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15 Feng Shui For Students Success Tips + [Lucky Symbols]

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Struggling with your assignments and exams? Read here to get started on Feng Shui for students success.

Feng Shui is not just for seeking improvements in health and relationships. It goes beyond that to include a variety of advantages.

From better career prospects, and financial standing, to even success in one’s academic life, Feng Shui can be practiced by anyone, even students.

So, if you’re a struggling student who wishes to improve your grades and concentration levels, then Feng Shui for student success may just be the answer to all your worries.

Feng Shui For Students Success
Feng Shui For Students Success

To learn about a few tips and tricks to follow on Feng Shui for student success, read ahead. This article has a breakdown of what you need to do to make your Feng Shui practice a success, feng shui for college students, feng shui for focus, or struggling with a job hunt.

From the right placement of Feng Shui symbols, an open mindset, and lifestyle change, all go hand in hand to make your desired wishes come to life.

7 Feng Shui For Students Success Tips

The following Feng Shui practices for student success are foolproof and a sure hit. Follow them today and watch your life transform in no time.

1. Invest In A Wooden Desk

  • In Feng Shui the 5 elements of wood, fire, water, metal, and earth are important. They help achieve the right Yin and Yang balance.
  • For students’ success, the symbol of wood holds power. Thus, a wooden desk and study to study on is the perfect investment to go for.
  • You can even paint over the wooden desk, but be sure to use the right colors. Avoid dark colors such as black as they can drain out your energy.
  • Instead, green or white may work in your favor. These colors help the main attain clarity and help improve concentration.

2. Clear Out Your Study Space

  • In Feng Shui, cleanliness is a top priority. This extends to your home, personal hygiene, as well as your work and study spaces.
  • To improve focus and concentration, having a neat and tidy space to learn in is key. Thus, you want to start by clearing out your workstation or the room where you generally study in.
  • Remove any old and unwanted books, papers, magazines, and stationery.
  • Then, proceed to clean your desk – remember to use a strong cleaning agent for this and remove any accumulated dust or debris. Your desk should look spotless and brand new when you’re done with the cleaning.
  • Next, place items that you are in need of on the desk. Avoid piling up too many books. Add a small desk plant on the corner if you wish–this can help with good luck and fortune.
  • In addition, remember to clean your desk every few days. After doing all these tasks, you are sure to experience a boost in your creativity and energy levels. So, get started on this today!
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3. Bring In Some Life With Plants

  • Anything that offers life has the potential to emit strong energy. Plants and flowers in this regard give out positive vibes.
  • This is why Feng Shui stresses on the use of plants in your home. You can place them on your study table or your study room for a boost in good luck and fortune.
  • However, make sure the plants are vibrant and have bright leaves.
  • The texture of the plant should also be soft. Opt for plant shaving round leaves instead of those that have thick or prickly skin.
  • Some popular Feng Shui plants for luck and academic success are the lucky bamboos, money plants, and jade plants.
How To Feng Shui For Students Success
How To Feng Shui For Students Success

4. Brighten Up The Area

The brighter your study space is, the higher your energy and concentration levels going to be. So, invest in bright sources of light. You can open up the windows and let sunlight come in while you study.

At night, opt for bright LED lights. A dim and dull space can make you feel lazy and fatigued, thus impacting your ability to study and finish your assignments.

This is surely not going to bode well for you if you have an important test or exam coming up!

5. Feng Shui Owl Symbols For Wisdom And Intellect

  • The owl’s symbol has a special place in Feng Shui. They represent wisdom and intellect.
  • So, if you looking for a Feng Shui symbol that emits all the right kinds of energies needed for academic success, then the owl figurine is what you want to get your hands on.
  • You can get a small owl figure from any Feng Shui store, or purchase it online.
  • Place this owl figure on your study desk at the northwest. You can even hang a picture or portrait of an owl in your study room.
  • This is sure to help attract positive energy and make way for wealth creation, academic success, and good fortune in no time.

6. Playing With The Right Colors

  • Colors play an important role in how we feel and think. This is why you want to avoid having dark colors around your study space.
  • Instead, opt for bright colors such as blue and yellow to give your energy levels a boost. This will help you feel productive and get in all your assignments and tasks done within the designated time.
  • For this, you can have a light blue or green colored wallpaper in your study, or a yellow chair to sit on. You can even use colorful notebooks and pens to pull up your motivation to study. 
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7. Location Of Your Study Space Matters

  • The placement of your study desk plays a crucial role in how your study plans are executed. In Feng Shui, it is advised to place the study table or desk in the command position.
  • This means having your desk placed in a manner where your back is not facing the main door of the room. Make sure your desk is also not facing the window.
  • If you do have a large window in your room, place your desk in a manner where the window is to your left. This helps improve focus and concentration levels.
  • Support your study desk by having it placed against a solid wall. This is the ideal position for any study desk no matter where you may be. It can be in your home or even the office (home office).

Things To Avoid In Your Study Space

There are a few things you want to be wary of when it comes to Feng Shui for students success.

Certain symbols and elements hinder the inflow of positive energy, thus making your time spent on the learning and studying fall to the wayside.

Here is a list of things you should avoid to make sure this doesn’t happen.

  1. Avoid letting the dust settle down on your books and study table. This can lead to negative energy taking over and prevent you from staying focused
  2. Avoid keeping any unwanted and damaged items on your desk. This can be a dead desk plant, broken vase, or even old newspapers and magazines
  3. Avoid placing your desk facing the window. If you do happen to have your desk in front of a window, cancel out any negative energy by hanging wind chimes on the window or keeping a bamboo plant near your desk.

Tips to Expedite Feng Shui For Students Success

To expedite the process of Feng Shui for students success, there are a few tips you can follow.

  1. Be mindful of your actions and behavior. This can help one reach a level of self-actualization that can make Feng Shui even more powerful
  2. Keep a bullet journal or self-reflection journal at your desk. Write down any negative or positive thoughts in it and reflect upon your experiences throughout the day. this exercise is great for self-discovery and memory retention
  3. Meditate before studying. This can help open up your mind and attain clarity, thus making it easier to retain information
  4. Share knowledge with others. If you have a friend who may be struggling with understanding a certain topic, reach out to them and give them a hand. This is sure to help boost your knowledge and pave the path toward academic success
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Since all elements in the universe are constantly undergoing change, the possibility of having disruptions in your Feng Shui practice for student’s success may arise.

If this happens, try not to panic. Instead, stay calm and patient till the balance between your energy level and the surroundings have been achieved.

Feng Shui For Students Success
Feng Shui For Students Success

Feng Shui Symbols For Success In Exams

Below are the Feng Shui Items For Study Table to use as a good luck charms for exams and better focus.

  1. Dragon 
  2. Wind Chimes
  3. Lucky bamboo plant
  4. Laughing buddha statue
  5. Pagoda Tower
  6. Crystal Globe
  7. Crystal Lotus

Feng Shui Study Table In Bedroom

As per Feng shui, advice is not to have a study inside a bedroom. As it can drain your energy and force you to feel tired and exhausted. Have a separate room for your study.

But if you have such an arrangement that you can’t keep it separately, then best direction to have your study table inside the bedroom is north or east direction.

Feng Shui For Student Room

Feng shui for Student/kid’s room is very crucial in order to attain better focus and concentration.

  1. Have a clean space, clutter shows your you are miss managed, that leads bad vibes.
  2. Another thing is to have soothing room paint colors so that you can focus better like light shades of blue, green, white, and cream.
  3. Have plants indoors for better and fresh air.
  4. Never use mirrors in front of your bed or study table, its reflects the constant energy that can hinder your concentration.
  5. Remove stuffs near your door to invite welcoming vibes.

Get Started On Your Feng Shui Practice For Students Success!

You can now get started on the practices mentioned here and watch your academic achievements soar high.

If you have kids who are not faring well in their grades, then these Feng Shui placements and symbols are sure to improve their focus and help them ace all their upcoming exams.

If you found this article to be helpful, share it with a friend or loved one who may struggle to pull up their grades or attain academic success.

These Feng Shui tips and practices for students’ success may very well be the boost that they are looking for to stay motivated, determined, and committed to their academic goals.