Hang images of happy couples on the wall.
  • Fill your home with fragrances, and place fresh petals around.

How Feng Shui Can Change Your Life?

Feng Shui can change your life when the principles governing it are applied.

You can apply the five feng shui elements into your space and benefit from the energy each element carries.

These elements have good energies that when balanced can create an auspicious environment.

Apply the various feng shui tips provided above to change your life positively.

How Do I Start Feng Shui?

Learn Feng Shui- Beginners Guide

You can start feng shui by following these simple tips.

  • Five elements: Find out how you can apply these five elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth) to harmonize with your space.
  • Main Entrance: The front entrance of your home is important to starting feng shui. Maintaining a clutter-free main entrance will go a long way in enhancing the flow of good energy into your home.
  • Living room: Exercise feng shui in your living room by arranging your furniture in a manner that prevents facing each other while sitting and you are not backing the front door.
  • Commanding position: This position is strategic for establishing feng shui at home. Locating the command position in the room gives you control. So, find out your power position in each of your rooms.
  • Bedroom: Move your bed away from the window and let the bed be positioned in such a way that will help you to see the door. However, the bed must not be in a position that is direct to the door. In addition, don’t store items under the bed.  
  • Kitchen: Keep your kitchen clean to enjoy good health.
  • Bathroom: Ensure the bathroom door is kept locked and the toilet lid closed.
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Difference Between Two Types Of Feng Shui: Classical, And Modern

It is the ancient type that was developed for thousands of years in China. Classical Feng Shui has been in existence for more than 1500 years ago.As the name implies, it is a modern system of feng shui. It was created not quite long, in the 1990s. This is the Western type of Feng Shui.
It features five natural elements and the positioning of furniture, and decor. It finds a way of balancing and harmonizing the elements.It gives more attention to enhancers and incorporates the practice of personal intuition. It merges western astrology and indigenous philosophy from other traditions.
It finds a way of harnessing the Qi (energy) from the surroundings in addition to the one inside the house.It focuses on object placement and utilization of mental motivation by showcasing ornaments as a solution.
Classical Feng Shui is developed to activate luck fortune and energy in our environment.Modern Feng Shui is developed as an art of placement.

The Basics of Feng Shui

Here are the basics of feng shui:

  • Don’t hang the mirror facing the main entrance. The mirror will reflect the positive energy coming inside.
  • Don’t bring electronics into your bedroom. Any electronic will disturb your sleep.
  • Change the position of your bed from aligning directly with the door.
  • Make sure to de-clutter the main entrance.
  • Ensure your kitchen is kept clean
  • Don’t paint your kids’ rooms with bright and violent colors like red. This color will be powerful to foster sound sleep.
  • Moving out of your house was broken objects like furniture.
  • Ensure the bathroom door is closed when is not utilized.
  • Fix any leaking faucet as soon as possible.
  • Replace the non-functional light bulbs. Keep your home very bright at night.
  • Raise indoor plants to purify your air and absorb bad energy.

Ways To Practice Feng Shui At Home?

You can practice feng shui at home through the following ways.

  • Empty every clutter.
  • Create a smooth flow of traffic.
  • Create an inviting and welcoming entry. Make your entry look clean, and warm, and can promote a good vibe around your entrance.
  • Introduce feng shui plants like money plants, snake plants, jade plants, etc.
  • Adopt the command position.
  • Use feng shui colors to deliver a balanced environment.
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What To Avoid In Feng Shui?

The followings are some of those things you should not do in feng shui:

  • Putting a bed to align with the wall.
  • Leaving your toilet lit open.
  • Placing mirrors inappropriately.
  • Raising plants in the bedroom.
  • An untidy environment can cause cluttering.
  • Bringing electronics into the bedroom.
  • Keeping doors open at night.

What Shouldn’t Be Kept In Your House?

Get rid of the following items from your house as they are inauspicious.

  • Broken objects
  • Dead plants and leaves that have dried up
  • Out-of-date calendar
  • Plants with thorns or sharp leaves can harm

Feng Shui Principles For Home

Feng shui principles for the home include:

1. Confirm Your Commanding Positions

  • One of the major ways of applying feng shui principles at home is to confirm your commanding position.
  • This position applies to your set of furniture such as the bed, desk, and stove.
  • In feng shui, the bed symbolizes you, the stove symbolizes wealth, and the desk is a symbol of your career.

2. Embrace Vertical

  • Fill your home with objects that are vertical in shape.
  • This shape is symbolic of rising, growing, and expansion.
  • Other ways you can represent this is by adding lighting fixtures with the light traveling upward and placing a tall tree in your house to create an impression of growth. 

3. De-clutter And Maintain Cleanliness

  • In feng shui, a cluttered environment can block the flow of positive energy in the home.
  • It is an inauspicious act, therefore it should be avoided. Declutter your home of all unused items.
  • By decluttering, you can also save valuable space for positive energy to circulate. Ensure your home is cleaned.

De-clutter The Entryway

  • The entryway symbolizes the channel through which the energy flows into your home and life.
  • It is therefore important to de-clutter this vital area to pave way for an easy flow of positive energy.
  • Look for those unused items and broken furniture piled up and dispose of them. Make your entryway welcoming and inviting too.
  • Place an earthy vase containing flowers and plants at the entrance to attract good luck.

4. Eliminate Obstacles

Where necessary, you can look for obstacles that tend to disturb your movement each time you are coming into the house.

In addition, you have obstacles lying on the pathway in your house. For example, you may need to re-position your furniture to provide free movement when passing.   

5. Bring In Plants

  • Plants are symbolic in feng shui.
  • They help to purify the home of pollution, thereby releasing fresh air.
  • They provide vitality and freshness. Go for feng shui indoor plants. Plants represent energy.

6. Integrate Metal

  • The metal element is one of the five elements in feng shui.
  • If you want to do feng shui in your home, you can integrate the metal element because of its symbolism.
  • The metal element represents precision, creativity, clarity, and intuition. It can also enhance productivity. 

How To Learn Feng Shui Online Free

With the advent of Information Technology, you can now learn feng shui online for free.

There are numerous free feng shui courses available online for beginners.

You can select any of these free courses to learn feng shui in-depth and end up becoming a guru in feng shui.

You can choose any of these courses depending on your level of experience either as a beginner or professional.

Some of these courses are available on Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), YouTube, Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare, QuickStart, etc. These platforms provide practical training.  

Best Feng Shui Free Courses

If you want to learn feng shui free courses, here are the best courses available online. 

 Free Courses Author’s NamePlatforms
 7 Feng Shui Secrets with Patt Patt SendejasYouTube
 Transform Your Space With Joy Mina YangUdemy
 Home Feng Shui Tips From Master Hanz Cua Master Hanz CuaYoutube
 Feng Shui Training – Chinese Zodiac Animals Tina FalkYoutube
How to Become a Certified Feng Shui ConsultantFengShuiArchitectureYouTube

Feng Shui Certification Course Online

Certification CoursesPlatforms
Feng Shui for Life with Marie DiamondMindvalley
Feng Shui Diploma CourseCentre of Excellence
Top Feng Shui Courses OnlineUdemy
Classical Feng Shui for BeginnersUdemy
Grow Your Business with Feng ShuiUdemy
Fully Accredited Professional Diploma Course in Feng ShuiUdemy
Feng Shui The Easiest WayUdemy
Online Feng Shui CertificationFeng Shui Designs
Feng Shui Class OnlineNew York Institute of Art & Design
Feng Shui Online CourseFeng Shui Training Center
Feng Shui MasteryInternational Feng Shui School with Amanda Collins

Best Feng Shui School In The World

Best Feng Shui School Website Url
International Feng Shui School With Amanda Sophia
Feng Shui Institute
Feng Shui School of Excellence
London School of Feng Shui  
Golden Gate Feng Shui School
Australian College Of Environmental Studies(ACES)
Feng shui Courses – Destiny Asia
Feng Shui School

Feng Shui Courses In the USA

Name Of The Institution LocationCourse NameDuration
Blue Mountain InstituteSeattleFeng Shui 1
Feng Shui Institute of AmericaCanal WinchesterFeng Shui Certification
American Feng Shui InstituteSan GabrielFeng Shui30 days
QC Design SchoolNew YorkFeng Shui Design16 weeks
Feng Shui DesignsKnoxvilleFeng Shui  Certification4 days
International Feng Shui SchoolSan DiegoFeng Shui Master Certification6 days
UCLA ExtensionLos AngelesFeng Shui Designers and Architects
Feng Shui Training CenterBeverly HillsFeng Shui  Certification18 weeks

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