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Feng Shui For Health Problems: 15 Cures For Healing illness

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Feng Shui For Health Problems? Feng Shui has a great impact on people and their surroundings. It is about the guidelines that one should follow to feel energized and lead a better life.

These guidelines are very detailed and explain each and everything that you must abide by in your bedroom and anywhere else in your house.

Feng Shui states that everything starts within your home. Your mental and physical stability depends upon the things and environment you are surrounded by and the place where you are living at.

There is a reason behind everything. Be it your home plants, lights, decors, colors, or sounds, everything has a meaning, and each one of them is important for your betterment.

Here’s how you can use Feng Shui for health problems and energy purification.

How to Use Feng Shui for Health Problems?

Feng Shui recommends various remedies and tactics through which you can avoid certain diseases.

It also states how the tips of positive energy flow in your home and ensure a calm, peaceful, and relaxing environment for you to thrive in.

Feng Shui For Health Problems
Feng Shui For Health Problems and healing

Feng Shui gives us numerous instructions and etiquettes that we should follow in order to lead a happy and successful and most importantly, a healthy and fit journey. These include:  

Yon can also try feng shui charms for health, feng shui symbols for health and longevity and peaceful life like bracelets, gemstones.

Also watch out five feng shui elements if they are balanced in your body, as all impacts our health directly (Water, Wood, Metal, Earth, Fire)

1. Leave Your Footwear Outside

According to Feng Shui, you should not enter your home wearing shoes. Shoes are usually worn outside, and according to Feng Shui, they reflect the day’s negativity and concern.

Bringing your shoes into your home will bring negativity and anxiety into your home, which is bad for your health. Besides this, the outside dirt and bacteria will be on your shoes as well.

As a result, bringing them into your home is the same as inviting bacteria inside. 

This can have serious health ramifications, such as breathing difficulties. Always make sure that your shoes stay outside before you enter your home.

This helps in keeping the negative spirits at bay and limiting the exposure to bacteria.

2. Relaxing through Sounds

Feng Shui for health problems suggests listening to natural sounds such as soothing waves, mountain streams, birds chirping, a gentle breeze rustling the leaves, and so forth.

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Feng Shui suggests that listening to calming sounds of nature helps you to relax your nervous system, reduce your heart rate, and improve your breathing.

Large bells, wind chimes, Tibetan singing bowls, and other lovely sounds can be added to your home as well. These devices should be stored away from sunlight and ventilation in the dark corners of the room.

This will help allow the energy in your house to transcend to a greater level.

3. Healthy Sleeping Direction

If you want to make sure that you are healthy, you can use your health luck direction and determine the best place to sleep. Each sector is linked to a different type of luck.

You can apply the eight mansions Kua formula to get your specific health luck direction. First, calculate your Kua number. To figure this out, you will need your own Kua number.

This number will demonstrate the direction of any good or bad fortune that might await you.

The Kua formula can be used to calculate this number. It shows the group you are a part of. After you have determined your Kua number, you will need to determine which sleeping position is best for your health.

When you have decided this, lie in bed and turn your head in that direction. This implies that you might place your bed in such a way that you keep your head in this direction only.

4. Ensure Adequate Ventilation

There are a few basic Feng Shui health elements, and living close to them is recommended for a happier life.

Keeping in touch with and in tune with these fundamental factors might help you avoid poor luck, unhappiness, and other negative influences.

For instance, houses with poor ventilation and wet, dark rooms with basements are unsuited for living, according to Feng Shui.

As a result, your immunity will be compromised, making you more vulnerable to ailments like colds, depression, and rheumatism.

It is also worth noting that too much dry air is not good for your skin since it can cause inflammation and bacteria to spread faster.

5. Good Lightening for Overall Well-being

The right light can improve your mood and general health. Allowing more natural light in by opening shades and drapes as much as possible is one of the most effective ways to do so.

In most cases, natural illumination is favored over artificial lighting. However, this can be difficult to achieve for every room. In this case, you can opt for alternatives like Himalayan salt lamps.

The lamps emit negative ions into the air as the modest heat of the light bulb warms the salt.

6. Positive Colors in Décor

Colors have a huge influence on your life. In Feng Shui, colors are thought to influence health and well-being greatly. In China, the majority of homes are decorated according to Feng Shui for health problem principles.

You can plan the color scheme with positive colors around you and plan for your home accordingly. You should utilize no more than three colors here.

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The usage of soft and neutral colors will aid in the creation of a calming environment. Bedding, artwork, fabrics, and decorative items should all be in earth tones like blue, lavender, green, and peaches.

Excessive use of white is not recommended as it can result in an excess of cold energy. You will need to utilize additional warm colors to make up for it.

7. Bed Positioning is the Key

Sleep and your health are intricately intertwined. Feng Shui provides several rules for appropriate bed location in order to get a good night’s sleep.

For starters, you should not have a beam directly above your bed. There should also not be a door in front of your bed’s headboard or a window directly above the headboard.

Some of us have a habit of packing old items and stacking them beneath our beds. Despite the fact that this saves space, it is not a good thing.

Moreover, many of us also sleep with our electronic devices next to the bed. This is dangerous since you can find yourself sleeping in a radiation zone.

You will have headaches, dizziness, and other symptoms on a regular basis. As a result, Feng Shui suggests keeping these cell phones and other devices away from your bed when sleeping.

8. Organized & Clutter-free Environment

Maintaining order in your home is a critical piece of Feng Shui advice for good health. There should be no unnecessary items in it, always have a decluttered home.

Clutter is a sign of energy that has been trapped. A cluttered home will keep you bound to the past, preventing you from embracing new opportunities and infusing your life with new vitality.

It will hinder your advancement and prohibit you from obtaining life achievements. This will make you feel downhearted and as if your life is far too complicated and difficult.

When it comes to keeping your home organized, getting rid of old items that you do not use or need is a great place to start.

More positive energy will be able to enter your home and travel freely within it as a result of this. As a result, you will live a happier and more serene life.

9. Feng Shui Plant Energy 

One of the best therapies for Stagnant Qi, an emotional disturbance, is to add plants to your home.

According to Feng Shui, The best plants are the ones that have leaves that are round or oblong in shape. Pointed or pointy leaves can be used to make poison arrows.

General Feng Shui norms also recommend removing any dead leaves, keeping plants hydrated, feeding plants on a regular basis, and providing the optimum amount of sunlight.

Make sure your plants do not collect dust because this creates clutter, which causes chi energy to stagnate. Plants are fantastic air scrubbers and will improve chi energy while also keeping the quality of air around your home intact and ensuring that your home stays healthy.

Besides this, plants should not be kept in the bedroom since they generate too much energy and cause insomnia.

FAQs: Feng Shui remedies for good health

Q: How Can You Attract Good Health in Feng Shui?

Earth is the most important element in Feng Shui’s Health component.

To promote or sustain excellent health, you can start by placing a ceramic pot or a painting or photograph of a mountain in this region.

 Not just this, but fire plays a role in the development of the earth as well, so you can include some fire elements in your design.

Q: What is Bad Feng Shui?

If you do not take care of your plants or ensure that they stay healthy and green or let them turn brown or dry, Feng Shui says that you should let them go and get new ones.

Keeping dried out flowers in your surroundings or possession is thought of as bad luck in Feng Shui.

Besides this, having a bathroom in the center of your home is also bad Feng Shui.

Q: Feng shui objects to protect against diseases and accidents?

You can wear the black obsidian bracelet and an evil eye bracelet, these are known to prevent illness and protect you from bad vibes.

Q: Feng shui items for good energy?

Buddha statue, money tree, crystal lotus flower, money frog are a few items for good luck.

Q: Feng Shui Paintings for good health

You can add more plants, flowers, and fish paintings to your space. These paintings can add calmness and peace, which is important to lead a happy and healthy life.

Q: Where to keep medicines in Feng Shui?

In feng shui choose the Northern direction where it’s a cool and dry corner at your home.


Feng Shui for health problems tells you how to live your life in an organized and stress-free environment, and all you have to do is to follow the remedies.

Keep your house neat and tidy, make sure you have some relaxing music on to release your stress level, use lively color combos in your entire house.

And make sure you have plants in your home and groom those plants on a daily basis to improve the energy around you.

Besides this, ensure that your house is ventilated properly and is balanced with an appropriate amount of natural and artificial lights.

If you follow all these Feng Shui remedies, then you can cure many illness like stomach problems, indigestion.

A fit and balanced physical and mental health can be ensured, and you can live in a stress-free environment.