(Top #13) Exclusive Feng Shui Gifts For Good Health

Are you thinking to gift someone something, which is for their good health? Gifts for health are able to repel disease and ensure an overall better well being. Here let’s find my top 13 recommendations for Feng Shui Gifts For Good Health with benefits to your loved once.

Feng Shui Gifts For Good Health

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In order for it to work, the gifts must be prepared, that is, it must first be cleaned with water and sea salt in order to be rid of all spiritual energy. Then, the gifts must be energized: we must ask the deities to transmit their protective powers so that the gifts are responsible for it.

Feng Shui Gifts Item to Invite Health, Wealth and Prosperity at Your Home

Gifts for health are, at the base, simple objects like stones or crystals, cut or not. You can also use everyday objects of sentimental value, although the effects may be less effective because they retain their benefits for a shorter time. Below is the list of Items.

“Gifts Are Objects Energized By Men In Order To Be Endowed With Spiritual Energy”

Feng Shui Gifts For Good Health-Obsidian Bracelet

Obsidian Bracelet is a precious black stone that is commonly use. Considered one of the seven treasures in Buddhism, obsidian accumulates great power in itself.

It has been used since ancient times as a talisman and amulet, capable of eliminating pressure, fatigue, bad smell, and other negative energies. This bracelet fills your life with a healthy balance.

Mantra Bracelet With Dragon

It is a traditional symbol of health, luck and wealth in Asia. It brings fortune, good news and health to your life. As your temperature changes, the bracelet changes color.

  • Find here the complete guide on Dragon, for more deeper understanding.

This Sanskrit mantra honors Ganesh, who embodies wisdom, new beginnings and is the obstacle remover. It is an ideal gift that you can take with you daily.

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Feng Shui Gifts For Good Health- Jade Bracelet

Jade is the mineral required by the human body such as calcium and magnesium. Therefore, we can consider the emission wave of jade and human cells as the same wave state.

The cells in your body resonate with fluctuations emitted by jade, which makes your cell tissue more vital, promotes blood circulation, improves metabolism and discharges wastes on time.

Elephant Figurine For Good Health

It symbolizes healthiness and strength, attracts good health and strength to the home. Ideal to place on the table and on the shelf.

Wall Hanging Gifts

This pendant protects the home, attracts good health and is ideal to give a special person on a birthday.

Protection Pendant With Old Coins

This gift symbolizes harmony and that transmits to the home. It also represents wealth, health and success.

Decoration Blanket With Elephant.

This black tapestry with gold thread attracts good health and maintains positive energy. It is ideal on the bed or the floor.

Hamsa Pendant With Writings

This hand moves away from the envy, the evil eye and the evil in the home. To hang at the entrance of the house.

Bamboo Plant For Good Health

It is a vital element of Feng Shui and attracts good fortune to those who are giving, according to Chinese culture. Read everything about lucky bamboo plant.

Good Health Bonsai Tree

It is the perfect gift for anyone, as it will give you good health, energy, and beautiful decoration.

Dwarf Bonsai Tree

Growing a bonsai helps relieve stress and is a good hobby, it also attracts the best energy.

Golden Dragon Statues

They symbolize wealth, abundance and good energy. This element protects the house from any evil energy.

Chinese Knot Tassels

Good health charm with two hugged fish. It can be hung in the house, car or keys.

Fill every space in your home with the best energies and positive vibes with these powerful charms. They are perfect to give to a loved one or to decorate the house, always with best wishes.

Wu Lou, The Chinese Gift  For Good Health

The Wu Lou is one of the gifts used by the Chinese people, for centuries, with the aim of promoting the good health and longevity of its owner; In addition, it is credited with the property of accelerating healing processes.

This ancient gift was prepared by hand, using a pumpkin (elongated), to which the pulp and seeds were extracted. Afterward, the fruit was left in the sun, so that it could dry and harden.

Once the procedure was completed, the Wu Lou was painted gold or silver, and decorated with a red ribbon. On some occasions, Chinese coins were also placed (with a square hole in the middle).

In ancient times, this vessel was used to transport water or medicinal liquids. Currently, Chinese artisans continue to manufacture the Wu Lou, in the traditional way, but these are very expensive items.

In this sense, Feng Shui practitioners, who adopted the Wu Lou as a cure against Sha (Chi negative), prefer to use Wu Lou figures made of metal, wood, ceramics or jade.

According to specialists in Feng Shui, using a Wu Lou prepared with alternative materials (not traditional pumpkin) does not diminish its power; on the contrary, it influences (positively) the elements of the environment.

For Feng Shui masters, Wu Lou is a cure against the flying black star 2 (Ju Men), which foreshadows diseases. It can also be used to counter flying yellow star 5 (Lian Zhen).

Lian Zhen, also known as the 5 yellows, indicates serious ailments (even at risk of death). Remember that flying stars or flying stars are variable energies (they change every year).

The Xuan Kong School of Feng Shui maintains that the vibrations represented by flying stars are related to the cardinal points and are renewed every year, changing their direction.

The points indicated by the flying stars express the flow of good and bad luck in a given space. Information used by the Feng Shui specialist, to apply the necessary cures or amplifiers.

In contrast to the precepts of the flying star system of the Xuan Kong School, which recommends changing the position of the sacred gift every year, followers of other Feng Shui trends prefer to locate Wu Lou in a more intuitive way

For this, they take as reference the popular traditions of the Chinese people, among which it is mentioned that placing the Wu Lou next to the bed of a sick person, helps to achieve recovery.

Likewise, they can be worn as a personal amulet in the wallet, as a pendant (small versions exist), or inside the vehicle. It is considered that placing the Wu Lou in the West and Northwest areas of the home attracts general well-being.

Another method is to place a Wu Lou (with the lid open) near the entrance door of the house. According to an ancient legend, the recipient will catch the demons (negative entities) that try to enter the home.

The sacred character of Wu Lou

The symbol of Wu Lou is associated with Sau, the Chinese god of longevity, who carries with him the vessel to transport the elixir of immortality, according to ancient Asian legends.

Other deities such as Buddha and Kwan Yin, have also been represented carrying the Wu Lou, symbolizing the divine grace of healing, offered equally to all sentient creatures.

Monks and healers used it to transport the medications, during longer trips, believing that the permanence of the liquid in the container increased its effectiveness.

This belief was based on the fact that the figure of the gift (similar to an elongated pear), reflected the union of heaven and earth (the divine and the human), separated by the evolutionary path of sentient beings.

What Are Best Feng Shui Gifts For Good Health

Gifts for health are full of benefits: they attract positive energies, they repel diseases and infections, they boost the immune system and they reduce the risk of discomfort. You can use gifts for health as soon as you lose energy or feel tired.

Feng Shui Health Gifts- FengShuiTricks.com
Feng Shui Gifts For Good HealthFengShuiTricks.com

Of course, the gifts alone are not able to protect against all the risks which weigh on health. Their use must be combined with a good lifestyle, which includes a good diet and a sporting practice.

There is no limit of use, the gifts can be worn as a necklace every day so that it can spread its benefits at all times.

They can be used for physical as well as mental pathologies. Depending on the evil you want to get rid of or the benefit you want to enjoy.

You will choose different types of gifts. Some cultures will also tend to use certain gifts more than others, depending on their beliefs and traditions.

Corn is perhaps the best-known gift: it attracts good energy and promotes good health. The Chinese lion, for its part, makes it easier to withstand heavy treatment linked to an illness.

For example in the case of chemotherapy. The amber stone has the effect of an over-vitamin cocktail and boosts the energy of the person rubbing it.

Feng Shui Gifts For Good Health Luck & Prosperity

Gifts to attract health are uses as an amulet against bad energy. They are very popular since, although most people maintain a healthy pace of life.

They sometimes have health complications, before which the main and immediate recommendation is to visit a doctor and review the specific cause of the condition.

In this sense, if you do not enjoy good health, even if you have success and money you will not be able to fully enjoy all the achievements you have achieved. Thus, the gifts prevent them from damaging your peace of mind.

These types of gifts have been used for many years, in order to prevent the bad vibes and the negative desires of someone from having an impact on your life. Many ill-intentioned people prefer to directly harm their health, in order to ensure that they will fail in all other aspects of everyday life.

Among the gifts for health that are most used, we can find those that result from mixtures of cultures. In this way, each culture is able to contribute its esoteric knowledge to keep away all negative energies, as well as eliminate them completely. So if you want to have control and health of your health, check out the following charms:

Tips To Choose Best Feng Shui Gifts For Good Health

Choosing a feng shui gifts can turn out to be a difficult choice, and all the more so with the approach of the holidays when there are many to do. We can, however, identify 3 categories of feng shui gifts that are (in principle) always a pleasure:

  • Feng shui gifts linked to the pleasure of anticipation (concert tickets, pre-order of a specific object, tickets for an event), it is the expectation that arouses excitement that makes it a unique feng shui gift.
  • Gifts also provide lasting memories (travel or other experience to share such as a massage, a day in a specific place), it is the memories that will be created that day that will make the feng shui gifts unforgettable.
  • Feng shui gifts wink to an intimate relationship, whether for a couple, a parent and their child, two friends, the feng shui gifts must be related to something that only the two people will understand. The very personalized attention given to the feng shui gifts will go straight to the heart of the recipient.

The feng shui gifts race is on, and then if you can’t really find anything, everyone loves chocolates!


Even if the choice of a Feng Shui Gifts For Good Health can sometimes turn into a puzzle, happiness in the eyes of the recipient has no price. But why does giving a feng shui gifts do so much good? And how can you be sure you are making the right choice?

that the act of giving a feng shui gifts or making a donation to a charity work causes an increase in the feeling of well-being, an increase in the feeling of wealth, the feeling of love your life and find meaning in it and improves cardiovascular conditions.

It can easily be concluded that offering a feng shui gifts does well when it is done selflessly and without expectation in return. Giving your time in research, getting involved, it is this personal investment that will make the feng shui gifts success and that will give the feeling of pleasure when it is offered.

What is more, it is easy to see that when you spend money on others the feeling of satisfaction is more lasting than when you spend it on yourself.

Disappointing feng shui gifts have surprising significance. For example, useful feng shui gifts like kitchen utensils that are rarely appreciated are, however, a sign that the donor sincerely wishes to bring help to the one to whom she offers this type of feng shui gifts.

Another example is that people who offer money or feng shui gift certificates are often singled out for their lack of originality and personality. In some cases, it is entirely possible, but it may also be that the impersonal feng shui gifts reflect a form of modesty, fear of exposing one’s tastes or being mistaken in the choice.

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Feng Shui Gifts For Good Health
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Feng Shui Gifts For Good Health

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