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How To Change My Luck From Bad To Good In Feng Shui?

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How Can I Change My Luck From Bad To Good? Notice a slump in your luck these days? Read here to find out how you can turn your bad luck around for the better. 

Good luck is what everyone anticipates in life. Be it before an important meeting, a football game, or even after investing in the stock market.

In situations such as these, having luck by your side can make all the difference. What if there were a way to invite good luck into your life and drive bad luck away?

Well, if you’re contemplating this question as well, then you might want to hear us out. There is one way to do this effectively. And that is by practicing Feng Shui!

This age-old practice dates back to 3000 years. Known for its powerful effects, this ancient art and science is believed to improve the quality of life and enhance overall well-being. The core drivers of this practice is, however, patience and dedication.

In Feng Shui, the 5 elements of the universe are used to create a balance. Water, fire, wood, earth, and metal are these 5 elements.

Items made from these elements or having derived their inspiration from them are used to invite in the good and get rid of the bad.

If you are curious to learn about how you can use these elements to change luck from bad to good, then this article is just for you.

Read ahead to learn more about what steps you can take to turn your life around for the better.

How To Luck Change From Bad To Good

Let’s first have a look at what Feng Shui exactly is. It has its origins in Chinese geometry and seeks to help create harmony and balance between people and their surrounding environment.

The universe itself has energy being emitted from all of its components. This energy can be positive, negative, or both.

The key aim of Feng Shui is to attract positive energy and absorb it in order to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

An environment with positive energy leads to greater self-actualization and invites good fortune. Good luck is also on the list!

By placing Feng Shui items drawing inspiration from one or more of the five elements, i.e., water, fire, wood, earth, and metal, the art of Feng Shui can be brought to action.

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There are several other benefits of Feng Shui that have good luck at their core. Here are some of them:

  1. Improvements in relationships
  2. Uplift in mood, energy levels, and motivation
  3. Relaxation of the mind and body
  4. Helps in de-stressing
  5. Protects from harm or potential danger
  6. Leads to financial stability
  7. Emotional well-being
  8. Physical well-being
  9. Improved prospects of growth in professional life
  10. Improvements in fertility levels
  11. Wealth creation and good fortune

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Signs of good luck coming?

There are many different signs that luck is coming, but here are some common ones:

Remember that everyone sees different signs of luck differently. If you stay positive and open-minded, you’ll be able to see and enjoy these moments as they happen.

  • Unexpected opportunities are when good chances come up out of the blue or doors open easily.
  • Positive Coincidences: Having happy accidents or meaningful coincidences happen to you. Having increased intuition means having a strong sense of inner guidance that leads you to good things.
  • Positive Mood: noticing a change in your mood or having a more positive view of life. Having a flow of abundance can look like a lot of different things, like money, better relationships, or personal successes.

Feng Shui Placements To Change Your Luck from Bad to Good

The following 6 steps are what can help kick-start the benefits of Feng Shui for good luck in no time. Read ahead to learn more about what they are and how they work.

1. Feng Shui Colors for Good Luck

Colors are a core aspect of Feng Shui. The energy drawn from each color is unique and varies in terms of how it is used. To enhance the prospects of good luck, wearing the right colors is key. Here are some of the colors to include in your wardrobe for good luck.

  • Blue is the most commonly used color for good luck. It allows for peace and harmony to enter your life. This is why wearing blue for important events such as job interviews and exams can help attract the positive energy needed for good luck. You can even add shades of blue to your home, such as blue curtains or wallpaper.
  • Another color that supersedes all colors in Feng Shui is red. This color holds the power to draw positive energy into your home and get rid of any unwanted or negative energy. You can add a hint of red to your home by investing in red pillows, a red door, or even a red carpet.

2. Declutter

By cleaning out your home and removing unwanted and non-functional items, good luck can find its way into your home and life.

Now is the best time to engage in spring cleaning and have this sorted. Inspect all items in your home and assess their functionality.

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From then on, remove any unwanted and old items and replace them with those that are new and needed.

Add the elements of Feng Shui in empty spaces—vibrant and green plants work great in drawing in the right energy. You can remove any dead plants as well and allow for natural sunlight to enter your home.

3. Investing In The Right Feng Shui Symbols And Figurines

Here are some elements that you can add to your home to draw in good luck. These are sure to help change your luck from bad to good in no time.

4. The Evil Eye

The evil eye symbol has been used to ward off negative energy and protect you from danger for decades. You can benefit from the evil eye by investing in it as well.

Evil Eye For Good Luck and Protection
Evil Eye For Good Luck and Protection

There are several wall décor items that have the evil eye in them. Jewelry with the evil eye symbol can be purchased and worn as well.

Add an evil eye charm to your car keys to keep yourself protected from harm.

5. Bamboo

Another Feng Shui symbol that is known for bringing in good luck is bamboo.

This plant has the power to attract luck and positive energy into your home. Its leaves and shafts are a sight for sore eyes as well.

And the color green is known to help induce calmness and tranquility. The benefits from the bamboo plant are far-reaching–head on over to the nursery and get yourself a bamboo plant today!

6. Chrysanthemum Flower

Are you someone who loves flowers? Well, it’s time to invest in this certain flower to bring a little luck into your life.

The chrysanthemum flower is known to represent the sun, thus providing you with life, energy, and positivity.

You can give these flowers to a friend or loved one to bring them good luck or have them placed in a vase in your home as well. Photo frames containing the chrysanthemum can be hung on the wall as well.

7. The Smiling Buddha

You may have seen the smiling Buddha placed as a décor item in several homes or office spaces.

The reason for doing so is to attract luck, prosperity, and wealth. Placing a coin under the figurine can further enhance the prospects of good luck.

Try this out and see the difference it makes in your life almost immediately.

Feng Shui: A Few More Tips For Good Luck 

  • Feng Shui is a science—quite literally. It, therefore, requires a set of principles and rules that are to be followed as directed.
  • Doing so allows the Feng Shui practice to display its benefits and invite good luck into your life at a faster rate.
  • The belief in Feng Shui is where it all begins—you want to stay patient and have faith in the practice.
  • To do this, self-reflection, self-discovery, and looking at the bigger picture are essential.
  • This is to remain as energy levels fluctuate. It allows for a greater chance for the cycle of fortune to kick off.
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Change your luck in 20 minutes?

Using Feng Shui to change your luck in 20 minutes means making quick changes to move energy in a good direction:

  • Declutter: To let new energy flow, spend 10 minutes getting rid of things that don’t belong. Pay attention to places that get a lot of use, like the entryway or your workspace.
  • Open the windows and let in some fresh air and natural light. It wakes up tired energy and makes your space feel new again.
  • Color can make something better. Add a bright or soothing color to a space. For instance, add a throw pillow, a rug, or art in colors that are thought to be lucky.
  • Activate Key Areas: To bring in wealth, put a plant or a sign of plenty in the wealth corner, which is in the far left corner from the front door.
  • Set Intentions: To attract good energy, spend the last few minutes picturing good things happening and reaffirming your goals.

With these easy Feng Shui changes, you can quickly make your space feel new and bring good energy into it. Its not a rocket science or a superstetious but making some adjustment changes into your home and life can have immediate impacts.

Get Started on Changing Your Luck Right Away!

With the basics of Feng Shui in your knowledge, you can get started on incorporating it into your lifestyle right away. All it takes is a unique mix of elements to enhance the level of positive energy around you.

By consuming the right foods, wearing the right colors, and using the right elements and figures in and around your home, a turnaround in your life is sure to be expected.

However, be sure to stay persistent and patient. And be wary of your surroundings as well. By practicing Feng Shui outdoors and staying mindful, the potency of this art can be further enhanced—this is exactly what you’re looking for.

If you found this article helpful, share it forward with your friends and family members so that they too can benefit from the practice of Feng Shui.

By helping bring good luck to others, you are sure to experience a boost in your own good luck as well!