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How To Feng Shui Center Of Your Home For Health + Wealth

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Feng shui is an art that was invented by the Chinese and has been popularly accepted across the world. The act of feng shui focuses mainly on how to balance the active energy (yang) and slow (yin) energy.

When both energies are balanced, there will be a smooth flow of Chi (essential life force) bringing about positive energy which promotes wealth, prosperity, good luck, and sound health.

Feng shui recognizes the center of your house as a vital part of your life. It influences the kind of energy flowing into your home. Now, the center of your home can be turned into a good feng shui.

In this blog, you will know more about how to do feng shui in the center of your home which makes it auspicious.

What Is The Center Of The Home?

According to the feng shui Bagua map, the house is made up of nine areas, and each area represents different energy. When these areas are properly used, they will enhance the flow of good energy in that aspect.  

Center Of Your House Feng Shui Tips

The center of the house symbolizes the heart of such a house. It is the middle of all deeds and activities in your home. It describes the center of one’s life.

The center of your home relates to your health and well-being. The center of the home also controls the feng shui heart chakra.

The feng shui nine zones that made up your house are as follow:

Wealth & ProsperitySoutheast
Health & AncestorsEast
Knowledge & Self-CultivationNortheast
Fame & ReputationSouth
Health & CenterCenter
Career & Life PathNorth
Love & MarriageSouthwest
Children & CreativityWest
Helpful People & TravelsNorthwest
Feng Shui Center Of Your Home Zones

Importance Of Home Center Location In Feng Shui

In feng shui, the home center is important as it can determine what happens to your career, health, finance, relationship, and others.

It is mostly ignored and is the heart of the house. Here are some of the importance of the center of the house in feng shui.

  • The center of your home contributes to your health and everyone residing in that home.
  • The center of your home helps to spread out the critical life energy, known as “chi” or “qi” energy. 
  • It can influence your decision-making.
  • The center of your house contributes to your stability and career success.
  • The center of your house helps to promote serenity, calmness, and peace.

The center of your house can be enhanced by introducing earth elements. This element represents the center.

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One of the ways to do that is to paint the center of your house with any of earth colors including earth tones, brown tones, and yellows.

What Should Be In The Center Of Home Feng Shui?

As earlier mentioned, the center of the house is connected to the earth element.

The earth is counted as part of the five elements in feng shui. The remaining four feng shui elements include wood, water, metal, and fire.

Earth element symbolizes steadiness, stability, and nurturing.

Applying earth elements into the center of your home will impact your home with nurturing energy.

Therefore, anything that should be placed in the center of the home must be earth-element compatible.

  • Use feng shui colors in the center of your home such as browns, beige, yellows, red, and orange.
  • Place earthy materials such as ceramics, earthen vases, pottery, and stone.
  • Place wall art or image that shows nature, mountains, and landscapes.
  • Tai Chi sign
  • Porcelains and clay tiles.
  • Objects that have square and rectangle shapes
  • Square or rectangle rug.

How Do I Find The Center Of My House?

You can find the center of your house by drawing two diagonal lines on the floor plan and checking the meeting point which will indicate the center of the house.

If you have a corridor placed at the exterior, don’t count, as well as the balcony. A Bagua map can be used too to determine the center of your house

How To Feng Shui Center Of Your Home With Decor

There are house decors that you can use at the center of the house and make the area auspicious.

Don’t forget is better to go for house decor made with earth. We want to establish earth elements in the area. Here are the house decors you can use in the center of your house:

  • Artwork made with earthy colors
  • Images made square shape or rectangular shape
  • Square rugs made with any of the earthy colors
  • Ceramics decors.
  • Earthenware objects
  • Natural stones
  • Crystals with earthy colors such as citrine, and tiger’s eye.
  • Square pillows or earth-toned throws
  • Wood furniture
  • Artwork in square frames, or frames in earthy shades of brown or yellow.
  • Images of mountains, landscapes, and nature.
  • Clay, ceramics, and terracotta

Fireplace In Center Of House Feng Shui Cures

Introducing a fireplace in the center of the house is not mostly inauspicious. The center of the house is supported by the earth and the fire element nourishes the earth element in feng shui.

Feng Shui Fire Element
Feng Shui Fire Element

The only way a fireplace can become a burden is when the element is generating excess active (yang) energy and it must be curtained. Here are the cures for a fireplace in the center of the house.

  • Introduce additional earth elements to the space, such as crystals, natural stones, pottery, or ceramics, and see if the space is balanced.
  • Keep the fireplace in check by placing a big framed mirror above the mantel. The mirror represents a water element that can help to control the fire.
  • Control the fire generated by placing an attractive artwork depicting nature such as waterscape, landscape, and greenery.  

Bathroom In Center Of House Feng Shui Cures

Feng Shui Cure For Bathroom In Center Of House

Having a bathroom in the center of the home is bad feng shui.

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It turns the house to become inauspicious. A bathroom in the center of the house drains away positive energy, fortune, and wealth because of the conveying pipes.

Also, the bathroom generates stagnant energy, and this is the reason for being seen negatively. 

The feng shui cures for the bathroom in the center of the house are listed below.

  1. Position a mirror in front of your bathroom to forcefully expunge the presence of a bathroom in the center of your home.
  2. Paint the bathroom with wood element colors such as blue or green.
  3. Close the toilet lid always to block the positive energy from escaping through the pipe. Also anytime you are flushing, close up the lid to avert the spread of bacteria to other spaces in the house.
  4. Engage in deep cleaning regularly. Deep cleaning will remove the stagnant energy caused by the inactive energy known as yin. A clean bathroom reduces negative energy and forms an appealing space to draw positive energy.
  5. Declutter your bathroom and dispose of all unused items, expired toiletries, and others that choke off the positive energy that should be flowing. Cluttering results in stagnant energy.
  6. Make sure the door to your bathroom is closed always.
  7. Make sure the toilet or bathroom drains are always closed after use. The positive energy that should have spread out into every room in your home is lost through the drains.
  8. Place feng shui indoor plants in the bathroom to enhance the quality of air in your bathroom by absorbing toxins and pollutants. Air-purifying plants will attract good energy into your bathroom.
  9. Make sure everything in your bathroom is in good condition. If there is any damage or leaks on the plumbing material, call for the technician to fix it. In feng shui, any leakage can result in the loss of wealth and health.
  10. Hang crystals in your bathroom to absorb vibrations and remove negative energy. In feng shui, crystals have effective cleaning ability, which means using them can be of benefit. Some feng shui crystals include green jade, black onyx, rose quartz, howlite, and rhodonite.   
  11. Keep the bathroom well-lit and properly ventilated.

Kitchen In Center Of House Feng Shui Cures

A kitchen is a place that accommodates all the feng shui elements such as wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

With the wrong layout and awkward location such as a kitchen in the center of the house, a kitchen becomes inauspicious.

kitchen in center of home

It may be impossible to relocate your kitchen, but with feng shui cures, the kitchen in the center of the house can become auspicious. The cures for a kitchen in the center of the house include:

  • Ensure the kitchen is properly ventilated with a functional exhaust vent to permit the cooking fumes to escape without hindrance.
  • Put a living indoor plant on top of your freezer or refrigerator. It will purify the air in your kitchen.
  • Where you have two incompatible appliances representing feng shui elements of water against fire, position a plant in a pot between them like a jade plant. 
  • Hang a feng shui crystal to spread the good energy produced by the fire element.
  • Hang a wind chime in your kitchen to cure the impact of negative energy.

Stairs In The Center Of House Feng Shui Cures

 Staircase At The Middle of A Home
 Staircase At The Middle of A Home

The stair is significant in feng shui. It helps in moving positive energy to different sections of the house.

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The stair in the center affects the flow of energy in the house. It can lead to loss of wealth and disagreement in the home. The ideal position for a staircase is the side of the home.

Here are the feng shui cures for tackling the problem of stairs in the center of the house.

1. Block The Sight

Block the sight to your staircase to minimize the impact of its position. You can do this by placing a tall plant in front of the stairs to block.   

2. Avoid Red Carpeting On The Staircase

  • One of the cures to stairs in the center is to stay away from using red carpeting.
  • When you want to change your carpet, don’t use a red carpet because it represents a fire element.
  • Red is a color that is violent and using it will bring furious energy gushing up the stairs and blazing everything in its way.
  • Using red color can invite negative energy which can hurt your luck, prosperity, and wealth.

3. Select A Feng Shui Stair Lighting Carefully

  • Lighting is effective in balancing energies. When your stair is well lit, it will help the upward movement of the important life energy (chi) to all areas.
  • To cure a stair at the center of the house, fix up a good lighting fixture along the landing area to draw positive energy up and spread to the spaces above.
  • For example, you can use a crystal chandelier for your overhead lighting. 

4. Avoid Placing A Mirror At The Top Of The Staircase

  • One common way people use to decorate the top of a staircase is by placing a mirror with a beautiful table as a form of making the space unique.
  • In feng shui, placing a mirror at the top of the stairs will upset the movement of positive energy up the stairs.
  • The mirror works against the flow of the energy by deflecting it back down the stairs, which makes the spaces on the upper floor saturated with stagnant energy.

5. Choose Artwork For Positive Stair Feng Shui

  • Placing wall art and images on the stair walls can improve the feng shui and make the stairs auspicious.
  • Use wall art and images that are made with feng shui colors that promote earth elements such as earthy tones, and brown tones.
  • Additionally, placing wall art that shows upward movement will help draw positive energy upstairs.

6. Form Vertical Lines To Promote Upward Movement Of Positive Energy

  • Incorporating vertical lines using artwork, architectural designs and decors can bring in positive energy traveling up the stairs.
  • Feng shui also recognizes using trees paintings, and vertical shapes to illustrate upward movement. Position a set of three different sizes of ceramic vases around the landing area of the stairs.
  • In feng shui, the center of the home is dominated by the earth element.

The positioning of the staircase contributes to the depletion of the positive energy and adding symbols that represent earth elements like ceramics, natural stones, crystals, and pottery to the area will cure it.

In Conclusion

The center of your home can become auspicious using the tips provided above and you can maximize the benefits of this area.