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17 Feng Shui Art Secrets for Wealth and Prosperity

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A Feng Shui Art or another type of feng shui painting is often a good choice for our apartment’s interior.

It may be used to accent the overall décor, including wall colors, drapes, and even furnishings. Canvases and perhaps other works of art in vivid colors could be used as additions inside the interior decoration if you utilize bright shades.

As a result, beautiful art pieces are constantly in great request to brighten up our homes. Considering choosing feng shui art for certain regions within your house, there really are a couple of different feng shui standards to keep in mind.

Every form of art you introduce to your house must be both a careful manifestation of feng shui core values and a manifestation of your unique flair.

However if you want to arrange your personal place per the Feng Shui principles, Feng Shui could therefore greatly aid you in selecting the appropriate successful artworks on the walls to suit your living area design.

Now, are you planning to add a fresh unique piece of art to the interior of your home? Now, here are recommendations to aid you.

Regarding Feng Shui, What Is The Relevance Of Painting?

Feng Shui artworks might assist you in repairing flaws within your four directions as well as attracting prosperity and success.

Once you select the correct type of paintings, this would assist to shift the energy throughout your area as well as assist carry in best wishes and wealth.

The BaGua is divided into sections, each having its own set of components, colors, and pictures. Much of the Feng Shui BaGua concept corresponds to our modern understanding of what shades and pictures represent.

The entire mood of a residence is greatly influenced by layout and decor.

For illustration, Feng Shui living room pictures may influence what we sense inside the room, either we desire an interior packed with activity or a calm and peaceful refuge.

The usage of artworks, for specifity, throughout the traditional philosophy of feng shui, could offer a significant influence on the favourable vibes throughout your apartment.

5 Feng Shui Elements And Paintings

Works of art, typically performed within feng shui, reflect the five fundamental elements: fire, earth, metal, water, as well as wood.

Feng Shui Paintings
Feng Shui Art & Paintings

Numerous people think that these components regulate the transmission of good as well as unfavorable forces. As a result, components should consistently be in harmony in order to preserve a steady environment.

1. Metal

Many appreciate paintings of cars, money, and silver personal care sets given their capacity to perk up a living area as well as provide an awareness of pristine housekeeping. It could bump up your effectiveness (metal element) also enable you to handle anxiety properly.

2. Fire

Experts frequently integrate fire element inspired works of art with high-energy environments because usually convey comfort as well as enthusiasm.

This would be ideal for individuals who frequently entertain visitors. Among these works of art are several canvases of candles, fires, and other burning objects.

3. Wood

Feng Shui wood component, the same as earth feng shui paintings, provides you plus your friends and families development as well as wealth.

Despite it is quite commonly shown in drawings of pines or debris, woodland sceneries, and related motifs, households may entail wood into their interior decoration through plant decorations.

4. Earth

Earth element shades encourage wellness as well as longevity, and they serve as a decent bedrock for the growth of your household as well as interpersonal relations.

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Sceneries of highlands, vegetation, gemstones, and other such objects are typically utilized within house earth art pieces.

5. Water

Water’s calmness could help to relieve tension or offer the ideal environment enabling you to rest as well as rejuvenate.

Water sceneries, creeks, waterfalls, lagoons, and perhaps other fluids are associated with prospective riches and success inside the precepts of feng shui.

How To Choose Colours For Paintings In Feng Shui

Feng Shui tones may alter the ambience as well as the feel of your house, however, it is deeper beyond merely helping a place seem nicer.

Feng Shui is not an interior decoration approach or aesthetic, despite popular belief. It is very much artistry but also a philosophy, with the goal of regulating and harmonizing, which would eventually enhance your own energy rates.

Adopt feng shui colors into your house depending on what you believe you require so much of throughout your daily existence.

  • For illustration, when you intend to attract good fortune, choose the tone purple, since it has an ancient legacy of having linked with divine power, monarchy, as well as the perceptive parietal eye.
  • A further feng shui hue for extreme wealth is green when decorating. Gold, as well as silver, are typically symbols of prosperity.
  • Whereas black denotes the water component. Regarding feng shui, water simply implies riches.

What Different Seasons Depict In Feng Shui Painting?

When the artwork portrays a specific period, the components are also connected to the bagua as well as could get arranged accordingly. Feng Shui wall decor that portray:

  • Autumn Seasons-The autumn seasons of September, October, through November are directly intertwined with the metal Feng Shui component.
  • Warmer Periods-, such as April, May, through June (summer periods), are strongly connected with the earth component of Feng Shui.
  • Summer Season-The onset of the summer season corresponds to the Feng Shui component of fire.
  • Cold Seasons-Feng Shui Water Components are equally attributed with December through January (cold Seasons).
  • Spring Periods– Wood’s Feng Shui component corresponds to the spring periods (February and March).

What Lines And Patterns Meaning In Feng Shui Art

Regarding feng shui, lines can also be vital, especially this covers ones in works of art.

  • Since adverse chi flows in something like a linear manner, linear lines plus precise arcs are deemed unlucky or unfavorable. Linear lines could be used in pieces of art, but they must be eased using bends and arcs.
  • Since good vibes flow in a bent route, bent lines have been shown to be beneficial.
  • The stability and oscillations of energy with the surroundings are indicated by utilizing circles.

Positive Feng Shui Images In Paintings

Certain artworks feature imagery that is deemed helpful to feng shui. These mentioned artworks could help to create a pleasant energy environment:

  • Since the Chinese term for fish directly corresponds to plenty, the feng shui fish paintings signify riches and success. Seeing as fish reproduce quickly and occasionally travel in couples, fish drawings typically reflect marital pleasure, concord, and procreation.
  • Furthermore, the works of art of horses or 7 running horses painting somewhat on the south side offer renown, notoriety, glory, movement, and advancement, as well as consistent and rapid rise in reputation with achievements in profession and existence.
  • Buddha imagery (either sculptures or paintings) conveys auspicious fortune. Furthermore, this is solely accurate provided the Buddha imagery was offered to you as a present, as fortune cannot be purchased.
  • The lotus blossom denotes divine self control, finesse, and trust. The lotus blossom is often utilized as a sign of medical cure throughout Feng Shui. For positive vibes, hang this image of blossoming lotus flowers within your sitting area.
  • Inspiring imagery, including gorgeous natural landscape or festivities, are painted on canvas and spread good thoughts across your house or business.

Negative Feng Shui Images In Paintings

  • Birds are typically indicative of divine luck throughout feng shui, however, other feng shui artworks depict a hawk or an eagle pursuing birds even a well crow perched on a dry tree. It’s also a figurative art piece with a bird inside it, however, it could wreak greater damage over beneficial luck throughout your daily existence.
  • Individuals over sceneries will offer a massive amount of cash to purchase a nice Feng Shui poster and place it for best wishes. The picture depicts an unbalanced feng shui flow featuring deformed representations of vegetation, desiccated trees, rough weather, a gloomy sky, and heavy rains.

Painting Sizes And Materials

You don’t even have to hang artwork on each surface within your house. The house must be allowed to air and allow qi (life essence power) to circulate.

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Keeping certain surfaces that exhibit your catalog as well as other areas of the house that are less adorned enables the force to breathe.

  • Take into reflection, the width and length of your house or the spot to which you are introducing images.
  • Ensure that paintings isn’t too large and weighty for the room, since this might obstruct the movement of qi.
  • Similarly, because watercolor artworks feature less vivid tones unlike oils as well as acrylic paint, they often exhibit a gentler vitality.
  • Furthermore, if the paintings is too tiny for a specific surface, it might cause you the impression that things seems lacking within your daily lives.

What Are The Best Feng Shui Painting Positions?

Regarding Business Regions, Scenery painting

Scenery images are suitable for a feng shui office art pieces, a image for the residential workplace, or a drawing for a simple region wherein you operate.

The image must be situated next to your couch so that you can receive the assistance of the scenery like you’re sitting inside an armchair, which itself is associated with the four divine creatures within the scenery feng shui.

Water Works Of Art In The Home Entrance

Throughout feng shui, water signifies prosperity. Oil canvases depicting waterfalls, waterways, and even rivers may be magnificent on occasion.

Although they are ideally utilized in a professional environment, including at the front of a workspace to represent riches getting pulled in, these may also be used in general spots including the sitting room. They are excellent artwork for dining room.

It’s important to remember that visuals of cascades, for instance, really should be oriented and put within front of us.

Feng shui Art Of Animals

Introducing feral creatures within the home may throw the energy patterns of the place into disarray. When they’re in a foul disposition, they could even flip upon their masters.

If one must retain them, seek a location to display them outside.

If you retain them inside, accomplishment will elude you much like a snow leopard.

Fields With No Barriers

The luminous space wherein energy as well as natural energies congregate is symbolized by imagery and artworks of vast fields.

That must alert you towards the fact that it belongs up front of the onlooker rather than far from him.

Using photos of vast fields to fill the space around you evokes a vacuum. Best utilized as good luck art.

Which Paintings To Hang Above The Bed Feng Shui?

Somewhat on the pinnacle of an individuals head seems to be a highly significant chakra. A Feng Shui artwork hung above a headboard would have an immediate effect upon that. You must pick the appropriate concept in order for the effect to be positive.

  • The hand-crafted two-fold happiness decor inscription seems to have a hand-rubbed gloomy hardwood appearance. Display this monument above the bed.
  • Art pieces of the Dragon as well as Phoenix; One more great as well as strong icon of matrimony, dragon with phoenix may be utilized as a custom monument or a further kind of drawings. It is a wonderful option for draping above a bed.
  • Inside the bedroom, Feng Shui gurus advise against utilizing water themes. Pieces of art are allowed under certain scenarios if a little quantity of water is involved, nevertheless it must remain stationary.
  • Portraits of raging waterways, gushing torrents, and even cascading waterfalls could disturb the room’s energy balance.

Which Feng Shui Works of Art Should You Have In Your Master Bedroom?

A silk handcrafted artwork of magnolia blooms accompanying a couple of birds would be a lovely option. Magnolia seems to be a feng shui icon for happiness and pureness, but also it represents the desired longing for a soul mate.

  • Exquisite borders are recommended while selecting feng shui artwork for master bedroom.
  • Displaying lovely floral portraits, such as a feng shui painting of lilies inside the bedroom, helps revitalize connections.

For a feng shui master bedroom, an artwork of a group of birds does seem to be perfect as feng shui paintings for a bedroom. To receive the blessings of romance fortune, display it upon the southwestern side.

Where To Place Blue Paintings Feng Shui

Blue does have many feng shui connotations according to the intensity. The wood component, for instance, is expressed by mid-tone blues as well as teals.

Development, energy, even empathy are all attributed with wood. The profound, murky water component is portrayed by an intense midnight blue which is nearly black.

Specific hues of blue have been identified with sorrow in various Asian traditions. Blue is strongly correlated with happiness within Buddhism, as depicted via the lapis-colored Health Buddha.

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Blue can be attributed towards the feng shui bagua map’s Household as well as Education regions.

Koi Fish Paintings Feng Shui

In certain Feng Shui opinions, there are numerous fortunate motifs or creatures, then fish have always been among them.

Feng Shui Koi Fish Paintings
Feng Shui Koi Fish Paintings

If you want to adorn your home with feng shui wall art that have a positive connotation, koi fish paintings are an excellent alternative.

The old Chinese tale of Dragon’s Gate has been the inspiration for numerous dragons with koi fish picture frames.

The devoted fish that transforms into the gilded dragon seems to be a powerful emblem of grit and courage. The dragon typically signifies strength, a fresh start, as well as a triumphant transition.

It is a harbinger of abundance, auspiciousness, wealth, and feng shui painting for prosperity.

It also signifies willpower and persistence in the face of adversity in order to become firmer. This work of art may be used in a home or business condition.

Several Chinese eateries use similar artworks as Chinese door wall art. or décor since they are thought to usher in an overflow of prosperity.

What Type Of Feng Shui Art Should Be On The East Side Of The House?

Throughout feng shui, the eastern represents well-being and household. As a consequence, it’ll be the single area within your space you don’t prefer to be vacant.

  • Vigor feng shui posters are advised for the eastern side since they provide good vibes.
  • Feng Shui images of woods, wildlife, people, perhaps just your own household photographs might be used.

What Is Geomancy?

Geomancy is very much a historical technique that involves the application of almanacs, amulets, and sophisticated gauges to help individuals, respective living places, as well as the environmental world synchronize overall relations.

Mankind modify the surroundings anytime they create dwelling locations, by these geomancy concepts, including the ability to influence the transmission of useful force or qi together in good or bad manner.

Principles Of Taoism As Foundation For Art Of Feng Shui

Taoist art is inspired by Lao-Taoist tzu’s concept, which encourage experiencing life, authentically, and then in unison with the natural environment.

The qualities of the beauty of nature are frequently depicted in Taoist scenery drawings as inspirations for humankind.

Individuals may increase the circulation of beneficial chi throughout their life as well as prevent the bad chi distant by harmonizing yin with yang components, according to Taoists.

The art of feng shui is a technique for harmonizing yin with yang while enhancing chi circulation by strategically placing furnishings, paintings, imagery, and sometimes even entire houses.

Faqs On Feng Shui Paintings

Q: Feng Shui artwork for wealth corner?

You can improve wealth corners chi by adding the below paintings.
Feng Shui plants, flowers, a laughing Buddha, and Color full painting that had Red and Green as dominant colors.

Q: Feng Shui artwork wealth enhancer?

You can add painting and artwork like koi fish, Arowana, lotus flowers, lucky bamboo, and Chinese coins.
All these are auspicious symbols that are good for money flow.

Q: Feng Shui paintings for south wall

Feng Shui paintings for the south wall often include depictions of the sun or elements of fire. The purpose of these paintings is to boost one’s energy, passion, and fame luck in their life.

Q: Feng Shui pictures for success

Images of flying birds, broad landscapes, or powerful symbols such as dragons and phoenixes are frequently used in Feng Shui pictures for success. These images are intended to encourage growth, achievement, and prosperity.

Q: Is Harvesting Painting Good Feng Shui

The answer is that paintings representing harvesting can be beneficial to one’s Feng Shui, particularly when they feature scenes of abundance, such as ripe fruits or abundant crops, because these paintings represent success, abundance, and the fruition of one’s efforts.


Feng Shui Art pieces that you enjoy and that have pleasant imagery through which you relate or desire to connect can assist you in achieving your ambitions.

Each moment you glance at the imagery, you are made aware of the sentiments and sensations you have connected with it.

When the artwork manages to render you joyful and satisfied the first moment you encounter it, watching it repeatedly would reaffirm existing sensations thus contributing to making you delighted and satisfied once more.