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16 Feng Shui Backyard, Outdoor Spaces Tips For Positivity

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Finding serenity and calm amid modern life’s rush and bustle becomes a valuable endeavor.

One approach to reaching this peace is to practice Feng Shui, an ancient discipline that aims to balance elements and energy to promote well-being.

While most of us associate Feng Shui with interior spaces, its principles can be equally transformative when applied to outdoor areas.

In this guide, we will explore how to create a serene outdoor sanctuary by incorporating Feng Shui principles.

Feng Shui is an ancient practice of placing lucky items in order to create a pleasant and relaxed environment. Introducing Feng Shui to your backyard or outdoor space can be therapeutic and lively.

Creating aesthetic arrangements for Feng Shui Backyard And Outdoor Spaces to attract positive energy is the main principle of Feng Shui methods of gardening. It is believed to clear out the negative aura in your surroundings.

Feng Shui Backyard And Outdoor Spaces
Feng Shui Backyard And Outdoor Spaces

Backyard in Feng Shui is associated with your children’s health, career, and luck. That is why you should pay attention to and implement proper cures for any defects in this region.

It is essential to understand that the exterior of your home can be as essential as the interior of your house. Find below exclusive 13 ideas and tips for good Feng Shui Backyard And Outdoor Spaces.

1. Incorporate Five Feng Shui Elements

Wood, fire, water, earth, and metal are the prime five Feng Shui elements that help you manifest the ‘chi’ energy around you.

Blending these five elements into your backyard can be a pivotal change in the search for prosperity for your house. Incorporate all of these elements to build a Feng Shui landscape:

Feng Shui Five Elements
Feng Shui Elements

1.1 Water

Water is the key element of nature and you can consider getting a water body dug in your backyard.

If the outdoor space is too small for a pond, investing in a beautiful fountain can be another option to signify wealth.

Water symbolizes the continual inheritance of wealth and hence a hydro body is one of the first steps towards building a Feng Shui garden.

Incorporate water elements using the following:

  • Things of dark shades or dim tones
  • Shiny surfaces such as mirrors and looking balls
  • Items with freestyle, lopsided, or wavy style
  • Using water directly in the form of aquariums and wellsprings

1.2 Fire

Sunlight becomes a natural Fire element of Feng Shui without any additional installments in your backyard.

This element builds up inspiration, passion, compassion, and warmth for your house. An alternative is to place bright red-flowered or leafed plants.

Add the below things in order to incorporate FIRE.

  • candles, brilliant lights, and daylight
  • any shade of red, pink, or purple
  • electronic gear
  • creature prints

1.3 Earth

Earth helps in blocking off the negative energy to enter your house.

Rock gardens, boulders, and pebbles count as Earth elements and can be used in any backyard, be it small or large. It helps in warding off the bad.

The colors that affiliate with this element are yellows and browns.

Include this component by adding:

  • Items in earthy tones such as green or sand color
  • Include items that have square and rectangular shapes
  • Low-lying surfaces for a better connection with the earth
  • Images of sceneries of your choice.

1.4 Wood

Wood helps in enhancing spirituality, trust, growth, and development. The use of decorative corner fence ideas can amplify these powers inside your house.

Trees, gardens, and anything green can be linked to this element. Maintaining evergreen plants can help you to connect with this element.

Considering adding the following things to add wood elements:

  • new and silk blossoms
  • plants and trees
  • cotton and other characteristic textures
  • wood furniture

1.5 Metal

Representing bold and refinedness, metals can add a minimalistic touch to your garden.

The associated colour is white and blooming white blossoms can also be considered in this element. Wind chimes and other instruments can add a literal metal to your garden as well.

While improving a space with metal, add:

  • circular shapes
  • metallic pieces of decor/artifacts
  • dull, dim, and unpigmented tones like silver and white

2. Consider Bagua For Your Garden As Per Sectors Below

Feng Shui Backyard Bagua is an energy map of your property that is specially crafted and designed for Feng Shui methods of gardening. It helps in carving out good landscaping ideas for your garden.

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Feng Shui landscape rules and designs are very calculated and organized. A Bagua map helps in identifying the areas with their elements. It is a systematic method of manifesting a positive energy field in your house.

  1. North Sector Bagua for Career–The northern area of your house is affiliated with your career path in life. The Feng Shui element for that is water which nourishes wealth. Small bridges for ponds can enhance the activation of water elements.
  2. Northeast Sector Bagua for Knowledge–The Northeast area of your Bagua is associated with knowledge and spirituality. It symbolizes growth and development. The earth element is responsible for this area. Knowledge can only enter from the entrance and hence front door gardening ideas become extremely important like townhouse landscaping.
  3. East Sector Bagua for Health–Principally, the east side of your Bagua map is for your physical and mental health. It also involves the emotional and spiritual health of the mind. Landscape layouts of the front yard indicate that the water element strengthens this area.
  4. Southeast Sector Bagua for Wealth–The flow of wealth in small house landscaping is determined by the Southeast sector of your house. Money, wealth, and prosperity prevail if the water element is incorporated on this side of the map.
  5. South Sector Bagua for Fame and Recognition–The emergence and prevalence of fame and reputation are considered to be a southern sector’s matter. The Feng Shui element associated is fire. Home and garden ideas that beautify and activate this element are important if you want fame in your life.
  6. Southwest Sector Bagua for Love and Relationships–Your love and relationships in life are related directly to the southwest sector of the Bagua Feng Shui map. Earth is the key Feng Shui element, and this nourishes your bonds in life with other people. Rock garden patios and outdoor plants can help with the earth element.
  7. West Sector Bagua for Descendants–Metal being the key element of the west sector in the Feng Shui Yard of the Bagua map, enhances the possibilities for children in the house. It attracts the best creative quality.
  8. Northwest Sector Bagua for Mentor–Mentorship, and blessings are obtained with the help of the northwest sector. It invites gratitude and nourishes mentorship. The key element is Earth and metal. Rockwall gardening ideas and a mulch backyard design can help with the prominence of the earth and metal element.

3. Embracing the Flow of Chi

Chi, often referred to as “life force energy,” must flow freely through your outdoor sanctuary for optimum harmony.

Ensure your garden’s pathways are clear and inviting, allowing energy to circulate smoothly.

Avoid clutter and obstacles that obstruct the natural flow of Chi. Plant fragrant flowers to entice the senses and uplift the energy of the space.

A well-designed garden with balanced elements will create an effortless flow of Chi, positively impacting your emotional well-being.

4. Aluminum Outdoor Furniture: The Perfect Balance

When choosing furniture for your outdoor sanctuary, consider the essence of the material as an integral part of the Feng Shui balance.

Aluminum Outdoor Furniture offers the ideal blend of the Metal element’s strength and the flexibility of outdoor living.

Its sleek appearance and durability provide a sense of stability, making it a perfect choice for the Feng Shui Garden.

Look for designs with smooth lines and calming colors to complement the overall harmony of your space.

5. Creating Nourishing Nooks

Within your outdoor sanctuary, create intimate spaces or “nourishing nooks” where you can retreat for reflection or relaxation.

Introduce comfortable seating with plush cushions and throws for added coziness.

Surround these areas with lush greenery or flowers to heighten the connection with nature.

These secluded spots will encourage you to unwind, meditate, or read a book, fostering a sense of balance and rejuvenation.

6. Use Feng Shui Friendly Exterior Paint Colors

Selecting colors for the exteriors of your home in accordance with Feng Shui techniques is very crucial.

If you have Feng Shui elements in your backyard but no colors to activate these elements, then it is pretty much of no use.

Feng Shui Exterior Colors
Feng Shui Friendly Exterior Paint Colors
  1. Colors have a visual and mental effect on the brain. Feng Shui ensures that the perfect colors are used at the perfect places to activate the elements.
  2. Incorporating colors in entry landscaping designs can be a start. It could be doors, archways, or other different kinds of entrances.
  3. The exterior pond decorations can be a small visual change but cause a monumental effect on the activation of Feng Shui elements.
  4. Every direction also has a different set of colors associated with it. For example, the north represents water whose main colors are black and dark blue, east represents wood whose main colors are green, aqua, and turquoise.
  5. Plants and blooms can also help in incorporating different shades of colors. Bright red, yellow, pink, and white blossoms are very popular in gardening.
  6. Your house’s exterior walls also play a role in color activation. Hence, the outer walls are also supposed to be painted with Feng Shui-friendly colors.

7. Don’t Ignore Front Door In Feng Shui – Importance Of Front Door

Turquoise Front Door Meaning
Turquoise Front Door Meaning

The front door is the entrance to anything. It is the main inlet of all dwellings. Anything that travels inside your house, goes through the front door. Hence, the importance of the front door should be taken into account.

  • It is the source of all the positive energy traveling inside your house. Along with Feng Shui landscape designs and simple yard designs, designing the front door at level with Feng Shui techniques is critical.
  • The first step can be the evaluation of needs and requirements for your exterior before working on the front door. Identify any problems affiliated with your front door and remove all obstacles that you seem to find.
  • Clearing debris could be one of the obstacles. Walkways, archways, pathways, decks, patios, and porches lead up to your front door. Decorating these with Feng Shui elements should be done.
  • According to the direction of your door, you can choose to paint it with respective element colors. Even the placement of light bulbs and plants at the front door poses an invitation to positive energy inside your house.
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Significance Of The Front Door Exterior

The premises of your home begin from the pathway that guides people and energy alike toward your front door. The first instance that greets them is your front door.

Eliminate All Obstacles

Unnecessary clutter to your front entryway will hinder the chi energy and in serious cases, totally keep the chi from entering your home.

Garbage on your walkway will be followed into your home, and the vibes would consequently be negative.

Mend Your Front Door

The components of nature like the sun, wind, and downpours can harm your front entryway. Repaint scraped, blurred, or stripped paint.

A metal or copper kick plate is a decent method to add a metal component when one is required for a Feng Shui cure.

Lighting And Other Objects

Appropriately light your front way to welcome chi energy into your home. Fix your external lights if they don’t work.

Feng Shui Plants For The Front Door

A front door garden, with Feng Shui plants (as mentioned ahead) blooming in a systematic and beautiful set-up, is a big step towards creating a Feng Shui landscape. Here are a few tips for Feng Shui plants that can beautify as well as energize your front door-

  • Try not to place thorny plants like holly or spiky plants like cactus.
  • A money plant or some type of plant with adjusted smooth leaves is considered the best plant.
  • Geraniums are extremely favorable front entryway plants for their leaf shape and blossoms.
  • A jade plant is a standout amongst other propitious succulents since its leaves are adjusted and represent coins.
  • A pruned chrysanthemum is propitious for the front entryway since its blooms are round.

You can apply these simple Feng Shui tips without a lot of investment. Your front entryway configuration will be prepared to get and draw in sure chi energy to profit your life.

8. Include Feng Shui Lucky Symbols And Items For Your Garden

Feng Shui Items and Symbols To Shop
Feng Shui Items and Symbols To Shop

The Feng Shui practice can take years to master. You can start decorating your Feng Shui backyard with different items, objects, and symbols to amplify the power of the elements.

A well-decorated Feng Shui garden will bring in good positive energy. Designing your garden with tools like backyard garden pictures can extend your element activation.

Each area of your backyard can be strengthened by putting things like wind chimes for metal activation, bird feeders for earth activation, fountains for water activation, and other Zen garden elements.

These symbols and decors can make your garden look beautiful along with adding additional benefits to attract positive energy. This allows and makes way for chi more smoothly.

  1. Wind ChimesWind Chimes are a great Feng Shui item because they create vibrations that bring energy and activity from the metal element into the house
  2. Bird feeders – Adding a birdbath or a bird feeder in the backyard or the front yard of the house will bring great natural energy into your space
  3. Fountains Fountains are some of the best things that you can use to bring the water element into your house. It is a good idea never to place the fountain in the south of your house.
  4. Zen garden elements – All Zen garden elements (front or back) are supported by Feng Shui as they work to reinforce the elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. You should make sure you use plenty of garden elements in your yard like bird feeders and fountains to bring positive energy into your house.

Find below my top picks for you on incorporating Feng Shui Lucky Symbols And Items For Your Garden.

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9. Surround Your Space With Natural Boundaries

A good Feng Shui garden can only give you positive results if you do all the necessary activities required for it.

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Surrounding your outdoor space with natural boundaries is extremely important.

You can only connect with nature if you plot natural elements in your garden.

Using bamboo garden designs and farm pond landscaping ideas to enhance the boundaries of your space can lead to better results.

10. Balancing Yin And Yang Energies

Feng Shui Yin Yang
Feng Shui Yin Yang

Just like one needs to maintain balance in life, they also need to maintain a balance in their garden. The balance between positive and negative energy is maintained by yin and yang.

Dark and quiet areas and things represent yin energy and things that keep moving and producing sounds possess Yan energy. Back garden ideas that keep an appropriate balance between the two are needed.

  • Yin components: casual, agreeable climate consolidating delicate furnishings and pictures of mitigating energy.
  • Yang components: lighting that can be turned up, enliven with little, warm shaded accents, and balanced work of art with splendid, exuberant tones.
  • For instance: Congested shrubberies and supports that conceal your windows can make a dim, shut-in climate inside. This can produce Yin energy and make terrible Feng Shui inside your home. Guarantee any external growth is very much managed and not contacting the windows.

11. Watch Out for The Backyard Sloping

If you have a garden that slopes downward from your house then it is considered to be a negative Feng Shui. A sloping backyard or outer space has no supporting boundaries for positive energy.

Any ‘chi’ that enters the house, leaves because of the sloping nature of the backyard. To solve this problem, one cannot change their house but can always introduce the Chinese fence designs in their garden.

12. Increase The Flow Of Chi By Adding Motion Objects

Once you have a beautifully decorated Feng Shui garden, increasing the flow of chi by adding objects that possess kinetic and potential energy can be done.

Motion objects like windsocks, flags, and windmills help in activating more positive energy around the house. Windmills help in improving your current position in life. Flags help in depicting power.

Fountains help in enhancing the wealth flow. Waterfalls and ponds also help in money circulation. By adding moving objects, the sense of life and purpose is fulfilled.

13. Incorporate Feng Shui Lucky Plants, Trees

Installing and growing specific plant species can increase the flow of chi in your house. Lucky plants help in many establishments. Following are the plants that can be grown for luck:

All these plants are considered lucky and also prized as Chinese collectible plants. Only incorporate plants that you can manage and take care of.

14. Remove Clutter And Barriers From Your Doorway

The doorway is the source of all energy. It is the pathway for chi. It carves the way for energy to flow into your house and hence should always be kept clean and clear.

The existence of clutter and dirt on doorways can cause bad Feng Shui. The doorway path should be neat and inviting. Any presence of unwanted things should be avoided. Check out here how clutter can ruin your life and growth in Feng Shui.

15. Just Add a Water Element To Improve Wealth

  • Water is the source of continual wealth. It symbolizes constant money flow in a house. Incorporating this element is the most important step in Feng Shui gardening. 
  • Things that activate this element also improve the wealth condition of a house. Ponds, waterfalls, fountains, pools, etc. help in activating the water element.
  • The color associated with water is black and dark blue which also should be incorporated.

16. Feng Shui Rock Placement

Rocks represent the earth element and it is also a representation of blocking off negative energy.

The correct placement for rock gardens or pebbles or boulders in your backyard can be determined by a Feng Shui Bagua map.

The correct placement, colors, and activation of objects can block the entry of bad energy into the house.

Always add wavy pathways using rocks in order to increase the movement and chi. Add small rocks along with big pieces to make it look natural.

FAQs On Feng Shui backyard

Q: What are the best Feng Shui outdoor plants?

Here is the list of lucky plants in Feng Shui that invite good luck and prosperity.

Lucky Bamboo, Peony, Maple Tree, Palm, Orchid plants, Chrysanthemum, Money plant, Pothos, Iris, Lily.

Q: What are the best Feng Shui trees in the backyard?

Orange trees, Aloe Vera, Philodendron. Money Trees, Rubber Plants, Bamboo Trees, Ficus Trees, and Pothos are some trees that can be grown in the backyard in order to have plenty in the house.

The Wrap-up

To maintain a Feng Shui garden in your backyard is a very tough job but the results are outstanding.

While also introducing the key element of Aluminum Outdoor Furniture for a Serene Oasis, ensuring both functionality and beauty in your oasis.

Feng Shui has been practiced for a long time and is found to be effective for innumerable households that have been unlucky in their lives.

It helps families attract positive energy from their surroundings and also beautifies the Feng Shui Backyards and outdoor spaces.

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