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21 Feng Shui House Blessings Tips For Prosperity + Luck

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The main essence of Feng Shui house blessings is to herald vast positive energy into your house.

Everyone wants to enjoy favor and blessing. And you can fill your house with blessing, thereby bringing good fortune to your doorstep.

Whether you just want to move into a new home or make an effort to eliminate every form of negative chi from your current home, someone must stay awake and enthusiastic about inviting positivity into their home.

That is why this calls for the need of engaging Feng Shui for invoking a blessing upon the newly built house or a house that the occupants just packed inside ushering in positivity and luck.

Feng Shui House Blessings
Feng Shui House Blessings fill your house

You may be wondering why you need Feng Shui for a house blessing. The truth is that your home plays a vital role in your well-being. How you look outside has a direct link with how your home looks like.

If your house is filled with blessings, when you come outside and even at work, people will notice the auspicious feeling around your personality.

You can fill your home with fortune, luck, happiness, abundance, and love by engaging Feng Shui for a house blessing. Feng Shui recognizes your home is connected with body and spirit —so performing a home blessing can be a good decision that will favor you.

Are you eager how you turn the fortune of your home around by simply engaging in Feng Shui for home blessings?

That is why this blog on Feng Shui for house blessing is put together to provide in-depth information on how to perform home blessings in Feng Shui way.

The following topics covered the necessary ways to get the house blessing done effectively:

  • Importance of blessing in feng shui
  • Lucky color for house blessing
  • Feng shui is a lucky symbol For blessing
  • What to prepare for house blessing
  • 10 Feng shui for house blessing tips
  • What is the feng shui rice blessing ceremony?
  • Prayer for house blessing and protection
  • Auspicious date for house blessing


  • What’s the best way to bless a house?
  • What is the best time for house blessing?
  • What do you bring to a house blessing?
  • What happens during a house blessing?
  • Why do you bring bread and salt to a new home?

Importance Of Blessing In Feng Shui

Feng Shui sees blessing as a paramount procedure that comprises all the good things of life. Blessing comprises happiness, luck, goodness, wellness, love, and abundance together.

Blessing is important in the life of an individual. Blessing draws the good things of life to anyone. We will rather choose to bless than curse or misfortune.

When life is passing through bad luck, it shows blessing is absent. The importance of blessing in Feng Shui is to attract positive energy into your home.

Blessing is powerful to change the atmosphere of your home. It will adjust the bad energies that bring bad luck within your home or space.

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Lucky Color For Feng Shui House Blessings

Feng Shui takes color seriously and the Feng Shui lucky colors for house blessing include:

1. Red Color

Red color is symbolic and powerful. It represents positivity and useful energy. Another reason is that color red is the color is a symbol of influence, and power and is energetic in nature. The red color is also an auspicious color that is ideal for protection.

2. Yellow color

Yellow color is also a lucky color for a house blessing. It is used to represent vibes and blissfulness. It is also a color for represents royalty, fame, authority, splendor, class, and wealth.

Feng Shui Lucky Symbols For Blessing

There are different lucky symbols that Feng Shui recognizes and they can be utilized for proclaiming blessings in the house.

These symbols can activate positive energy in the house. Any auspicious symbol can be used for blessing a new house.

Some of the Feng Shui lucky symbols for blessing include:

Feng Shui House Blessings Lucky Symbols
Feng Shui House Blessings Lucky Symbols

1. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is one of the lucky symbols of blessing and it symbolizes strength. The bamboo has unique attributes connected to strength, spontaneous growth, and determination.

Therefore, using lucky bamboo for blessing your home shows the release of these great qualities.

2. Chinese Knot

Chіnеѕе Knot can be used for blessing a home as it is seen as a talisman for bringing good luck to the home. Chinese knot is suitable for proclaiming blessing because of its ability to bring good luck and prosperity. 

In Feng Shui, it is known for dispelling bad energy and evil spirit. It is one of the most accepted good charms.

3. Chrysanthemums

Another Feng Shui symbol that can be used for house blessing is chrуѕаnthеmumѕ.

This flower is a powerful symbol that can be used to attract positive energy thereby filling your home with happiness and bliss.

Chrysanthemums also symbolize the sun which is capable of lifting the condition of your home. It is a good luck activator too.

4. White Candle

White candles can be used for blessing your home since the color represent purity, and virtue, and for bringing affection, warmness, and illumination into your home.

5. Three Chinese Coins

Three Chinese coins are among the Feng Shui symbols for blessing the home because of their connection with wealth.

They can be introduced into a new home because they represent money and can be used to attract a flow of prosperity. Blessing encompasses wealth, happiness, and prosperity; hence it is an auspicious sign in the home. 

6. Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are categorized as Feng Shui symbols for blessing houses. Wind chimes are regarded as a tool that can change the environment because of the sweet melody coming from the object.

It is a powerful tool for soothing your environment thereby driving away bad energy and bringing positive energy.

7. The Laughing Buddha

The laughing Buddha is seen as a popular Feng Shui lucky symbol that can be used for blessing a home too.

Placing it inside the house is symbolic, especially a huge laughing Buddha statue. It can be used to attract happiness, wealth, and blessing into your home.

What To Prepare For Feng Shui House Blessing

The main purpose of house blessing is to bring in positivity and dispel negative energy.

Therefore, it is important to know what you need to get the house blessing done perfectly. We listed a few of them below:

  • A big bowl.
  • Uncooked rice
  • A jar of 100-proof liquor
  • A small quantity of mineral cinnabar
  • Request for friends, family members, and relatives to join.

16 Feng Shui For House Blessing Tips

Feng Shui For House Blessings
Feng Shui For House Blessings

It is time to bless your house, so what are the things you need to prepare for the house blessing?

  1. Set aside a sacred place within your new home: Begin with creating a special space that will be sacred. You can carry out your prayer, meditation, and offering to make in this sacred space. This kind of space helps you to have smooth communication with the spirit, make prayers and proclaim blessings. 
  2. Prepare your heart and state the intentions of performing the house blessing: Get your heart right ahead of time, and write out your intentions which make you be focused when the house blessing personally or through the priest. What is your expectation as a result of the home blessing? Write them out! Intention gives clarity and eliminates confusion. Be affirmative in your intention believing to actualize your dream. Take time to simplify your intentions, and be careful to be genuine in your intention.
  3. Pick an auspicious date: One of the main things needed for a house blessing is to choose an auspicious date to perform the house blessing. Feng Shui takes auspicious dates seriously and you can take advantage of these dates which are listed below. An auspicious date occurs as the planets align positively for your blessing, fortuity, and wealth.
  4. Perform proper cleaning before you begin cleansing: Have it at the back of your mind to perform house cleaning before embarking on the Feng Shui house blessing rite. This is necessary to get rid of stagnant energy caused as a result of the presence of dust and dirt. Also, it is needful to maintain a hygienic environment. Next is to sweep, and clean mirrors and windows. Do proper arrangement of the furniture and kitchen. Ensure every part of your home is cleaned.
  5. De-clutter your home to allow free movement of positive energy. Cluttered apartments attract negative energy, which makes your home look untidy. Clear up unused items from your new home to leave space. Properly pack your items to leave enough space. 
  6. Display Feng Shui lucky symbols, and figurines: One of the ways to prepare your home for a blessing is to bring Feng Shui lucky symbols to your house. These symbols are believed to attract positive energies, good luck, and blessing.
  7. Proper lighting of your home is necessary for a house blessing. Naturally light is a symbol of blessing. It exposes hidden things and beautifies them. If you want a free flow of positive energy that is the key to home blessing, flood your home with good lightning. It will dispel the darkness which is a symbol of negative energy. 
  8. Beautifying your home with flowering plants, shrubs, indoor plants, and green plants is a good step toward a house blessing. Green plants are generally good for making the environment healthy and safe. Green plants symbolize freshness and will promote blessing, and positive energy around your home.
  9. Ceremony of house Blessing: You can now begin the ceremony event. This is needful to invite positive energy into your domain. The following tips can be followed to perform the house blessing.
  10. Commence the ritual by going inside the house and standing at the main entrance or at your sacred space secluded if there is such.
  11. Position yourself in the middle as you take some deep breaths.
  12. Exercise patience to be rightly connected with the energy present in the house, and reason out the need for gratitude and passion to live happily in your new abode.
  13. Pronounce the house blessing: You can get different positive words written on a paper and read them out. We listed some prayers you can copy and read.  
  14. Post ceremony assessment:
  15. Position yourself at the main door and find out the kind of feelings in you.
  16. Take a stroll around the house clockwise discovering the kind of feeling erupting inside of you as you walk into the rooms and other places.
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What Is Feng Shui Rice Blessing Ceremony?

Feng Shui rice blessing ceremony is the use of uncooked rice and other items such as a bottle of 50% alcoholic drink, and a small quantity of the mineral cinnabar for blessing the hose.

This ceremony is intended to dispel negative energies from the home.

It is done by walking around the house perimeter and chanting blessings to clear off bad energy from the house, the environment, and from you.

11 Prayer For House Blessing And Protection

Are you looking for a suitable prayer for your house’s blessing and protection? You can come up with yours or use the following prayers.

  1. May this house be a peaceful habitation for us and our children.
  2. May everything that is connected to us enjoy the progress.
  3. May there not be stagnation.
  4. May our lives in this home be filled with happiness, joy, abundance, and prosperity.
  5. May everyone that steps into this house enjoy peace and affection.
  6. We dispel negativity and invite positivity.
  7. We proclaim that this house is protected and guided by angels and the Heavenly spirit.
  8. May this house shelter your life.
  9. May all heaviness, depression, and burden fall off
  10. May this home be filled with blessing, good luck, and ecstasy.
  11. May this home be a haven.

Auspicious Date For House Blessing

In Feng Shui, we have auspicious dates which are categorized as lucky days to bless your new home. These dates can be found in the Chinese calendar. We listed the auspicious dates to pack into a new home from August to December 2023.

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Also, check auspicious dates for moving into a new house.

Auspicious Date For House Blessing In August 2023.

August 06SundayRoosterWest
August 08TuesdayPigEast
August 10ThursdayOxWest
August 13SundayDragonNorth
August 15TuesdayHorseSouth
August 18FridayRoosterWest
August 19SaturdayDogSouth
August 22TuesdayOxWest
August 23WednesdayTigerSouth
August 31ThursdayDogSouth

Auspicious Date For House Blessing In September 2023

September 01FridayPigEast
September 06WednesdayDragonNorth
September 16SaturdayTigerSouth
September 21ThursdaySheepEast
September 24SundayDogSouth
September 28ThursdayTigerSouth

Auspicious Date For House Blessing In October 2023

October 01SundaySnakeWest
October 03TuesdaySheepEast
October 06FridayDogSouth
October 08SundayRatNorth
October 17TuesdayRoosterWest
October 20FridayRatNorth
October 24TuesdayDragonNorth
October 25WednesdaySnake West

Auspicious Date For House Blessing In November 2023

November 01WednesdayRatNorth
November 03FridayTigerSouth
November 05SundayDragonNorth
November 09ThursdayMonkeyNorth
November 10FridayRoosterWest
November 13MondayRatNorth
November 19SundayHorseSouth
November 21TuesdayMonkeyNorth
November 22WednesdayRoosterWest
November 25SaturdayRatNorth

Auspicious Date For House Blessing In December 2023

December 01FridayHorseSouth
December 03SundayMonkeyNorth
December 04MondayRoosterWest
December 08FridayOxWest
December 09SaturdayTigerSouth
December 18MondayPigEast
December 26TuesdaySheepEast

What Is The Best Way To Bless A House?

The best way to bless a house is as follows:

  • Play music that is calm which helps to change the ambiance in your new home, and tell the guests to stay in a circle.
  • Greet your friends and family and acknowledge their presence for taking time out to facilitate with you.
  • Getting a pink candle is symbolic of bringing positive energy of affection and kindness. Let it be lighted and extend to a new person, who performs the blessing.
  • Embark on walking to different areas within the house mentioning definite intents you have to the different rooms to designate them for unique objectives.
  • After completing the house blessing, position your pink candle at the center of the house and leave it for burning for a minimum of one hour. During this process, let every window and door facing the east direction be opened to attract the positive energy released by the sunrise into your apartment.

Feng Shui House Blessings FAQs

Q: What Is The Best Time For House Blessing?

The best time for house blessing is the auspicious dates house blessing listed above.

Sometimes, people do house blessing when you just engaged to a new spouse and she packed in, or give birth to a new baby.

Q: What Do You Bring To A House Blessing?

The Feng Shui blessing allows bringing in auspicious materials for a house blessing. Since these objects attract positive energy.  

Q: What Happens During A House Blessing?

House blessing helps to chase away negative energy, bad luck, and trouble from the house, and brings positive energy.  

Q: Why Do You Need Bread And Salt For A New Home?

Bread and salt are symbolic and important. The bread serves the appetite of a man, while salt is used to sweeten a meal.

Therefore, they symbolize sweetness, hospitality, and satisfaction with good things.

In Conclusion

You proclaim blessings on your new home and wait to enjoy the result.

That new home can be an abode where you enjoy positivity, good luck, happiness, prosperity, and abundance through the blessings you released when moving in.

Take advantage of everything listed above, and fill your new home with excitement!