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11 Feng Shui West Facing House Rules for Luck + Prosperity

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According to science, everything, whether it is a non-living object or an animate thing, is made out of energy.

Energy is never generated or destroyed, and this is something that you’ll find in the basic law of thermodynamics too.

Feng Shui west facing house is all about changing the form of energy that is already there for good luck and prosperity.

The fact that it is where the energy enters your home is one of the most important elements. It has a variety of effects on you. In Feng Shui, the front door is one of the most significant things that affect the energy of the house. This front door of the house or the phenomenon is known as the mouth of Qi.

Read on as we look at several aspects of the front door to Feng Shui West facing house. Also, check if you have east facing house.

What are the Rules and Tips to Feng Shui West Facing House?

Thousands of years ago, the Chinese recognized and used Feng Shui to apply energy flow concepts to their workplaces and homes.

The modern goal of Feng Shui is the same (also check western and Chinese), which is to balance your living space in order to promote the flow of life energy or Qi through it.

However, Feng Shui is frequently hindered by furniture and other objects that are present in your house.

In order to Feng Shui west-facing house, you need to keep in mind that metal (one of the five elements) is the element associated with the west. So, be mindful that you will be dealing with it if your front door faces west.

In order to identify the Feng Shui west-facing house direction using your front entrance, you will need a compass. This might be a dedicated Feng Shui compass or the compass on your smartphone.

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Standing in your front foyer, look out the window and use your compass to determine which way you are facing. This is the facing direction determined by your front door. Here’s what you need to keep in mind to Feng Shui west facing house:

1. Work on Customizing the Mouth of Qi Accordingly

The front door of your home is one of the first things that you need to adapt if you want to Feng Shui west facing house.

Even if it is not the door you use most of the time, the front door is still considered the main entrance for the energy of Qi, the entrance through which the life force energy flows into your home.

The front door of your west-facing house welcomes Qi into your home, allowing both it and you to flourish and prosper.

That said, to Feng Shui west facing house uses the side or rear door instead of the front entrance if your facing direction is the side or back of your residence. Qi energy is oblivious to the differences between these locations and is simply drawn to yang energy.

2. Metal & Earth Element Colors Are the Best Fit

In order to ensure that your west-facing door brings success and richness to your home, paint it with a color that mirrors the metal element or any of its relative shades.

When it comes to Feng Shui’s west-facing house you can paint your door in a Feng Shui-friendly fashion using the colors of metal elements and earth elements.

Among them are shades of white, bronze, gray, silver, gold, or any other color that is associated with metallic shades.

As far as the earth element colors are concerned, brown and all of its shades can be used, even if they are stains.

3. There is A Door that Leads to Wealth

The front entrance is vital whenever a person is looking to Feng Shui west facing house.

Through the front entrance, the house draws sustenance from Feng Shui energy, which determines the quality of energy in your home.

Feng Shui For Front Door
Feng Shui For Front Door

The compass direction facing the door and the corresponding Feng Shui element define the optimum colors for a Feng Shui-ed front door. Each orientation and element can have one or more harmonic or productive front door colors.

4. A West Facing House Should Have Open Doors

An inward-opening door welcomes the flow of Qi into the dwelling. There is also the door that opens towards the out, on the other hand, pushes it away.

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To improve the flow of Qi energy, reverse the door’s hinges so that it opens inwards. Do not store anything behind the entrance door and always allow it to open and close with ease.

To help the energy flow through the room and Feng Shui’s west-facing house, add a light to a front door or the car porch area.

When it opens to a stairway, the Qi coming down the steps competes with the Qi coming in.

You have to also distribute the Qi coming down the stairs on both sides. You can hang a wind chime or crystal halfway between the door and the steps for this.

Moreover, there should never be a mirror or glass objects in front or at the back of the front door because it will reflect the Qi back into the home.

5. Focus on Avoiding the Factors that Bring in Bad Luck

When it comes to Feng Shui west facing house, make sure that you weaken the inauspicious energies of a negative direction.

You could apply an element from the exhausting cycle.

You can also make use of wavy lines, which are a water shape, to weaken the evil chi energy.

This is especially handy if the Kua number for your house lies in the west group. Do not overcompensate if you want the sheng chi to keep feeding your house chi energy.

6. Maintain Your Stove Tops to Invite Luck & Wealth

The stove indicates your money and resources in Feng Shui. If we can properly prepare and nourish our bodies, we can put our best foot forward in the world.

Moreover, to boost your Feng Shui fortune, keep your stove in good operating order. Check to see that all of the burners are working and the equipment is clean.

You should also use the stove every day to stimulate your fire energy, which will assist you in attracting prosperity.

We have a propensity of automatically switching to our favorite burner whenever we set out to cook anything.

However, in order to Feng Shui west-facing house, we suggest that you give something new a shot. Switch to a different burner on the stove every time you use it to keep your mind and energy open to new possibilities.

7. Incorporate an Element of Plants in Your House

In Feng Shui, water that flows and travels is associated with the financial and bountiful flow. Ensure that the plumbing in your house is intact and is in good operating order so that there are no leaks or water damage.

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A fountain, for example, can be used to bring this flowing water image into your home. Make sure the fountain is clean and functional, and that the water is directed toward the center of your property.

What Are the Plus-Points if You Feng Shui West Facing House?

According to Japanese house design beliefs, homes with west-facing doorways convey vitality and vigor. More energy is considered to enter the home through west-facing doors.

As a result, the main entrances of all traditional Geisha homes in Japan face west. Residents in west-facing homes are regarded to be wealthy and have a big social circle.

They will have no opponents and will be adored by all at work, in their personal relationships, and in social situations.

Politicians, teachers, religious leaders, and business leaders all have benefitted in the past by Feng Shui west facing house.


When choosing a house according to Feng Shui, the orientation or face of the house is not the only thing to consider.

It is also critical to realize that a home may or may not suit you, depending on the purchase’s purpose and the buyer’s profession or occupation.

Moreover, it is long past time to dispel the myth that homes with a west-facing orientation are cursed because there is no bad energy that cannot be taken care of if you Feng Shui west facing house.

People who work in the trading industry will appreciate these properties.


Q: Is it a sign of good luck to have a house with a western front door?

The main and second alternatives for house doorways are north and east, respectively, with the west being the third option.

According to Feng Shui, all residences are equally auspicious, and homes facing west are no less lucky than those facing north or east.

Q: How can you perfectly Feng Shui your west-facing house?

In order to ensure that your west-facing door brings success and richness to your home, paint it with a color that mirrors the metal element or any of its relative shades.

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