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How To Feng Shui Apartment For Plenty In House: [15 Tips]

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Applying Feng Shui in a Small Apartment or studio can be challenging, as there is often little to no separation between your living room, working, and sleeping space.

In other words, how do you apply Feng Shui if your bedroom is part of your living room, and the kitchen is nearby, all areas without walls to separate the different energies of Feng Shui?

Although this is a common situation in many large cities, it does not mean that you cannot have good Feng Shui in a Small Apartment or studio.

We are going to cover everything including below things:

  • Feng Shui apartment facing direction.
  • How to Feng Shui apartment living room layout.
  • Feng Shui apartment number.
  • How to Feng Shui apartment entrance.
  • Feng Shui apartment balcony.
  • Feng Shui apartment floor plan.

Feng Shui Apartment

We can apply Feng Shui Apartment in any type of residence to harmonize your energy: single-story house, tiny and small house, townhouses, Apartments, studio, condo, penthouse, loft, and kitchenette.

But there is always a big question at this time: is Feng Shui for Apartment tips are the same as for a house?

The answer is almost the same. In Apartment s, there are many variables that must be taken into account, because when this Chinese harmonization technique appeared, buildings did not exist.

Getting good Feng Shui in an Apartment is a challenge for any experienced or professional practitioner.

In a house, it is very important that the front door opens to large, open, bright places that are sunny or have natural light. All of this attracts more Yang or positive energy to the home.

In Apartment s it usually opens the door to enclosed Feng Shui areas without natural light. So, I don’t fear much Yang energy. We can solve this by putting a lot of artificial light, light sensor mirrors to give amplitude and warm colors or light colors.

Feng Shui Apartment Facing Direction

An Apartment can be structured and placed in different directions, depending on, how your space is designed and it also does not totally depend on the Feng Shui Bagua map. It’s not necessarily a wall. It is possible to act through feng shui decoration.

Feng Shui Apartment
Feng Shui Tiny Apartment

By playing with the Feng Shui living room furniture, the patterns, the colors, it is possible to create an airlock on the main level. This is, therefore, an essential point, but it is not unacceptable.

Here are eight areas of Feng Shui Apartment facing direction on a personal level, based on the energies it carries, either directed to the north, west, south, or east.

  • The South is about self-image, social life, fame.
  • The Southwest corresponds to two-way relationships (couple, partnership, best friend).
  • The Feng Shui Apartment Facing West corresponds to creativity, children, projects, play.
  • The North West is relative to friends, mentors, travel.
  • The North is linked to work, career, professional life.
  • The Northeast is linked to education and knowledge as well in general as to the level of self and personal development.
  • East is relative to family and health, the term family here evokes the ascendants.
  • The Southeast is prosperity and abundance.

So, with an Apartment directed to the North, it simply means that chances are that your work will be at the center of your concerns.

Five Crucial Steps To Feng Shui apartment

Like it was explained earlier, your living room Apartment can be structured and placed in different directions, depending on how your space is designed. It’s not necessarily a wall. It is possible to act through decoration.

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1. Activate The Energy Flow

  • Also, In order for chi to flow, it is also important that the five elements of Feng Shui are present. These are fire, earth, metal, water, and wood.
  • Include these materials in your decoration and furniture. Wood is the simplest material since you surely have furniture made of this material.
  • The same with metal, although you can also use accents and details in chrome, bronze, or metallic colors. Add water with a fish tank or a water fountain.
  • As for land, decorate with floor plants or flowers as centerpieces. The fire is present with natural light, a fireplace, or animals.

Two main skills that you absolutely must master if you want to achieve good Feng Shui in a Small Apartment or Studio Apartment are:

  • Clear clutter and good organizational skills.
  • The subtle ability to create a harmonious division between different open areas.

2. Feng Shui apartment Entrance Door

In Feng Shui, the main door is called the mouth of Chi or Universal energy. If your Apartment is small, it is especially important to have a clear, open entrance, allowing more energy to enter and fuel your living space.

Space-saving solutions, good lighting, inspiring art, vibrant or soothing colors, and beauty items can be carried into any space regardless of size.

Because your Apartment is small, go the extra mile to have the cleanest entrance possible, with no shoes, clothes, or unnecessary items insight.

3. Feng Shui apartment bedroom setup

When you live in a small apartment, one of the biggest Feng Shui challenges is creating a bedroom space that feels (and works) well as a bedroom. Consider creating enough separation between your living and sleeping areas.

Focus on the place you see first when you wake up and it lasts before you go to sleep, and make sure it’s not the TV, the computer, or the laundry basket.

4. Use Of Mirrors

Mirrors expand the space, attract more light, and also provide the Feng Shui energy of the water. Easy to understand why mirrors are called Feng Shui aspirin!

Definitely one of the best Feng Shui cures for a Small Apartment or studio, mirrors will help you visually expand your space and create more breathing space.

It is best to choose the large mirrors that go with your decoration and place them to bring more light or to reflect something beautiful. Best Feng Shui areas for mirrors are the east, southeast, and north Bagua areas of your department.

Even though Feng Shui in a Small Apartment or studio can be a difficult and frustrating experience at times, rest assured that you can have good Feng Shui and good energy in a small space.

You’ll also learn some invaluable skills, like the ability to surround yourself with items that really matter, items that you really love and need.

5. Apartment Wall Color

Colors are an essential part of any home and living space. When it comes to Feng Shui Tiny apartment the main challenge is to make it look spacious. Since choosing the right colors are very essential.

For a tiny Kitchen, suitable colors are, pastel-colored kitchen as this is the room that provides you health and energy for its vibrancy and uplifting effects.

The bedroom colors should be more like green and blue which promotes restfulness. Any color that belongs to the water element is an excellent shade for the bathroom.

6. Apartment Lighting Arrangements

In every house, windows are extremely important in Feng Shui because they provide natural light, that brings positivity to our spaces. Always allow natural sunlight along with other lighting arrangements.

Sometimes finding a place with big windows is too expensive, then instead find an apartment with great lighting features.

How The Feng Shui apartment floor plan Should be?

For any home weather small, big floor plant is the most important thing. Below are the points to consider while designing the floor.

  • The Entry: It’s ideal if there’s a simple-to-follow way from the way to the front entryway. That the front entryway and section lobby should be open and roomy.
  • Bedroom In Commanding Position: The bedroom must be planned in the commanding positions. The bed, work area, and oven are the three most powerful areas in the home as indicated by Feng Shui. The bed addresses you, the work area is your vocation and the oven is your riches and how you feed yourself.
  • Watch Out Center of the Home: What occurs in the focal point of the home influences the prosperity of the multitude of occupants. The focal point of the home compares to the wellbeing or “Tai qi” territory of the Bagua guide and it contacts the wide range of various everyday issues.
  • Staircase Directions: To begin with, winding steps are a major Feng Shui no-no. As a rule, a ton of steps, as in a split-level home make troublesome Feng Shui. It implies there will be a ton of high points and low points in your day-to-day existence.

Feng Shui apartment living room layout Tips

For quick Feng Shui For Small Living Spaces and Feng Shui, apartment layout Follow the below tips.

  1. Hang Mirrors.
  2. Divide Your Rooms.
  3. Add up the Five Elements of Feng Shui.
  4. Add A Small Window Garden.
  5. Use Feng Shui friendly indoor plants.
  6. Select Soothing Decorations items Your living room.
  7. Avoid sharp objects and furniture, instead, use rounded shapes.
  8. Clear the Clutter. A clean, clutter-free apartment is a harmonious one in the land of Feng Shui.

Lucky Feng Shui Apartment Number

Know the energy of your home by the number on the door.

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There is a maxim in Feng Shui that says that a person or family lives in a property that has a vibration that is similar to them. Or that this vibration is something that people need to learn or experience.

In other words, you live where you need to live, either with positive and balanced vibrations or with negative and full of problems, which are reflected in everyday life.

Regardless of whether the vibration is good or bad, the energy of a property has a lot to teach people, which is not easy to explain without going through the experience.

The good thing about this theory is that the numbering of a house or Apartment influences very little in the lives of the people who live there.

The vibration of the number is actually a lesson that life seeks to pass so that the person lives and learns something while living at home. It can also be that “up” that people need in life to be happier.

For example, if a person is disorganized and always loses everything, until the hour, it would be ideal for him to live in a vibrating house 4.

Feng Shui Apartment 3
Feng Shui Apartment

Because this is the number of the organization and agenda that works.

How about now knowing now what vibration you live in? Or rather, what the numbering of your residence passes to you.

Let’s first find out how to find your vibrational number. It is very simple to discover the vibration of a residence, just reduce the numbering of the property to a unit number, between 1 and 9.

Feng Shui Apartment Map

The Feng Shui Bagua map is one of the most useful tools for working with the Feng Shui Studio Apartment. The Bagua map teaches us how to introduce positive changes in life through the design and structuring of our homes.

If we apply the guidelines of the Bagua map well, the obstacles in our lives begin to disappear and lead to great changes. Bagua means eight trigrams, which form the basic pillars of the I Ching.

And is associated with health, wealth, love, knowledge, useful people, professional careers, and creativity. The map will indicate where each of these goods is located in the distribution of our home plan.

Arrange Feng Shui Studio Apartment For Love

Follow the below rules in order to Feng Shui Studio Apartment For Love.

  • Be careful with cleanliness and order. Keep your studio Apartment in good condition, without broken objects, papers, or useless objects.
  • Let fresh air in everyday and make sure it smells good with natural essences or incense. Discover how flower essences can affect your emotions.
  • Avoid objects that denote coldness, isolation, or sadness. According to experts, furniture with sharp angles that is called poison arrows (such as a glass table), synthetic materials, aggressive photographs drive away from the energies of love.
  • You don’t have to have a high budget to decorate well. It is a matter of making your own decoration plants, putting fresh flowers in a vase, or buying a set of cheerful colored glasses.
  • Surround yourself with beautiful and pleasant things for yourself and others, and that will be noticed in the energy of your house.
  • Setting your Feng Shui studio Apartment layout will bring you to love in no time if you follow the principles.

How To Feng Shui Apartment Basement

Feng Shui from a basement Apartment tends to be quite challenging for three main reasons: lack of natural light, insufficient air circulation, as well as its typical underground location.

  • The specific Feng Shui energy quality of a basement Apartment will also vary depending on what is happening upstairs, meaning the room is right above you.
  • A bathroom, a crowded storage space, a busy central office, or even a busy kitchen will certainly contribute to a denser / busy power quality compared to a basement Apartment below the main entrance or living room.
  • Do your best to improve the air quality in your basement Apartment. You can easily accomplish this with air-purifying plants (choose plants that tolerate low light levels). You can also use good essential oil aromatherapy diffusers to clean the air.
  • Of course, opening windows as often as possible to aerate your space can make a good daily habit if you live in a basement apartment.
  • Also, consider the quality of the light in your basement Apartment and do your best to improve it.
  • Bring vibrant art with good Feng Shui, or photos and various high-energy images to boost the energy of your basement Apartment.
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How to Feng Shui apartment balcony

Below are the top rules when Feng Shui balcony for an apartment.

  1. Clear the clutter– remove unnecessary stuff and add beautiful planters and pots.
  2. Add Feng Shui friendly plants and flowers like peace lily, lucky bamboo, money plant.
  3. Add lucky charms like wind chimes, dreamcatcher, evil eye.
  4. Use compact furniture pieces to make most of the space.
  5. Try to make your balcony South facing as it’s said to bring more positivity.
  6. Also avoid West and North facing balconies as they create serious health issue for the owner.

8 Lucky Feng Shui colors for apartment

The below list of colors is very helpful in order to make any space bigger and bright. In Feng Shui colors also have a huge impact on our health, mood, and overall chi.

So by keeping both the point in mind Feng Shui experts have suggested below colors that are trending as well as help make space way bigger.

  1. White
  2. Cream
  3. Pastal,
  4. Purple
  5. Gray
  6. Navy Blue
  7. Sage Green
  8. Light Blue

FAQ On Feng Shui Studio Apartments

Q: Where should mirrors be placed in an apartment?

In Feng Shui, there is bog no-no to place a mirror in the bedroom, especially in front of the bed. But you can place mirrors in the living room.


Setting up your Feng Shui Apartment is not just filling the spaces, it is necessary to pay attention to the harmony and energy of each place.

That is why, for 4,000 years, the Chinese have taken into account Feng Shui traditions, to make their home a more pleasant environment.

Feng Shui is formed by knowledge accumulated over all these years and passed from generation to generation by the most traditional families in ancient China.

What started with ancestral techniques, was disseminated among people until reaching what we know today with the main objective of creating a beautiful and harmonious environment for our apartment.