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11 Essential Tips For Feng Shui Christmas Tree Placement

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For many people, the festive time of Christmas can be chaotic. Feng shui is a powerful technique for generating peaceful and harmonious energy.

It’s again a time when we exchange Christmas gifts with our loved ones. And we kind of express our emotions and feelings via gifts.

Feng Shui Christmas Tree Placement
Feng Shui Christmas Tree Placement

Which makes it ideal to use during the holiday season. We are here to help ease your tension and enjoy this beautiful time of year.

We are going to discuss the simple #21 Feng Shui Christmas Tree Placement and decorating tips along with the below things.

Is Christmas Tree Lucky?

While trees have been our connectors with Mother Earth, they have also been an important part of world mythologies.

The banyan tree and the holy fig played prized roles in Jainism, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

In Jewish tradition also, there has been mention of the Tree of Knowledge, which represents good, and the consumption of forbidden fruit, which represents evil.

The Foyer Christmas Trees have tremendous importance, according to Feng Shui.

And can offer positivity at home and in your workspace. Here are a few useful tips on where you can place this critical element in your house:

  • As per Feng Shui, trees act as a harbinger of positive energy and good luck for your home.
  • The tree releases a lot of oxygen scientifically, and its emissions of carbon dioxide are considerably low.
  • The Angel Gabriel’s symbol is particularly important for homes as it is known to enhance the energy of its surroundings.

What Is The Best Feng Shui Christmas Tree Placement

You must be wondering where to put the Christmas tree in the house. First, you need to understand how elements associated with feng shui work.

And how to use them to create a peaceful and happy environment in your home.

A proper understanding of elements helps you follow a subtle decoration pattern for your place, free from any unnecessary harmful feng shui cliches.

As per feng shui, you can place your Christmas tree in the following direction, depending on the desired outcome:

  • North Direction: It is related to a career. Using colors for metal and water-related components (white, grey, black, blue) also proves beneficial.
  • Northeast (self-cultivation): Utilizing colors of fire and earth components (red, pink, yellow, earthy tones)
  • Southwest Direction: This direction is associated with love. Components are the same as for the Northeast region.
  • West (creative): Using colors of earth and metal components (gray, earthy tones, white)
  • Northwest (networking): the same as for the region of the West
  • Core Region: This region is associated with the heart. Components related to this are the same as that for Northeast and Southwest.

Best Feng Shui Christmas Tree Placement Directions As Per Luck Sectors

What if you had to put it in some other area? Would it produce bad feng shui? No, not actually, either.

However, feng shui experts advise you to always be mindful of the colors that you use for decoration on your Christmas tree.

That’s it If your Christmas tree placement is falling in any direction that is inauspicious as per feng shui, focus on using proper color elements.

Can I Place a Christmas Tree In My bedroom?

Placing the Christmas tree in the living room is a common idea. Do they have doubts, such as whether I should place it in the living room?

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Where to put a Christmas tree in a living room

Where do I put a Christmas tree in a living room? So, here it is. In the living room, a Christmas tree will maximize the enjoyment of the tree every day.

It will be the most obvious choice when it comes to opening family presents.

What makes this room a perfect choice, sadly, also makes it more challenging.

Here are a few issues when you keep a tree in the living room:

  • Spending so much time here means that the room, which can be challenging to maneuver around to fit the tree, is probably filled with bulky furniture.
  • Breaking ornaments or electrical cords may also pose a danger to kids and pets.
  • Ensure the natural light is not obscured by your Christmas tree and is not exposed to direct heat.
  • Don’t put a Christmas tree in the passage area. As it would create obstruction in their way, or your guests may bump into it.
  • Ensure that something flat and stable is set on the tree so that it does not tip over.

Feng Shui Christmas Tree Placement As Per Flying Stars

You know that many places in your home benefit from unique feng shui flying start elements as expressed in simple decoration pieces if you have been studying feng shui for a while.

Are you worried about where to put a Christmas tree? For your Christmas tree placement, here are the areas that serve best as per feng shui rules:

  • Eastern Region: Beneficial for health and family
  • South-East Region: Good if you want abundance and money-related positive outcomes.
  • Southern South Region: Prove beneficial if you want to attain fame and reputation.

The above-mentioned area represents the beneficial alignment of five main components. Placing your Christmas tree in any one of these directions establishes harmonious energy in your home.

Best Feng Shui Christmas Tree Decorations And Ornaments

Here are the best decorations and ornaments for the Christmas tree in the home, with their meaning:

  • The ornament of a house symbolizes family shelter and security.
  • The ornament of a bird expresses happiness and joy.
  • A heart ornament means that at home, there is real love.
  • The ornament of an angel asks for the guidance of God at home.
  • On the tree, a rabbit symbolizes harmony with nature.
  • A fruit basket represents the abundance of food and the will to share it.
  • The ornament of an acorn reflects the gift of life from the birth of the child of Christ, symbolizing good luck since it comes from the holy oak tree.
  • The ornament of a teapot symbolizes hospitality.
  • Traditionally, frogs are tokens of good luck because they can’t move from side to side or backward. They still step ahead, indicating goals and milestones to be accomplished.
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Best Feng Shui Christmas Trees Color Choices Based on Five Elements

To enhance the Chi energy, you can use beneficial Christmas colors by adding ornaments or lights of a particular color.

Feng Shui’s five elements have a very specific role in terms of identifying colors. Below are the different color choices based on five elements and the Christmas color of the year 2023 in feng shui.

  • South sector: Crimson, burgundy, mauve, purple, and deep pink are the fire feature colors.
  • Southeast and East sectors: It is advised to use colors associated with wood elements i.e., Green and light brown/tan.
  • Southwest and Northeast sectors: The color of the earth part is ochre.
  • Northwest and West region: Using metal colors in this region proves beneficial, i.e., nickel, gold, copper, pewter, silver, and brass.
  • North sector: blue and black are the colors of the water elements.

Where To Put A Christmas Tree In A Small Living Room?

In a small living room too, you can always create a warm and festive environment by using a corner to place your Christmas tree.

And to enhance the festivities, light up the tree with your favorite lights.

How to arrange furniture for the Christmas tree?

Christmas is a time for family, friends, and loved ones to come together and celebrate together. One of the best ways to do this is by creating a festive atmosphere in your home with some beautiful pieces of furniture.

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If you’re looking to arrange your Christmas tree in a way that will make everyone happy, here are a few tips:

  1. Start by measuring the space you’ll need for your tree. This will help you choose the right size and shape for your home.
  2. Assemble your pieces according to their function and purpose. If you have two trees with different types of branches, then mix them up to create an interesting tree silhouette.
  3. Decorate each piece of furniture according to its own style and personality.

Where Should I Avoid To Put My Christmas Tree In Feng Shui?

Avoid putting your tree, known as the Work or Career area, near the front door. It drains your career resources.

But, if, for any reason, you have to put the Christmas tree in the work area, always keep the water tank of your house full.

Also, it is advised to balance the water energy by using blue-colored lights and decorations along with a blue/ black-patterned tree skirt.

What is the best date to put up a Christmas tree?

Based on your own views and habits, the best time to put up your Christmas tree can change according to Feng Shui. However, there are some general rules to follow for placing a tree in a good spot:

Avoid Colliding with Bad Energies:

If you can help it, don’t put up your Christmas tree on days that are linked to bad energies, like the Hungry Ghost Festival or days that are bad on the Chinese lunar calendar.

Use your own astrology:

Talk to a Feng Shui expert or an astrologer about your personal Ba Zi (Four Pillars of Destiny) plan to find a good date. Putting the tree in this way can help it connect with your energy and goals.

Embrace the Winter Solstice:

Some Feng Shui experts say that you should put up your tree around the Winter Solstice, which is usually around December 21st. This is because it marks the return of longer daylight hours and the slow rise of good yang energy.

When it comes to timing, the moon calendar can change the most fortunate days. The date of Christmas changes every year, so you might want to look at a Chinese lunar calendar for help.

According to Feng Shui, the best time to put up your Christmas tree is when it fits with your own energy and plans for the holiday season. If you want to improve the Feng Shui energy in your home during the holiday season, you should feel peaceful and happy as you decorate your tree.

What Should Be The Ideal Length Of A Christmas Tree?

The ideal length of a Christmas tree in the house can be:

Tabletop, bedrooms, kid’s room, and small spaces: under 6 feet

  • Areas with low ceilings: 6 -7 feet
  • Standard 8-9-foot ceilings: 7-7 and a half feet
  • Rooms with high ceilings: 8-9 feet

What Date Should I Put Up My Christmas Tree?

A standard option, many decorate their Christmas home as soon as it reaches December 1st and deck out the tree. One in four (25 percent) plans to get their tree and decorations up by this date.

As per traditional beliefs, the best time to put up the Christmas tree is 12 days prior to Christmas day.

They want to put their decorations up, which means that from December 13th, you will turn your home into a festive abode.

What To Do If The Christmas Tree Is Damaged?

#1 Repair Of Divisions Of Asymmetry

  • These branch guides should be fastened and placed together around the branches.
  • So that they can both pull the components in the same whorl together and push them down into the whorl below at the same time. 
  • For this purpose, you can use the shaping fork (made from plastic or wood).

#2 Repairing Top Rulers

  • If the top part of the Christmas tree has grown in length. Then you can cut the top leader off in the early spring.
  • And pick up a bud that will make up the top of the current supreme leader.
  • Until the bud begins to grow in the springtime, the bud protector is put on the top leader and removed again after around two months.

#3 Harm Repair For Top Leaders

  • The most common problem that people face with their Christmas tree is a broken top.
  • By connecting a bamboo stick with Max tape to the branch, you can straighten a bending side branch or top chef.
  • You may also place a full spiral on the component that will form the current supreme leader and kept in the correct place until the branch is hardened.

How Long Will A Christmas Tree Last?

It is for sure that a real tree would definitely create more festive vibes.

  1. However, the cut Christmas that is usually used for decoration last for a few weeks only (less than a month’s period).
  2. The damp stem and branches will dry, and the needles will shift from vibrant dark green to brown, then they will start to fall.
  3. Fortunately, by selecting a good tree and with proper preparation and care, you can make your Christmas tree last till the new year.

Should I Add Anything To the Christmas Tree Water?

If you are continuously asking yourself, what to add to your Christmas tree, then here is the answer.

  • Several Christmas tree water additives are available. Most experts claim they are not particularly beneficial.
  • Adding plain water from the tap to the Christmas tree’s stand is your best bet. There is no special need to use either purified or mineral water or anything of such nature.
  • Making sure it receives plenty of moisture is the best way to keep your tree young. Therefore, use a tree stand that has sufficient water-holding capacity.
  • The tank that can provide one pint of water for every one inch of the stem’s diameter makes the perfect stand.
  • Therefore, for a tree with a trunk size of 8-inch, a frame that can hold 2 gallons of water is suitable.
  • If the stand is too thin, the water will soak up your tree faster than you are likely to be able to replenish it, leaving your tree dry.
  • Also, make sure that the tree stand has enough width that can accommodate the tree without the need to cut sides.

How Do You Care For A Potted Christmas Tree?

For potted Christmas trees in the home, here’s some essential advice to follow:

  • It is recommended that you put your potted tree indoors as soon as possible.
  • It is an ideal weekend before Christmas, and it is recommended that living trees not be kept in the house for more than 12 days.
  • As with most houseplants, that’s the thing about watering. Too much, and the trench foot will die in your potted tree.
  • Too little and the leaves will turn brown and fall. To collect any excess water, always check that the container has good drainage and some form of saucer underneath.
  • Avoid putting your tree close to a fire or radiator, causing unnecessary moisture loss and falling needles.

How Can I Make My Christmas Tree Last Longer?

  • When you buy a tree, the wind will dry out the Christmas tree without any covering.
  • Therefore, when you carry your Christmas tree home, it is important to cover it in order to prevent any possible damage due to wind.
  • Remember that a Christmas tree is simply a giant cut flower while looking after a live Christmas tree.
  • If you are buying a Christmas tree, chances are it has been cut several days or weeks prior to the sale.
  • This may result in a clogged vascular system. Hence, if you are cutting your Christmas tree or buying one, always look for one with a trunk with a clean, straight cut.
  • How well the Christmas tree sucks up water cannot be changed by digging holes or cutting angles.
  • Using plain water can make your Christmas tree last longer. For the time period tree is up, make sure to check it two times a day.
  • Also, usually tree frame used for the Christmas tree holds minimum water which can use easily.
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Find below Feng Shui Inspired Gifting Ideas

Should Christmas trees touch the ceiling?

Christmas trees are a popular decoration for many homes, and some people believe that they should touch the ceiling to keep the tree warm.

Others believe that it is not necessary to touch the ceiling and that a tree can remain cool even if it does not touch the ceiling.

The decision of whether or not to touch the ceiling of a Christmas tree is up to the individual.

Some people find it helpful to have a light under the tree so that everyone can see when it is time to go home, while others do not like having lights under their trees because they tend to get messed up over time.


Pan-cultural practices and ritual psychology have been widely studied. As we have discussed in detail on Feng Shui Christmas Tree Placement,

Since the light from the top remedy of feng shui, you can use it to strengthen various feng shui bagua’s zone.

Therefore, you can further use it with the Xmas tree to enhance festivities and balance energies at your home.