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11 Feng Shui To Attract Love For Singles Tips + Lucky Charms

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15 Feng Shui To Attract Love For Singles Tips + Lucky Charms- If you are looking for genuine love but failing so far, you need these Feng Shui tips for singles to attract love and build relationships.

Attracting love is not easy for everyone; some people struggle all their lives searching for true love or a genuine partner.

Even if most people do not prioritize it as a problem, many people among us are suffering because of a lack of love and partnership.

Many people face hard luck when it comes to love–and no matter how much they try, attracting love is a struggle for them. Therefore, we decided to share some Feng Shui tips that can help singles attract love and healthy relationships in their lives.

If you are also a single person searching for love, this is the right article for you. Here are Feng Shui tips for singles to attract love and build a happy, healthy romantic relationship.

Significance of Love in Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that is based on the flow of energies that our environment and surroundings resonate with.

According to Feng Shui, all objects in our surroundings possess some energy. These energies can positively or negatively impact our lives, but it totally depends on how you use and place these objects.

Feng Shui focuses on different aspects of one’s life, and a critical aspect of all is love.

Love and relationships have a significant place in Feng Shui principles–because, in philosophy, numerous rules and tips are focused on achieving love.

Therefore, if a person struggles to find true love in their life, they can easily use Feng Shui tips for singles to attract love.

15 Feng Shui To Attract Love For Singles Tips?

Feng Shui To Attract Love For Singles
Feng Shui To Attract Love For Singles

1. Make a Love Corner in Your House

Even though you will have to make changes in your entire house and make sure you enhance the objects in your residence, one great way to make sure you attract love is to create a love corner known as the “relationship Gua” in your house.

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This corner is a space in your house that you will designate to attract the positive energy you need for love.

To choose this space, you will have to locate the perfect direction of your house that resonates with the energy that is required to attract love, and for that, you will have to use the Bagua map.

2. Using the Bagua Map for Locating the Love Corner

The Bagua map is the map of energies issued in Feng Shui to locate the optimum locations and directions needed for attracting the correct energies.

The Bagua map is divided into nine sections – each associated with the different aspects of your life – one such aspect is love and relationship.

On the Bagua map, the sector for love and relationships lies in the top right corner, and hence the optimum direction for this aspect is southwest.

Take the Bagua map and lay it in your house, standing at the front door, and find out the southwest location of your home and designate it as the love corner.

Decorate this space to coincide with the Feng Shui rules for singles to attract love.

3. Focus on Your Bedroom and Make the Required Changes

Your bedroom is the most important place in your house to attract love and relationships – this is the one place where you are meant to share with your partner.

This is why it is essential to optimize your bedroom as per the Feng Shui tips for singles to attract love and harbor bonds.

Some vital Feng Shui tips for the bedroom that you remember here are:

1. Put Your Bed Away from the Wall

This is an important tip that everyone must follow; placing the bed against the wall actually reduces the chances of a lover entering your life and becomes unlucky for singles seeking out love.

To make space for a lover in your life, you will have to make space between the bed and the wall.

When furnishing your bedroom, make sure you keep your bed right in the center and leave equal space on either side of the bed.

This doesn’t only open space for positive energy to flow in, but it maintains the balance “Qi” in your love life with equal space.

2. Do Not Keep a Television in Your Bedroom

This is a Feng Shui tip not just for singles but also for couples – keep the television out of the bedroom.

Always remember your television is the enemy of your love life, and it is highly inauspicious to be in your bedroom.

There are many reasons why Feng Shui is so against having a television in the bedroom. Such as

  • It is a reflective surface and can reflect negative energy or reflections of negative spirits toward you, which is why it is even worse to keep the TV right opposite your bed.
  • It hinders your sleep, which disturbs your peace of mind, pushing away optimistic thoughts and positive energy from you. Check feng shui for good sleep.
  • Kills romance which is very important for couples. Even if you are single, it is much better to engage in romantic poetry, read novels, and give time to your self-care to harbor love instead of watching TV before sleeping.
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3. Freshen Up Bed Sheets Regularly

Fresh bed sheets and linens are an excellent sign to attract love in your life. Single people usually get lazy and neglect their bedroom – especially the hygiene of their beds, which becomes a significant obstacle in their love life.

According to Feng Shui experts, fresh bed sheets allow you to get a fresh start in your love life and attract a new, more genuine love for yourself.

4. Remove Excess Pillows From the Bed

According to Feng Shui tips for singles to attract love, filling your bed with excess pillows and stuffed toys is not right.

Instead, it is best to keep minimal pillows on your bed and keep it primarily empty because it is believed that filling your bed with pillows will give an impression that you are not open to a partner.

And you don’t want to send the message that you don’t have room for anyone; hence, it’s best to make space on your bed.

In fact, it is even recommended to sleep on one edge of the bed instead of taking up the whole space from the center. We know your bed is empty for now, but this is the best way to invite love energy.

4. Make Use of Romantic Colors

As you must know already, colors have a massive impact on your life, and it is vital to use the right colors in your surroundings.

When it comes to love and relationships, Feng Shui rules have identified some colors and color ranges that work best for this aspect of one’s life – and those colors are usually pink and red.

Incorporating these colors in your house décor, especially in your bedroom, can be very helpful.

They will not only create a loving vibe in your house to welcome a lover but will also attract the right energy for you.

You can paint walls, use bed linen and rugs, and place decoration pieces of these colors to resonate with romantic energy.

5. Incorporate the Fire Element

Feng Shui followers know that in philosophy, there are five key elements: water, wood, earth, fire, and metal.

Each of these elements is associated with different aspects of one’s life, and you can use these elements to enhance your positive energy for the corresponding aspects.

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The element that works best for love and relationships is fire–and you must make use of it. Feng Shui tips for singles suggest incorporating the fire element in your house or life to attract love. For that, you can:

  • Build a fireplace in your house and decorate it nicely.
  • Place multiple candles around the house and light them up at night–especially in your bedroom.
  • Allow sunlight to enter your house and bedroom

6. Use Feng Shui Symbols–Pair of Mandarin Ducks

There are a few special symbols in Feng Shui that work as a lucky charm for different aspects of life, and when it comes to attracting love and building a strong bond, the pair of mandarin ducks do the job for you.

The pair of mandarin ducks is a notorious symbol for helping form lifelong bonds. It attracts new love, but it also aids in curing shattered relationships.

Hence, to use it in your favor, you must use this symbol in your décor.

If you can find a statue or decoration piece of the love birds, that would be great; otherwise, your can also place pictures of this symbol around your house.

7. Get Rid of the Past

Getting rid of your past is the first step toward finding new love. Even according to the Feng Shui tips for singles, you must remove your ex-love from your life entirely to give space for new love to grow.

For this, you need to delete their pictures, get rid of the things you people exchanged, and try avoiding talking or thinking about them.


Finding love is not easy, but Feng Shui rules are always there to help people through life’s difficulties.

If you search for love, you must start following the Feng Shui tips for singles to attract love and build a new relationship in your life.

Feng Shui To Attract Love For Singles FAQS

Q: What is a love corner?

According to Feng Shui, a love corner is a space in your house that you must designate for attracting love. As per the Bagua map, it is the southwest area of your house.

Q: Where should you place your bed to attract love?

You must place the bed in the center of the room and not against the walls–it is vital to make sure there is equal space on either side of the bed.