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Top 11 Feng Shui Teenage Bedroom Rules And Regulations

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Are you having trouble organizing your teenager’s bedroom? Read here to learn about Feng Shui teenage bedroom rules.

Most parents are worried about their teens. This is the time when these young adults are figuring their lives out. Life-changing things are happening for them. Feng Shui can make this easier.  

Feng Shui is all about rearranging places in a way that allows for positive energy to spread throughout. This positive energy brings prosperity and peace, hence making your teenager’s life easier too.

The first rule is to ensure that the room is clutter-free. Apart from that, the bed should be in a commanding position, and earthy tones should be the color preference.

Feng Shui Teenage Bedroom Rules And Regulations
Feng Shui Teenage Bedroom Rules And Regulations

The bed is the focal point of the room, so care should be taken to ensure that it is placed correctly. Furthermore, any electronic devices should also be removed from the bedroom.

There is no doubt that teenagers can be quite stubborn, which means that explaining anything to them can be quite hard.

So parents can have a tough time trying to explain things to them. The idea is to make them more aware of Feng Shui and why it is for their own benefit only.

To know more about Feng Shui teenage bedroom rules, continue reading! 

Rules To Follow For Teenage Bedroom

Here are a few rules to follow for teenage bedrooms.

1. Clear the Clutter

A usual teen’s room is a dirty nightmare, with things spread all over the place – dirty clothes on the floor, food under the bed, some drinks spilled here and there.

You must know that Feng Shui is all about ensuring that the space is clean enough to allow energy to flow through it.

  • So the first and most important thing is to ensure that the space remains clean, and any clutter is removed.
  • Everything out of place needs to be put back into place first.
  • However, it is also important that the teens themselves are a part of the process to understand how important it is and how it can help them.
  • They need to understand the importance and hygiene and how it helps them keep bad luck away.
  • To ensure that there is positivity in their lives, they need to make sure that they create their own positive space, and that is only possible if they give importance to cleaning up.
  • Especially the area under the bed should be squeaky clean. Otherwise, it allows bad luck to come your way.
  • Surely, this may seem like too much for one single day. So you need to take your time and plan things out first and then start with the sorting and cleaning.
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2. Colors Dos and Don’ts For Teenage Bedroom

It isn’t unusual for teens to have bizarre color preferences, like all red or all black.

However, Feng Shui is all about different colors and how they tend to affect the energy around them. To be surrounded by positive energy, there must be a balance of energy in the place.

  • The five elements also need to be there in an ideal way. Feng Shui experts suggest that water is not a good element for the bedroom and hence should not be there. This implied that dark colors like blue and black are not suited for bedrooms.
  • Apart from that, the fire element isn’t good for the bedroom either. This means that bright reds and oranges aren’t good either. It can result in rage issues and even stir up fights in the house.
  • The colors most suited for teenage bedrooms are earthy shades and shades of green. They allow positive energy to spread throughout.

But another very important consideration here is that youngsters are usually very stubborn at this age.

They can have certain preferences that they don’t want to budge from, which eventually has a detrimental effect.

So, the best way out is to explain why this is important and how incorporating Feng Shui into the room can allow for their own betterment.

They need to be more aware of things so that they understand how and why this is important.

3. Bed Placement

The location of the bed is one of the most important things to consider. It allows them to feel more comfortable and secure.

Not just that, but the bed is also the focal point of the room, so it should be placed correctly.

  • The headboard should surely be against a wall or in the corner. Not only is that good according to Feng Shui principles, but it also looks aesthetically sound.
  • Apart from that, the position of the bed should be as such that the sleeper should be able to see the door of the room when sleeping.
  • However, care needs to be taken to ensure that the feet aren’t in alignment with the door since that is considered extremely unlucky according to Feng Shui principles.
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4. Placement of the Study Area

Most teenagers have a study area in their room. There are a few placement tips that Feng Shui experts suggest for this too.

  • When placing furniture, the one thing to consider is that the back shouldn’t be facing the wall.
  • A great way to place the study table is that they face the window directly when sitting there.
  • Parents should find out what distracts the child, and all such distractions should be removed from the room at the soonest.

5. Mirrors in the Bedroom

Feng Shui experts suggest that there should be no mirrors in the room because it allows negative energies to come in.

  • Mirrors can do more harm than we think.
  • However, what is most challenging here is that teens can be adamant about what they want. This is why they might not be okay with the idea of not having one in their room.
  • So the best thing is to speak to them about how Feng Shui experts suggest all of these things for their benefit only.
  • Awareness is the most important thing here.

6. Paintings in the Room

Paintings make the room very lively, but the type of painting there is something that is very important to consider.

  • Paintings with natural landscapes are a great idea. Even abstract paintings allow positivity to come in.
  • But any painting that depicts violence is hazardous for teens since it makes them more prone to violence.

Things To Avoid In The Teenage Bedroom

Now that you are fully aware of Feng Shui teenage bedroom rules, here are a few things that should not be there in the bedroom.

Feng Shui Teenage Bedroom Rules And Regulations
Feng Shui Teenage Bedroom Things To Avoid

1. Technology

Teens tend to spend a lot of their time hunched on their screens. So Feng Shui experts suggest that all electronic devices should be removed from the room to allow positive energy to flow through.

2. Large Furniture

Large furniture can make you feel oppressed when you lie down in bed. It can get negative feelings in your heart.

So any large bookshelves or decoration pieces aren’t recommended at all. They only allow negative energy to come in.

3. Paintings Above the Bed

While it is alright to have paintings in the room, they should never be above the bed, as suggested by Feng Shui experts.

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What are the rules of the Feng Shui bedroom?

Feng Shui experts have a lot to say about the rules of the bedroom. They say that the door should be visible from the bed.

Apart from that, any artwork in the bedroom should be placed ideally so that it doesn’t lead to any ill feelings.

There should be no electronics in the room either since they only allow for more distractions, which means that people cannot rest there.

Apart from that, the most important thing is that there shouldn’t be any clutter there either, since it only allows negative energy to come in.

Furthermore, rounded corners are better for bedrooms than sharp ones (also called Poison arrows).

What is the ideal place for the mirror in the bedroom?

Ideally, there shouldn’t be a mirror in the bedroom. Feng Shui experts stress a lot the importance of this.

They say that mirrors lead to negative energy in the room, and hence they shouldn’t be there at any cost. It should be placed in such a way that the door should be seen from there.

The idea is to make sure that the bed isn’t bothering you or making you have any negative feelings. It is only when that is the case that it becomes bad to have a mirror in the bedroom.

Feng Shui Teenage Bedroom Rules FAQS

Q: What Feng Shui should not be in the bedroom?

The one thing that Feng Shui experts advise against is positioning the bed in line with the door.

It is known to be the worst possible position since it doesn’t allow the right energy to come through.

Q: Where should the bed ideally be placed in the bedroom?

The bed is the focal point of the room and hence should surely be in the commanding position, as suggested by Feng Shui experts.

You should be able to see the door when sitting on the bed. This allows you to feel like you are in much more control and that things are sorted just as you want.