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19 Signs Of Good Feng Shui House For Plenty, Luck & Peace

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Good Feng Shui House? As the world revolves, the taste of people keeps changing and this influences their choice of making everything around them look great. This is also applicable to shelters.

As time passes, people are occupied with ways to improve the feng shui in their homes, with the quest of enjoying more happiness, comfort, and sound health in their lives.

This blog will guide you on how to choose the best signs that can enhance the feng shui in your home, thereby making it an abode for good luck.

In addition, this blog will help you to evaluate your current home and know the areas to improve, which positioned you to recognize a home with good feng shui.

Feng shui equips you with the capacity to attract positive energies to help you accomplish life improvements. That is why, in this blog, we bring you 15 signs of a good feng shui house. And to make sure we deliver a comprehensive approach, these topics are covered:

  • 15 signs of a good feng shui house
  • What are the basic feng shui rules for a house?
  • What should be kept at the entrance of the house?
  • What should I hang on my front door for good luck?
  • What is bad feng shui for a house
  • FAQs

What Are Basic Feng Shui Rules For A House?

The basic feng shui rules for a house are related to the signs of a good feng shui house. These rules guide you in making your home suitable to attract fortune, good luck, and prosperity in the feng shui way. Use the rules below:

  • Careful consideration must be given to your front door. It determines the flow of positive energy into your home.
  • It is imperative to clean it, remove debris or anything that can deface your front door, and disallow the flow of energy. Remove waste bins or any broken pieces of furniture from the main entrance.
  • Lighten your front door and use feng shui-friendly colors for the main door.
  • De-clutter your entire environment, and let it free of dirt.
  • Add a touch of red color to your living room furniture, and blinds (sheer window coverings) to strengthen and rejuvenate your home.
  • Let there be a proper flow of air and sunlight into the house.
  • Introduce natural elements such as plants and
  • Hang artwork on the wall.

What Is Bad Feng Shui For A House

In feng shui, there are some things that are considered bad for a house as a result of bad energy. A few of them are:

Feng Shui Stairs Facing Front Door
Feng Shui Stairs Facing Front Door

15 Signs Of a Good Feng Shui House

Below are the top 15 signs that make any home filled with positivity, peace, and good luck. These Feng Shui elements are known to transform your mindset and way of living for the better.

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Read ahead to find out what these signs are. As you go through, you can evaluate if your house is good enough to attract good things in life.

Good Feng Shui House
Feng Shui Interior Design

1. Illuminated Entrance

According to feng shui, the entrance of your home determines the level at which energy flows into your house. Therefore, your entrance is important and it can stop or allow the entrance of energy into your home.

So if you want to establish a good fen Shui in your house, start with the entrance of your house.

2. Clean and de-cluttered front entrance

Apart from a well-illuminated entry, a clean entrance is a good sign of a feng shui house. A cluttered and dirty front entrance tends to disallow energy (positive) from gaining access you’re your house.

Ensure to clean, de-clutter, and remove any garbage, or debris from the entrance of your home. This opens up your home for good energy to enter. Keep away your dustbins, or any broken pieces of furniture close to your main door.

3. Clean and Neat Windows:

The neat window is a sign of a good feng shui house too. When your windows are cleaned, and very neat, it shows you are ready to attract positive energy.

Since the window is symbolic and allows the entrance of sunlight into the house, much priority must be given to it.

A clean window opens us to see the beauty, lucidity, and simplicity of the environment around us. Hence, ensure to clean your windows regularly, so as to allow proper penetration of sunlight.

Now, you may be asking, what has sunlight got to do with a good feng shui house? Sunlight is a natural energizer, which makes your home more lively, glittering, active, and unrestricted.

In order to get the best out of your window, make use of organic cleaners.

4. Clean, and Declutter House

A clean home is a sign of a good feng shui. In feng shui, cleanliness is important as it can make the flow of energy. So, when you give much attention to living space, it allows the flow of positive energy into your apartment.

5. Spacious Environment

When you have a spacious environment, it is a sign of good feng shui. A spacious environment cut across every area in your home.

Removing unused items, garbage, and other materials can help you to position your home for attracting positive energy. Clean your surroundings and your home.

6. Presence of Plants

Plants are a major source of energy and are life-givers. Humans depend on them for sustenance.

Therefore, having the presence of plants inside your house is one of the signs of a good feng shui house. Plants are symbolic of releasing energy.

The presence of plants established our connection with nature and ushered inactiveness, and vitality into the house.

Look for your favorite plants and put them inside the plant’s jar. Nourish them every day by applying water, and clean also to remove stagnant energy.

7. Show Appreciation

It may look funny, but one of the signs of a good feng shui house is showing appreciation and being grateful for the house you owe. Many people want to be in that position you are as a house owner.

In feng shui, showing gratitude that your house protects you from harsh weather, and refreshes you is a good sign. Tell your house you are grateful to have it.

8. Décor and Interior Design

Décor and interior design are some of the signs of a good feng shui house. In this case, your house is decorated with natural symbols that depict happiness, comfort, beauty, and peace. Avoid décor and interior design that show harmful objects, depictions, and chaos.

One of the benefits of using good décor is that it enhances your relaxation mode, and makes you feel at home. It allows the flow of good luck and happiness.

9. Artificial Lightning

A well-lighted home is a sign of a good feng shui house. Lighting has a powerful connection with our subconscious and can affect the mood in the house. When everywhere is properly lighted, it drives away negative energy as a result of darkness, especially at night.   

10. Paint and Color

The type of paint and color used in a house can tell if the house is a good feng shui house. Color has a deeper meaning and is a representation of our feeling.

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So, there is no specific color you must paint your house with. Rather, color choice is based on the color you love and are excited to see every day. Many factors contribute to color preference.

11. Yin and Yang Balance

One of the signs of a good feng shui house is to learn how to balance yin and yang inside your home. Sometimes, this takes into consideration the good and bad, positive and negative sides of things.

Feng Shui takes up the task to balance the yin and yang keeping them safe without excessiveness.

It is commonly accepted that yin is feminine, and Yang is masculine. Learn to balance things so as to enjoy what they intend to offer.

The Key To Making it Work

  • Positivity and patience! These aspects help in making the practice of Feng Shui a success. Without these aspects, you can expect your Feng Shui practice to be useless.
  • In addition, it is also wise to be mindful of how the universe is always transforming and in motion.
  • Thus, the level of energy being emitted from each element is sure to alter as well. This may get in the way of making your Feng Shui practice.
  • But, as long as you are committed to the practice, create the right space for positivity to flow in, and stay patient, a successful Feng Shui practice is sure to become manifest in no time.

12. Artwork

Artwork can show whether a house is a good feng shui home, or not. Artwork that illustrates the natural environment, landscape photography, and paintings, placed in the sitting room, dining, or bedrooms, is a representation of good Feng Shui.

Don’t hang artwork that shows violence, weapons, or other derogatory materials. For the best practice, hang artwork that is considerably small for a narrow wall, and the large for wider walls. Place them on the wall in that everyone can them clearly.

13. Fragrance 

Feng Shui imbibes the use of nature for its practice, and if you want to know whether a house is a good feng shui, the house must be free from any damage that might be caused through the use of scent.

Chemical-based scents can be hazardous, therefore, make use of natural fragrance, which is safe.

There are different natural-based scents like aromatherapy that are made using natural ingredients. It produces a dazzling fragrance that can lighten your mood, wellbeing, and spirit.

14. Place the bed in the Commanding Position

One of the signs of a good feng shui house is placing your bed in a commanding position. This position allows your bed to face the entrance of your door and gives you the ability to see the door as you lie in your bed.

In feng shui, placing your bed in a commanding position increases your energy and enjoy more comfort.

15. Placement Of Feng Shui Symbols And Décor Items

This is a deal-breaker–the placement and positioning of the Feng Shui symbols are important. Here are some of the placements you can opt for in your house to improve the inflow of good luck and fortune.

  • Crystals–the lotus crystal is a powerful Feng Shui symbol that offers an abundance of wealth and luck. Place it as a décor item in your house at the entrance or on your bedside table.
  • The Evil Eye–this symbol can come in different sizes. You can hang it on the wall or at the entrance of your home to ward off negative energy.
  • Water fountain–this doesn’t have to be a large fountain. A small miniature size can work just as well in improving peace and happiness. Place it in the north or southeast of your home.
  • The Three-Legged Frog – is required to be placed on a pedestal. This helps keep you safe from harm or danger.

Using crystals at home is also a sign of a good feng shui. In feng shui, crystals are recognized as stones that can bring fortune, prosperity, and luck into your home.

  • For love, get rose quartz crystal.
  • For protection, use tourmaline crystal.
  • For healing and wealth, use citrine crystal.
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16. Minimal Furniture

A simple and elegant house is a sign of a good Feng Shui house. If you wish to make your house a center for attracting positive energy, then remove all bulky items and keep your furniture minimal and simple.

17. Presence Of Nature

Nature has its way of impacting our mood and behavior. This is why Feng Shui stresses the presence of plants inside your home. Opt for vibrant plants with soft and round leaves. The same goes for bright flowers, especially geraniums and chrysanthemums.

18. Designated Space For Meditation

A designated space for meditation further allows for positivity to seep in. A Feng Shui house may therefore have a small corner or quiet place intended for this purpose. You may even notice hues of purple here as this color cultivates spirituality.

19. Proportions Are Considered

Everything is sure to be in proportion in a Feng Shui house. For instance, the main entrance may have plants or décor items placed around that in proportion to the size of the entrance and the door.

The same goes for the furniture. A smaller living room may have smaller furniture and minimal décor items as compared to one that is wide and spacious.

Signs of a Bad Feng Shui House

Here are some signs of a bad Feng Shui house.

  • A tree right in front of the main entrance–this can be corrected however by adding wind chimes to the tree, pruning the branches, and illuminating the tree with light.
  • The bedroom is situated above a garage or bathroom.
  • The entrance leads to a stairway
  • Cluttered and dirty entrance
  • Presence of foul smell and decaying plants
  • The bathroom door facing the entrance
  • Narrow hallways
  • Staircase or bathroom located at the center of the home

What Should I Hang On My Front Door For Good Luck?

Throughout history, people believed that putting talismans on the main entrance (front door), can attract prosperity, wealth, good luck, and fortune to those who come into the house.

We listed some of the things that you can hang on your front door to attract good luck:


Q: What Should Be Kept At Entrance Of House?

According to feng shui, you can keep a horseshoe at the entrance of the house. A horseshoe can bring good luck to your doorstep. 

Q: Which direction is good for the house entrance?

In feng shui, the front entrance should be situated in a direction favorable.

The directions considered favorable and lucky are the north, north-east, east, or west.

Don’t site your house entrance in inauspicious directions. These directions are the south, southwest, northwest, or southeast.

Q: What color front door is lucky?

The color preference of the door is based on your choice. But you can choose the color symbol that is symbolic like red symbolizes rejuvenation and energy.

In conclusion

Every one of us desires to enjoy a life of comfort, living in a relaxed, serene, and calm environment, particularly in a house setting.

Focusing on the good intention loaded in feng shui, there is a power that can attract the flow of good energy into our home. Making this our objective allows us to leverage the good signs of the feng shui house.

From brightening the entrance to the use of artwork that depicts nature, removal of garbage, and de-cluttering of the whole environment can position your home to enjoy the flow of positive energy.

Follow the guidelines listed above, and see your home transformed into a hub of bliss, happiness, and comfort.