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11 Feng Shui Career Cures For Better Growth + Opportunities

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Feng Shui Career Cures- A career is among the top priorities of our life, and most people give up on many things to pursue their dream profession.

So you can imagine how bad it can feel if they fail to achieve better growth in their career – something they compromised so much for.

Nonetheless, this is very common among people around us – who, despite working so hard and trying their best, are unable to succeed in their dream career and end up failing to make it to the top.

We are constantly told that to make money and achieve career growth, we need to study, work hard, be patient and consistent – but then why do people who do all of this still fail?

Could this have anything to do with their luck and the negative energies surrounding them?

Feng Shui Career Cures For Better Growth
Feng Shui Career Cures For Better Growth

No matter how trivial this sounds, the energies surrounding you can be a huge contributing factor here. Everything in our life depends on our luck and the energies we bring in our life.

If you ever feel like you are struggling to achieve something but still failing, the reason could be that you are not attracting the right energies in your life.

And this is exactly what happens when people, despite giving their best, struggle in their career growth. So what can be the solution for this?

Well, the answer is Feng Shui! Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about this because today, we will only be talking about Feng Shui career cures.

So without further ado, let’s dive right and understand how we can use Feng Shui to bring better growth in our careers.

Feng Shui and Career Growth

Like we said earlier, seeing no growth in a career could very much be a sign of negative energy, and one way you can cure that is by using Feng Shui.

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So, what is Feng Shui, and how can it cure such a huge problem? Well, Feng Shui is an art and science from ancient China–that teaches people the essence of their environment.

As per Feng Shui, the surrounding objects possess negative and positive energy, but if those objects are not used correctly, they can quickly turn their positive energy into negative.

Hence, if you face troubles in your career, the chances are that the objects in your environment–your house or office- are resonating with negative energies causing you to fail.

Hence, today we decided to share Feng Shui tips and rules that can help you cure your career problems.

Feng Shui Career Cures

Here are a few tips and Feng Shui career cures to help you overcome your wealth issues and achieve better career growth.

1. Changes to Make at your Office

Whether you work from home or your office, specific energies surround you when you are working; to make sure those energies remain positive.

You need to make changes in the area you spend most of your work hours. Below are some tips to help you:

2. Be Careful of Your Office Desk

Your office desk is the one object that can completely change your career because that is where you work and make professional decisions.

You have to ensure you buy the right type of desk to Feng Shui your career. Here are some tips for buying your office desk:

  • Buy a brown-colored office desk: brown is the color that corresponds with the earth element, and the earth element represents skills and knowledge. Having a brown desk will make you more knowledgeable and enhance your skills –giving your prosperity in your professional life.
  • Do not get a glass table: Glass tables are in fashion, but they are not suitable for your Feng Shui. Transparent surface, especially for office furniture, means losing ideas, thoughts, and opportunities; hence they are not recommended by Feng Shui career cures.
  • Get a High Desk Chair: Your desk chair is where you spend your most time working; make sure you get a desk chair with a high back. A high back represents support and stability – which will give you support for your career.

3. Do Not Get a Cramped Office Space

Feng Shui experts advise that it is best not to opt for cramped-up office spaces because the smaller the office space, the smaller your growth is in your career.

Even though we know it’s not usually in your hands to find a big office space, do not cramp it with furniture and things, even if the room itself is small.

Keep it minimal and spacious to let the energy flow freely.

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4. Clean your Office Space

The presence of clutter and mess can be a huge hindrance in your professional life – Feng Shui practitioners advise people to steer clear of clutter.

Try to keep your office space clean and tidy it up every day as you enter and leave your workplace. A clean office space means a smooth progression in your career.

5. Bring Nature Inside

Plants are a way to get fresh and feel calm, and hence they are perfect for your office space.

Feng Shui career cures suggest people keep plants In their office space for fresh air and positive energy flow.

Plants are also a sign of wood and earth elements, which are great for abundance, wealth, and prosperity in life.

6. Changes to Make at your House

7. Use the Bagua Map

  • The Bagua map or the energy map can prove to be very helpful for you in this situation.
  • It is essential to take help from the Bagua map to find out what areas of your house you can enhance to gain positive energy for a specific aspect of your life.
  • In this case, the Bagua map can tell you that the optimum direction for career and life path is the north direction of your house and the element that corresponds to this aspect of life is water.
  • Hence keeping that in mind, here are a few measures you can take:

8. Improve the North Area of your House

  • As discussed above, the North area of your house is for career and life path; hence, you need to enhance this area to activate the area’s energy.
  • Stand at your front door, and with a compass, find the northern area of your house. Now keep the north area clean; make sure you do not have a washroom in this area.
  • Keep plants in the north area to gain positive energy from nature and make sure you keep that place well lit. Moreover, don’t let that area of your house clutter, keep it clean and fresh to let good “chi” enter.

9. Enhance the Water Element

Since, as per the Bagua map, the water element corresponds with career and path of life, it’s best to make the most use of this element.

Try to enhance the water element in your house, especially the northern side of your house.

  • Keep a small indoor water fountain in multiple places, especially in the northern area.
  • If you have a garden in your house, you can build a big outdoor water fountain. Moreover, you can also keep an aquarium in your house with a goldfish in it.
  • This doesn’t only enhance the water element, but goldfish are also a symbol of prosperity and success – so this will also help you with better growth in your career.
  • Lastly, if nothing is possible, keeping pictures of water bodies such as beautiful waterfalls or the ocean is also helpful in enhancing the energy of the element in your house.
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10. Make a Money Corner in your House

  • The money corner is one of the most essential Feng Shui career cures because it helps in enhancing one’s wealth.
  • The direction for wealth on the Bagua map is southwest, so you need to make a small corner in your house in the southwest direction, which you must enhance using the five elements.
  • Even though this is not directly linked to career, wealth or money impacts your career progression– so it will help both aspects of your life.

11. Place Feng Shui Symbols and Crystals for Career

In Feng Shui, certain symbols and crystals can help attract a particular type of energy to your house. It is best to use these symbols and crystals and place them in different areas around your home and office.

Examples of Feng Shui Career Symbols are:

Examples of Feng Shui Career Crystals are:

  • Tourmaline
  • Clear Quartz
  • Aqua Aura Quartz
  • Blue Lace Agate

Feng Shui Career Cures: Final Word

Your career is among the most important things in your life, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances can make your career growth stagnant.

You may not know this, but it’s the doing of evil spirits and negative energy surrounding you most of the time.

Hence, follow the above Feng Shui career cures and tips to help you gain better growth in your professional life.

Feng Shui Career Cures FAQS

Q: What is the element and direction for career and path in life as per the Bagua map?

The element for carer and path in life is water, and the direction is north.

Q: What is the right type of desk for your office for better career growth?

The best desk for your office should be brown – to gain the energy of the earth element and never transparent because it can lead to losing knowledge and opportunities.