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How To Be Happy and Content With Your Life: 9 Feng Shui Tips

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Struggling to find inner peace and become happy with your life? Read here to find out How To Be Happy and Content With Your Life.

Have you heard of Feng Shui? Has it sparked your interest and brought you here to understand how it can be used to make you happy and content with life?

If so, then you’re on the path towards good luck and fortune as well. This is because the art of Feng Shui can heal all ailments.

  • Be it physical, emotional, financial, to even psychological concerns, Feng Shui has the power to create a balance between them all.
  • This practice is as old as the Middle Age. It has since then been practiced and continued to be at the heart of Chinese science.
  • Deriving its source from Chinese geomancy, Feng Shui has become a popular practice in contemporary societies.

Feng Shui seeks to combine or use 5 elements of water, fire, earth, wood, and metal to provide the intended results. And it requires commitment and dedication to make this possible.

If you wish to become happy and content in life, then integrating Feng Shui into your life is the way to go.

In this article, we are going to break down all the details; what Feng Shui is, how it is practiced, what you can do to improve your good luck and fortune, and more! To learn about it all, read ahead. 

How To Be Happy and Content With Your Life
How To Be Happy and Content With Your Life

Feng Shui–Understanding Its Concept

Feng Shui is closely linked to Chinese geomancy. It is often referred to as art. This is because its ethos rests on using the energies emitted from objects in the universe to attain a balance.

In the universe, everything emits either negative or positive energy. By aligning one’s self with those elements that emit positive energy, and using various techniques to draw away the negative energy, this balance is achieved.

And, with this balance in place, prosperity, peace, and happiness follow. This atmosphere of healing, positivity, and good luck, then creates a trickle-down effect as it starts to manifest itself at all wakes of life.

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To do this, the 5 elements are utilized i.e. water, fire, earth, wood, and metal. Objects drawing inspiration from these elements are used. Their placements, presence, and use are what make the practice of Feng Shui desirable.

Here are some additional benefits Feng Shui has to offer apart from happiness and contentment in life.

  1. Improvements in professional prospects and career opportunities
  2. Enhanced physical well being
  3. Stability in emotions
  4. A balance between the mind and body
  5. Protection from harmful incidents and objects
  6. A boost in energy levels and positivity
  7. Motivation and productivity uplift
  8. Financial stability and wealth creation
  9. Improvements in one’s dealing with people
  10. Improvements in fertility levels
  11. Self-awareness and contentment with life

How To Be Happy and Content With Your Life

Here are some of the techniques and Feng Shui practices you can engage in for being happy and content in life.  

Feng Shui For Happiness
Feng Shui For Happiness

1. Letting the Positive Energy Replace The Negative

To invite positive energy into your home and around you, it is important to engage in activities that promote positivity. Here is what you can do.

  1. Get rid of any old and unwanted items from your home. Declutter your space as much as possible. You can give the unwanted items to charities for donations or sell them.
  2. Replace the empty spaces left behind with items that are useful and bring you happiness.
  3. Add elements of nature that are a sight for sore eyes such as flowers and vibrant plants. The colors used also matter here.
  4. The color green helps instill peace and calmness, while bright colors such as yellow or red flowers promote spirituality. Invest in red pillows, paintings, carpets, and more!
  5. The placements of your furniture are key as well. For instance, avoid placing your bed against the wall which leads into the bathroom.
  6. The same goes for placing it in front of an open window. Instead, place your bed with a solid wall at the back. This is called the command position.
  7. Make sure your home is always well kept and clean. Avoid piling up things and leaving them unattended.
  8. In addition, cleaning your front door and making it welcoming is another way to invite positive energy. This can help you feel happy and content with life in no time.
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The best way to use Feng Shui to be happy and content is to look at any space in your home or any item and ask yourself if it brings you joy when you look at it.

If it doesn’t, you can try to move the furniture around and revamp the space to make it aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Relying on the natural light coming from the window is also a great way to allow positivity and growth to flow in. 

2. Being Mindful

This is one of the core elements of Feng Shui. By being wary and aware of your surroundings, greater self–awareness is achieved. As a result, behavior, thoughts, and actions are regulated.

This is what helps one stay happy, at peace, and satisfied with life. To do so there are several activities you can engage in.

  • Practice meditation. Spending as little as 10 minutes every day to engage in yoga or deep breathing can help rejuvenate the mind and body.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. For this, you can observe the world around you and cherish what all you have. Doing so will help in creating value for friendships and relationships as well.

3. Helping Those in Need

By helping the underprivileged and those in need, a greater sense of happiness and contentment is achieved.

It can even be something as simple as helping a friend by providing them with information about something they are looking for or running an errand for a loved one.

By engaging in this, the cycle of good fortune begins to turn. You’ve probably heard the saying; what goes around comes around. And it sure does. Just remember to be patient.

The return for helping others is sure to come around when you are most in need of it.

4. Feng Shui Items For Bringing Happiness And Joy

There are several objects and statues that can bring happiness and contentment. You can place them inside your house for an added boost.

  • Invest in plants– having big leaves that are soft and vibrant in color. Avoid going for plants that are dull or have thorns on them.
  • The smiling Buddha– when placed in your home, helps remove illness and promotes good luck and fortune.
  • The white tiger– statue wards off evil and helps get rid of negative energy in your home. Be sure to invest in one for your home and office space.
  • Mandarin ducks– are often used to promote love and happiness between couples and strengthen relationships.
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5. Feng Shui–The Core Idea

This is where most people falter; they expect the art of Feng Shui to show immediate results. This, however, is not always possible. Feng Shui is a science, and it takes time for it to show its results.

The core focus here is therefore to stay committed and patient. Feng Shui promotes the ideology of looking at the bigger picture.

As energies around us change, either due to a change in location or due to the presence of new people, so does the energy balance being created by Feng Shui.

This is part of the process, thus requiring the person practicing it to remain calm and patient. The cycle of good luck, fortune, prosperity, and happiness, once kick-started, displays a wide range of benefits.

You are sure to be in awe of how happy and content you are going to feel by practicing Feng Shui the right way.

Get Started On Living A Happy And Peaceful Life Today!

Feng Shui benefits not only the person practicing it but also their loved ones and the surrounding people. This is because of the power it holds. So, be sure to make your home a hub of positive energy.

Place the right object as instructed and see your life change for the better. You are sure to experience a greater sense of self-awareness and self-worth as well.

The main aspect here is to stay persistent and patient. Be kind to others, give charity, and give back to the people and society. It is sure to help enhance the benefits of Feng Shui.

By giving to those in need, contentment with one’s own life follows. And with this, so does happiness.