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Feng Shui Chinese Coins (Numbers and Placements Tips)

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In this article, we will develop more understanding of Feng Shui Chinese Coins usages & placements of Lucky Coins Usages in detail.

As we all know, coins are an important item in Feng Shui luck. It symbolizes auspiciousness.

And there are, so in the past, people often put coins in the more important, such as financial position and so on. In this article, we will develop a deeper understanding of the usage and placement of Feng Shui emperor coins.

And if feng shui lucky coins are placed under the bed, it will enhance the whole family and bring them a lot of good luck.

Feng Shui Lucky Coins Symbol of Good Luck Meaning?

Feng shui is a powerful amulet to attract wealth and protection. Its power derives from the forms that are enshrined within it.

The center square represents the power of the earth. While the circular shape manifests the protection of the sky,.

The connection between both forms symbolizes the communion between heaven and earth to maintain creation.

Chinese coins
Lucky Coins Usages
  • The piece has four pictograms on one of its sides, which represent the four elements. This face is called the Yang side since it contains the four types of energies in nature.
  • It was forged on the orders of the first emperor, who turned it into the national currency. As soon as it came into circulation, it gave the country’s economy a strength that would keep the nation together until our time.
  • In view of the strength of the feng shui coin symbols found therein, it generated a great abundance among the people and quickly became an amulet of prosperity.
  • Putting feng shui lucky coins under the bed will help improve the luck and health of the family. The coin itself is auspicious, and placing it under the bed will protect the family and prevent people’s impact.
  • Over time, their fortunes in all aspects have been guaranteed, so the fortunes will naturally be significantly improved.
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  • There is no doubt that one of the main elements of Feng Shui, which has more symbolism and more functions (in addition to other elements, of course), is the emperor coin.
  • They symbolize wealth, prosperity, abundance, and power, and it is customary to be tied to a red ribbon as a channel of fire energy, representing the correct fluidity of energies.
  • The Chinese currency is a powerful amulet to attract wealth and protection. Its power derives from the forms that are enshrined within it.

The center square represents the power of the earth. While the circular shape manifests the protection of the sky. The connection between both forms symbolizes the communion between heaven and earth to maintain creation.

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With the material foundation guaranteed, the relationship between the couple will naturally become very stable. Their lives are also very harmonious and happy.

5 Feng Shui Lucky Coin Meaning?

In Feng shui, the meaning of 5 is a trinity of heaven, and earth and symbolizes attracting wealth, luck, and prosperity. Combining it has all five elements, which are Earth, Water, Metal, Wood, and Fire.

So it carries the power of all these 5 elements, which acts as protection against danger and harm and also attracts wealth and luck.

10 Feng Shui Lucky Coin Meaning?

In Feng Shui, 10 coins represent full unity, no division. It also indicates union and is mostly used as a sign of abundance in some aspects of some feng shui beliefs and cultures.

What are the Feng Shui coins for wallet prosperity?

If you want to carry a stroke of good luck with you when you step out of the house or travel.

Then the most popular way to use Chinese emperor coins in your wallet to attract the energy of money is to carry them in your pocket. For wallet prosperity, we need to use 3 coins tied with a red ribbon.

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Where Should I Put My Chinese Coins?

Putting feng shui lucky coins under the bed will help families improve. Also, improve their careers Putting feng shui lucky coins under the bed is conducive to strengthening the relationship between the couple so that they can withstand life and tests.

And the stability of feelings is not just because of love, it also comes from responsibility and materiality.

You should know that coins symbolize wealth, so if they are placed under the bed, they will virtually enhance their careers.

As time passes, they will gradually emerge in their careers and be recognized by their superiors. So they don’t have to worry about their wealth at all.

Chinese Coins-Being Able To Prosper

To a certain extent, the practice of putting feng shui lucky coins under the bed can play a role in prosperity. It may be particularly effective in the beginning.

How Do Feng Shui Chinese coins work?

Feng Shui Lucky Coins Usages are commonly used to attract happiness to the home from material achievements, but they are also used at work as a way to improve economic stability and income.

Therefore, they are tied to a red ribbon to represent the fluidity of the energies, a color that is used as a channel for the energy of fire.

They have a round shape with a square hole that is located in the center. The circle represents the sky, while the square represents the earth.

They represent the heaven-earth-man fortune trinity, presenting a Yang side (four Hino characters) and a Yin side (two characters). The first must always be up.

Chinese cash coin with square hole meaning

In Feng Shui, Chinese coins with square holes are said to bring good luck and wealth.

The round shape stands for heaven and the square hole for earth, providing a balance of energy that works well. Putting these coins in your home or place of work is thought to bring you wealth and happiness.

How To Use Feng Shui Chinese Coins

Explore the variety of ways that Chinese coins are used to attract wealth. The most common use of Chinese coins in feng shui is to attract the energy of wealth and money.

The other popular use of coins in feng shui is protection and good luck. These energies certainly go together, don’t they? When a person achieves financial stability, he or she also feels more protected and, of course, fortunate.

  • The other popular way to use Chinese coins to attract the energy of money is to carry them in your wallet or pocket. Usually, there are 3 coins tied with a red ribbon.
  • If you own a business, there are a wide variety of ways to use the coins, according to the Chinese feng shui schools.
  • You can use them near the cash register, inside your main door, with your financial documents, near the phone, or anywhere else that you consider important to you.
  • The healing of Chinese coins 8, 6, or 9 is often used as an annual feng shui cure in the affected areas of the Bagua (if annual feng shui stars are followed).
  • You can also see Chinese cash coins incorporated in various jewelry designs, from earrings and bracelets to various necklaces and pendants.
  • In a way, wearing beautiful jewelry with good energy, whether powerful crystals or powerful feng shui coin symbols, is a very good feng shui body, and is very popular as well.
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Things to consider before using Chinese coins as remedies

Whichever way you choose to incorporate the energy of Chinese cash coins into your feng shui work, it is always a good idea to clean your coins from the previous energy.

Check the complete information on how to cleanse Chinese coins feng shui, for your better understanding.

Unless your coins come from a reputable feng shui retailer and you can feel them,.

Where to Place Chinese Authentic Feng Shui Coins?

To use Chinese coins as a feng shui money cure, start by exploring the variety of feng shui cures that incorporate Chinese coins into your design. Then, locate the money area of ​​your house.

You can find out another effective place for Feng Shui Coins on How To Use Feng Shui Coins Under Doormat

You can activate different types of luck by varying the number of coins. For example: carry a silver coin in your wallet to activate the protection of the universe against any energy of conflict and gossip.

If this situation arises, the currency will receive all negative energies and split. Immediately after breaking it, you must throw it away and replace it with a clean and consecrated one for your purposes.

Chinese coins
Lucky Coins UsagesOld Chinese Coins

After you have found your money area, find the best way to show your cure in a way that works well with the general decoration of your home.

For example, you can hang your tassel of Chinese coins on the wall, frame it, or simply place it on any suitable surface (desk, books, etc.).

It may be useful to know that you don’t always have to show your feng shui cure in plain sight; sometimes you can have it hidden.

Your feng shui cure will work just as well, especially if you can still see it. This may be the case with having your Chinese coin tassel inside a desk drawer that you use frequently. Of course, you will have to have an absolutely clean and organized desk drawer!

You can do the same steps in your office to focus even more on attracting the energy of abundance to your life.

Don’t forget to place the coins with the Yang side / four characters facing up.

Shiny with good energy, use some basic space-cleaning steps to clean and refresh your vibration.

Can We Hang Chinese Coins At Front Door

The Chinese coins have always functioned as a symbol of abundance and wealth, to improve and achieve the best.

Creating abundance in the place where they are placed. Do not let the red cord weaken, as its breakage may involve complications in prosperity.

Chinese coins

You can place them in your home or office to be touched by all who arrive and cause luck. You can place them in your pocket, in your wallet, or in your wallet of prosperity.

How to tie Chinese coins with a red ribbon

Above all, you can place where your money is. Feng shui coins at the front door are very effective for businesses because they are placed at the top of the door of the premises, company, or office. Tie them with a red ribbon.

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They are effective at home, by avoiding infidelity on the part of a member of the couple. Tie them in a circle with a red ribbon at the head of the bed, or place them in the 4 corners of the bed. They activate luck, prosperity, and union in the couple.

To avoid envy and negative energies. They should be tied with a red ribbon. The best place to place them is at the entrance of the main door.

They help keep the family together. Placed with bells, bells help activate good chi. They can be placed in the handle or clamp of the door of the premises, office, or house.

They help bring luck. They should be tied with a red ribbon. There is no place of preference to place them.

FAQs on Feng Shui Chinese coins: uses and placement

Q: How to wear a feng shui coin bracelet?

The Feng Shui Coin Bracelet is a very auspicious money charm. You can wear it on the left hand instead of the right hand.

Q: Where do you place Chinese lucky coins?

The best placement for lucky coins is in the wealth corner. Where your money flow is frequent. Also, you can keep Chinese coins in your wallet.

Q: Feng shui 8 coin placement tips?

We can keep the 8 coins in the southeast direction of your home or office, which is the wealth area. Make sure the Chinese side is facing up. Putting them in a pattern that looks like a giant circle will bring more wealth and abundance.

Q: Feng shui 6 coin meaning and placement tips?

In Feng Shui, the 6 coins stand for wealth and plenty same as other numbers.

When you place them, think about your intentions. You can put them in places where you want your finances to grow or stay stable, like near your workspace or in your home’s wealth area.

Make sure to keep them clean and in good shape, as this shows that you value wealth and energy.


The coins represent prosperity and wealth, bringing luck. As with the coins, there is no place to be placed. Of course, they should be tied with a red ribbon.

The fullness of the universe. Tied to a red ribbon, they can serve as hanging ornaments, or without red ribbon, put them on a table or on the desk.

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